Would Society Be Better Off If There Were No Police?

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The role of law enforcement used to be pretty clearly understood from the perspective of the public they were entrusted to protect, the criminals who tried to hide from them and the public servants themselves. Growing up, police officers were admired and respected and could more or less be counted on in times of danger. It was common advice given out to children not too long ago if they were lost to “find a police officer”. The understanding was that a police officer would know what to do and take care of you or the situation in some way appropriate to the time. Not that they were baby sitters, but that these officers held a trust with the public that was based on mutual respect, the responsibility of their job and to some extent, dependence on one another for a peaceful coexistence.

Flash forward to today and the smiling, benevolent (to those who were innocent) peace officer is long gone. You are more likely to see a person dressed in military gear, steroids coursing through their veins, shaved head and barking orders than you are to see a smiling face if you have trouble. Why do I have this opinion of law enforcement now? Maybe it is the culmination of too many stories of abuse, of too many videos of misconduct by these same police officers who were supposed to serve and protect. Now, a law enforcement officer isn’t someone to trust or turn to if you are threatened. More often a law enforcement officer is someone to watch carefully or else you could be tasered, beaten to death , strangled until you pass out, or they could wind up practicing their boxing moves on you.

How did we come to this point?

Do we really need police that beat children with clubs?

Do we really need police that beat children with clubs?

Some may say I am generalizing in a way that misses out on all the good things that police officers do. You might say that I am only focusing on a few bad apples and this could hurt the overall image of police who really are trying to maintain that trust that we depended on not too long ago. My argument to that point is that it isn’t me smashing people’s faces in. It isn’t anyone I know that can get away with beating up a senior citizen for jaywalking, or stealing their moneykicking them in the head while they are hand-cuffed or killing them in some instances. It is these bad apples supposedly that are giving our police and sheriff departments a bad name and I think that the blame has to fall squarely at their feet. If the police are really good, then these bad apples should have been dealt with and the problems should be going away, not getting worse, right?

I discussed the militarization of our police forces in a few articles on the Prepper Journal. Most recently it was in conjunction with the government giving away military MRAP vehicles to police forces and my opinion that militarization of police is a dangerous slope. They aren’t the military and they aren’t supposed to be viewing us as the enemy. You take all the examples of abuses of power, militarization and a prevailing attitude by a growing number that regular civilians are there to be brutalized by police if they have a bad day and I wonder if we wouldn’t be better off without them. Would we as a society be in a better place with no police and we had to depend on ourselves and our neighbors for security?

According to an article on NPR, an Oregon town had to step in and become their own police due to budget cut-backs. The reason why this volunteer force formed has nothing apparently to do with any abuse, but the very fact that the jobs that police had been doing are now being taken care of by regular civilians could be a sign of what may be possible in other locations.

In the small town of Merlin, members of the North Valley Community Watch Responder Team sit in a classroom in a civic building. At the whiteboard is Ken Selig, a 33-year veteran of the sheriff’s department. Faced with being laid off, he retired.

Today, he’s preparing the volunteers for a training exercise. They’re practicing how to search a building where an intruder may be hiding.

When it’s time for the drill, team members cautiously maneuver down the hallway, searching room by room with unloaded guns drawn.

“Neighborhood watch!” they shout. “Police are on their way! Show us your hands!”

Selig says the cutbacks left a vacuum. Soon, he and other concerned neighbors formed the community watch.

“So we started to train,” Selig says. “I used the same lesson plans, the same things that when I taught at the academy.”

The group began taking those lessons into the community, something that made a difference to resident Jeff Bailey. Awhile back, Bailey noticed a tarp hiding something way back on a neighbor’s forested land.

“We didn’t know if it was a stolen car being hidden,” Bailey says. “We didn’t know if it was somebody living up there, maybe somebody cooking drugs.”

The sheriff’s department was contacted but didn’t respond, so residents called the Community Watch Responder Team. Members confronted the squatters, advised them that they were trespassing, and they left.

Do we really need to pay people to beat us up?

