Would Trump’s Immigration Plan Lead to a Race War?

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Donald Trump has no doubt rattled the latest election circus with his blunt rhetoric and populist opinions. However, his ideas on immigration have been gaining the most attention. Conservative Americans are tired of paying taxes on welfare benefits for people who have broken the law, and they’re tired losing jobs to foreigners while they struggle to succeed in their own country.

So I totally understand why Trump would have achieved so much popularity based on his tough stance on illegal immigration. However, we should ask ourselves how realistic his ideas are. If you’re a conservative and you like Donald Trump, take a step outside of your belief system for just a moment, and think about what his ideas would entail.

According to Trump, this is what his immigration policy would look like.

  • Build a wall that spans the entire southern border, and force the Mexican government to pay for it.
  • Triple the number of ICE agents and enforce a nationwide E-verify policy
  • Deport all criminal aliens and end catch and release policies at the border
  • Cut off federal funding to sanctuary cities
  • Enhanced Penalties for immigrants who overstay their visas
  • Use ICE agents to help police departments crack down on gangs
  • Put an end to birthright citizenship and deport all illegal immigrants, with the option of allowing some of them to return.

Now a few of these sound feasible, but that last one in particular is extremely problematic, and not for the reasons you might be thinking of. You’ll hear plenty of people say that it’s not possible to deport 11 million people (conservative estimate) or that it would hurt the economy, but that’s not the real issue at hand.

Again, step away from you think is right or wrong for a moment, and try to look at this without an ideology. I know a lot of the people reading this would like to see every illegal immigrant shipped out of this country, and their reasons make sense. If you feel strongly about being an American, then you probably don’t want to see this country flooded with people who might never identify as Americans, and will receive tax dollars along the way. But you have to remember that actions have consequences, even if you think those actions are the right thing to do.

The real issue is how these illegals will respond to the threat of deportation, especially those that might have their citizenship retroactively revoked. And to understand how they might respond, you need to recognize some of their political beliefs.

For starters, there was a poll conducted in 2002 which found that 58% of Mexicans believe that the Southwestern United States rightfully belongs to Mexico, and a similar percentage believed that because of this, they don’t need permission to enter the US. So it’s safe to say that the majority illegals neither respect nor recognize the territorial integrity of the US. This isn’t just about finding a better job; many of them feel that they have the right to be here.

The other fact you should know, is how Mexicans feel about secession. A poll taken in 2008 found that on average, 22% percent of American adults believe that a state has the right to secede. When broken down by race, it was found that Hispanics felt the strongest on this issue, with 43% saying that they supported the right to secession.

With these polls in mind, I think you could surmise that not only do millions of Mexicans believe that the Southwest isn’t truly a part of the United States, but that it should also be returned to Mexico. How do you think these people will react to being deported en masse? We’re talking  millions of people who have grown up listening “reconquista” rhetoric.

Honestly, I think if you try to deport these people from what they consider to be their country, if you start defunding sanctuary cities, and you force Mexico to build a wall along a border that Mexicans don’t believe to exist, it’s going to ignite a lot of these claims that they have against the US. Because of what they believe, they’re going to treat this like our government is ethnically cleansing them, regardless of what it really is, and I think they will physically resist it.

Right now, I don’t think most Mexicans feel too strongly about this issue. Most will admit that they don’t believe the Southwest belongs to America, but most of them don’t act on that belief. They’re not actively trying to break off sections of US territory. But if you start deporting millions of people, it’s going to cause a radical shift in the political priorities of many Mexicans that live in this country, regardless of their citizenship status. They’re going to view it as an act of war on their culture, and they will act accordingly.

Basically, I think that a mass deportation will cause a race based conflict in this country, which is exactly what the elites have always wanted. They want war between the citizens and the government, they want war between religions, and they want war between different races. Any kind of conflict that exists within a population, will take the heat off their backs, and gives them the excuses they need to introduce more tyrannical policies.

So if you don’t think that these people belong in the US, I think that you have a legitimate grievance. But you need to know what you’re getting into if you’re going to vote for Trump and his immigration policy. Honestly, I think it would turn the Southwestern US into a big pile of ashes, and plunge our nation into martial law. At the end of the day, good intentions don’t always lead to good results.

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Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .

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  • Joel W

    Just a thought on the issue. I’m so sick and tired of America being the only country to ever get crap over “stolen” land. Almost everywhere in the world was some other people’s land at some point in time.

    • And there is nothing wrong with murdering people so you can take what is theirs? Can you name a country other than Israel which is as responsible as them for what they are doing to those who they ran off their land and are slowly killing off, just as we did native Americans?

      • Joel W

        I’m talking all throughout history. All nations formed by one people either conquering and killing or conquering and subjugating them. The ethnic Russians were overthrown by the Bolshevics for one example, but THROUGHOUT ALL HISTORY, us and Israel are not the only to do it. And I am not judging this either way, all I am saying is we are the only ones who get flack for it when that is the history of the world. How about you name a few 100% ethnically pure nations, that are now and have ALWAYS been 100% ethnically pure, that never had another peoples living on that land. Oh yea, Spain wiped out the Mayans. Go crucify them. The Persians wiped out a lot of peoples. Go crucify them. I didn’t have a damn thing to do with it and I’m fucking sick and tired of being blamed for what these so-called leaders who I did not vote for do or for the sins of centuries ago. People need to fucking get on with their lives.

        • Maybe you wouldn’t get blamed for so much if you weren’t willing to be, at least, rather vituperous.

          • Joel W

            Whatever you’re right I’m wrong, I’m not allowed to have an opinion. I’m not allowed to be sick of being blamed for shit I had NOTHING to do with. And how long you been waiting to use that 50cent word? And I also notice you have no response to any of the FACTS I presented you, just some big word you obviously just discovered. Argue the fact, not be condescending. Oh, FYI, they are not native Americans because it wasn’t called America before we took there land. They are either native/indigenous people or call them by the proper tribe names (who all, by the way, were taking land from and killing each other long before Europeans came here) but they are not anything American.

          • You are doing a very good job of proving that I picked just the right word, and that you don’t know what it means any more than I did, 45 years ago.

          • Joel W

            My fucking hero. Argue my points and answer my question,fuck your stupid word that nobody uses ever (when was the last you actually used that word in conversation). If you don’t have anything useful to add, shut the fuck up.

          • State them simply and without vituperation and I’ll try to give you an answer you can understand without. Otherwise, you can just go back in the closet and masterbate.

          • Joel W

            Well if you are mister big word and can’t understand the mere simpleton’s question, then I guess you must be too enlightened to converse with someone so idiotic as myself. I apologize for asking such peasant questions in the presence of a grammar god such as yourself. And what the fuck does a closet and masterbating have to do with anything? You having fantasies?

          • Padraigin Eagle

            Mastering the debate

            Maturbate if you please, whilst some do wonder about those who masterbate.

          • AtomicMetroid

            when they pull out a word like that then you know you’re dealing with an idiot

          • IHATETROLLS

            Ignore disqus_3BrONUAJno, he/she is nothing but a punk-ass bitch troll. Notice how that loud-mouthed fuck feels the need to reply on almost every post on every subject.

          • emmanuelozon

            Vituperate: To abuse in words; censure severely or abusively; berate.

            Like George Will; use words that no-one else uses to make oneself appear more intelligent and refined.

          • Nope, George Will is sententious, and education is no replacement for knowledge.

          • Don’t feed the liberal trolls. People like shim (I made up that word just now) cannot handle arguments. I makes their heads explode to be asked to support their arguments.

          • BigGaySteve

            Its bad enough my taxes go toward LaSkanka’s 28 illegitimate crack babies, I don’t want to have to pay for Latrina to squat out more welfare leeches.

