“World War III Has Begun” — Paul Craig Roberts

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The Third World War is currently being fought. How long before it moves into its hot stage?

Washington is currently conducting economic and propaganda warfare against four members of the five bloc group of countries known as BRICS—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Brazil and South Africa are being destabilized with fabricated political scandals. Both countries are rife with Washington-financed politicians and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Washington concocts a scandal, sends its political agents into action demanding action against the government and its NGOs into the streets in protests.

Washington tried this against China with the orchestrated Hong Kong “student protest.” Washington hoped that the protest would spread into China, but the scheme failed. Washington tried this against Russia with the orchestrated protests against Putin’s reelection and failed again.

To destablilze Russia, Washington needs a firmer hold inside Russia. In order to gain a firmer hold, Washington worked with the New York mega-banks and the Saudis to drive down the oil price from over $100 per barrel to $30. This has put pressure on Russian finances and the ruble. In response to Russia’s budgetary needs, Washington’s allies inside Russia are pushing President Putin to privatize important Russian economic sectors in order to raise foreign capital to cover the budget deficit and support the ruble. If Putin gives in, important Russian assets will move from Russian control to Washington’s control.

In my opinion, those who are pushing privatization are either traitors or completely stupid. Whichever it is, they are a danger to Russia’s independence.

Eric Draitser provides some details of Washington’s assault on Russia

of Washington’s attack on South Africa

and of Washington’s attack on Brazil.

For my column on Washington’s attack on Latin American independence, see this.

As I have often pointed out, the neoconservatives have been driven insane by their arrogance and hubris. In their pursuit of American hegemony over the world, they have cast aside all caution in their determination to destabilize Russia and China.

By implementing neoliberal economic policies urged on them by their economists trained in the Western neoliberal tradition, the Russian and Chinese governments are setting themselves up for Washington. By swallowing the “globalism” line, using the US dollar, participating in the Western payments system, opening themselves to destabilization by foreign capital inflows and outflows, hosting American banks, and permitting foreign ownership, the Russian and Chinese governments have made themselves ripe for destabilization.

If Russia and China do not disengage from the Western system and exile their neoliberal economists, they will have to go to war in order to defend their sovereignty.

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Contributed by Paul Craig Roberts of Institute for Political Economy.

About Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Visit his web site at the Institute for Political Economy.

This article has been posted with permission from Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

Copyright Paul Craig Roberts 2015.

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  • It is a shame that The Daily Sheeple has become another me-too aggregator and advertising vehicle instead of following its claimed purpose.


    PCR says Washington’s hubris..I believe he left out Israel, England, the nuclear cartel and that ilk.

  • Frank

    Wasn’t the BRICS alliance formed to do, essentially, the opposite? To move away from the US Dollar and thereby destroy the USD’s dominance in world finance as the world’s standard Reserve Currency? What the author, Paul Craig Roberts, is saying in this article is the opposite of just about every other editorial comment or fact on these inter-related subjects. Saudi Arabia flooded the oil market with Supply in order to depress the price of oil and drive out competition, they just happened to do it at an inopportune time – when the economy continued to struggle instead of rebound like the Washington “its all sunshine and unicorns” crowd keeps repeating. The only collusion with Washington is in trying to keep the truth about their support of global terrorism from getting out. Russia’s problems with their own tanking economy is representative of the world economy being in a continuing slump and the fall of the Ruble is just another by-product. China has created a huge false economy and over-inflated their real value in order to create value, but that plan is falling apart as it is being revealed as a huge lie. The People’s Republic of China is nothing but a corrupt thief and a liar, stealing what they need or want from other countries and lying about their true strengths and value. What are the Chinese “elites” doing? They’re buying foreign real estate, businesses, and gold with their “legitimate” wealth before it all implodes.
    Paul Craig Roberts can suck it.

    • shadowsofiga

      You are 100% correct Frank. The BRICS alliance was formed to counter the Khazarian Mafia’s stranglehold on the world’s economies via their USD hegemoney (pun intended). Gold-backed currencies trump paper-fiat-helicopter-spewing currencies everytime. The only question now is will we have a hyper-inflationary or hyper-deflationary event when the defecation finally hits the ventilation (or helicopter blades).

