World’s # 1 Podcaster Adam Carolla “Doesn’t Care” About NSA Crimes: Here’s Why He Should

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[Warning: Some foul language.]

Adam Carolla is a talented, driven guy. He’s a family man who enjoys racing and collecting expensive cars. He also has the world’s #1 podcast. With nearly 60 million individual podcast downloads from 2009 – 2011, The Adam Carolla Show officially captured the title of the “World’s #1 Podcast”, a title it holds to this day. Given his vast audience and his regular appearances on shows like Fox News “The O’Reilly Factor’, Carolla’s voice yields some power in the court of public opinion. Which is what makes the June 7th, 2013 broadcast of the Adam Carolla Show particularly noteworthy. During the news segment of the show, while talking about the revelations of NSA crimes against the American people, Adam came to a quick shocking conclusion, “I don’t care.” Guests Seth Rogan and Adam Goldberg along with daily contributor Alison Rosen quickly agreed.

But this story isn’t really about Adam Carolla. We’re just using his take on the NSA’s vast crimes to paint a much bigger picture. This is the story is about an American public at large who for the most part feels the same way as Adam does. They DON’T CARE.

Here’s WHY they SHOULD care.

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  • Andy

    MSM stooge.These are the Hollywood types that are on Boobama’s side and follow his agenda.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  • RickE.

    This imbecile isn’t surprising in his deliberate choice to remain clueless.

    Most folks I’ve talked to don’t care either, especially the young crowd.
    As long as they have their smart phones, internet, TV, and occasional sex…they care about little else.

    What ignorant fools!

  • GrandpaSpeaks

    It is getting very late for freedom so does a long run of freedom eventually breed apathy? Apparently it has for Carolla. He does not respect freedom and doesn’t care. As such the tree and the torch of freedom wither and die a little more. Crunchy and dark. A perfect atmosphere for media entertainment. A better indicator is the continued availability of this website and others like it. I use them as one beacon for freedom now. There are a few other beacons I use but the list is getting shorter, quickly.

  • Heimdall

    Oh good! Another useful idiot! Useful idiots like this should keep their dirty traitorous mouths shut! It’s too bad that this Ellis Island wonder’s ancestors were allowed to bring third world fascist and organized crime ideology here to undermine our country! What a scumbag traitor!

    It is all or nothing. You cannot fix 1,000 problems, each of which will destroy our country, by complaining, protesting, or voting alone.

    What’s wrong (in a nutshell the governments have said that they rule over us, that we have no rights except those that they care to give us, they have proven that they have usurped God’s role by deciding that we do not have God-given rights, and that they can do whatever they want no matter how outrageous, and so far they have gotten away with it and remain unpunished and at large):

    1. The collapse of the American economy and infrastructure due to corrupt “elites” (those who rise mostly due to immoral or illegal activity), violation of SEC laws resulting in destruction of the middle and lower classes.
    2. The purposeful destruction of the moral values and structure of American society
    3. A war on whites
    4. A war on heterosexuals with a war on biological gender as meaningful, promotion of chaos
    5. A war on men gender roles
    6. Corporatism
    7. Globalism forced on the American people
    8. Supreme court attacks on Liberty and Americans
    9. Deliberate poisoning of Americans and geoengineering without permission through chemtrails
    10. The anthropogenic global warming scam to kill off a significant portion of the world population through energy and food scarcity induced by carbon reducing schemes (climate change is heliocentric, sun-centered)
    11. Foreign wars without declaration of war by congress and brought about through fraud, lies.
    12. False flag enabled and patsy terror, FBI, Mossad, CIA, and individuals causing terror attacks on the American people by using Jihadists the seize power
    13. Massive vote fraud
    14. Supreme court orders to essentially allow any foreigner who manages to get his sneaky a** into the country illegally to vote, usurpation of state voting laws by supreme traitors
    15. Supreme court usurpation of the judgement of what government (themselves) is allowed or not allowed under the constitution, the supreme court was not allowed to do this originally, it is a conflict of interest, the dirty traitors would recuse themselves if they had any integrity at all, and they have none.
    16. A pervasive lack of integrity in all branches and bureaus of government, massive organized crime in the USA goverments (national, state, county, city)
    17. The usurpation of posts and responsibilities originally occupied by elected officials answerable to the people, examples are police usurpation of the role of the sheriff’s department and the militia, city manager usurpation of the role of the elected mayor (city managers are almost universally imposing Agenda 21 draconian mandates and other draconian collectivist and criminal measures on unwilling subjects who used to be free citizens)
    18. The elite’s war on the American people through enabling an invasion of hostile foreigners who also drive down the standard of living through lower wages (massive influx of labor equals high supply of labor equals low cost of labor and also displacement, or eventual genocide of the American citizens). These foreigners are revanchists (they seek revenge for misconstrued so called offenses) and they are irredentists (they seek to reconquer territory that they think was stolen from them. I did post a link here to an article that showed that the Mexican-American War was anything but a theft of land and that the Americans were in the right.). The elitists also make war on us by importing Muslims who they know wish to force us to accept Muslim ways (a fundamental foundation of the religion itself, not, as liars and criminals will tell you, only the ideology of the extremist, it is at the very heart of the cult itself). Strangely, black Americans who are hurt most by this invasion, support those behind it for various illogical emotional reasons. Blacks tolerate Obama and others leftist’s support for their destruction.
    19. The organized criminals are getting away with massive war-crimes and crimes against humanity
    20. The organized criminals are getting away with massive fraud.
    21. The organized criminals smuggle drugs while simultaneously waging a false “war on drugs” which has no purpose other than to make the drug trade very lucrative and the traders very powerful and to increase the organized criminals’ police powers and further attack our God-given rights
    22. All American wars further elitist drug profits, seize drug growing and production assets, and occur along smuggling routes.
    23. The corporate media are a cartel, 5 major corporations own most of the meda outlets at all levels, last I heard. Four companies control most of the advertising. The corporate media whore traitor criminal scum are destroying our country.
    24. Zionist highjacking of American foreign and domestic policy. Promotion of attacks on Christians and whites.
    25. AIPAC needs to be required to register as what it is, a lobbying group for a foreign (hostile in this case) foreign nation.
    26. All ties to Israel need to be cut before they completely destroy our country.
    27. Dual citizenship, dual loyalties.
    28. The UN
    29. The seizure of power and genocidal schemes of the Malthusians.
    30. The seizure and monopoly on advanced technologies by military and intelligence thugs.
    And on and on.

