“You Better Pray You Never Meet America”: NRA’s New Charlie Daniels Ad to Terrorists Is Not Playing Around

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Country music star Charlie Daniels does not mince words in one of the NRA’s latest “Freedom’s Safest Place” commercials.

“To the ayatollahs of Iran and every terrorist you enable: Listen up.

You might have met our fresh-faced flower child president and his weak-kneed, Ivy League friends.

But you haven’t met America…”


It’s like Daniels doesn’t understand who is actually funding, arming, and training ISIS

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  • Mike


  • It would have meant more without the of the pagan Washington Monument (Nimrod’s wang).

    • They’re all over the world, one right in the middle of the vatican. Same shit by the same group.

      • Yep, they’re everywhere and people like to cozy up to them

      • SimonSays

        I got kick ban of twitter about year ago, For going on to the ISIS Twitter page.
        And posting this saying and link, Bow to your Queen Isis King
        and twitter ban me so who is the real supporters of ISIS
        they are Twitter Facebook & others
        there leader lives @ 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500
        read about Isis King

    • Maddog

      and isis’s snatch

  • Mark van Etten

    Charlie Daniels= typical shit for brains Americunt idiot.. The Ayatollahs aren’t behind terrorism and neither is Iran. Its Saudi,Turkey, Qatar and the goddam USA.

    • Johnny Paytoilet

      Actually, the impetus behind terrorism are the architects & adherents of the New World Order. I’m sure you know who “they” are. I’ve been studying this for well over 40 years. Since Marxist-Communism & nuclear proliferation didn’t scare the masses into submitting to a world government ( & their ultimate demise), global terrorism has become a viable substitute. On top of that, “they” control both sides, thus giving no one an advantage. For the most part, “they” have never deviated one iota from their ultimate goal, control of the world’s remaining resources & reducing its aggregate human population by up to 98%. Yes, the modus operandi has changed, but the big prize is still up for grabs. In essence, it comes down to us vs. them, winner takes all!

      • TAG

        Yes. Did you see the “Anonymous” public service advertisement so-called threat to ISIS?

        It’s clear it’s two hands of the same body and a false dichotomy.

        Anonymous asks the public overtly to “embrace diversity” and disarm ISIS through kindness and tolerance… acceptance, embrace, and hospitality as they invade out lands and fail to assimilate.

        It could not BE more clear.

      • Carolyn Johansen

        I used to laugh at guys like you who are conspiracy theorists. In the last 6 years I have educated myself– I had my head in the sand. Your are right on the money. I woke up. thanks

    • Mark

      Sorry, but you only score 50% on your crimes against humanity test. Your homework for tonight:
      perpetrators, instigators, & profiteers—not “victims” http://judaism.is/perpetrators.html
      Jewish terrorism and genocide—a partial listing http://judaism.is/genocide.html
      Who is human? Who is not? http://judaism.is/who-is-human.html

    • jaguar

      All Muslim Arab nations are behind Terrorism… Get that straight and so is our Muslim fake President!!

      • Vic Pittman

        Oh fuck you, you idiot !

      • No… they aren’t, terrorism is mainly a zionist technique but they got you mad at the muslims just like they knew it would be easy to pull off against MOST Americans. Your president is Jewish, born to a jewish mother, Menorah at the whitehouse, turn off the damn zionist TV!!!!

      • CarolinaPride

        People miss the fact that islam has been at war with western civilization for 1400 years. The elitist globalist came along and saw an excellent partner in islam. They use muslims to do their dirty work. Both are enemies of freedom and liberty.

      • Parduc

        Feb. 25, 1994, Israeli army officer Baruch Goldstein, an orthodox Jew from Brooklyn, massacred 40 Palestinian civilians, including children, while they knelt in prayer in a mosque. Goldstein was a disciple of the late Brooklyn Rabbi Meir Kahane, who told CBS News that his teaching that Arabs are “dogs” is derived “from the Talmud.” (CBS 60 Minutes, “Kahane”).
        University of Jerusalem Prof. Ehud Sprinzak described Kahane and Goldstein’s philosophy: “They believe it’s God’s will that they commit violence against goyim, a Hebrew term for non-Jews.” (NY Daily News, Feb. 26, 1994, p. 5).
        Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg declared, “We have to recognize that Jewish blood and the blood of a goy are not the same thing.” (NY Times, June 6, 1989, p.5).
        Rabbi Yaacov Perrin said, “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.” (NY Daily News, Feb. 28, 1994, p.6).

    • I guess that means that, by his definition, you don’t know America either.
      It doesn’t matter who they are or who sent them to put them down when they go live, as we will, where we will, if we will.

    • Parduc

      Youtube search: “ISIS Israeli Secret Intelligence Service”

    • BlueEyedDevil

      Whatever you say, tinkerbell.

  • ukalally

    daniels should just stick to music. he is using Israeli bullsheet. he is another fat bellied gray bearded blowhard who was never in a fight or was ever in the army

    • jaguar

      You sound like a dumbed down koolaid drinking fool !!!

