Wow! Alt Media Journalist Solves US Healthcare Crisis in One Easy Step (Video)

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Obamacare was more damaging to the healthcare industry (and our bank accounts) than even the biggest skeptics predicted, and the GOP’s plan to replace it doesn’t seem much better.

Meanwhile, Big Pharma continues to collude with “experts” to ensure their drugs are more expensive than ever.

But Joe Joseph has a solution to the ongoing healthcare crisis in the US – and he reveals it in this News Shot.

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GOP health-care plan: Key House panel calls for work requirements, additional cuts in Medicaid

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  • mirageseekr

    I agree with the above being put in place and think it should be added that people should not have any regulation on growing or purchasing cannabis or cannabis oil. The people fighting the hardest to keep it illegal are big pharma who knows that for many ailments it is a superior product to theirs, the police and prisons who have to justify their occupations by locking nonviolent people in a cage for possessing a plant that has never killed anyone, and the alcohol industry who stand to lose significant money when people chose to use a product that is not as harmful as theirs.

    • Rey d’Tutto

      And they found opoid use dropped, medicare funding dropped, and beer & wine sales increased when WA legalized cannabis.

      • AmyRoss11

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  • Rey d’Tutto

    What, a corruption free form of business?
    I’m Shocked, Shocked I say!

    Actually, well thought out.