You Think Jobs Are Scarce Now, Raise the Minimum Wage and Watch What Happens

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by Eric Blair

President Obama proposed raising the national minimum wage to $9/hour during his State of the Union address drawing cheers from the left.

Unfortunately they have little understanding of economics. Forced minimum wages will destroy or offshore many more jobs in America.

The left doesn’t seem to understand that the state can’t raise the standard of living for a populace through wage legislation. Additionally, raising the minimum wage doesn’t address the root of the problem of why the standard of living is declining in the first place.

Those who genuinely care about social justice look for someone to blame for the declining standard of living; greedy business men, illegal immigrants for driving down wages, politicians who refuse oppose minimum wage laws and so on. None of these are the real enemy.

As G. Edward Griffin wrote in The Creature From Jekyll Island;

“The American people have no idea they are paying the bill. They know that someone is stealing their hubcaps, but they think it is the greedy businessman who raises prices or the selfish laborer who demands higher wages or the unworthy farmer who demands too much for his crop or the wealthy foreigner who bids up our prices. They do not realize that these groups also are victimized by a monetary system which is constantly being eroded in value by and through the Federal Reserve System.” (pg. 33).

Our fractional reserve fiat  monetary system has inflation built into it, causing higher prices for all goods and services. When wages aren’t increased to match the higher cost of living, workers feel the pinch and demand that lawmakers do something.

However, the answer to social justice isn’t raising wages through legislation, because that will in turn just raise the cost of living even more because businesses will have to pass those costs on to customers. Not because they’re greedy, but because they have to survive.

For those who really want social justice, the solution is addressing a blood-sucking monetary system and restore sound money. Until then, all actions will be counterproductive to their good intentions.

Here’s a short video that clearly explains the consequences of raising the minimum wage in global economy:

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  • It is not like they do not have the money. Corporations spend millions courting lobbies and pay high priced executives to do nothing.
    Prices have goneup. Some as high as 100%. People are not buying. So I guess the solution would be to hire more executives and raise prices any way. .

    • jj

      Spoken like a true SHEEPLE! Do you not realize that SMALL Business owners provide the majority of these jobs? Also – do you know what inflation is? fiat money? hello? anybody home?

    • MoMunny

      Spoken like a true Obama supporter.

      I think this discussion is a little beyond your comprehension so it’s in your best interest not to post anything else. Remember the saying: “Better to remain silent and thought a fool than to open one’s mouth (or type on one’s keyboard) and remove all doubt”.

  • idontknow;

    everytime min wage goes up that same day milk eggs, bread etc goes up along with everything else

  • Ray

    I am a small business owner. If they raise the minimum wage I will have to shut my business down and go find a job.

    • Of course, you’ll rather exploit people than have them exploit you. What a guy. Smart too. But don’t worry, sounds like there will always be a place for you at Goldman Sachs.

    • SKIP

      Ray, I hope that doesn’t happen to you but if it does, do you have weapons and ammo?

  • But prices have gone up. Small businesses I know pay good wages.
    No you are the sheeple.

  • You think jobs are scarce now, abolish minimum wage and give the Republicans/Right Wing nuts and their corporate masters what they want and watch what happens.