WTF: Man Spends $1200 to Send 55-Gallon Drum of Personal Lubricant to Oregon Militia

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The situation at the Oregon wildlife refuge stand off is getting… rather ridiculous. From stories of co-opting, to in-fighting, to provocatuers including the FBI jaunting around pretending to be militiamen (as they always do in these kinds of situations), to the slanting of the establishment media, it’s hard to know what is really going on up there.

With temps below freezing even during the day at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, many have shown support by sending food and supplies to the militia holding out there. Others have decided to actually take the time out of their day to spend money to send pranks, like sex toys.

Jon Ritzheimer recently showed a pile of this stuff off in a video about the mail the group had received.

Well, in response to that, the ante just got upped.

Max Temkin, creator of Cards Against Humanity, just purchased $1200 worth of personal lubricant and sent it to the refuge with expedited shipping, then posted the receipt on Twitter.

That guy wanted to make a statement bad enough he spent $1200 to do so.

Then again, it has been pointed out that there is something ironic about a group protesting the federal government who asks people to send them stuff through… the federal postal service.

Even from an alt. media standpoint, it’s tough to know who to trust here… While government land grabs are entirely out of control, the refuge takeover really does seem like a hasty provocateur’s way to handle things. Does it discredit the militia movement? Time will tell, but so far, the events in Oregon aren’t garnering the kind of “support” they’d apparently like…

Still, it’s a sad statement on things that the thought of someone standing up for their freedom in this country is treated with ridicule from the adult equivalent of playground bullies with credit cards.

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  • They’re just trying to avoid any friction 🙂
    Very smart $1200 spent, he’ll sell many more games now!

    • august

      see my other post?

      • getting it now…

        • august
          • Wow!

          • august

            you ever hear of Marine Corps Special Forces (MARSOC)

          • no

          • august

            Dam to be had

          • august

          • I used to subscribe to that but then I found out about the flat earth which conflicts with it:

          • august

            i watch vids never Sub

          • I meant subscribe to the theory, not the chan, lol, sorry for the confusion.

          • august

            lol yea hey was watching a documentary of Mt St Helen’s i was 15 when she blown
            Day turned to night we had to shovel Ash off the roof

            when i seen Her blow i was oh hell no
            the picture slid show is crazy you seen the slid and boom


          • august
          • Fuckin’ great!

          • august

            i just now seen this
            i been doing a lot of studying on TV shows
            found that most of the shows from the 90’s
            are taking place in to days time
            third rock from the sun ill have to find the like and get back to you ill show u what i have found give me a little time to do so

          • Been studying it for 6 months, very compelling info with facts to back it up IMO. Here is the #1 site with true info on the topic: – that is where I get my info from. – is another good one.

          • august

            cool yeah i notice back in the late 70s thing from TV / movies that took place in the early 90’s now from the 90’s stuff is taking place to day time

          • In almost every single cartoon I watched in the 80s and early 90s the bad guy was always talking about creating a new world order.

          • august

            yea cartoons to its all a form of mind control

          • august

            i had an epiphany the other day, i get them from time to time.

            there is a void around space like all black and with in this void

            is space the pressure from the void flattens space now space is like lets say you take to oysters shells put them back to back and flatten them that is what space looks like in the void and it movies through the void

          • Like Steve Jackson’s Illuminati card game

          • august

            yep are Chris angel mind freak

          • august
          • wow, great find!

          • august

            yea i seen that on the link you gave me let me be a little more clear on the oyster shell
            you take 2 oysters put them back to back now the out side of the shell is Void the in side of the shell is space that’s the best way i can explain it

          • Representative of a torus?

          • august

            yea you can say that yep

          • You are one awake individual.

          • august

            just like the moon they say the other side of the moon is black because the sun dose not shine
            on the side that’s because the moon is flat and the pictures you see of the moon from NASA
            if you look close it is a perfect circle the use a black sharply darken out what they want and redrew the circle and then make copy’s of the picture

          • august

          • That’s good stuff!

          • Fcking hilarious that these people breed and vote.

