Yet Another Mass Shooter Claims: ‘The CIA Was Controlling My Mind’

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It wasn’t as if 26-year-old Iraq war vet Esteban Santiago was a total unknown when he opened fire in the Ft. Lauderdale International Airport baggage claim, killing five random strangers.

Santiago had already walked into an FBI field office weeks earlier in November with claims he was hearing voices and that the CIA was controlling his mind.

The FBI and police had Santiago evaluated for four days, let him keep his gun, and sent him on his merry way. His brother Bryan told the media the government failed:

“The FBI failed there. We’re not talking about someone who emerged from anonymity to do something like this. The federal government already knew about this for months, they had been evaluating him for a while, but they didn’t do anything.”

So a guy hearing voices and claiming government mind control tries to turn himself in, is totally on the FBI’s radar, but they let him go and soon after he commits a horrible crime. Sound familiar?

When Santiago walked into that FBI field office in Anchorage with his two-month-old son and carrying a magazine filled with ammunition (after flying to Alaska with a single piece of checked luggage that included his legally owned gun), he straight up told the agents that he was hearing voices in his head, he was having quote “terroristic thoughts” and that the government was “controlling his mind” and forcing him to watch Islamic State videos. That’s pretty specific.

The FBI then called the cops and had the baby’s mom come pick the kid up. Santiago told agents he left his gun out in his vehicle which the police held onto until after he was released from his psychological evaluation four days later. Then they called him up to come pick up his weapon.

Just weeks later, he would purchase a ticket from Alaska to Ft. Lauderdale. Once he got to Florida, he quickly retrieved his gun from his checked luggage, loaded it in the men’s restroom, then shot up the baggage claim in terminal 2, killing five people and wounding six more.

No one has confirmed yet whether or not the gun Santiago brought to the FBI field office was the same one he used at the airport shooting, but it’s a pretty safe bet that it was.

His family said he was never the same after he came back from Iraq and that it was only after that he began hearing voices.


The case is frighteningly similar to other mass shooting incidents that have occurred in recent years.

In November 2014, a young lawyer named Myron May walked into Florida State University’s library and shot three people. The media reported that he was crazy and hearing voices just like Santiago.

May also claimed the government was electronically harassing and gangstalking him. Days before the shooting, he sent off 10 packets of information including flash drives (packets which were later intercepted by the FBI) to try and prove what he claimed was happening to him, the point of which he said was to drive him to commit an act of mass violence.

A week before the shooting, May posted this chilling message on Facebook:


Myron May was killed by Tallahassee and FSU police during the shooting. In this case, May’s family, friends, and coworkers all vouched for his mental soundness prior to the shooting. The video below is the first of three which were taken off his computer and released to the public months later in 2015. They were reportedly recorded just days before the shooting and describe what May believes was being done to him.

Question: Does this person sound insane or schizophrenic to you?

Go back a little farther and you have another similar case of someone claiming to be a targeted individual: Navy yard shooter Aaron Alexis.

The military contractor made similar claims to May, and he even filed a police report in Rhode Island about his “harassment” with what he felt were microwave directed energy weapons prior to walking into the DC Navy Yard and shooting and killing 13 people in September 2013.

If you’ll recall, Alexis had carved “My ELF [as in, extremely low frequency, a reference to microwaves] weapon” into the stock of his shotgun before his rampage.


Go back a little further to 2012 and Aurora movie theater shooter James Holmes (who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in neuroscience and whose family is tied to DARPA and who, years before, was a young intern at the Salk Institute where researchers were working on ways to “neurologically enhance” soldiers at the time, just by the way).


It has been reported that Holmes told another inmate that he thought he was in a video game at the time of the shooting and that “he had been programmed and rehearsed to complete the shooting at the movie theater”. Even since the shooting, Holmes has told people including psychologist Dr. Rose Manguso who interviewed him a year later that he still hears voices in his head.

This list could go on much longer. These are just recent stories. There are many more that go back decades. And this is before we even discuss the technologies being developed for decades through the CIA’s now declassified MKUltra program.

Most of the people claiming this is happening to them are well past the age when schizophrenia manifests. The claims are always similar. Are all of these people really just insane and making up similar stories or is something else more sinister going on here?

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