      • Heather Gonzales

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      • Heather Gonzales

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    • They, the BRICS, are dumping the US debt notes they have collected, which isn’t stupid. Personally, I believe Saudi is just about done, oil and position; the US has used them up! But the US petrodollar is also gasping for breath. Unfortunately, the Federal Reserve Banking system isn’t ours and it produces nothing but debt, so basically, Washinton DC has, in effect, created what nobody really wants. The BRICS are only attempting to stay alive and get out from under the thumb of Uncle Sam’s misguided policy of global domination.

      I know that sounds like crap, but I’m not against the US. That’s where I’m from and I served just like a great many others have, but to deny what is before our faces would be insane. And you are correct, all of these nations, China, Russia and the US, to name three, are struggling for their position within a corrupted world-wide system of abuse.

  • pharmerdave

    Paul Craig Roberts is a globalist shill, as this article above proves once again. I communicated with him once many years ago, and he tried to con me into thinking the US Treasury and Federal Reserve are NOT controlled by international bankers living outside the USA (House of Rothschild and associates), which demonstrates who he really works for – the same cabal as Alexander Hamilton, PCR’s hero who was the ‘handler’ of George Washington (richest man in the country at the time) for them. Paul Craig Roberts pretends like governments are independent, and not controlled by the same globalist cabal (“evil entity” I call it), but we know better. The same international globalist cabal financed and armed all sides in every war for the last 200+ years (House of Rothschild and associates). All governments are controlled by the same secret cabal that uses its control of money to control EVERYTHING. The BRICS alliance was created to play against the US/UK/EU/NATO alliance, to offer the world a currency to compete/replace the petro-dollar. BRICS will create a gold-backed currency to compete with the fiat-dollar, but we know who owns and controls the gold. BRICS is controlled by the same evil cabal as all the other countries, but shills like Paul Craig Roberts are used to make BRICS look like the ‘good guys’ vs the US/UK/NATO ‘bad guys’. I’ll be interested to see if they will allow this comment to be posted here. They may be an aggregator of other people’s work here, but that does’t make the Daily Sheeple useless IF they post interesting articles, and allow ALL dissenting opinions to be expressed without censoring anything. “Ken” at the below link can explain this stuff better than me – he is very insightful. Please give us some feedback here if anybody has something to add…?


  • extractr

    How much of this article is writer bias?

  • Tabbytha

    BRICS is just a shift of power from the west to the east… the elites will still be in full control, they will just favor the east more because it suits their agenda. BRICS is just another version of the IMF. They aren’t really changing anything.

    BRICS… like bricks. Another brick in the wall? Another step in the pyramid?

  • bsroon

    Well, the zionist banking cartels (that control washington – think rothschild etc) prevented the allies from making peace when Germany pushed for talks in 1916 or so. The Banksters promised they’d get the US involved to break the tie. Then the Allies could divide the German colonies and economy.
    The German economy was totally devastated – and we all know how it took a WHEELBARROW of MILLION mark notes to buy a loaf of bread. That was the direct result of the Versaillles treaty – written by zionist banksters.

    So – Hitler took Germany from the worst economy in Europe to the strongest economy in Europe WITHOUT debt, and without the “help” of the zionist bankers and their control of the gold. They got rid of the Rothschilds – even put one in jail for a little while i think. So –

    The Germans divorced from the zionist banking structure and set the mark as their currency – and credited a mark’s worth of work (think an hour) with a mark’s worth of pay. This rebooted their economy in four years – WELL before the militarization of Germany – which is the claim of the zionist “history”.

    The reason Hitler etc wanted the Jews out of Germany was because as Lord Balfour stated in his Balfour Declaration – the Jewish people always controlled the economies of the countries that they lived in. They ALWAYS damaged those countries. Balfour hoped that giving the Jews their own nation in Palestine (stealing land occupied by Palestinians, in the dying Ottoman Empire, stolen by the dying Brit empire…) that perhaps they would chill out.

    Well – the banksters are worse than ever.

    • bsroon

      So Russia could do something parallel to how Hitler and the Germans threw off the international bankers manacles and chains. So could China.