          • Fckin hilarious paid shills always follow me around 🙂

          • Lol @ paid shill. And don’t sell yourself short; you’re definitely dumb enough. #shillproblems

          • Well it is a pretty pathetic job worth laughing at, lol! Oh, and GYF shill ;p

          • Coming from a flat earthen, I’ll take that as the highest form of flattery. Do your family and friends know of your insane 12th century beliefs?

          • You can take it for whatever you wish besides your paycheck, why would I care? Are your family and friends aware of your poor diet?

          • Gary

            Resorting to ad hominem attacks ’cause your 10 proofs the Earth is a magic pear/ball were refuted within a day? Tsk, tsk.

          • No siree. No ad hom in my posts at all. If you’d like to see examples of ad hom, feel free to peruse my comment history. But this ain’t it. This is more of continued confusion over whether you people are just obvious Poe trolls, or if you can possibly believe this stuff. My guess is the former, since the ability to even write in full sentences would be mutually exclusive to the ability to believe the earth is flat.

          • Gary

            “You’re definitely dumb enough”, “insane 12th century beliefs”?

            I do agree you’ve been relatively polite on the flat Earth topic, but the contempt you show toward those who warn of vaccine dangers (in your comment history) makes me more than a little suspicious.

          • The “dumb enough” was taken from your post, and I think “insane 12th century beliefs” is just an observation. But, fair enough.

            Re: vaccine dangers, those are pseudoscientific nutsacks who present a dangerous form of ignorance that will lead to people dying unnecessarily of vaccine-preventable diseases. Flat Earthers, if that’s a thing, are not going to cause harm to others, at least not physically.

          • Gary

            Those to whom it has been revealed that the Earth is flat, are highly unlikely to fall for the substandard propaganda that “vaccines are safe” or “do not cause autism” or other such claptrap.

            When you deal with those who believe the Earth is flat, you are likely dealing with a subset of those who oppose the practice of calling poisoning medication.

          • I don’t work with propaganda; I work with data. I dint need to rely on anyone to know the clear truth about vaccines when I’ve seen the science and done it firsthand. People who feel otherwise are paranoid, scientifically illiterate, and not qualified to make that judgement. Same is true with anyone who thinks the earth is flat. They are not astrophysicists, thus are stuck believing one group vs another.
            The trouble with Poe groups like yours is that as much as you’re just joking, you attract others stupid enough to believe you. It’s pretty scary to me.

          • Gary

            We can argue all day with “I believe this”, “you believe that”. I’ve worked with data too, and hence know how easy it is to manipulate, and convince others who haven’t worked with data or mathematics beyond very basic (e.g. most doctors) that what is false is true, and what is true is false.

            I refuted your 10 “proofs” the Earth is a ball. If you’ve anything left to add, please do, and we will refute these also. If all you have are tired old platitudes and some half-hearted statement that explaining the truth about the Earth’s shape is somehow unethical, I think we can close this aspect of the debate, with (another) clear victory for those supporting the Earth being flat.

          • Check out Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s twitter war with a rapper named B.o.B, When rap songs start getting recorded it’s in danger of going mainstream so they are in heavy damage control, watch even the reporters set the tone first to attempt to thoroughly discredit this guy, then Neil follows up with more insults but the rapper was not there to defend himself… typical.

            Here is B.o.B’s new single, Flatline with a high-altitude horizon line on the cover, I like it:

            It’s goin’ mainstream!

          • Gary

            Love the comments. The Flat Earth shill is going to need more than just his buddies from the GMO-shilling department and the vaccine-shilling department if he wants to silence that crowd.

            Tesla’s comments about Einstein’s theories being a beggar dressed in purple will soon be realised by even the man in the street, and they will also apply to ball-Earth clowns such Galileo and Copernicus.

          • Yep, those comments are on more mainstream-type sources, it’s spreading like a wildfire, they better hurry up and shut down the internet, lol!