The people in this town are in a sense acting out of need. They have no money for additional police officers so volunteers have taken the responsibility into their own hands; in this case, with training from retired police. What is missing here? I will be honest and say that these civilians could suffer from a lack of training. Just like full-time police, they could make bad judgment choices and you could have the same type of bad apple that needs to abuse people to feel superior. Could these volunteers beat you up just as easily as the cops in the examples above? Yes, but I don’t think it would happen.


Sitting peacefully? How about some peeper spray in your face?

I believe that police officers today have a sense of entitlement, just like so many in our society. They feel that their badge entitles them to a higher level of respect than a regular citizen even though police are regular citizens too. I think that they look down on the people they are supposed to work for. Instead of restraint, I think they are trained to control the situation with force as the first line of response and that these police officers are also trained that it is better to shoot someone “for their own safety” than it is to take the time to figure out what is going on first.

The bottom line is that anytime you put someone in authority, it takes a responsible and mature person to wield that authority in a way that is going to reflect well on themselves and their position. When you have the responsibility to carry a gun and a taser combined with the legal authority to shoot and detain anyone, you must be held to a much higher standard. We have too many police officers who for a number of reasons aren’t able to do their jobs without resorting to abuse and violence. The result from these increasingly frequent actions is a society that trusts the people who are supposed to be bastions of honor less, and fears them as ruthless gangs with the blessing of the state more. These police are the new thugs of society.

If we were more responsible for taking care of ourselves I think this could have the dual benefit of making the people of society act nicer to one another and need police officers less. Should we go back to the Wild West days and handle everything with a gun fight? No. But, I don’t think we need police busting down doors, punching women in the face and threatening to kill the citizens they have sworn to protect either. It is just that the culture is so much more disrespectful now you say. Again, that isn’t any excuse to submit to this type of abuse from authority. I would rather get in a fight with my neighbor than have a police officer punch me for jaywalking. Maybe if my neighbor and I shared responsibility to make sure our neighborhood was safe, we would get along better.

What does any of this have to do with Prepping?

I have said before that prepping is a lifestyle that people choose to live. This lifestyle is evidenced by taking steps to protect your family from any number of threats out there. Some people are preparing for natural disasters. Others are preparing for government tyranny or an economic collapse. Still others are prepping for a pandemic outbreak. All of these situations have the potential for extreme circumstances. In some of these extreme circumstances we have seen in the past, police curtail civil liberties and the worst examples of this would be martial law. In any situation, if the people who are supposed to maintain law and order are no worse than the gangs you might face in their absence what would you do?

It may be in our future that we get a chance to see how this works. If our economy collapses as some fear there will be more police layoffs. In Detroit a city that is already beyond broken, the police chief knows that an armed responsible citizenry is more valuable (and more realistic) than a ton of police officers. Chief James Craig said “Arm yourselves, and criminals will think twice about attacking you.” Could this apply to you in your neighborhood one day? Will we see a time when we are responsible for taking care of our family’s and our neighborhoods because the police simply can’t or we as a society get so fed up we say enough. Will we all be better off (not considering the emergency) without the police?

What do you think?

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  • slobotnavich

    There is no doubt whatever that America’s Swinest are totally out of control. In terms of sheer numbers the US has the highest ratio of armed police to mundanes (1:300) of any nation in the world. Judging from appearances, the cops are also the most prolific steroid abusers in the world. They’re absurdly over-armed as well, looking more like combat infantrymen than law enforcement officers. One would think that the average pickpocket, mugger, speeder, or shoplifter is packing an AK-47 and at least a dozen thirty-round magazines. For the most part they appear to be just a bunch of Delta Force or Force Recon wannabees, but without the balls, stamina, or intelligence to the real thing.

  • Roscoe

    There is absolutely NOTHING they do, that WE can`t do for OURSELVES. NOTHING!!!! When they forget they are the servant and they don`t uphold their OATH ??? Then they have NO REASON what so ever to exist.

    • Thomas Parker

      What about your homebound mother? Does she need to provide her own defense? You people need to think things through. OK, I know thinking is not something you people like to do.

      • JdL

        What about your homebound mother? Does she need to provide her own defense?

        Of course she does. What’s she going to do when a criminal thug breaks through her door, call the police? When seconds count, cops are only minutes away. Get your mom a gun and teach her how to use it!