      • Maddog


      • ukalally

        sorry you believe all that bullshit from a fat slob who never got in a fight

    • Since most of those in the Army are traitors, that is a bonus for Daniels.

      • ukalally

        well I would say all the officers not the grunts as much they got no power

        • Anyone who took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution who subsequently violated both is a traitor by definition.

  • PJ London

    Wow, I am an ex-para and I just had a brown trouser moment.
    I am sure that any Hard-eyed arab or Palestinian, after having his wife and children murdered by Bombs made in good ol’ USA is just as scared as I was.
    PS Iran has nothing to do with terrorism, but you already knew that didn’t you.

  • SimonSays

    Right now,while Islamic terrorism has the attention of the
    planet,while the whole world can see their evil,now is the time to
    exterminate— Charlie Daniels (@CharlieDaniels) January 13, 2015

  • Helluva3ngineer

    ‘Murica: Missing the point since 9/11 2001.

  • Praetor

    Doesn’t matter who’s behind terrorist! The fact is the American people will end-up having to put a stop to the madness as usual. So, screw those behind the madding chaos. Their at it again havoc, and letting loose the dogs of war. They have done it before!!!

  • Greg

    Obtuse is the right word for poor Charlie.

  • Charlie Daniels hasn’t ever met the NRA, which cowered and cancelled their convention in Denver in 1999. My last year of membership expired about the same time, given that I was thinking about signing up for a lifetime membership.
    It doesn’t matter if he knows about who created and supports ISUS, they won’t be allowed into this country with anything less than treason to assist them.

  • That was a Third Reich, totally different.

  • He’s still kicking old green teeth in the knee.

  • It must be rubbing off on you. That is the American government, not the people or the country.

    • Mark Owen

      “No man shall be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms, as a last resort, to protect themselves against the tyranny in government” THOMAS JEFFERSON !

      • “The right of citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and of the state shall not be denied.” Wyoming Const. Art. I, § 24 (enacted 1889).

  • joe

    This idiot plays into the globalist game..Iran along Hezbollah is fighting against western creation:ISIS…

  • BHill

    Charlie Daniels needs to be briefed on the Uss Liberty, killers of Christ, creators of Communism, feminism, federal reserve and porn peddlers.

  • Vic Pittman

    What an embarrassment …… or to put it more bluntly..what a fucking idiot !

  • Razedbywolvs

    I would love to see a social media showdown between Charlie Daniels and Ted Nugent on this topic.

  • Gil G

    Bundy & friends shows how badass and capable they are of getting into a firefight.

    • Propaganda bullshit isn’t real life, Gil.

    • Mark Owen

      Yeah even though they are out manned and out gunned huh! If the Feds. meet too much resistance they will send in an unmanned drone with hellfire missiles and then followup by sending in bulletproof armored vehicles to mop up the mess. You need serious tactics. They will use infrared and night vision, won’t be nothing left but a little greasy spot! Remember they too will have wives and families that they would rather be home protecting, just the seriously brainwashed ones will be on the front lines. ISIS members that the White House Mullah has brought in!

  • evader2014

    Too much Jack Daniels for Charlie Daniels

    USeless Army won’t fight the Islamic State terrorists; too busy supporting them.

    Don’t worry pUSsy. Syrian and Russian military forces are in the process of destroying the Islamic State.

    You stupid old crap.

  • Tim Hadfield

    Brain dead.
    I support the NRA though, in spite of the idiots.

  • John_Smith001

    Typical Duh-merican nonsense, our government has been fucking around in their business at least since the Eisenhower administration. I think they know what kind of people they are dealing with, I just wish more Americans knew what our rulers are really like.

    Also NRA, you have one job to protect my Second Amendment Rights, don’t get involved in Imperial foolishness that will invariably destroy what you are supposed to stand up for.

  • infadel13

    get your PORK ready!! PORK makes muslims unclean so they dont get their rapists paradise of 72 virgins for killing innocent people

  • Mike Walsh

    Havent met America?? What.. the 99% couch potatoes who barely do ant exercise.. and would have trounle playing basketball for more than 10 minutes.. The Truckers.. tou mean those dog tired pill poppin overweight guys who would surrender in a flash if offered a book of Burger coupons..or how about the young uns of America .. those who are glued to the sports channels, the American Idol show, or Minute To Win lt.. well..America.. you have a Minute to win it.. and you are on your last life.. good luck facing down a pack of crazed Muslim head choppers for your level 6 Blueprint..

  • Parduc

    Karl Marx wrote about the NWO: “The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition.”

  • Parduc

    “You know very well, and the stupid Americans know equally well, that we control their government, irrespective of who sits in the White House. You see, I know it and you know it that no American president can be in a position to challenge us even if we do the unthinkable. What can they (Americans) do to us? We control congress, we control the media, we control show biz, and we control everything in America. In America you can criticize God, but you can’t criticize Israel.” Israeli spokeswoman, Tzipora Menache 2009