Writer of Simpsons ‘Trump Episode’ Now Says It Was a “Warning” to the US (Video)

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Dan Greaney, who wrote the Simpsons episode “Bart to the Future” from season 11 created 16 years ago, now says it was a warning to the US of the country “going insane”:

It was intended, according to its creator, as a “warning to America”, a horrifying and fantastical vision of the future in which the US – ludicrously – had elected as its president Donald Trump.

A possible future Trump presidency, said the episode’s writer , “just seemed like the logical last stop before hitting bottom. It was pitched because it was consistent with the vision of America going insane”.

In the clip, Trump is only mentioned in passing as Lisa is president in the future and can be overheard in the oval office talking to her staff about how the country has inherited quite the budget crunch from President Trump:

This isn’t the first time such a sudden admission has been made since Trump has run for president, and in regard to the Back to the Future series either. A Back to the Future writer has also come out to say the evil jerk off character Biff Tannen from the series was actually based on Donald Trump:

Then again, we also live in a world where the writer of Idiocracy says he didn’t know his movie was going to become a documentary and actor Roddy Piper said They Live the film he starred in about an alien elite who mind control everyone to be asleep, obey and consume like good little slaves was also a documentary, so…

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  • Chondra

    Bull…these libtards are just claiming these Trump-prediction, non-sense because he’s running and doing quite well. In Back to the future, weren’t all those made in the 80’s? Unless you lived in NY and were in real estate, you wouldn’t even know who Donald Trump was.

    • Mark

      If you were a gangster in the 80’s you would have known of Drumpf.

      • danton61

        And you would have known NOT to “mess” with “The Donald”….you’re guessing about this, aren’t you.

        • Mark

          Good heavens, man! Search “Trump Organized Crime” and pick your source.

        • Reverend Draco

          Every time I see someone use the word “Drumpf,” I think “uneducated Sanders supporter.”

          I could count the number of times I’ve been wrong about this on the fingers of one hand, with fingers left over.

    • danton61

      Or unless you weren’t just a little kid, who only watched cartoons….If you were an adult…..read newspapers….paid attention to the newschannels on TV before they were totally zionized….or traveled to Las Vegas or Atlantic City, (had a life)…then you would have been aware of, known about, been familiar with WHO Donald Trump was.

      • Helluva3ngineer

        No offense but I was mostly aware of his spectacular bankruptcies. Granted he was gaming the system and his stupid investors, just like everyone else who makes that much money.

  • Mike

    more liberal regressive bs.

    • Julie Hargrove

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  • I forgot


  • danton61

    This “suggestion” was THAT far-fetched when one considers the fact that Nelson Rockefeller and Averill Harriman, BOTH wealthy men, dabbled in politics with differing measures of success…this was BEFORE H. Ross Perot’s POTUS campaign..GOOGLE those names kids.

  • WinstonSmithy

    Yeah, but “smell ya later” hasn’t really caught on yet. Maybe next year…

  • Reverend Draco

    Biff Tannen Is Based On A Producer Who Was “Aggressive” Toward Robert Zemeckis

    Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale are the creators of a number of beloved films, including Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and one of the few franchises that was actually deserving of a trilogy, Back to the Future. But before they created the property that single-handedly keeps Cracked in business, they were working on I Wanna Hold Your Hand, a movie about Beatlemania.

    Studio executive Ned Tanen … didn’t want to hold their hand? He
    didn’t seem to like their work very much, because during a meeting he “behaved aggressively” towards Zemeckis and Gale. You can interpret that Hollywood euphemism for yourself.

    The “Screw You”:

    So, what famous movie character does the name Tanen remind you of? On
    the off chance you’ve recently suffered a massive head trauma, every
    single Back to the Future movie features members of the local
    asshole dynasty, the Tannens, doing their best to ruin the McFlys.

    Whether it’s bully Marty …
    … bully Marty’s dad in the past …
    … bully Marty’s dad in the future …
    … turn the town into a dystopia …
    … threaten to murder Marty …
    … attempt to murder Marty …
    … or attempt to rape Marty’s mom …

    … the Tannen men are portrayed with about as many redeeming traits as
    Jeffrey Dahmer. And when they’re not attempting to commit a grievous
    sin, they’re getting covered in shit.

    All it took was one bad meeting for Ned Tanen to be immortalized as an
    infamous sexist, cheating, lying, raping criminal asshole. Jesus, is
    Judge Doom a guy who cut them off in traffic?


  • Helluva3ngineer

    So electing a career criminal sociopath…that’s a lot better, right?

    • Reverend Draco

      A sociopath might do something dangerous. . . or, being socially awkward, might hide from Megyn Kelly.

      A psychopath will do something dangerous.

      A sociopath can be a danger. . . a psychopath can be nothing but a danger.


    Clearly, we hit bottom with Obozo – Trump is the rebound…