You Won’t Believe How Many People Are Killed by the Police Every Year

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It seems like I can’t go a single day without hearing about someone being shot and killed by a police officer. It’s become so commonplace in America, that the news rarely makes national headlines unless police abuse is suspected; and sometimes not even then. Unless you follow organizations like Copblock, you’ll only hear about a fraction of the police shootings that actually occur.

While it appears the U.S. has an incredibly violent police force, many would argue that our cops pale in comparison to police departments around the world. A Recent study from Brazil appears to confirm that belief.

SAO PAULO—A study by a public safety NGO says that Brazilian police killed more than 11,000 people between 2009 and 2013 for an average of six killings a day

The study was released Tuesday by the Sao Paulo-based Brazilian Forum on Public Safety.

It says police nationwide killed 11,197 people over the past five years, while law enforcement agents in the United States killed 11,090 people over the past 30 years.

“The empirical evidence shows that Brazilian police make abusive use of lethal force to respond to crime and violence,” the report says.

If this is true, than America’s law enforcement agencies don’t seem as bad as they’re made out to be. Police in third world nations like Brazil routinely kill more citizens than our cops do. At least, that’s what the official numbers say. While it remains to be seen how accurate this study is, one thing is for sure; our cops kill way more people every year than the official statistics show.

That’s because, as insane as it might sound, police departments aren’t required to report these statistics. As you might expect, the official numbers are pretty watered down. According to the FBI, police kill around 400 people per year, and that is only the number of “justified homicides”. If you can believe it, the government doesn’t bother to report “unjustified” homicides, and they also don’t report ‘arrest related’ deaths. As in, people killed by tasers or having a heart attack during a swat raid, etc.

So if we want to know how many people the police kill every year, justified or not, we’ll never get a straight answer from the government (big surprise there). There are however, several private organizations that track this data.

Given this vacuum, attention has recently turned to some excellent nongovernmental attempts to compile this data, including the Fatal Encounters database, the recently created Gun Violence Archive and a new database created by Deadspin.

But one recent effort stood out for its apparent comprehensiveness: The Killed By Police Facebook page, which aggregates links to news articles on police-related killings and keeps a running tally on the number of victims. The creator of the page does not seek to determine whether police killings are justifiable; each post “merely documents the occurrence of a death.” He told FiveThirtyEight that he was an instructor on nonviolent physical-intervention techniques and that he prefers to remain anonymous.

Killed by Police had listed more than 1,450 deaths caused by law-enforcement officers since its launch, on May 1, 2013, through Sunday. That works out to about three per day, or 1,100 a year.

Ouch. 1,100 per year. Still, I’m sure there are some optimists out there who would point out that it’s still half as many casualties as Brazil. However if you compare our data to the rest of the developed world, our police kill many times more than most western countries, even if you look at it on a per-capita basis. It could be argued that these countries don’t arm their cops to same degree, but even that doesn’t really account for our high mortality rates. As any gun enthusiast will tell you, having a gun doesn’t make you killer.

Simply put, our police have developed a ‘trigger happy’ culture. They’ve been trained to be killers, and they’ve been taught to treat all citizens with suspicion. They act like they’re a foreign army, occupying our cities and treating us like the enemy.

Our police are rapidly turning into third world thugs that will someday make the cops in Brazil blush. Until we can rein in this violent culture, our situation is only going to get worst from here.


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  • Mike

    problem is, the cop laid his hands on her first for no reason. Poking her in the chest. If someone is doing that to me I am going to tell them to stop as well uniform or no. Also, the sad fact is that most police departments only put cops on paid leave for a little while and then let them right back out there in the street with nothing done but maybe a word in a file somewhere. That my friend is fact. LEO or no, you start getting combative with me for no reason I will lay you on your butt.

  • ymygody

    dead cop = good cop

  • Hammerun

    I live in the largest county in the nation and deputies are few and far between, literally.
    We’ve elected a real good sheriff here. He’s pro land owner, pro protect yourself anyway you can until we get there. There’s guns out here by the truck loads and they know it and approve and encourage thier use. Our deputies are far out. If you’re an bad guy, you dont want to live out here. They’ve been successful in rooting out the meth labs and tweekers in the last few years. Its been quiet the last couple of years.
    However though a hundred miles away is a different story.
    Persuits are a form of entertainment down here over in LA. We were watching one about a year ago, a guy was leading one in a new Vet. LAPD was on him, he slid a corner and poped a parked car. This was on camara, live broadcast. He got out in front of a line of cops and ran around the car and they gunned him down. The guy had a Tshirt and and short pants on. It was plain as DAY he wasnt armed, clear as a bell! They killed him right there on camara, back of that Vet.
    That little ditty cost LA $12 million.
    I wouldnt trust a city cop as far as I could throw his car.

    • James

      Your right there. In America you have 3 officers per 1000 population average. Here we have 1officer per 1000 population. But they work on crime here. And are not revacops like in America. Who are allowed to keep there jobs based on how much they bring in not how much good they do.