          • Since I don’t know LaSkanka or Latrina, I’ll have to leave judging them to you.

          • BigGaySteve

            I know all I needed to from the newspaper article.

          • Ah, you are a good American, like most were good Germans under the third Reich.

          • EnditsoonLORD

            That is the stupidest response I have ever seen. Perhaps you don’t know what vituperate means or perhaps you are just trying to aggravate the guy by vomiting stupidity. Either way you should leave the big words to adults not overgrown adolescents such as yourself.

          • Perhaps you don’t know what vituperate means, either. Or, ad hominem, for that matter. The Lord knows what they both mean.

      • PATRIOT.WW48

        you need a history lesson…pussy

        • The only thing you appear to know anything about is ad hominem.

          • Joel W

            ironic because that’s all you be doing in our discussion. Fucking ass clown.

          • At least I have enough of a grasp on grammar to explain what I’m saying in an understandable manner.
            “If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.”

          • PATRIOT.WW48

            oo000OOOHHHHHH, as the FRENCH say….” I SURRENDER “

      • Dan Morgan

        Europeans were killing one another before they came to the new world. Native Americans were killing each other before Europeans arrived.
        If you can’t defend your borders, you don’t have a country.

        • If you can’t protect your borders, how could a country exist? Our borders have always had superior protection to our organic laws.

          • BigGaySteve

            Until leftists started handing out benefits to illegals there was not as much to draw them here.

          • AtomicMetroid

            Not leftists. Zionists. It’s easy to prove

          • Except the pay for honest work that attracted immigrants in the first place.

          • BigGaySteve

            It is cheaper to pay $20 under the table than min wage as an employee. Not much honest about that

          • Playing cash under the table is way more honest than aiding and abetting the oppression of an extra- and/or un-constitutional government that passes and enforces laws without regard to the organic laws of our republic. Unfortunately the honest are becoming cowards as well, being too lacking in bravery to speak truth to the crooked power brokers.

        • catalanismo is hatred

          Poor white trash people, Ann Coulter and Donald
          Trump get profits with their frustration, fanaticism and hatred

          • Dan Morgan

            Mexican immigration laws are much more harsh than ours, and are actually enforced.
            What derogatory lable do you have for them?

          • catalanismo is hatred

            well that is not totally true, maybe in paper but the truth is that Mexico is the country in the entire world where most Americans live overseas and many of those Americans are criminals because Mexico does not allow the extradition if the criminal is going to receive the capital punishment . And in Mexico nobody blames the criminals American for all the crime in the country

          • Dan Morgan

            You’re right, many US from criminals are not prosecuted.
            Operation Fast and Furious s

          • sunshine

            Yes, I’d also like to know what other racist slurs you have for non-whites please.

          • catalanismo is hatred

            sorry but to say that caucasians have killed, plundered,invaded and stolen a lot of people and nations is not racism is a TRUTH

            Theare´ are a lot of caucasian that are good doers but there are too, too much white trash, lazy, greedy, and afraid of Mexicans because they work harder

          • sunshine

            OK well, do you use racial slurs against other, non-white, people? And only white people are bad and everyone else is just a victim of those evil white people?

          • catalanismo is hatred

            of course no!!t, most of the white people are good person but at the same time most of the psychos, serial killers, thiefs, invaders and conquerers are white.

      • BigGaySteve

        You mean the British killed by Israelis to get control of Israel don’t count?

      • AtomicMetroid

        Native americans weren’t in America first. Evidence shows that many ancient sites have been found with skeletons of white people that long pre-date native americans.

        • Given the scientific method, until someone has replicated the results, they are irrelevant. Evidence isn’t of any use outside of a court.

          • sunshine

            Hey now, remember we had this convo a while back and I linked some stuff about the Solutreans?

            On a more conspiracy minded bent, I personally think the only reason we don’t have more proof of their existence is because it’s all being suppressed or destroyed. Just like they did with the giant skeletons and all the other “ooparts” stuff that doesn’t fit the narrative they want to push.

          • The vast majority of wired humans seldom get beyond their email, or especially, if they have an account, Facebook. I eschew social networking because I prefer to do mine in flesh, those friends being more likely to actually truly like me, and me them. Probably a large percentage of those who get beyond emails are gamers or looking for a video to watch. Little has changed besides the path between the programmers and the programmed.

      • Curmudgeon_49

        Apparently, you have never heard of Genghis Khan. He bragged about his submit or all, but one, will be killed policy.

    • Viva Michael

      I agree with the feeling. However, we did not steal it. The Mexicans thought that we would be unable to resist their border aggression due to our border dispute with the British Empire, started a war with the US, lost, signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in which they agreed to sell those territories and drop all claims to such territories in return for payment. Now they are trying to renege. Communist “educators” historians are lying about the situation.

      • Saul Peña

        Excuse me, how did WE start a war? The War of Intervention was clearly as legitimate as the Iraq war of today. Here’s a little history, you will not find this in any McGraw Hill publication I can assure you. The Texas secession, illegitimate in it’s own right because it was declared by U.S. settlers that had basically work permits, only reached down to the Pecos River, not the Bravo. The first aggression was committed by the US Army when they placed troops on the north banks of the Bravo (Grande). The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed at gunpoint, by a prisoner that was subsequently banished to France for doing it. The only reason you didn’t take the whole country was because doing so you add millions of new citizens that were not white and that would affect the political scene too much, so you only took the parts sparsely populated areas and then proceeded to kill of the Mexicans along with the natives. If you can legitimize the Iraq intervention and justify the Vietnam war then I guess you can rationalize just about anything in your pretty little head in order to feel good about yourselves.

      • catalanismo is hatred

        you lie

        Americans are famous because you do war to steal and plunder other countries!!!

        • sunshine

          What fine country are you from? Judging from your name, I’d guess Spain. Which certainly doesn’t have a history AT ALL of stealing and plundering other countries!! DO YOU READ WHAT YOU TYPE?

          • catalanismo is hatred

            I am from Mexico one of the countries that are continuosly plundered, stolen by USA

          • sunshine

            So, you don’t have an issue with Spain? And what caste are you?

          • catalanismo is hatred

            Actually I LOVE Spain, the Spaniards are not like the Americans and Brittish that TODAY keep stealing and plundering all they can and wherever they can

            I am interbreed and proud of it!!

          • sunshine

            So mestizo? Well I can understand you not wanting to feel inferior. If we are so awful then why do your countrymen keep coming here? Why should be be expected to foot the bill for them, why should we be expected to allow them citizenship when we the citizens were never consulted? What would you say about the well known fact that “those jobs Americans won’t do” are never advertised in American, English language newspapers? How are people to apply for jobs that are not known?

            And you are mistaking the elites that happen to live in the UK and the US for “American” and “British” people. The vast majority of us do not have enough to give away, in case you don’t know, our elites don’t share with us any more than yours do. Don’t you feel some responsibility for the plight of your own people and don’t you want to help them instead of foisting them off on us? The average American is just as much of a victim as anyone else and it’s criminal to expect us to care for at least 40 million of YOUR countrymen! Do you not understand that? What would you do if Africa sent 40 million Africans to Mexico and demanded you support them, while they took your jobs?

          • catalanismo is hatred

            Actually mestizo does not mean inferior, why?? what do you mean? sorry I can not understand your logic. mestizo=inferior?? that tought is so strange and weird.

            I believe in the power of the citizens and I belive that each counrty has the goverment they deserve, so sorry if your elites are plundering and stealing the world YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TOO!!!!!

            It´s a very coward to say I am not responsible!! sorry all of us with our votes, protests or doing nothing are responsible of our representants.