    Please contribute your own ideas. What is wrong with our country? What is wrong with the UK? Australia, New Zealand, Canada? Scandinavia, Germany?

    • Heimdall

      PS A message for this dirty little traitor organized criminal piece of caca:

      You do not get to decide that government can take away the rights of other people, you dirty little fascist yes-man!

      • Heimdall

        Or maybe you are a communist, you sound like one.

  • Heimdall

    Here we have another mortal who has such delusions of grandeur that he presumes to decide which rights that God gave us will be allowed. Therefore this little man is sacrilegious and doing evil work.

    Little man, this is not a democracy, not even a majority vote entitles the theft of our God-given, constitutionally protected rights.

    Get out and take your anti-God mafia with you!

  • laura m.

    He is stuck in stupid like most American’s, many who are college grads with high IQ’s but no common sense. Most parents are total failures, sending kids to gov schools so they won’t care much about anything. Ditto for church leaders, civic and business leaders and loser politicians who all tow the line to political correctness. Most patriot well informed people who are close or in retirement have given up on the country that I personally know, and tossed books, dvd’s, binders, etc int he trash since Obummer took office in Jan.

  • Heimdall

    An Ellis Island Wonder is someone who came here (or who’s ancestors came here) from a place with deplorable conditions and who should therefore know that the greatest thing about the United States is the constitutional guarantee of our God-given rights and who instead promotes fascism or communism, attacks on our God-given rights. In a constitutional republic even a majority vote cannot deny God-given constitutionally protected rights. Individuals also do not get to deny God-given, constitutionally protected rights.

  • Heimdall

    With all due respect, I remain unconvinced of his high IQ.

    • Heimdall

      Or perhaps he has a high IQ and zero integrity.

  • Heimdall

    To reiterate: The “court of public opinion” should have no bearing here whatsoever. This is not mob rule, it is a constitutional republic and others, even all of them, have no right to take your God-given, constitutionally protected rights away from you. Not even the ones with a big pod-cast audience and a lot of race cars.

  • Heimdall

    I have clarified the meaning of my Ellis Island Wonders statement. I stated that Ellis Island immigrants & their descendents especially should know the folly of supporting either fascism or communism because of collectivist attacks on, and incompatibility with, our God-given constitutionally protected rights. They have no excuses for ignorance or lapses of integrity.

    A further statement on immigration is in order. Many libertarians support open borders. The libertarian open border policy is in conflict with other libertarian doctrine. The libertarians, as I understand it, support the doctrine that you are entitled to the fruit of your own labors and furthermore that you are entitled to pass on the wealth that you have accumulated from the fruit of your own labors to your progeny.

    THEREFORE, accepting these premises, the citizens of the United States of America have always been entitled to control their own borders and limit immigration, for the USA is the fruit of their labors and that of their ancestors. This is not to mention the fact that many of our ancestors fought for this country’s independence from the British crown.

    The elitists have no right to force any unwanted invaders upon the American People. If they do so, they should be accountable for their crimes.

  • mijj

    I love my sparkly NSA chokechain!

  • ENFP

    He thinks this is about not wanting our private conversation recorded! Can’t people see beyond their noses. This is about having blackmail information on every judge, congressman and decision-maker in America and beyond to enforce the police state Amerika has become!