  • patriot156

    lol your not just a few bad apples not anymore!

  • M Fr Nch

    Most cops are on the pay roll to generate revenue for the parasitic bureaucrats and to protect the wealthy thieves and psychos. It is a battle and the cops are the foot soldiers of the elite. enough said.

  • Rafael Espericueta

    “They act like they’re a foreign army, occupying our cities and treating us like the enemy.”

    Indeed, most of them were trained doing just that in the Middle East.

  • Cracker122049

    Trying to excuse tyranny is just that,an excuse.IF and that is a might big IF ,there were so many good cops out there for sure there would never be so many bad ones! No knock raids ,illegal roadside searchers,civil forfeiture,shooting pets that are only trying to protect their families from out of control pigs,and the list goes on.A cop is a cop and that’s the whole of it!

  • pinhid

    Nobody trusts people who think they are above the law. The police have lost the respect of the people and now all they can do is be bullies. Everyone knows the police won’t turn their own in unless it gets real bad. One cop here had to molest over 200 boys at local school before his “buddies” turned him in. The sheriff had 3-4 sexual relations with subordinates before he was turned in. A cop ran a red light and killed a teenager for the second time (no kidding same cop, he was already on probation at the time), and got probation again.

    The want to act like they are a military organization but they are far from it. I listen to them on the radio and hear deputies refusing calls because they don’t want to go. So much for those tax payers who needed help, thinking the police were going to come.

    In my world they may be a few good cops. But they get drowned out by the bad ones and with the way they protect each other, in the long run they are part of the problem as well.

  • Mike T

    don’t call the cops just grab your Glock!!!!!!!

  • Marais Baudet

    Sounds to me that this LEO needs to wake the F up. Start by providing better education and people will be less likely to turn to crime… next educate the police. That would be a start. The good one’s are silent when people need help… this makes them bad cops. you are welcome.

  • PJ London

    You are absolutely right , and it is a disgrace that the bad apples give the other 2% a bad name.

  • Nothing is funnier than a gun freak complaining about police shootings.

  • Jas

    Duh….Use Israel to train our trainers and we get the Gaza treatment and mentality. No free speech or 4th amendment in Israel, seems our cops think it’s that way here too.

  • James

    I live in a town of 1 million in S E, Asia. I have yet to hear of our police killing any one here yet this year. And if they did do such I am sure it would be in the paper the next day. Well a American F.B.I. agent here did get beat by the people here 1 day this year. For breaking the law. Then pulling out his badge and saying he was a police officer. To hide behind. As the cheif of police toldhim just pay for the damage, shut up and go back to America to badge hide.

  • viction

    maybe it is time for the cops to get rid of all the bad ones. you cops
    ever stop to think this is why more and more people are killing your
    ill give you a perdition in the next few years you will see more cops dieing every day not one are 2 here and there the departments loss 30 or more in a day no you say Remember this one Hillery Clinton will run for president and loss to jeb bush 2016 i have seen the time line long ago upon the sea the ones on the left and the right only run the ones in the middle are the ones who are elected

  • csbubba

    If perchance there was a good cop, and he reported another cop for illegal actions, or killing, he would be ostracized for breaking “the thin blue line code” and be fired/removed from that force.

  • Rothbardian

    Sorry, wrong. I know from federal stats that police were killing over 6500 people per year back in the ’80’s!

  • Unopinionated

    and, therefore, a white person can not possibly be oppressed by the oppressed. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! Oh, gosh, Ive heard the same practiced rote philosophical canards in so many different ways but they all lead to the same false conclusion.

    Nice hyperbole, thinkforyourself. However, American citizens have rights and responsibilities as well. Why don’t you flip all of those things on the citizens as to whether they are complying with the laws and then make the hyperbolic generalization that a good citizen simply can not exist…………and then you will start to understand the threat posed to LEOs.

    Having said that, Ive run into some really arrogant cops who have cut me off while I was asking a question or trying to get help or looking my wife up and down as if she were a candy bar. Disgusting. In each case I knew the law better than they did and they said they didnt care what the law was. There is no excuse for their behaviour but I think in large part it is due to the loophole games that criminals in the US play. They dont like being profiled or ‘hassled’ when they are selling drugs, selling ‘loosies’ or walking down the middle of the street because they have a Black Privilege attitude.

    If the black community wants respect it is about time for them to start showing respect: Pull up your pants, stop doing drugs, stop being lazy, speak clearly, be kind, stop stealing and assaulting people and help your kids with their homework.

    Meanwhile, worry less about the cop protecting your neighborhood and more about Big Sis. She’s building a whole bunch of chainlinked DHS compounds all across the nation just for you.

  • Unopinionated

    There was such a movie! Ray Liotta was a very bad cop in ‘Unlawful Entry’. Other such movies exist. Rambo, per se.

  • And those don’t even count the missing.