            And you are wrong, USA IS NOT TAKING CARE of Mexicans it is the opposite are those Mexicans living there who with their hands and work are keeping America alive!!!!,

          • sunshine

            Then can you explain your name? I don’t know how it it is relevant to Mexico and would be interested to learn.

          • catalanismo is hatred

            What about my name? In Mexico, Philipines and a lof of countries everybody has name of Spaniard origin, Brazil-Portugal, Chile-Spain, Australia-England, it´s a very easy relation

          • sunshine

            Well I have just never heard of “Catalan” in relation to Mexico. I am aware of the European links to Mexico and Latin America. But I don’t know exactly what “catalanismo” is….can you explain?

          • catalanismo is hatred

            you are talking about my nicKname here, its something not related this topic and not related to your strange and weird believes like the white trash is superior


            ahahahahahahahhahaha HAHAAHAHAHHAAHAH

          • sunshine

            How would I know your real name? And what does it mean?

            You can find trash in every race. That is indisputable. However, the white race has the least amount of trash, the black race the most, and the brown/mestizo is in between. That’s just reality. Cherry-picking examples of white trash doesn’t change that.

          • catalanismo is hatred

            Well, I do not think so, most of Americans are like this, MOST


            The America that Hollywood shows is not real, this is the real America:


            Now I think in the most beautiful woman that America has right now and wow!! she is Kim Kardashian ans she is not white!!

          • sunshine

            How would you know? You don’t live in the US, do you? And obviously beauty is subjective because Kim Kardashian is a straight whore. She got pissed on in a sex tape…but you’re right, she’s not white. But she can’t hold a candle to someone truly beautiful, like Taylor Swift. Or Carrie Underwood. Those are beautiful women.

          • catalanismo is hatred

            yes I have lived, live and will live in the States many months of each year. And I know very well America´s people, women like Swift is not the norm!! and she is a whore too! =)

            Sorry but white race is like all the other races, it is not superior to nobody, ahahahahahaThere´s no superiority on this:

            And you know maybe you are worst, because Mexicans elites are thiefs but your elites are thiefs and mass murderers

          • sunshine

            If we are so awful, then why do you come here? I’ve been to Mexico, it was a shit hole so I’ve never gone back. I certainly wouldn’t live there! If you hate a place, hate the people…why live there at all, especially if you are a citizen of another country?

          • catalanismo is hatred

            You are blind by your fanaticism & racism, you have changed my words and or misunderstand me. Life is full of greys. There are a of things I do not like of Mexico but I love the weather and the people is so familiar, so tender and not warlike people like many Americans. but I do not HATE USA, altough is the main rogue nation there are a lot of think of USA I love and admire,. When I say that America has millions of white trash and that the white race is not better to other races, that it is not hatred , the truth is white race is equal to other races. wthi some speficic pros and cons NO MATTERS HOW MUCH YOU LIE YOURSELF AND HOY MUCH DELIRIUMS YOU HAVE, but sorry, this never means superiority



          • sunshine

            What about those people is “white trash”? The fact that they are holding traditional American musical instruments and some of them have beards? They are neatly dressed, no tattoos, no slack jawed expressions, etc. Why is it that only white people, when they are engaging in their cultural activities, are scorned? Nobody would call blacks wearing African dashikis “black trash” or American Indians in their tribal wear “Indian trash”, so why is the scorn only acceptable for whites?

            My issue here is the double standard. If it is acceptable to call white people “trash”, then ALL races should be criticized with the same impunity. I do admit to being a real-life, unashamed racist but that has nothing to do with anti-white hatred like yours being socially acceptable but any even mild criticism of any other race being outright forbidden.

          • catalanismo is hatred

            I did not invent the term white trash and I googled white trash and the people of the last photo was shown by google. Maybe who did this photo know more about this persons, maybe he/she knows they are bigot, ultra christians (something very common in the most backward Americans), imperialists, racist. lazy, etc. But what I can appreciate in this persons about the photo is that they are very away of the standard of physical beauty; stylish, elegance and trendy and their eyes do not show a lof of intellect. For me they are not superior in any sense , I do not see the superior race you mention, for me they are like most of the human beings. Maybe all this problem is caused by the deliriums of white supremacists that believe that all their people are like Hollywood stars, ahahahhahaah sorry but this persons are the norm of the States, My point is there´s no anykind of superiority, sorry =) HAHAHAHAAHAHA

          • sunshine

            I am not really going to put my trust in what the internet says when it labels people. But that’s just me I guess. Also, Hollywood stars are rarely white, even the ones that appear white are usually Jewish.

            As for superiority, if whites aren’t superior, then why do the whitest people rule the world? Even in places where whitey hasn’t been, the lightest people still rule!

          • catalanismo is hatred

            Yes fortunately, Hollywood is more open mind and have understood that beauty it is not equal to caucasian, and because they want sell their movies around the entire world.

            But there are yet many bigot that still thinks that caucasians are the most beautiful, but they are so beauty like all the other races.I think about Salma Hakey, Sofia Vergara, Eva Longoria,Ricky Martin, Eric Estrada they are hispanic and hot, altough you and Trump hate them. =)

            Have you heard the weather theory?
            Europeans had to emmigrate and colonize and plunder other territories because their land was not big, rich in natural resources and with bad weather. In Mexico the land is so rich that even if you do not harvest, the land by itself produces in winter, in the cold Europe in winter there´s nothing produce by the land, NOTHING

            And the other theory, related with serial killers, almost alll serial killers are white, maybe there´s something predatory in the white pshyche

          • sunshine

            No, Hollywood knows what’s beautiful but they have to push diversity because the nonwhite market is so large now. I don’t “hate” Hispanic people, I think they’re just fine…in their own countries. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I am not attracted to nonwhite people, but that’s just me. None of them are attractive in my opinion.

            I have heard that but they had greenhouses and the like in Europe as far back as the 1500’s. So it can, and does, grow things in winter.

            That serial killer thing is untrue actually. Blacks are by FAR the most predatory race on the planet.

          • catalanismo is hatred

            Fortunately I like men, women and people of all races, each race has special and interesting feautures, I enjoy everything. I am not limited to few things, the only thing that is a great turn off to me are blond men they are so boring and not manly in my opinion

            The point of the weather theory is deeper than greenhouses, it´s about a lack of natural resources a hostile weather that obligate the people to develop a lot of things, to survive, science, technology, industry, even inside this coutnries the fight for the resources was so hard that the development of parlamentarism was necesary. All that it is not need in other countries where the enviroment iis kind. In some way a inferiority complex too is possible. England means narrow land, many people believe that the insane hungry of English to conquest and steal land even today is rooted in the feeling their land is so smal that they need get more land.

            You are wrong, most serial killers are white!!

            And sorry for you but America is not a white nation anymore, America it is too a hispanic, jew and intercutural nation =)

            If you do not want more hispanics stop plunder their resources =)

          • catalanismo is hatred

            Fortunately I like men, women and alL the races, each race has special and interesting feautures, I enjoy everything, I have not limits. The only big turn off to me are blond men, they are boring and not virile for me.

            Exactly!! you are supporting the theory of the weather if Europeans developed greenhouses was not because they were superior, it was because they need it. This theory is deeper than just that. So hostile enviroment obigated the Europeans to develop science, technology, weapons, even parlamentarism because the fight for the resources was so hard!!! Even a complex of inferiority is possible, England means narrow land, so many people think English are so insane hungry to get more lands even today because they feel their land is so small!!

            Sorry most serial killers are white!

