You Won’t Believe The Crazy Things That Are Being Said About Gun Owners

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Whenever there is a great crisis or a great tragedy in the United States, the collectivists immediately try to use it for their own political advantage.  As Rahm Emanuel once said, “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste”.  So it should be no surprise that liberals are doing their best to exploit the horrible tragedy that just happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.  20 small children and 6 adults were savagely murdered, and instead of appropriately mourning this great loss, liberals are in a feeding frenzy and are falling all over one another as they rush to exploit this horrible tragedy for political gain.  Some of the most horrible things that you can imagine are being said about gun owners and about the NRA.  They are being called murderers, terrorists and “the new KKK”.  Some are even suggesting that they should be shot or rounded up and put into camps.  It is absolutely disgusting to watch what is going on, and the mainstream media is just eating all of this up.  The mainstream media loves any story that they can use to demonize those that are opposed to the collectivist agenda.

Fortunately, the rampant demonization of gun owners is only having a limited impact on the poll numbers.  One new survey taken after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School has found that 71 percent of all Americans are against banning handguns entirely.  So hopefully we won’t see our politicians try to ban all gun ownership any time soon.

But they are definitely going to come after “assault weapons” early next year.  Some members of Congress have already indicated that they plan to introduce new gun control legislation in January.

Meanwhile, we can expect the demonization of gun owners and the NRA to continue.  The following are a few of the crazy things that have been said by gun grabbers in recent days…

A statement by progressive grassroots group CREDO

“After the shooter Adam Lanza, no one is more to blame for the massacre of 20 first graders and six women at the Sandy Hook Elementary School than the National Rifle Association”

Democratic New York Congressman Jerrold Nadler

“We have a lobby, the leadership of the NRA, who function as enablers of mass murder. And that’s what they are. They’re enablers of mass murder”

Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock

“You know, I did not go as far as I’d like to go because my thoughts on the NRA and America’s gun culture – I believe the NRA is the new KKK. And that the arming of so many black youths, uh, and loading up our community with drugs, and then just having an open shooting gallery, is the work of people who obviously don’t have our best interests [at heart].”

David Brooks on PBS Newshour

“And then I guess my final point would be, I think if we’re going to control guns, we really have to do it massive.

I think I’m all for getting rid of the assault weapons and machine guns and all that tough, but if we want to prevent something like this, we have to really think seriously about drastically reducing the number of guns in our society, and particularly — this is an old Patrick Daniel Moynihan idea — the number of bullets. It is very hard to control 300 million guns. The bullets are a little easier to control.”

Salon columnist David Sirota on MSNBC

“The issue with it will be, politically, I think; the profile is white men. That’s a profile that’s not, essentially, in America allowed to be profiled. That’s the one profile in America that’s not allowed to be profiled.”

MSNBC host Ed Schultz

“…it’s the confiscation of these types of weapons that counts and will have an impact.”

The things that people are saying on Twitter are even worse…

Sam Tarling: “All NRA members should be shot!!!! I thank you, that’s one of my own!!”

@fullofbalogna: “The NRA & gun manufacturers are terrorist organizations. We need to eliminate them. Why do RWers support terrorists & murder of kids?”

Ryan: “The NRA is nothing more than an enabler of mass murder, a terrible organisation that has children’s blood on their hands. Wake up USA.”

John Cobarruvias: “Can we now shoot the #NRA and everyone who defends them?”

Stacy Fernandes: “all NRA members need to be rounded up and put in camps where they cant hurt anyone else”

But it is not just gun owners that are being demonized by the mainstream media.  Over the past couple of days there has also been an attempt to portray the mother of Adam Lanza as a deluded prepper that had been preparing “for the end of the world”.  The following quotes from mainstream sources come from a recent article by Daisy Luther

  • Nancy was a member of the Doomsday Preppers movement, which believes people should prepare for end of the world. (Riehl World View)
  • According to reports, Nancy Lanza was a so-called ‘prepper’, a part of the survivalist movement which urges individuals to prepare for the breakdown of society by training with weapons and hoarding food and other supplies.  ( The UK Independent)
  • Reports are starting to emerge of the troubled young man and his unusual upbringing.  (Yahoo)
  • Dan Holmes, owner of a landscaping firm who worked on the family’s home, said she was an avid gun collector: ‘She told me she would go target shooting with her kids.’ (UK Daily Mail)
  • Marsha Lanza described Nancy as ‘self-reliant’.( The UK Independent)
  • He was reportedly homeschooled by his mother, a school principal and gun enthusiast, who wasn’t satisfied with the education her son was receiving.. (Yahoo)
  • As America searches for answers, investigators are turning towards Nancy Lanza’s supposed identification as a survivalist.  (Yahoo)
  • Her former sister-in-law Marsha said she had turned her home ‘into a fortress’.  (UK Daily Mail)
  • Mother of Sandy Hook school gunman Adam Lanza was a ‘prepper’ survivalist preparing for economic and social collapse, say reports. ( The UK Independent)
  • Mrs Lanza is thought to have trained her sons, Adam and Ryan to shoot, even taking them to local ranges. ( The UK Independent)
  • ‘Nancy had a survivalist philosophy which is why she was stockpiling guns. She had them for defense. She was stockpiling food. She grew up on a farm in New Hampshire. She was skilled with guns. We talked about preppers and preparing for the economy collapsing.’  (UK Daily Mail)

