You Know What the ISIS Soda Can Bomb Means, America

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It’s all over the news today that ISIS is claiming it brought down the Russian passenger jet last month with a soda can bomb.


This is the picture of a mock up of the bomb that was released in an Islamic State Magazine (yes, they have their own magazine, apparently). The terror group also displayed pictures of what it claimed were passports of dead Russian passengers from the flight “obtained by the mujahideen,” all unverified. (It’s almost magical how these paper passports are able to survive massive explosions, like 9/11).

Are you buying this?

Regardless, you know what this means, America.

All of us are already considered terrorist suspects every time we dare enter an airport in this country. Better not have a can of Pepsi in your hands while you do it.

Now, in addition to having TSA grope your wife’s boobs and rip out your grandmother’s colostomy bag while you are taking your flip flops off on your way to Disneyland to have them swabbed for bombs, no one is going to be able to drink anything out of a can on a plane in the U.S. ever again. You know. To keep you safe from ISIS soda can bombs.

The narrative will include something about how we’re lucky to even get to drink water or have three ounces of shampoo in our carry-on luggage as we “travel freely” in the U.S. of A., and it is only because of the tireless dedication of the Transportation Security Administration post-9/11 that we haven’t died 100 times over due to terrorists smuggling soda bombs onto planes.

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  • nlightened2

    I think trying to ban everthing that milk toast cowards (MTC) are afraid of is the logic and rational of idiots. It is their cowardice that is causeing the destrction of our country, our freedom, and our Republic. It is a trickle down effect I see almost every day. Not to worry though, It is almost time for the Sons of the Republic to rise!

  • nlightened2

    I don’t think that MTC should be running this war on fear. Look what the MTC leadership did to the european people by letting the muslim horde flood into Europe. The peoples screaming and crying are just the beginning….

    • Those people in Europe better rise up before it’s too late! They did it once before in the 40s so they can certainly do it again!

      • Anti Everything

        YA!! So we can see by example how its done.

        • We aren’t under the same conditions as Europe + we have guns which makes a BIG difference!

          • For the time being. The terrorist enablers are working hard to rectify that little problem.

          • They have to fly them in now because there aren’t enough Mexican/Central/South Americans coming here to change the country demographic quick enough.

          • I just tweeted @POTUS, asking if giving comfort and aid to the enemy is still considered treason. I won’t wait for a reply.

          • Anti Everything

            I still think the European mind set is stronger then the USCORP guns or no. That is only my impression living on the land in the united States of America

          • We will see.

  • Verbal Bomb Chucker

    I traveled once by plane since 9/11 and that was to bring my adopted son home from the Philippines less than a year after 9/11. I won’t travel by plane because it’s such a pain in the ass. I drive to my destination.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    I wonder if the US government is also paying for the printing costs for The Jihad Times?

    • Of course they are, it is all part of the psyop. Who would they have to protect us from if not their manufactured boogeymen?

    • none

      It is an on-line magazine. Called “Aspire”.
      And is payed for with on-line advertising.
      With American companys of course.

      • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

        I should be surprised-but I’m not.

  • Jonn

    Just wait. Eventually, flying anywhere will require you to be stripped naked, cavity searched, strapped to a board, sedated, placed in a coffin sized box, and loaded onto the plane.

    For your own protection, of course.

    • Terry Brinkman

      If it means I don’t have to share half my seat with the Fatrick next to me, or listen to the hood rats music from his ear buds on the other side I’d be willing to give it a shot.

      • Jonn

        Plot twist: Fatrick is in charge of doing the cavity searches and hood rats are handling the stripping, strapping, sedation, and loading.

        There is no escaping it!

    • SovereignPatriot88

      Oh boy! I can’t wait! Usually I have to pay extra for that kind of service. I sure hope that there is a happy ending.
      The flight to my destination is almost a side effect of what they do these days.

    • spartacus

      now that is funny !!!!!!!

  • Smarty

    Has anyone bothered to ask WHY they would show off the type of (instrument of destruction) they used? I mean…if it worked once….two times is a charm. I call bullshit on this one. Why would they share their successful secret?

    • BTeboe

      I’m with you. Why would you want to reveal what you did. I think they are just glory grabbing. For all we know it could’ve been someone with a vest. I understand the security is not that great. Another little detail I think they should’ve held close to the chest is the fact that they found a cell phone in the trash in order to hone in on the terrorists. Believe me they won’t make that mistake again.

    • spartacus

      it’s called having balls , something that the ” milk toast metro sexual marxists” that run western nations have none of these days

  • WhiteEagle

    Like the underwear and shoe bombers? Considering where this liner was flying, they could have even cought a errant military missle (though I would think this unlikely), like our own flight 800 over NYcity that over 200 people saw but the government still denies.

  • Sammy

    The terrorist biggest affect on the lives of US citizens has been to give our government an excuse to diminish our civil rights.

  • OldUncleDave

    I feel sorry for the women travelers if ISIS ever posts a picture of a tampon bomb.

  • bosunj

    DUHmerica has gone completely batshit fucking crazy. You should be ashamed.

  • bv

    When they can disrupt of lives and diminish our freedoms and liberty they have won. Looks like they win.

  • Hp B

    OMG!!!!! Not soda!! Noooooooooooooooo……
    Please don’t take away our carbonated corn syrup!

  • ReadsALot

    When I had a job that required security briefings, one of them was to never, EVER pick up a can or bottle found lying on the ground because it had the potential to explode spewing shrapnel, chemicals or God only knows what else.

  • abinico

    If Americans are stupid enough to put up with the TSA they deserve what they get.