            Sorry but America is not anymore a only white nation, altough you hate it is too a black, hispanic and jew and intercultural nation =)

            If you do not want more hispanics in USA STOP PLUNDER THEIR COUNTRIES

          • sunshine

            I’m not in charge of what the elites do. I would be thrilled to practice isolationism and leave the rest of the world to it’s business. And I do hate that the citizens of the US were not consulted on whether or not we wanted to turn into another shitty mud race country. Multiculturalism only breeds misery and everyone will suffer.

            Here’s an article about the serial killer thing:


            Like it says, mostly white serial killers are the ones covered in the media. But I tend to believe that IF there are more white serial killers, it’s a combination of whites being the largest racial group in the US, and the fact that whites are generally smarter and better at planning and execution of those crimes. Kind of like how there’s “more” whites on welfare because there are more whites in general, but blacks are far more likely to be on welfare based on their size of the population. Statistics are a funny thing.

          • catalanismo is hatred

            Well you statements again deny that white race is superior.

            if white race people were superior their elites and Goverment would work for them!! you could control your representants but you can´t

            if white race were smarter and better planning their serial killer were not trapped!!!

            I love to read about serial killers and sorry but there are thousands and thousands of trapped white serial killers!! serial killers of other race are strange, maybe there are not, or they are reallly the ones that are smarter =).

            Something does not match because the proportion of serial killers does not correspond with the percentage of each race. White serial killer outnumber a lot their percetage in the total population

            That a lof of black people are on welfare maybe is not because they are lazy, maybe yes or can be other causes, maybe it is truth that white people discriminate them

            You will have a lot of suffering and frustration in your whole life because USA is a multicultural and multiethnich nation already!!
            You can do nothing!! only exterminate all the non-white

            What I like to read about you is your idea of a America that is not the police and rogue nation of the world!!

          • sunshine

            I don’t suffer and am not frustrated because I do not associate with non-whites. My life is infinitely better because of this simple act that denies me nothing, but brings me immeasurable amounts of happiness. Now, we are finished talking because I have been informed that you are a cuckoo and I am wasting me time, so good day to you!

          • catalanismo is hatred

            bye bye

            I am really sorry for you, because even you do not associate with non-white, around 40% of USA population is not white and all of them are there, very very near of you =) And that is a trend you never will can change =) HAHAHAHA

            Hasta la vista =)

          • sunshine

            Don’t waste your pity…and you don’t know where I live so you have no idea who or what is around me! I don’t have to change it, nature will change it one day. If whites die out, you parasites will die too. Your hatred for whites will destroy you because parasites cannot live without a host. So enjoy it while it lasts! Adios!

          • catalanismo is hatred

            I do not hate white race, but for me is blatant and obvious they has nothing superior, maybe only your megalomaniac delriums

            No matters if you are in part od USA with most whites, the 40% of America is not white and you will die and that will not change, so all your hatred wil consume you!


          • catalanismo is hatred

            hahahah maybe is karma, you exterminate the native americans, you stole this land, you are the illegals inmigrants so maybe nature is adjusting all your abuses

          • Infoczar

            Don’t try to help catalanismo hatred sunshine – if you look at his previous posts you will discover he has a “thing” for (white) comic book characters in the grossest sense. He is unstable and very sick. Don’t believe me? Just check. You are wasting your time and should just make fun of him until he goes away.

          • sunshine

            Thank you for telling me….I really don’t know why I do waste my time with these fools! Haha maybe I’m a fool too. And I will take your word I don’t wanna know what creepy stuff he’s into!!

    • Viva Michael

      Here is a version that does not come from cultural marxists.

    • Bo Wetstone

      beginning with America itself being stolen from the native Indians. America is and always has been a vile greed based ideal
      and it will burn

      • Ocko

        There is evidence that the original america was settled by whites, then the mongols invaded and killed off the whites and or interbred with them. The new recapture of America by whites is simply the payback for the crimes of the mongols.

        • Bo Wetstone

          absolute popycock

          • Ocko

            a very deep argument you have….

          • Bo Wetstone

            I am Lakota/Pawnee. I do not consider myself to be a mongol. If this were true my elders would have spoken of this.

    • catalanismo is hatred


      that many of those countries are poor because USA steals and predates them!!
      The main problem for you is that Trump is a very ignorant clown, and you the
      white trash worship this inept lunatic! =)

      The only thing you will get with this is more
      frustration and more hatred, all your life you will be white trash no matters
      how much you hate and blame Mexicans

      • sunshine

        Even the trashiest white is still head and shoulders above Mexicans. The ONLY successful Mexicans are Criollo, this is a FACT! You simply do not see successful or intelligent Mestizos, Indios or anyone else. The lighter you are, the better and that’s just factual. Sorry you don’t like or approve of reality but it doesn’t change it.

        • catalanismo is hatred

          NO, you are totally wrong. you need travel, know the world, white trash like Honey Boo Boo and all the centerland of the States with people like them are not superior to anybody =)


          THANKS you realy have made laugh a lot

          this are the average Americans:
          you are very drunk if you think this is superioirty HAHAHAHAHAHAAH


          • sunshine

            Those people are obviously wearing a costume. Look at the house they are posing in front of. I am from “white trash” central, Appalachia, and I promise you, the “white trash” that you refer to are not nearly as numerous as you seem to believe, even in an an area supposedly full of them. Although I will admit the most white trash I’ve seen live up North, in places like Ohio, Michigan, Western MD and Pennsylvania. But, once again, they are barely 3% of the population.

            I have traveled many places, actually. Been to Mexico, the UK, Russia, various Eastern European countries, Australia, Japan, and a few places in South America. The whitest people rule ALL over the world. Why do you think that is?

  • M_111

    Four words: wah mother effin wah. Who gives a crap if they protest being kicked out of California? Who is really paying the taxes for it?? Me, you, everyone I work with. They (we) are citizens. Granted, I’m white and some of my coworkers are Hispanic (American by many generations) but they, too, are against illegal immigration. The point is, who gives a shit if you THINK you’re entitled to live here, were you born here legally?? No? you’re illegally here. GTFO. My taxes, insurance, everything has gone up to support a veritable en masse migrations of illegals. I’m sick of it.

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      don’t forget Cesar Chaves & that left-wing walter Mondale were NOT very fond of illegal messicans

    • Bo Wetstone

      ditto that dude
      when the scumbags cross that border they commit a felony- and one felony leads to another when a maggot is already a felon.
      if it’s brown, flush it down

  • Razedbywolvs

    I know a white dude who’s mom was a refugee from Germany and he was born in a military airplane over international waters.
    They have tried to deport him twice. Every time they get to the part of trying to figure out were to deport him to, they give up for a couple of years and try again.
    Some day he is going to get thrown out of an airplain into the ocean.

    • lol

    • Unless he stays out of transoceanic flights, which, judging by their histories, would be a good idea for most of us.

  • SovereignPatriot88

    They want to just give amnesty and citizenship to illegal immigrants without any effort on their part. What about the immigrants who came here and went through the whole process of becoming citizens and did all that work and waited all that time to do it the right way? How will they feel when a bunch of fence jumpers who broke the law become citizens overnight? I know that I would be pissed. Maybe that’s what they are counting on.

    • BigGaySteve

      If they where smart hard working conservatives leftists would have mined the southern border.

    • catalanismo is hatred

      Dear white trash people be realistic, you are not poor, fat, ignorant, and earn low wages
      because Mexicans. Be responsible for your own mistakes and lack of skills

  • HarpDiem

    “But if you start deporting millions of people, it’s going to cause a
    radical shift in the political priorities of many Mexicans that live in
    this country, regardless of their citizenship status. They’re going to
    view it as an act of war on their culture, and they will act

    Political priorities of illegal aliens is of no consequence. The District of Columbia has created this situation to benefit their political priorities which is mainly about making more voters for the democrats and more cheap labor for the republicans. It’s long past time to clean up this mess.