Before this crisis I wrote an article entitled “Why Are Preppers Hated So Much?“, and in that article I detailed how preppers and survivalists are increasingly being demonized by the media.

Well, now it is getting a whole lot worse.

As I wrote about the other day, political correctness has taken over America, and the mainstream media is systematically demonizing any group that will not go along with the program.

That includes gun owners.

Sadly, the truth is that if just one teacher or one principal at Sandy Hook Elementary School had been armed, a whole lot of lives could have been saved.  There have been numerous examples of mass shootings that have been stopped by private citizens with guns.  University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Harlan Reynolds discussed a couple of these in a recent piece for USA Today

If there’s someone present with a gun when a mass shooting begins, the shooter is likely to be shot himself. And, in fact, many mass shootings — from the high school shooting by Luke Woodham in Pearl, Miss., to the New Life Church shooting in Colorado Springs, Colo., where an armed volunteer shot the attacker — have been terminated when someone retrieved a gun from a car or elsewhere and confronted the shooter.

And time after time we have seen crime go down when gun laws are relaxed.  Criminals are much less likely to try something when they know that their targets are likely to be armed.

Here are some more statistics about guns and crime from

* Guns are used 2.5 million times annually or 6,860 times a day. This means that each year, firearms are used more than 80 times more often to protect the lives of honest citizens than they are to take lives.

* Less than 8 percent of the time, a citizen will kill or wound his/her attacker.

* 200,000 women use a gun every year to defend themselves against sexual abuse

* Citizens shoot and kill at least twice as many criminals as police do every year.

* Only 2 percent of civilian shootings involved an innocent person mistakenly identified as a criminal. The ‘error rate’ for the police, however, was 11 percent, more than five times as high.

Sadly, the collectivists seem absolutely determined to use the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School to unleash a new era of strict gun control laws.

So if you wanted to get a gun to protect your home and your family, you might want to do it now.  The witch hunt has begun, and it will soon become much more difficult to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights.

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Contributed by Michael Snyder of The Truth.

Michael Snyder is a writer, speaker and activist who writes and edits his own blogs The American Dream , The Truth and Economic Collapse Blog.

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  • Spooky2

    The quest for gun control will be gaining more ground and expect more such crimes to occur in the future .We cant stop or legislate or make regualtions or place more laws to stop murder . The end game is global world order along with the UN involved .You see, America is really the last true Nation that allows its citizens firearm ownership (Constitution)for now but the Constitution is being eroded and bypassed .If it wasn’t for firearm ownership ,America would already be under a socialistic controlled form of Government and like previous Nations in past history that make that choice, the people suffer greatly and most all aspects of their lives revolve around Government .In other words they have few if any Freedoms . You cant have free speech, free travel, free choices of were to live or work . We are going in that direction right now for those that see .Choice is up to you Americans and you better wake up from your slumber or forever go to sleep !

    • Nexus789

      Another dumb American misusing the term ‘socialist’ and having no idea what it means. You are quite ignorant. Sweden, that evil socialist country has a high per capita income higher than that the US, better health care (the US ranks many positions below Sweden), better educational system, innovative manufacturing sector, etc.

      • BuckNekkid

        “Oh, Sweden!! Please send a carrier battle group to help secure our freedom!” -Anonymous Third World Country.

      • Jean

        Sweden IIRC also has over 50% taxation of income and the highest suicide rate in the world.

        GREAT society. People are DYING to get out…

        • SKIP

          The country is also getting over run with criminal muslims which the country seems unable to control

          • Jean

            Muslims are beyond control. The only “control” is the “word of God (ALLAH)” from the Prophet’s Mouth. His words (Hadith) tell his followers to go to a place and preach Islam. If they all convert, fine; if not, agitate the society; if your agitation means the society persecutes you (punishes), then decalre jihad on them – but you can be open or subtle (kill people and blow things up, or preach militantly).
            If they STILL will not convert, start killing them outright until they submit to Islam’s gracious rule.

