Would You Stay at this Former Concentration Camp (Where Thousands Were Imprisoned and 130 Died) Turned Luxury Hotel?

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During the course of World War II, thousands of people were held against their will and 130 of them died at the infamous Campo Mamula, an island-turned-concentration camp off Montenegro.  The place was so infamous, a movie was made about it in 1959, plot: “Story of people in a camp, situated on a small island and ruled by Nazis.”

While being held captive by Nazis has to suck, it has to suck even more on a hard-to-escape island.

Well now that island-turned-concentration camp will be a concentration camp-turned-party hotel.

The Montenegro government has finalized plans to turn the former camp into a luxury “party ambiance” hotel, pissing off the relatives of people who were held captive and died there.

Here’s an artist’s rendering of what the site will look like when they’re done Disney Landing it up, complete with cheesy island techno muzak:


Here’s a before shot:


Who wouldn’t want to pay hundreds of dollars a night to stay in a hotel where your room service comes with a Poltergeist-style Nazi concentration camp victim haunting?

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  • Rick E.

    This article sounds eerily like the USA! (“Story of people in a camp, situated on a small island and ruled by Nazis.”).
    Just change it a bit to say “story of people in a country situated on a large land mass and ruled by Nazis”!! There you go! USA USA!

  • whiteberry

    If every piece of land where “history” happened was made off limits… there would be no where to go. Get over it…

  • You ought to check out the
    Heart Mountain Relocation Center, where some of the Japanese internees were kept during WW2, which is just up the road from me.

  • Cryptic

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    • doucyet

      Yea………….I know what you mean!

    • august

      hell yea that would be cool did some of that in Deer loge Mt the old prison there was cool got pics of Orbs and smoke stuff in one of the photos you can see a face in the window

      • Cryptic

        never been there

        • august

          cool place with, lots of history there !

      • Cryptic

        where you learn to read Cryptic?

        • august

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          was in
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          that infiltrated the us government

          • Cryptic

            they activated the gate when

          • august


          • Cryptic

            aApLpIpApSa & mCdOdMdEm * yOwUwTy & fOlFf | zTcHcAcTz

          • august

            yes that is why they can no longer hide that existence the war is about control

            that’s why Russia is now involved

  • doucyet

    Please…………….my property is no doubt a battle ground where real Native Americans died at the hands of the white man…………..what’s the diff? The strong and powerful have been slaughtering the weaker since the dawn of time. How do I “feel” about it…………..it’s f u c k e d up!!

  • Hunter

    I’d only stay there if I was looking for a hotel that was thoroughly haunted.

  • Adol Hintner

    Doesn’t seem as bad as Israel, where thousands of Palestinians died for no reason. Strange how they complain about the Holocaust, then commit one on the Palestinians and also the during the Russian Revolution kill millions of Russians. In case you didn’t know it, Communism is Jewish.

    • 848484


    • jaguar

      You don’t know crap!! Freaking Palestinians are animals Just like the rest of Muslim brotherhood !! Jews are peaceful til you launch Rockets at them!! Then they will aggressively defend themselves… Just like any normal person would !!!

      • Adol Hintner

        You are very well read with the Jewish controlled Media, jaguar. A lot of Palestinians are Christians, I’ve met many of them. Jews came into Palestine and committed a slaughter with money and weapons given to them by the U.S. and other country’s. Palestinians owned 93% of the land and it was taken from them.

  • Cryptic

    yeah make bank on that