  • Afshin Nejat

    I keep trying to tell all the boob-heads that the reason the world is going to shit like this is that the “average person” is stupid enough to DRINK Pepsi, let alone let some damned control grid put them on the back foot for holding a Pepsi in their hand in an airport. Seems the same stupid is operative in both cases.

    • izzyizzo

      I’m definitely stupid enough to drink beer, and that generally comes in can form on planes.

  • Badger Badgerism

    if someone dares says they are of the ISLAM religion they need to know
    whomever they say it to HAS the RIGHT STARTING RIGHT NOW TO

    • qweztionz5

      you sound like a fucking NAZI!

    • Okay, you have a solution for the symptoms but what about the disease?

  • SovereignPatriot88

    These people want to round off the corners of the world so everybody is safe. They want to cover everything with soft foam and have safety cones near every imperfection in the walkway. And all the knives will have rounded tips and no cutting edge. And the whole world will be rainbows and teddy bears and cotton balls and big fluffy pillows. And nobody will be allowed to have anything unless it’s soft and safe and couldn’t hurt anyone no matter how it is used.
    And after the safety police have successfully created the safest world ever, the bad guys will come and smother us all with a pillow. And the terrorists win.
    At least the object we are killed with isn’t scary. Yay.

    • BTeboe

      Interesting rant.

      • SP_88

        I thought so. Basically what I mean is that the government thinks they can make everyone safe by taking away all the dangerous things. They want to confiscate all the guns and make laws and regulations that prevent everyone from hurting other people. But it will never work and people who want to hurt or kill each other will still find a way.

        • BTeboe

          This is the nanny state philosophy. They try to be the adult in the room when in actuality they are the crazy in the room that needs to be put in a padded cell. Our govt cannot protect anyone except maybe those w/a slew of armed secret service swarming around them. Honestly I don’t think Obama would protect his daughters if push came to shove. The govt can be expected to do little to nothing when the chips are down. Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans is a perfect example – people were calling 911 while the town was sinking into the Gulf of Mexico. Some could not understand why no one was helping them. You are right about people hurting others. If there is a will, there is a way.

          • SP_88

            The government is not very good at protecting people. They are better at cleaning up after the fact. And even worse is when they prevent people from protecting themselves.

  • Michael Mallal

    Cans are banned under IATA rules as LAGs – liquids, aerosols, and gels over 100 mls.

  • MarxingRightAlong

    Darwin was right . . . . much better off in trees.
    Herd ’em all in, then make it glow.

  • Gretta

    obama mocks us for being afraid of widows and 3 year olds, knowing well that the terrorists put guns into the hands of their children as soon as they can grip a trigger, and a bomb on the mother even as she is carrying her child under her arms or even in her belly, or both.

    I saw on the Yahoo internet where the muslims in Paris are hugging and trying to convince the citizens of Paris that they are “good” and mean them no harm. That is a bunch of pure crap if I ever saw it. It is a lie to get their trust so they can do more harm. The minute their backs are turned the muslims will return to their special room where they hide their assault weapons and bombs, and will sue them for the least little cartoon. If Paris falls for that 3,000 year old Mohammed tactic, they are not as smart as they claim to be.

    obama is so ridiculous that it’s frightening how he defends, protects and praises his people over ours. And his people are so evil we can’t believe one word they say or pretend to be. That whole love fest they were pretending to portray stinks to high heaven. WE are their infidels that they vow to annihilate, and this is in their Quran. Any fool who believes they are not packing a switch blade to chop off our heads is just plain stupid and gullible. It’s a tactic designed to encourage us to let down our guard so they can pull off the big one.

    Obama seriously needs to be over there in his mother land screwing up their country instead of ours. I would be happy to save up for his one way ticket AFTER we revoke his citizenship and burn his passport. I am sure that there are MANY citizens here who would give him a farewell kick in his bottom side to wish him a cheerful permanent adios.

  • Critical_Thinking

    No one is ever going to put their hand up my arse. I don’t care if you think am a terriosit. Am not into that kind of kinky stuff.

  • David Canada

    Also means airlines will stop serving canned sodas.

  • disqus_tKUiAezKl2

    The purpose is to destroy America, Americans and the dollar while we do nothing.

  • frankenbiker

    I am NOT going to live my life in fear from a bunch of goatfcking faggot pedophile cowards. Personally I carry 24/7, my wife carries, my kids know how to use every gun I possess. Your a fool if you don’t arm up, your a fool if you think the government is capable of protecting us. Take that responsibility yourself.

    • 0hiojoe

      He!! Yeah!

  • Muhammad Abbass

    At what point do we reach the magic one where nothing is banned anymore?
    If “everything is banned, nothing is banned anymore”

  • ron17571

    911,The day freedom died. The Patriot act and many other freedom killing acts by our leaders? You should be more afraid of driving down the road than being afraid of terrorist.

    • we demand the full 28 extra pages of the 911 commission report turned over no matter the cost in both parties and even moussad agents.

  • Arya

    This is just another psyop by the usual suspects. To make us fearful of travel and Muslims so they can control our freedom of movement and give them an excuse to continue spending money we don’t have to wage their illegal wars of aggression.
    If you fall for this then you are a blind sheep believing that all this okay. And those sheep are also responsible for this country failing because they refuse to see the truth.

  • JeromefromLayton

    RE: The comment about passports surviving aircraft crashes. I recall a demonstration of how to NOT destroy paper files. On the bottom, a file drawer. On top of that, two “crypto destroyers” (about thirty pounds of Thermite). After the spectacular fire, the remaining ten to fifteen pound slab of hot iron was lifted off the still intact stack of paper files! So, passports surviving a crash is not surprising.