            Flat Earth humor:

            Scroll down B.o.B’s twitter feed, he’s got some good info in there IMO:

          • Gary

            I was thinking that (internet shutdown) might be the only option that would have an impact on the spread of truth (or at least, the speed thereof). 🙂

            “The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself.” – St. Augustine

            It will be nice to start seeing those shills get really mauled.

          • Those who can’t spell ad hominem shouldn’t be expected to use it?

          • What’s your point? Do you have a problem with a common abbreviated form of ad hominem when it is clear what it stands for?

          • Are you aware that ad hominem is, itself, a common abbreviation of argumentum ad hominem? I only have a problem when an obviously guilty person uses a specious ruse to dodge responsibility.

          • Guilty of?

          • Playing stupid and committing argumentum ad hominem attacks?

          • Playing stupid for hurling insults at people who either think the earth is flat, or who are just telling other idiots who may actually believe that nonsense? And make no mistake, even the simpletons who believe the earth is flat know what an ad hom attack is.

          • You must be more ignorant than those simpletons, because you clearly do not know what an ad hominem attack is.

          • Lol. Go away.

          • I was here first, and seniority is more important than level of ignorance.

          • Your ignorance is boundless. Stop wasting my time.

          • Done, until you waste more of mine.

          • Gary

            Good call. I was thinking this one might be honest, ’til I just read some of his shillery regarding vaccines.

            I wonder if the shill-king’s gonna call for some more reinforcements? And I wonder what happened to his band of hot-shill-chick upclickers. They seemed to evaporate as quickly as they appeared. Maybe a shill-band of faceless upclickers would be deemed more believable by the masses, at this stage of the exposure?

          • To the casual browser it looks like more people agree with him than us, cheap trick.

          • Gary

            I guess their tactics really can have a strong influence on the weak-minded

            But I did notice that since you called him out on it, the hot-shill-chick upclickers evaporated and were replaced by the faceless, silent guy and the (also silent) weird, CIA-doped looking guy.

            Lol. The games shills play.

          • Those are dailysheeple shill accounts I see on here from time to time, one is a GMO shill and the other a vaccine shill.

            They get real upset with the flat earth stuff…. uh oh! LOL!

          • Al Mather

            And breeding requires leaving Mommy’s basement and talking to a real female so…….chances are pretty slim.

          • lol, as my woman lays next to me asleep right now as I type this… a beautiful woman that probably wouldn’t give you the time of day if you tried to talk to her… or maybe she’d just laugh 🙂

          • Al Mather

            Sure.And do you deflate her and put her away when you go to sleep?

          • lol, definitely laugh and like Gary said, possibly sprayed although she doesn’t go many places without me.

          • Al Mather

            Well yeah … imaginary girlfriends tend to be reclusive.

          • Don’t try to talk to any real women, man, same thing will probably happen. You know you can call a real> woman and she’ll talk to you as long as you can afford though. Bring a lot of money with you but leave your zioman superhero suit in the basement otherwise be prepared to pay a lot more.

          • Al Mather

            Married 22 years dude.. still talking.. got a kid about to enter college ..own my house outright in about 6 months.. retirement looking good in about 7 years.. Having french drains installed in the basement this spring.
            No superhero suits.
            Just a normal guy killing time jabbering on the internet with a scared little douchenozzle with a make believe woman,who cures cancer, thinks the world is flat,science is all a lie,the sun circles the Earth, Bill Gates is trying to murder the world, Masonic Jews control everything,Obama and Bush are Jews, the USA is under Noahide law, Chemtrails, Planet Nibiru was plausible,satellites don’t exist, the world is populated by shills hiding everywhere trying to discredit him.

          • Shillin’ for zion, sellin’ out your fellow man for bucks. Israel can do no wrong, 6million jews were gassed in WWII, a bunch of muslims directed by a man in a cave half way around the world took out both of our world trade centers, a bunch of kids got shot in a condemned school building that has now been demolished erasing all evidence. Guns kill people all by themselves and the people pulling the trigger on pharmaceutical drugs have nothing to do with it. The “globe” just keeps getting warmer no matter how much data they must alter. Poisoning the human body with toxic vaccines leads to great health. Cannabis can’t cure cancer and it never cured a guy’s skin cancer in the building at work in less than a week. Bill Gates is great guy who isn’t facing a lawsuit for the illegal testing of tribal children in India:, tic-tac-toe chemtrails that remain in the sky are just your imagination and they have no control over the weather even though you can pay for a nice wedding day for 150k.