    • Guillotine_ready

      I view the tidal wave of illegal immigration, the rape murder theft and child molestation an act of war.
      Why do americans go into whine and cry mode when they think someone may be pissed off? Ever heard of fight for it or lose it?

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      your 1st paragraph…who cares what illegal messicans think, or do…Most Americans of Mexican decent DO NOT LIKE ILLEGALS…period…Cesar Chaves was NOT Fond of ILLEGAL MESSICANS…evan that left-wing walter Mondale was against them…history

  • Whats your point?

    I don’t see the problem.There’s 300 million weapons in this country,I’m sure if we ask nicely they will go,if not..we show them to the door 🙂

    • PATRIOT.WW48


    • Thank you for demonstrating the same respect for the rule of law that police officers have come to.

      • Whats your point?

        Rule of law?Are you serious?There’s 30 million people here Illegally,Our border’s are a joke,Our Govt. doesn’t believe in laws anymore.The only people that for some reason are suppose to follow the law are American citizens,everyone else is a free for all.So you can save that shit for someone who cares,It’s time to bring rule of law and justice back into the mix,if that means tossing out a few Illegals,So be it 🙂

        • Our government, in case you didn’t get the message in the public fool system, is based on We the People constituting the government. Are you saying that you should be given a pass from exhibiting moral behavior because we have all allowed them to act like criminals?

          • Whats your point?

            My moral behavior?You have to be kidding me?Look around you,the country is falling to piece’s,Our country has no Moral values left because of these Illegals,and Corruption in Govt.I’m Fkn tired of being labeled,and expected to be nice and decent while every low life runs wild because they know we are nice and don’t typically say and do anything.No Mas my friend,It’s time,Quite frankly I can care less about moral behavior anymore,Our enemies have zero morals,therefore it’s impossible to ever overcome unless you adapt,and do what needs to be done to protect yourself,your friends,your neighbors,and way of life.Civil war is coming,obviously you have already chosen a side,and obviously I have also.Good luck

          • “Quite frankly I can care less about moral behavior anymore” is all you had to say. Better hurry back to the cave.

      • BigGaySteve

        Even gays carry guns now because of low IQ 3rd world scum. Look up Pink Pistols.

        • As they should, do they can blow away those who attack them just because they are homosexuals. Gay is happy, queer isn’t always.

          • BigGaySteve

            Its not STR8 white Christians they would be blowing away, even in San Fran with only 5% black guess who commits the majority of all crimes.

          • Do you mean STR8 black Christians? Can’t you spell straight? Or is STR8 like gay, euphemistic?

        • catalanismo is hatred

          No matters
          how much you blame and hate Mexicans, hating and blaming is not the solution,
          solution is get more educaction, develop skills and you will get a job

          Of course
          you are so nazy that you think that you can decide who is American and who is
          not, but America is a democracy, you neo nazis are frustrated fossils thtt
          nothing can do, or you accept tolerance and idverstiy or you must to exterminate
          all of us. The problem is tolerance is something very hard to you

          • sunshine

            Get an education? Perhaps from the same place you went to school? No thanks, I can write legibly. Might want to make sure your comments make sense before you criticize others on their lack of education!

          • BigGaySteve

            I have been a healthcare worker since the 90s. Actually the author of the 14th amendment published in newspapers who wouldn’t be. It took 56 years later for a law to pass that allowed native Americans to be considered US citizens because they where not fully under the jurisdiction. Increasing my education will not stop illegal alien drunk drivers from killing n raping kids.

          • catalanismo is hatred

            Crime existed in America long before illegal
            ninmigrants. Actually the illegal inmigrants keep America working, they do more
            good than bad. Many many business can not pay the current wage, so thanks to
            the illegal inmigrants America works!!! What you do to blame Mexicans and say
            things that they rape our women and bring violence, is TOTAL FALSE, is immoral,
            so low, and very miserable.

          • BigGaySteve

            If amnesty passes whatever work they do will stop. They will collect social security disability for NO SPEAK ENGLISH just like peurto Ricans do

          • catalanismo is hatred

            what´s the problem with no speak English??? I believe in liberty and each person should speak the idiom he/she wants to speak.

            I am gay too, you are a shame for th e homosexuality, we love liberty, you bigot

          • BigGaySteve

            There is no reason for my taxes to go towards Puerto Ricans in Peurto Rico that NO SPEAK ENGLISH, because it is a majority ebonics version of Spanish speaking island. They can do whatever they want as long as I don’t have to pay for it. I am not ashamed to be gay, just of other gays. Check out gaypatriot dot com to see gays that don’t want to have more taken out of their paychecks just because Latrina squatted out 36 crack babies.

          • catalanismo is hatred

            ACTUALLY a lot of Puerto Ricans want the independence of USA, and a lot of hispanic countries want nothing with USA, WELL almost all the world see USA like a rogue nation. USA IS THE IMPERIALIST COUNTRY, you don´t understand your own goverment, you only think that all those that speak English worth something, shame, I feel shame for you. But all you live you will live in a world with billions of people that does not speak Englsh

          • BigGaySteve

            Let them be free of my wallet. Of course we live in a world that everyone doesn’t speak English that’s why americans should learn the languages of those that advance civilization. German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Greek & Latin. Or if you have a job handing out taxpayer paid benefits learn the ebonics version of Spanish.

          • catalanismo is hatred

            Puerto Rico want independence, you are who want hold them. Stop plunder them!!

            about the other things you say =) , HAHAHAHAHAHAHA =)

  • Mike

    No it would not, but even if it did, it is time the INVADERS ARE MADE TO PAY FOR THEIR CRIMES AND MADE TO LEAVE.

    • catalanismo is hatred

      Trump s the idol of the angry, ignorant, fat, ugly, poor, loser white trash

      • Mike

        And you are the epitome of ignorance and stupidity. But then that is all leftist scum.

  • The entire problem could be resolved by ending the unconstitutional entitlement programs, but that would harm way more than 11 million illegal immigrants. That would trash the 40+ million people eating on food stamps, and large numbers living in section 8 housing, not to mention the “differently abled” who are drawing SSDI instead of working for a living. The damage being done by all of this illicit consumption of funds that don’t really exist which are adding to the nation’s debt will eventually have to be resolved by writing off that which cannot be paid.
    If these programs didn’t exist, people wouldn’t be stealing into the country to get on them.

    • The war on poverty has caused more poverty… imagine that.

      • Reverend Draco

        The War on (Non-Corporate) Drugs has caused drugs to become more available & potent while the price has gone down.

        • Yep! If you wish to exacerbate a situation it seems that all you need to do is get the gov to declare war on it.

      • Can you name a war of any kind that has made anything better for anyone except those that profit from it?

    • Discus

      discus – there are really are closer 30 million illegal aliens in this country. II million illegals is more federal government lies

      • Reverend Draco

        The 11 million figure being bandied about. . . that’s just California, where the net loss to the economy runs about $10Bn/yr – $23Bn/yr in public services, welfare, etc. Minus $13Bn/yr in taxes paid by working wets. . .

      • The number of illegals is nothing more than academic. Those who are here to hang on a government teat would get jobs or leave if their teat dried up. Either would be an improvement on keeping the teats wet and adding them as fast as takers appear.

  • Reverend Draco

    Putting an end to “birthright citizenship” would be the easiest – just follow the 14th Amendment as written.

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      10-4 on that, for sure….I remember watching an episode of Rocky & Bullwinkle, they were talking to a Senator and he was talking about closing the citizen loop-hole…this has been talked about for a long time… time to stop talking…

  • huntress

    No, trump would not start a race war, you can thank the ape in the whitehouse who started a race war 7 years ago and continues to “stoke” the fire. RACE WAR LANDS SQUARELY ON DINGLEBARRY.