            SOME Religion of Peace – Lucifer couldn’t have done better by intent.
            So the “control” method is to kill them on sight.

  • akvalmet30

    They are setting a nice stage for an internal war, maybe a new “Civil” war.

  • Jean

    Terminal stupidity cannot be cured by education. It can only be stamped out by force.

    Which is the EXACT opposite of what these people are doing. They are using that SAME TECHNIQUE, hoever, to inculcate this terminal stupidity in our children, which will destroy our country (and beliefs) more effectively than anything George Orwel could dream of.

    By “SAME EXACT”: Tolerance without bounds or reason; enforced by school repetition, TV programming, special program indoctrination. Demonizing the concepts of Religion (except Islam, I notice, which EMBRACES ignorance and fear to promote violence), social order, hierarchy, free thinking, and reward for effort. Demonizing excellence and achievement. Feminizing males while masculinizing females: Girls are encouraged, even FORCED, to compete and out-do the boys. Boys are drugged until they sit there and shut up… Which, if they did themselves with pot, they would go to prison for. Make up your mind!

    Cancer needs to be EXCISED. tool is irrelevant: it should be violent, terroristic, and PUBLIC. Confined to the guilty when possible; but Big evil people make Little Evil people, who grow up… And will repeat the SAME cycle of violence on a new (hopefully innocent) generation.

    • About time someone realized it wasn’t the politicians fault. It’s all the sheeple. Death to the traitors!

      • Jean

        Sheeple gonna do. Grass goes in one end, sh!t comes out the other. Eventually the grass dies and there’s sh!t everywhere.

        Then they move on and start again. Greece -> Rome -> UK -> USSR -> US -> whoever comes next – China or Australia, maybe.

    • bill


      • Jean

        Most people prefer a tryant’s strong hand to the tumult of liberty (With apolgies to Mr. Jefferson.)

  • flabbergasted

    These commentors who call for firearm owners and NRA members to be shot,are they firearm owners too?
    Or would they have someone else commit their murders for them?
    Probably just gov. trolls trying to stir emotions in the sheeple and get them to stampede in the direction of the slaughtering pens!

  • Concerned Citizen

    This is a well thought out and coherent article. Much better than anything I’ve been hearing from the mainstream media the past few days. Unfortunately, your statistics at the end of this article will only fall on deaf ears. The gun grabbers are too busy pushing their agenda to be inconvenienced by the facts. Those poor kids were not even in the ground before they started in with their nonsense.

    I would steer clear of the bleating sheep and gun grabbing activists for the time being. They’re on a rampage and they will rip you to shreds like a pack of rabid wolves. Stay focused. They’re not the real threat, our legislators and president are. They make and enforce the laws, whether they are constitutional or not.

    Will they pass an assault weapons ban? Hard telling. They’ve been trying since the last one expired in 2004 with little luck. However, this time they have the mainstream media creating a furor and Obama stirring the pot on gun control for the first time since he took office. The perfect storm may be brewing.

    If you’ve been on the fence about buying an AR or AK you may want to look into it very soon. ARs, AKs and high capacity magazines are flying off the shelves as we speak because of all this nonsense.

    • Jean

      I’d point out, if you can get them to assault you, you’re allowed to kill them in self-defense. 😀

  • ncjoe

    Given a lot of the dumbass things gun owners say, it should be no surprise. I am a gun owner, and I find that a lot of the near pathological crap many gun owners say makes me reconsider my own gun ownership becaused I do not wish to be associated with such illogical people.

    • Mark

      Then by all means turn your firearms in…
      But don’t piss away our Bill of Rights in the process.

      • Nexus789

        At least he has a brain and ca think for himself. You are already controlled by the State. If they (the government) came around and picked you up you would go meekyly.

        • Jean

          You wish to discard gun rights (self-preservation and survival), by damning those who don’t fight to the death for their gun rights (remove survival instinct).

          I fail to see logic here. Logic would dictate that if outnumbered and outgunned, you go meekly, and try to escape or triumph in court later. A shootout won’t help you, your family, the public; it will only make you dead, and maybe OTHERS at the same time – who will all be reported as “killed by a gun fanatic who was being apprehended by the BRAVE police!” Nevermind that the civlians killed (it’s not a military action, militarized police vs. civilian with weapon) were all killed by POLICE bullets. That’s not conducive to the narrative.

          Look up the “enemies” trilogy on Amazon, (gets its name from the oath of office & military service: Defend against ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.)