          • Al Mather

            See what I mean folks.

          • I believe they’re too awake to fall for it nowadays, nice try though 🙂

          • BasicRules

            where you been hiding

          • Got really sick because I allowed my cannabinoid levels to drop by vaping low-grade cannabis, my girl had an MS attack too, getting better now.

          • BasicRules

            I grow hybrid and make butter and hard candy Great for pain-relief and other stuff that one my need to use like enhanced audio and visual . for hearing & seeing
            the hard candy put in the freeze stays good for years
            Qush Highest Test comes out to 18.0%
            most Qush Avg is 14.0% i also i cross between Qush & King Kush & jack Herer strains some others
            Sativa:Tall, thin, bright-green plants. Extremely
            cerebral high accompanied with euphoria
            sensations. great for hearing out in the wood & seeing it is
            Primarily prescribed for: anxiety, depression, nausea and
            loss of appetite.
            Indica:Dark (sometimes purple plants), dense, short,
            wide plants. Almost entirely a body that is both relaxing and
            lethargic. Prescribed for: pain, insomnia, anxiety and depression.
            Strains that are pure indica or pure sativa (100/0) are going to
            exhibit these traits the heaviest. When cross-bread varying ratios exist
            between the two depending on their lineage. Example: A 100/0 Indica
            bread with a 100/0 Sativa is going to create a 50/50 hybrid. mine comes out to 70/30 been growing for 36 years now

          • Wow, awesome man! Yeah, you sound like you know what you’re doing! I wanted to learn how to make a very small stealth grow that would be very efficient to ease the burden of cost because my girl would do great if she used oil but it costs a lot to use medicinally, especially for MS that would require higher doses.

            Like the link, I just had an O of Jack Herer like 2 months ago, great stuff.

          • BasicRules

            yea Jack is a great strain to stat with from old school
            easy to grow
            look for Fox farm soil and flower girl Bun & bloom the fox farm has everything you’ll need in for 20 gallon pots and up for in door
            Flower girl you mix when she gets all most 2 months old & lighting your should drop to 14-8 by growing light cycle by month 3 you should be down to 12/12 the 12/12 is budding you can wait for 3 months this is my growing light cycle 18/8 Hrs month and half

            16/8 Hrs 3 weeks

            14/8 hrs 2 weeks 12/12 tell buds are done the white hairs turn reddish color

            Note top plant at 3 to 4 foot for bushing have 5 foot clearing around plant

          • Nice, man! Thank you so much! That is excellent info for me, I don’t know much at all about it yet.

          • Gary

            Or spray pepper in his eye?

          • lol, possibly, she doesn’t take any shit.

          • Gary

            I just get the impression that whenever shills like that do make it out of their mom’s basements and fumble around in public for female acknowledgement, they would be pretty much indistinguishable from predators. Better for everyone’s sakes for the shills to remain where they belong – out of sight in the basement, and preferably under the supervision of a responsible parent.

          • Then he claims he is an adult doing this which makes it even worse if that’s true, lol.

          • august

            oh shit you think

          • Another great find!

          • august
          • Just read that and that was a very good article, very well written and concise.

          • Gary

            Welcome back, Я0llyJ0g3r. I’ve been debating the king-shill these past few days, and really missed your input (shills can be a little boring).

          • Al Mather

            Lol, wow you are screwed up. Look at yourself.

          • This has to be a Poe site, right?

          • Al Mather

            Sadly…. no. If it was though..I’d be applauding at the level of complex stupidity achieved.

          • I think the level of complex stupidity is still applause-worthy, just in a more scary creepy holyshitthiscantbereal sort of way.