    • PATRIOT.WW48


  • arahn

    and before G.W. Bush was elected in 2000 he said he would be an isolationist president who would distance us from the UN. LOL, people still believe he was a ‘great’ president — proof how brain damaged most Americans are. I’m proud to say I never voted for him nor the current squatter.

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      that Quisling bush gave us the patriot act…starting the beginning of the end of the Bill of Rights then the MULATTO-MARXIST-MUSLIM put the final nails in the coffin with NDAA…which Col. Allen West voted for. Jesse Jackson was right…”stay out da bushes”

  • Dan Morgan

    We took this country from the previous inhabitants, and the previous inhabitants took it from someone else. And so it has been since the dawn of time.
    The lesson is, don’t lose, you won’t like it.

    • arahn

      I bet the previous inhabitants wished they’d organized a better defense. Don’t make the same mistakes.

  • TeslaN

    Who cares

  • Trump is an Authoritarian who has no chance of being selected in 2016. However, as with all good predictive programming, I believe he’s setting the stage for a future Authoritarian to take control of this country and ‘solve all its problems.’ (Like only a charismatic authoritarian can do.)

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      yep, a lot of parallels to 1930’s Germany

  • Rick E.

    I don’t see how, since Mexicans are NOT a race, they’re an ethnic group/nationality! There are ONLY 3 races: Caucasoid, Negroid, and Mongoloid! PERIOD.
    I wish that uneducated journalists would realize that!

    • BigGaySteve

      Someone should tell every IQ and merit based testing firm, they keep showing Hispanics around 1/2 way between whites and blacks.

  • Army Vet 4444

    This author is wrong on SOOOOO many points. The biggest one, where he sides with the concept that 1/3 of the USA “belongs” to Mexico. IF you ask the LEGAL Mexican immigrants, They are AGAINST “Amnesty” plans, AGAINST the “Dreamers Act”, and AGAINST lax immigration. As for the remaining few Mexicans that honestly believe they “own” 1/3 of the country, then fine, “Come and take it!” Otherwise, shut the F up, sit down, and be quiet. “who” owned what is a debate that belongs with “Who owned slaves”. It’s history. It’s now 2015, and time to accept that. That land is NOT part of Mexico, and I don’t care if your Great Great Grandmother was a slave any longer. *I* did NOT own her, so leave me the F alone.

    And NO I am NOT worried about this plan starting a “race war”. I have serious doubts about how that final step will work, in fact, I’ll go out on a limb and say it WONT work. But right now, it’s just a “thinking out loud” concept. Easy enough to rethink it.

    If we are “voting” on the issues, I vote with the author of “Adios America”, and say we not only get tougher, but revert back to pre-1972 immigration law. Ever since the change in 1972, THAT is when we started actually HAVING immigration problems.

    • They keep mentioning race war because that is what they want, race war is coming form the talmudic media. It is “top-down activism,” the opposite of grass-roots and does not serve the people at all.

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      WELL-F’g-SAID…Not only did we kick the messicans a$$’$ in the WAR…but like the morons we can be…we then paid them for the land…Coulter has it right for-sure…Toby & Willie said it best…”you gotta draw a hard line” Hell, even Cesar Chaves hated illegal messicans….the illegal messicans & the whitey hating ni66ers, & the sodomites ain’t gonna like what happens if they keep pushing

  • Chir

    Why on earth would they want to cede states from the union? If they did that they would lose all the juicy federal entitlements they have been using.

  • Jim

    Its not about race. Its about illegal immigration.

  • marlene

    If so, bring it on. The government has already started one and if more enemies join, so will more citizens. This battle needs to be fought until it’s won because if not, then it’s lost. Additionally, it’s the “last one” of Trump’s outline on deportation that is the more important – NOT more “troubling.” Trump is saying, if this is what the people want, this is what I want. THAT’s what we want.

  • sherri palmer

    Taking their anchors with them” is not problematic unless one is wanting to be PC! Realistically, that has to happen or we will be overwhelmed with their children and then when those children begin to have their own children, no way! No apology or explanation needed! No one complained while the govt let it happen, I don’t listen to those who have broken our laws to get here….where can we go illegally and collect and be a parasite on another country…no where!The reason they always say that they have a right to be here is because they want to continue to live off of us! They have 500,000 babies every year and that doesn’t count the new arrivals, nor does it count twins, triplets, etc. I am glad to hear Trump say they have to take their anchors with them. I don’t think any of them should be allowed to stay in our country because they have already jumped ahead of anyone who could pay their way here and would be self supporting and would not be a criminal! They have used us up and we don’t owe them anything…I would like to see a wall the entire length of our country and no gates, we have people here who would gladly do the work they were doing without the jeopardy of being raped or murdered! They should not be allowed to come back ever. Let people come in from Europe and we still have to get rid of muslims! I think it can be done.

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      Yes it can be, with the will…toby & willie have it right… “you gotta draw a hard line”

  • RockyMtn1776

    It may BUT there will definitely be one without him. The problem is, we have been sold out by politicians in both political parties.

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      “if voting made a difference, they wouldn’t let us do it” Mark Twain…JEFFERSON was right about “THE-TREE-of-LIBERTY”

  • ART


    • BigGaySteve

      The EEOC forces companies to accept questionable documentation, and will go after any company that “profiles”. When companies get a letter from the IRS a year or 3 after hire saying the SSN doesn’t match companies have to ask them to explain which usually has them skip town.

  • Discus

    In the late 80’s early 90’s, where I lived, there there was a large number of Europeans there on investment visas. If one of the visa holders did not renew their visa or had another problem with the INS, I have seen the border patrol walk by 15 illegal mexicans in pursuit of
    the one European.

    The illegal south americans and eastern indians are a protected class in this country. The republicans want the cheap labor and the democrats want the votes. This browning of our culture is not an accident.

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      no it’s not, and it only ends with Blood

  • dubsak20

    Whats Really sad is that messico doesn’t want the garbage either !

  • Janusian Thinking

    there will never be a true race war, most likely a class war, rich vs poor, elite vs working class.

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      those will come after the race war…


    Again the writer of the article has “screwed the pooch” Trump is not talking about legal citizens from other countries. He is referring to illegal INVADERS, FENCE JUMPERS. Read Mexico’s immigration policy You go directly to jail, no if ands or buts. The politician’s in our government have allowed this to go on for years, it gives them the low educated dem o rat voters that they need to keep the party alive or they won’t get votes & they know it. Majority of this country is conservative. Dumb voters here voter all the “blue democrats” out.
    Nothing happens by chance it is all in the plan. If they could disarm us you will see a race war, until then we hold the “Ace in the Hole”
    this is no different then “the black lives matter” movement. if they thought they could win, the firing would have already started. Instead the Chicken Shit activists are picking off a few here & there. These THUGS can’t even shoot straight unless they get you from behind or ambush. A lot of white Americans are well trained in the art of firing & using guns. The Thugs are not & would be easy pickings. I say BRING IT ON & LETS GET IT OUT OF THE WAY. TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK AS THE “DONALD SAYS:
    The first point & click interface was “SMITH & WESSON”

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      WELL PUT…

  • omni

    there will be no race war-just cut the welfare and they will leave

  • Cracker122049

    Its coming Andy and those that want to pretend otherwise are fools!

    • willierkennedy

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    #1: Take away incentives (no freebies) #2: Go after those that hire, rent to, transport them, etc. They will self-deport.

  • raccoon7

    F**K Mexico…deport them all. TRUMP 2016

  • sherri palmer

    Kick their asses out of here and if they want to fight I bet that Americans are more angry than they are!