          Even the Greeks knew that the greatest enemy to Democracy is the populace. Nothing new under the sun. 🙁

  • Tom Lawson

    Take a breath Michael,

    Your ranting just like you acuse the libs of doing. You take situations like this and use them to your own ends but it pisses you off to no end when someone else does the same thing.

    But, it probably sells whatever your selling.

    • Mark

      now who’s RANTIN…

  • Steve

    Like the song goes
    he’s making a list

    checking it twice gonna find out who naughty or nice

    thats when we will be coming to their town.

  • The realist

    If you all believe that punk Lanza single handily murdered all those kids and 6 grown adults.. By himself.. Then.. You make the name of this website really stand out.. Because….You are truly the daily sheeple!!

    Rule# 1- don’t trust the goverment.
    Rule# 2- refer to rule 1


    • Nexus789

      Rule three remember to take you medication.

    • Jean

      I tend to disbelieve the “official” story (more and more, just because it IS the “official” story).
      But IF there were other actors, they haven’t been found or identified (as far as we can tell – reality is, there were likely 3 others involved, we just can’t get a line on any of them, and they’ll ghost away in the system.)

      Now, if we could get an ME to idnetify the bullets, you might have a point – but the ME likely can be pressured to identify these as 9 mils (is Sig Suaer a .223 pistol? Don’t know, can’t pull from behind the firewall.) Even if, as has been claimed elsewhere, the children were all killed with rifle shots…

      BUT: Here’s what the scenario appers to be.
      School in lockdown.
      No weapons allowed at the school.
      (We call this a “target-rich environment.”)

      Shoot the lock out of the door, or break glass to unlock door -> Got access.
      Proceed to room of choice, which no one can leave.

      Fire bullets of weapon into targets. Empty gun.
      Reload clip if needed; proceed to next room of targets. Repeat as needed until goal is achieved, and then kill yourself, OR, get killed by someone who makes it look like suicide; either way, take the blame. Every crime needs victims AND a responsible party. Funny how so many of these seem to involve the killed going crazy(crazier) after their actions and killing themselves, so there’s nothing left to question…

      EXACTLY what was shown in the MKUltra films of the 70’s and 80’s, BTW. Bronson did one (he was Russian, IIRC), the other was called The Ipcress File, IIRC. And there are others, as well, where people were trained to be killers, or to act as puppets in one way or another.

      It IS possible Lanza did this alone. He may have been the only triggerman. He might have been primed and pointed at a soft target, even. 26 people = 3 clips @ 10 bullets each, or equivalent – and when you can’t even run away, the number of reloads doesn’t matter.

  • Butterknife

    The irony of the leftist calls to confiscate and abolish guns is quite insane, these are the same people who suggest that non violent drug users should be let out of prison and will call for prison sentences for non violent gun owners who do not turn in guns if the Goverment passes laws to abolish guns.
    These cries to abolish guns are made to prevent gun violence, however do they understand that men with guns will be needed to acomplish this ?
    Do they not understand that will mean more violence as some will never give up there guns? It will mean casualities among the gun owners there families and children, the enforcement arm sent to disarm,innocent bystanders who will be in the wrong place at the wrong time, innocents that through no fault of there own will be aacceidently shot by the disarmers as they will surely go to the wrong homes and make mistakes?
    But that is the leftist way,never thinking things through.

    • Jean

      They don’t care, Butterknife.
      They view it as “acceptable losses.” It’s JUST “Gun Owners,” after all, no one important…

      This is why you must shoot first, and then forget the questions: they MUST be eliminated before their evil takes root. (IE, too late now.)

  • Paul

    More people are killed every year with cars than with guns. I think we ought to ban cars before guns. when are you idiots gonna realize, guns don’t kill people or cars for that matter. PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE.

  • MisterB

    It’s not the guns that are the problem, it’s the bullets. Evil bullets. We should ban them. And 5 gallon buckets. And knives, knives are very dangerous, I cut myself with one once, so we should ban them also. Maybe shopping carts too. I once saw one tip over with a little baby strapped in it, there was blood everywhere! Maybe there not to safe either. Oh yea, and once…

  • John

    1. How many babies are killed everyday thru abortion?
    2. How many gang related murders per day in Chicago,Detroit, LA and predominatly black cit
    3. How many killed everyday by drunk/drugged drivers?


    • Jean

      1. Why boycott Dick’s?
      2. Abortion is a “sacred right” these days, because no woman should have to deal with CONSEQUENCES for her actions…

      And the female bloc is the primary herd.

    • SKIP

      Because relative to your items 1 and 2 the dead are black gang bangers sooooooooo seriously! Who GAF about them.