          • On the off-chance that you people are actually this stupid and not just trying to outdo each other with sarcasm, imam leave this right here for you. It’s a YouTube video, so you know it’s factually correct, and scientifically peer-reviewed…

          • Gary

            I prefer text to videos, but have summarised the video’s “proofs” for a ball-Earth, and the corresponding refutations.

            10. Other planets are round – Composition/Division logical fallacy. Just because planets are round does not mean the Earth is (I could also argue that the Earth is probably round, just not spherical). Earth is not a planet because planet means “wanderer”, and the Earth is still. Just because I see zebras at the zoo does not make me a zebra.

            9. Time zones
            Black/white logical fallacy. Timezones are caused as the sun can only be seen from a given distance before it vanishes over the horizon. Places closer to the sun will experience longer days, and further from the sun will experience longer nights. As the sun moves closer or further from the North during the year, the distances vary, resulting in the seasons.

            8. The Coriolis Effect
            False cause. Even if true (I personally believe there is inadequate evidence to prove the Coriolis effect), it is just as much evidence that the Heavens rotate about the Earth, as it is evidence the Earth rotates.

            7. Triangles
            I disagree with the science here. The curvature of the Earth is *never* taken into account for engineering projects – bridges, ocean cables, railway lines etc. Therefore, were a triangle constructed on the Earth as described, you would find the angles do add to exactly 180 degrees, provided the triangle were constructed accurately. Note that using East and West would result in a shape with internal angles not adding up to 180 degrees, as East and West are curved (always at right-angles to North).

            6. The Sun’s Altitude
            As I understand, the aforementioned trignometry with shadows calculates the sun’s distance to be somewhere in the vicinity 300 – 1000miles in altitude, surely evidence against a ball-Earth?

            5. Stars change going north or south
            Stars drop to or rise from the horizon, going north or south, due to perspective. Why can Polaris be seen South of the equator if the Earth is a ball? This only makes sense if the Earth is flat.

            4. Magellan circumnavigated the Earth
            You can circumnavigate a disc. Doesn’t prove the disc is a sphere.

            3. The horizon
            Binoculars or a telescope will bring vanished objects back into view once they disappear “over the horizon”. That wouldn’t work if they disappeared over the “curve of the ball”.

            2. Lunar eclipses
            “According to the globular theory, a lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, earth, and moon are in a direct line; but it is on record that since about the fifteenth century over fifty eclipses have occurred while both sun and moon have been visible above the horizon.” -F.H. Cook, “The Terrestrial Plane”.

            1. Photographic evidence
            I think the only photographic evidence showing the Earth to be a ball has been provided by NASA, a highly suspect organisation (who now claims the Earth is a pear-shape, contrary to their own photographs). They have been caught out lying on numerous occasions and are probably best-known for their moon-landing hoax. I don’t think any reliable photographic evidence exists showing Earth to be a ball.

          • lmFao! You can’t be serious. This is hilarious. I mean, obviously every one of your explanations is false, but that doesn’t mean that you lose any credit for actually pretending that you believe any of this!

          • Gary

            Investigate. You’ll find the explanations are not false, just that the lies you’ve been told are enormous.

            I was shown this site the other day, which I believe would be a good introduction –

            In addition, there are and which are excellent resources for proof the Earth is flat.

            Please also be advised that the first site is fairly anti-Christ, so although I respect Eric Dubay very much for his flat Earth research, where he believes that Jesus is some hijacked myth from other religions, he’s totally wrong.

          • Jesus is clearly a hijacked myth from many religions predations Christianity by thousands of years. And your links make me sad. I’d like to imagine people are smarter than this.

          • As far as religion goes, I know that I don’t know.

          • Al Mather

            A little balance to the stupidity you are sharing… like a breath of fresh air.. amazing testament to all the science, intelligence, and achievement you try so lamely to deny..

          • @ only 5 seconds in one can see the bad “anti-gravity” perm that would be impossible in a weightless environment as is demonstrated during zero G airplane flights.