    • PATRIOT.WW48

      You Got That Right…sherri, but we must include in that A$$ kickin’ the scum politicians that have done this to us…

  • mdogg0724

    I honestly don’t mind LEGAL immigration. But like most Americans, I’m tired of ILLEGAL immigration. Finding a job for MANY Americans have become a daunting and arduous task because so many jobs are occupied by illegals. For them to physically resist if the attempt of deportation is enacted makes one wonder why not just resist in their OWN country against the cartel. So they may be willing to fight back against the American government but they’re too afraid to fight the cartel and improve their own country? I guess they feel as though our government is so ethical that there’s no way they can be as cruel and merciless as the cartel. This nation has been divided and many lives were lost to make our nation into what it is today. They wouldn’t have to try and escape death and persecution if they would just stand up against their threat to make their country a better place to live. Many lives may be lost, but sometimes sacrifices have to be made. Everytime American soldiers go to war, those are self sacrifices being made to maintain our way of life. In regard to the land in America, lands have been conquered ALL throughout history. One kingdom will come in and just take over…that’s life…that’s history. When the land is conquered, new laws are implemented and should be enforced. Hmmm, I wonder what Mexicans would do if Americans entered their country and began taking THEIR jobs, putting them out of work…Hmmm. My point is what’s done is done. This is America now. If they want to make their lives better in their own country, they have to make an effort and fight for it.


    to whom ever wrote this article: as to your RACE WAR…we’ll just keep shooting illegal messicans & whitey hating ni66ers till it’s all over…then give sodomites the choice of Iran or back in the closet…Tired of all the freebies going out & receiving nothing but blame…

    • Reverend Draco

      How did you cram so much ignorance into such a short comment?

      • PATRIOT.WW48

        Hey Reverend…”if the Liberties of the American People are ever Destroyed, they will fall by the Hands of the Clergy” Marquis de Lafayette So stick it where the sun don’t shine, Rev Draco…so what are you Russian or a vampire, or both

        • Reverend Draco

          Either would be superior to you . . . intellectually and morally – especially intellectually.

          Instead of some silly French aristocrat, let’s see what an actual American has to say about this.
          “No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffused and virtue is preserved. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders.” ~ Samuel Adams

          I think he’s saying you need to get an education – I know I am.

          • PATRIOT.WW48

            oooHHH goodie…we can trade quotes…”neither the wisest Constitution not the wisest laws will secure the Liberty & Happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt” Samuel Adams…any time you wish to meet on the field of honor, you let me know… if not shut the hell up

          • Reverend Draco

            How about, you go panhandle an education – you’ve obviously been unable to borrow or steal one yet.

            If you remain a fuckwit after that, make sure that you sharpen your sword.

  • James

    They do need to make unemployment for multi State workers a must with it. Many would start in Texas and work North for the 6 to 9 month a year job field work is. If they could get unemployment in non work season. As is the pickers start in Mexico and move north into Canada with about 30 days a year off. Many illegals in America follow with them. Those jobs would then become American jobs. The money to stay in America.

  • Gearmoe

    No race war. Building a substantial wall will result in many deaths, cartels will be in full force. Parts of border may become war-like.

  • patriotism-matters

    This article is just further proof how many supposed “outside the norm” websites are actually GOP corral the crazies for election time using their standard if you don’t vote GOP than you are voting in a democrat. It’s mind screwing psyops 101.

  • Actually, they’ve been pretty quiet in the media about the number of Mexicans that are going home because the economy has improved in their home area.

  • Dr. Ben Carson would have a hard time forcing all of us to take vaccinations from the VP’s office.

  • varlog

    What a bunch of liberal drivel.

  • BigGaySteve

    “understand how they might respond, you need to recognize some of their political beliefs.” Whitey must pay for me to squat out low IQ babies.

  • BigGaySteve

    All we have to do is stop giving them handouts and take as much money out of remittances as Carlos Slims does.

  • Nick

    Ok? That’s what the US Army, the Marine Corps etc are for, protecting our borders and putting down insurrection. I’m sure there would be no shortage of patriots willing to volunteer to protect their communities as well. I don’t care what these people think. The sovereign territory of the United States isn’t a state of mind, it’s the law of the land. They knew the law when they came here, they knew they were breaking it. I don’t care if they think it doesn’t apply to them, they will find out otherwise shortly.

    That said why is it “progressives” can wail about “race war” and riots when they don’t get their way but when patriots grumble about secession to get away from you progtards it’s worthy of DHS involvement?

  • bilejones

    “With these polls in mind, I think you could surmise that not only do
    millions of Mexicans believe that the Southwest isn’t truly a part of
    the United States, but that it should also be returned to Mexico. How do
    you think these people will react to being deported en masse? We’re
    talking millions of people who have grown up listening “reconquista”

    And that Statement does two things:
    It proves the denial of birthright citizenship argument; they clearly do not consider them selves “Subject o the jurisdiction thereof”
    It clearly proves they are a threat to the nation and must be destroyed or removed, your choice.

  • Viva Michael

    The author has his head stuck up his nether regions. The fact that the Mexicans are a revanchist and irredentist population is one of the biggest reason to remove all 30 million of them from the country. We did not steal the land from them we purchased it from them and they agreed to the sale after losing a war that they started because they thought that the US would be fighting against the British Empire over the northern border. The Mexicans agreed to the sale and signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

    As for the claim that if we don’t bother them, they don’t care very much about these issues of ownership, that is pure bovine excrement. I speak Spanish and I know these people quite well and they care a great deal about their supposed humiliation and displacement. They are violently emotional and quite irrational about it. We are talking about frequently analphabetic and ahistorical people. If there were a race war it would benefit the Anglo-Americans immensely. It would harm the totalitarian Federal government and our enemies.

    The area where the author most has his head up his trasero is his claim as fact that the US government wants us to have a race war. That is a bunch of garbage and is not by any means an established fact and it is not even a reasonable conclusion. Chittum has discussed the mechanisms involved and the government would be the biggest loser of all. I for one am sick and tired of these dishonest acquiescent estrogen males claiming that they know for a fact that the government hopes that we stand up for our rights. Frankly, I suspect that he is a government psyop operative and if he isn’t, he might as well be one. This is more evidence that these supposedly dissident sites are limited hangout psyops to keep the sheep in line.

    Again the author has his head up his trasero and his loyalties are in question.

  • Viva Michael

    PS The author is trying to coerce and scare us into acquiescence. The government does not want a race war and we would not be the losers as he implies. The author is trying to threaten and cow us into submission. Bring it on.

  • Paul nmn

    We have nothing to fear but fear itself.
    We got into this mess because we were afraid the banks would fail.
    We got into this mess because we’re afraid of race War if we challenged Obama’s credentials.
    We got into this mess because we were afraid blah blah blah.
    Look what happens!
    Stand up.
    Pull off the bandaid!

  • Bo Wetstone

    we hope so- thee is a need to cull about 50 million scumbags.

  • Dave Mende

    Why am I paying ten hundred billion dollars for a military that refuses to protect me?

  • AtomicMetroid

    It will be The Walking Dead. I can’t wait!! But the real problem facing America is dual citizens in US congress. If civil war breaks out I bet Mexicans will be running like hell back into Mexico

    • All dual citizens OUT of government/law making positions!

      • aliasooze

        Seems reasonable. You can’t serve 2 masters.

  • mikefromwichita

    Hey, if the Mex illegals want a Race War lets bring it on. There is plenty of vacant land in the southwest to bury them.

  • emmanuelozon

    Who cares what they believe? Throw them all out. The Mexicans, Somalians, Palestinians, Arabs. Throw them ALL out if they came here illegally, or if they overstayed their student visas, or any visa. Throw them ALL out.

