Writer of Simpsons ‘Trump Episode’ Now Says It Was a “Warning” to the US (Video)

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Dan Greaney, who wrote the [amazon text=Simpsons&asin=B001GQ3GHG] episode “Bart to the Future” from season 11 created 16 years ago, now says it was a warning to the US of the country “going insane”:

It was intended, according to its creator, as a “warning to America”, a horrifying and fantastical vision of the future in which the US – ludicrously – had elected as its president Donald Trump.

A possible future Trump presidency, said the episode’s writer , “just seemed like the logical last stop before hitting bottom. It was pitched because it was consistent with the vision of America going insane”.

In the clip, Trump is only mentioned in passing as Lisa is president in the future and can be overheard in the oval office talking to her staff about how the country has inherited quite the budget crunch from President Trump:

This isn’t the first time such a sudden admission has been made since Trump has run for president, and in regard to the Back to the Future series either. A [amazon text=Back to the Future&asin=B00439KW1Q] writer has also come out to say the evil jerk off character Biff Tannen from the series was actually based on Donald Trump:

Then again, we also live in a world where the writer of [amazon text=Idiocracy&asin=B009EEVSTK] says he didn’t know his movie was going to become a documentary and actor Roddy Piper said [amazon text=They Live&asin=B000ID379U] the film he starred in about an alien elite who mind control everyone to be asleep, obey and consume like good little slaves was also a documentary, so…

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