          • Al Mather

            SIMULATED weightless.. Riiiight so they would simulate weightlessness perfectly but for some unexplained reason go through the EFFORT to make sure their spokesperson’s hair did something to disprove their little charade. Again you display near incomprehensible stupidity.

          • LOL!

            NASA Fail Compilation

            NASA hoax ISS Actornaut Chris Cassidy accidentaly admits they are filming in the USA BUSTED

          • Al Mather

            Why …if you weren’t little lying POS’s… would you need to post tripe like this.. NOTICE .. THE VIDEO STARTS >>>AFTER<<< the caller Bailey says he is calling from. Which if west coast..IS the other side of the United States .. You have ZERO intellectual honesty. Seems to be a flat Earther trait.

          • Gary

            What’s wrong Al? You don’t like when people expose your Freemason NASA colleagues as liars? Ha, ha, ha. Get used to it, ’cause there’s a lot more coming. 🙂

          • Al Mather

            Oh look… I was right.. They were calling from California . Proving the little edited video was just another lame POS Flat Earther LIE…
            Dang Rolly /Gary … you guys suck at this.

          • The only thing you just proved is that you’re a moron and no the video isn’t a lie, so now NASA videos are lies?

          • Al Mather

            The beginning of the video explains they were calling from California. ..that IS the opposite side of the country from Maine… moron.

          • …right over your head… huh? …wooosh! 🙂 keep spinnin’, man!

          • Al Mather

            No lamer than any other flat earth “proof” you have posted.

          • Gary

            The absurd gravity theories to which Al subscribes make him believe he is spinning so fast he hardly knows what he’s doing, where he’s going, or whether his ignoble behind points up or down. 🙂

          • …and he can’t figure out that when an astro-not says “across the country from where we are right now” but is SUPPOSED to be on a space station 250miles up going 14,000mph he’s lying… must be shill’s block, similar to writer’s block 😉

          • Al Mather

            Wrong idiot… he SAYS…
            ” I grew up in a little town called York, Maine, which is all the way across the country from where we are TALKING TO YOU right now…”
            the kid is in California. Other side of the US from Maine. Proven by the subsequent UN-edited link I posted.
            The stuff you post as “proof” is as full of shit as you are.
            One has to wonder if FE is a truth… why there has to be so much BS trying to “prove” it.

          • 250 miles ABOVE the Earth traveling @ 14,000mph is NOT “all the way across the country from where we are TALKING TO YOU right now”… IDIOT!

          • Al Mather

            Wow … You are truly dense … The town in Maine is across the country from where they were talking to HIM NOW….the kid was in California ! Are you challenged ? … THAT is where they were talking to him…. They didn’t say where we are talking to you from. Man you are pathetically desperate .

          • I am not the desperate shill defending NASA fakery now am I?

          • Al Mather

            Nope …you’re the little guy trying to feel special … Showing douchey edited videos ….trying desperately to prove the world which scares you so much isn’t real. Reality is … mankind is achieving incredible things, discovering amazing complexity, exploring our universe … Amassing knowledge at an incredible pace.
            And you little idiots are trying so hard to deny it all… Turn it into some kind of scary boogeyman story.

          • Wrong! As easily identifiable by her fake hairdo(no filtration problems with long loose hair like that in space?), phony 0 gravity crap where her necklace and the mic moves but no wires move in the background. I know, I know, NASA had all wires covered in a secret, transparent gel that makes them harden up for space flights and not act like network wires anymore 🙂

            Obvious bubbles recorded in MULTIPLE “space walk” NASA videos, the gig is up and NASA are a bunch of fakes and liars, that’s why they got Chris Cassidy… expert DIVER, lol!

          • Al Mather

            You nailed em Rolly! You’re so much more aware than anyone else! No need to let all that “space stuff” make you feel all scared inside…. Just deny,deny,deny. If all that fails you can close your eyes and stomp your feet.

          • Still waitin’ for a curved horizon, Al Mather…. won’t ever see one though

          • Al Mather


            I’m sure YOUR horizons will all be pretty flat…and distant …and bleak.