        • A nice short barreled semi-auto .410 and a backup .380

      • Cracker122049

        Yon mean like the old lady the pigs tackled and body slammed in Katrina?Or maybe the ones marched out of their homes at gun point in the Boston cluster phuque where 9000 armed invaders took over a city looking for 2 punks?

  • Justin OB

    The fact that they dont allow people with high i.q.’s to be cops is telling. You must be smart enough to take orders but too dumb to question some of these ridiculous laws they enforce. Same thing happened to me when I was 16. I got jumped by some black guys (im white) and the cops were giving me the 3rd degree while i was getting my face stitched up in the ER. They were asking me if i was a crip. I had a mohawk a pair of boardshorts flip flops and a tank top on. No im not a fucking crip you dipshits im a skinny white surfer kid. wtf

  • Kountry Bumpkin

    I think their motives are power and control, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, they have the same mentality as a rapist, rapist don’t rape for sex, you can get sex anywhere, rapist rape because they get an euphoric high off of the power they exercise over and take from their victim and the control they have over them. Power is very seductive and it takes a special even humble person not to be seduced by it. What we currently have in the US is a domestic military force, they are not police officers or even cops, those are long gone. I think there is a need for police officers, the kind I grew up with, but I think the first step to achieving that again would be to rein in this current military force and limit its power and control over the citizenry, the second thing would be to use the principles of a republic established by the founding fathers and hold any cop that doesn’t obey or brakes the law accountable, that’s what we were supposed to be, a nation governed by laws that applied fairly and equally to each citizen regardless of that citizens station in life.

    • Cracker122049

      If only that was really the way is was. We see what wishing for hope and change actually brings,more tyranny!

  • JdL

    It’s certainly true that today’s cops don’t have a monopoly on pig-headed thugishness, but I think it’s also undeniably true that they have gotten significantly worse over the past few decades.

  • Cracker122049

    Anyone that even entertains the thought that this can be corrected by non violent means is delusional and can’t see the forest for the trees!

  • okok

    there was a time when we had no police in
    america, there were constables, sheriffs, coroners, people who were ELECTED and if they didn’t behave they were thrown out. oh yea we also didn’t have titles of nobilty…yes, YOUR HONOR, may i grovel at your feet, Please! 13th Amendment-the first one! America, its over you can’t handle the (whole) truth!

    • Original 13th still in effect, even New Hampshire passed a bill ( probably with BAR members involved ) officially recognizing it.
      policy enforcers are completely unneeded and a complete waste of labor/cash of the American sheeple

  • Thomas Parker

    You guys remind me of some of the Black Panthers I knew back in my Weathermen days. Those cats seriously hated cops! One of their coolest tricks was to call in a crime report to a place with a good field of fire. When the pigs showed up-barbecue!

  • tayronachan

    “departments are controlled by the Mayors through a Politically appointed Chief” I have never liked the idea of politically appointed police chiefs. That is something that never reflects the will of the people.

    I think you are right, it doesn’t look like voting, protests, strikes, or calling our representatives is going to change anything. Those things won’t keep us from going to war with nations that never attacked us, end foreign aid to corrupt governments, control our spending and balance our budget, put corrupt Wall Street bankers in jail, bring our manufacturing base home, or solve any of the many problems we have in this nation today. More and more, it looks like Congress is only out to look after the big moneyed interests. More and more we look like an oligarchy. Having lived in oligarchies in South America, I can tell you…I hate oligarchies.

  • I just read the Civil War was the federal ‘govt’ attacking the States , they wanted the land of the South for crops, the North was mostly industrialized.
    The united States had ended when the South walked out of Congress .

    Sound plausible?

    • Thomas Parker

      No. The war was about ending slavery. Next question.

  • Arizona

    COME ON,the police gangs could go door to door and beat and MURDER anyone they wanted,and politically correct americans would find a reason to justifie it, so they wouldn’t have to get off the couch and do anything,THE WHOLE country is going into SLAVERY and your going to lose EVERYTHING you own,THE RUSSIANS and CHINESE aren’t here to help do anything,THEIR here to loot the country and they will…..unaposed,…….you women should be scared to death,your going to be taken back home and used how every they want……….