    If one actually reads the Fourteenth Amendment one can easily see that “anchor babies” aren’t legal. Throw them and their families out.

  • Badger Badgerism

    I am tired of the browns and blacks threating RACE WAR…bring it on
    nobody can organize and strategize a war like the WHITE MAN
    they will bite off more than they can chew

  • Curmudgeon_49

    A variant of a trick the UK played, in the early 70s, might be a solution. They were being flooded by Asians, particularly from Uganda, who had British passports. They created a law that said passports do not guarantee residency rights. I met a few younger native Brits at university, who, when their passport expired, had to establish residency rights. That would work for the anchor babies.
    Trump is too mainstream to go after revoking citizenship retroactively.

  • catalanismo is hatred

    Trump is a product to calm the angry, poor, fat, ignorant white trash!!

  • catalanismo is hatred

    Crime existed in America long before illegal
    ninmigrants. Actually the illegal inmigrants keep America working, they do more
    good than bad. Many many business can not pay the current wage, so thanks to
    the illegal inmigrants America works!!! What you do to blame Mexicans and say
    things that they rape our women and bring violence, is TOTAL FALSE, is immoral,
    so low, and very miserable.

    • Ocko

      Then send them to Mexico to work there for the US for much less. would be nice.

      also would keep all the crimes out of the US. Whites have a very low crimerate, Mex ones are pretty high. Just look at their country. How money murders do they have and how murderer white people have.

      We don’t need them, they need us. Thats their problem. Left alone they will sink into extreme poverty, using donkeys for agriculture.

      • catalanismo is hatred

        Actually America needs Mexicans a lof of business will be broken without the cheap and hardworking Mexicans. The white trash is lazy, fat and greedy

        About the violence I remember you that many of the violence in Mexico is created by the US Goverment, you know they love to creat conflict everywhere,


        • sunshine

          No, that’s bullshit. AMERICAN TAXPAYERS foot the bill for those “hardworking Mexicans”, because the corporations that hire them don’t have to pay living wages to illegal, de facto slaves. They aren’t going to live on sunshine and good wishes, they have to make up the difference somewhere and it comes out of “white trash” pockets.

          You wouldn’t sit there and allow millions of people to profit off of your work, your paycheck, your country’s tax dollars, without a peep of protest, so who the hell are you to demand that Americans do so? If you love the illegals so much, then YOU take them into your country! If you are Spanish (as I suspect from your name), then they’d be a lot better off within the borders of the country that started it all, don’t you think?

          • catalanismo is hatred

            I am not Spaniard, but you know Spaniards are so hot and sexy that it would be a dream if I would live in Spain.

            that many of those countries are poor because USA steals and predates them!!

            If USA do not plunder all this nations the people of this nations won´t emmigrate to the States

  • xyz234

    So, what are you going to do about these creepy critters? This article seems to recommend letting the influx continue, until Mexican illegals reach critical mass, have the votes to win a succession eferendum, and take a huge swath of American territory and hand it back to Mexico.

    What this article is saying is something we have heard before: “peace in our time.” Bite the bullet, do something about them NOW while you still have a chance of winning the fight.

    • aliasooze

      The plan is to make Mexico, Canada and the US all one big super state. They’ll call it “The North American Union.”
      It used to be just a “conspiracy theory” but now it’s went mainstream.

  • aliasooze

    This is smoke and mirrors. There isn’t going to be a race war except maybe for the idiots that the media have convinced that there will be one.
    Trump pretended to run in 2008 and 2012 I bet he’s really serious about running this time. LMAO. This is theatre…and if they can get people riled up and threatening violence on the internet…they’ll have their next terrorist won’t they?
    Your vote doesn’t matter. SEE: LBJ Box 13, Watch Voter Fraud The Big Fix 2000 by Daniel Hopsicker.
    The elites are playing the divide and rule game that they’ve been playing for thousands of years.

    • Thank you for having a brain.

      • aliasooze

        Thanks. I’ve been watching some Eustace Mullins videos. I don’t know how I missed this guy…
        See on YouTube:
        Eustace Mullins – The New World Order (Full Length)
        It should lead you to the rest.

        • Great! Thanks!

          • aliasooze

            Eustace Mullins – Conspiracy Con 2002
            Another Must Watch.

          • I am downloading them as you suggest them, lol. I went into your profile and grabbed the 4hour one you talked about also. Thank you!! You are one of the rare, truly awake ones.

          • aliasooze

            No thank you. It’s nice to know that someone listens once in a while. I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. I just try to point to educational materials. Knowledge is power or so I’ve heard.

  • Well, then, let’s have a war and get it over with.

  • carnac123

    The onslaught of mestizos from Mexico is not immigration; it is an invasion. The state of Mexico is directly involved in perpetuating this movement. They print maps about trails and water stops etc. for their people to enter the US illegally. They are doing two things. They are getting rid of their excess population because they cannot find jobs for them anyway; and they are sending Spanish speakers into an area that they consider to be their own. Mexico is still reminding their own people that they once owned the American southwest so they are slowly repatriating it by invasion. What a bunch of fools our politicians are? We should be deporting these illegals by the ton. The favorite refrain coming from people like LaRaza and others in relation to the deportation goes like this: “you are going to uproot and deport the babies also”. Are we supposed to be moved by that? The invaders did that to their own children. THey knew their would be a reckoning one day but they kept having illegal children in someone else’s country. Yes….deport the babies with the parents. Get rid of them all. It can be done by cracking down on illegals and those who HIRE THEM. No job, no help, and no money,…they will leave.

  • Curtis Brown

    It’s about godamn time we go to war with Mexico anyway. They invade our country they bring in drugs and gang violence they are taking our money and bringing it to mexico. They sh## on our country. Its time we drop a few bombs and throw some bullets I will gladly join the effort. To stop the Mexican plague on USA no more extortion no more disrespect. Its way past time to solve the problem with politics. I’ve never seen any politician actually solve a real world problem.

  • michaelsanchez

    You make valid points but this article can certainly stand to be cleaned up. “These people”? “The illegals”? “Mexicans” in the context of American policy? It sounds pretty bad, and was obviously written by a white person. The whole la raza thing is pretty dead save for some trailer park cholos. We aren’t “Mexicans”. Though some are, the people you’re talking about who were polled are AMERICANS. Mexican is a nationality. My mother is from Mexico; I was born in Los Angeles. I am not Mexican. Hispanic, Latino, Chicano, whatever. Those are appropriate ethnic terms. The only people who are Mexican are Mexican nationals.

  • Not a single powerful nation in the history of earth came to be without violence! There was the Roman Empire which killed many in places of their original homelands and took over. Later there was the Holy Spanish Empire that was getting support from Rome & later a small Island nation that came to be through Kings through much violence had a Queen named Elizabeth 1. She felt she had no choice for her safety other than to have Mary of Scots sentenced to death. That Holy Spanish Empire, strongest nation on earth then felt it had justified war against England & so war came. England with help of the weather, destroyed the coming Spanish & then came the Golden Age for England which lead to England becoming the UK taking land after land around the world & becoming the most powerful nation on earth. Even today, UK owns more territory than any nation. The States came to be from killing Indians on their homeland & later when Mexico actually owned land nearly to Canada including the entire State of California came the war with Mexico where soon after the very men who fought in that were fighting against each other in the American Civil War.

    Unfortunately things like nations come to be from violence but the States is a powerful nation so if Mexico and every nation in the Americans ganged up on it, they would all lose. Mexico knows this so what some might be doing is trying to get in to just keep populating until they own it again. Thankfully, they never owned anything in Eastern US or far North where I am now. I’m in a place that even if Civil War came, I’d be safe as would all in this Town.