          • Well it IS a horizon LINE after all + There are so many wonders RIGHT HERE yet they got your mind in some $cience fiction nonsense, such a shame. Cool animated graphic for sure but don’t let your imagination run wild, that’s not real.

          • Al Mather

            Of course it is Rolly.

            Being this stupid in public…putting it out there for everyone to see, ..even hiding behind an avatar.. has to affect whatever tiny shred of self esteem you might have left. Better go vape some more and tell yourself it’s cool.
            Not only is it real it is used as a resource by a huge chunk of the planet, who accurately access weather patterns. By pretty amazing for them to get that “animated graphic” out there in real time miraculously displaying the exact systems happening below.
            Knew you’d deny, though. Denial is ALL YOU HAVE LEFT. Pretty pathetic.

          • But am I the pathetic loser that needs to get paid to harass others online? NOOOO!!!!! HAHAHA!
            Vaping cures my girl’s MS, keeps ALL symptoms away! You say that’s BS? Well you’re a shill and I live with her and thus proof! Thanks for giving me an opportunity to mention it! Shillon!

          • Al Mather

            The shill gambit … you lose.

          • I call ’em like I see ’em and you win ’em all in your head.

          • Al Mather

            I’m sure you do.

          • How …am I lying?

          • Wow, all kinds of dingle berries hangin’ on here, lol!

          • august

            Yea Germany is not where they say it is, that blew me away!

          • Gary

            Absolutely brilliant link! I missed it the first few passes until Я0llyJ0g3r’s comment (don’t know if it was a Disqus glitch or my own skip-over). So succinct and convincing. It would convince me to follow-up further on the information presented, were I to read it still being a ball-Earth believer.

          • august


          • This is all Poe, right?

          • august

            he said nass holes lol

          • They show us the flat earth ALL OF THE TIME in movies.

          • august

            book mark

          • Al Mather

            Oh yeah I used to TOTALLY absolutely 100% subscribe to that pile of steaming pseudo sci fi crap ….. Till I came across this OTHER pile of steaming conspiracy crap which allows me to feel like I have special knowledge, gives me an excuse to do like next to nothing of consequence with my life, AND as An added bonus I get to blame like everything on JEWS !!! So I got that going for me.

          • “gives me an excuse to do like next to nothing of consequence with my life” – like shillin’ for dollaz on the internetz? haha… good work, zio-man!

          • Gary

            Disinfo article? I remember coming across this and not knowing what to make of it. Psy-op to waste our time?

            “The bodies of the US troops became misshapen such a way that they looked like 5000-year mummies,” said a witness. Presented so matter-of-factly. Surely if the reporter were legitimate, he would have asked more questions about that? Lol.

          • august

            Did you know that Russia Adds Hillary Clinton To Terror Sponsor Watch list

  • Another person with more money than sense.

  • Truthsetsyoufree

    John Assheimer is most likely a government agent who gets paid to undermine, discredit, and make all militias look ridiculous. All about conditioning and persuading Americans to turn against the militia than it is about the Oregon standoff itself…not hard to figure out.

  • Bob

    They should send it to obama!

  • Herman Nelson

    Hopefully they’ll return to sender. Sounds like Max can use it more than they can. Thanks for the heads up on how Max blows. I won’t be buying his card games anytime soon.

    • Michellejperry1

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  • Reverend Draco

    This guy has, as the saying goes, more dollars than sense. . .

    Just goes to show, they’ll give anyone a credit card these days. . .

    • He’s trying to sell his card game, I don’t agree with the tactic though.

  • Razedbywolvs

    Use it so secure the premier. Spread it all over the deck.

  • whattabunchacrap

    “.. it has been pointed out that there is something ironic about a group protesting the federal government who asks people to send them stuff through… the federal postal service.
    What’s ironic about that? The post office is constitutional, the BLM isn’t. Big difference.

  • Skye Bowen

    It will be of great use when the Fed bends them all over, and @$$ rapes them.

  • sunshine

    He’s a Jew, of course he’d do that. Sick perverts lol.

  • obocaj