World Health Organization Warns Of Drug Resistant ‘Global’ Flu

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H1N1 Swine flu is thought to have killed 200,000 people globally and Australian experts are concerned that the disease now has much more potent pandemic potential than it had before.

Tamiflu (oseltamivir) is now powerless against the strain  H1N1pdm09 that has been found in people in the community rather than sick patients with serious underlying conditions and weak immune systems. Zanamivir (Relenza) still has some effect but it is not widely held in stock in the community or in hospitals.

Lead investigator Dr Aeron Hurt, from the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Influenza in Melbourne, said:

“The greatest concern is that these resistant viruses could spread globally, similar to that seen in 2008 when the former seasonal H1N1 virus developed oseltamivir (Tamiflu) resistance and spread worldwide in less than 12 months.”

The new strain is emerging in people who have never been treated with Tamiflu, suggesting it is very good at spreading person to person taking its resistant properties with it.

Usually Tamiflu resistance occurs when of people have been given the drug to treat their symptoms. There are real concerns that it could go global and with Relenza not being available in large quantities it’s anyones guess what the outcome would be.

Just weeks before the flu seasons starts in the southern hemisphere, new Australian research reveals one in five cases of swine flu in one area in 2011 were resistant to the antiviral medicine.

Dr Aeron Hurt from the World Health Organisation collaborating centre for flu research in Melbourne, says the bug appears more prone than other types of flu to developing drug resistance.

And he warns access to anti-viral treatments may have to be restricted to limit further resistance developing.

“In most flu viruses, the changes that make the virus resistant to treatment also make it less likely to spread to others. With swine flu, this has not happened and the virus remains fit enough to spread to others” Dr Hurt said.

Research on patients in Newcastle NSW in 2011 found just one person in the area had used Tamiflu but the resistant form of the virus spread to 20 per cent of all those who developed swine flu in that region. Dr Hurt continued:

“Widespread transmission of a fit resistant strain is of significant public health concern.The development of resistance to these drugs reduces the options for treating seriously ill patients,”

The only way to combat the growth of drug resistant strain of the virus is to save medicines for the most needy cases he said, stressing that he is not qualified to say who should get access to the medicine.

Research on the 2009 swine flu outbreak found pregnant women children aged under 5, those aged over 65 and those with significant illnesses are most at risk from swine flu. Early flu activity in Queensland this year has shown swine flu is the predominant strain. The flu season in Australia runs from May to October.

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  • ANTI-vaccines

    If this is true, youcan bet that it is WHO, with the help of some other “depopulation groups”, that this strain was simply modified to resist ALL and any treatment. They have been working on a vaccine to kill off the people and have been testing their deadly poisons in Africa, and we have hard of all of the horrific outcomes they have endured, deaths, paralysis, and more….these were their test vaccines used on 3rd world country citizens who cannot defend themsleves, nor have the education to understand these liars! Ihave said for years that WHO, CDC and others were PURPOSELY focusing on a deadly distribution of a disease or illness to kill off the pop. and this could be it! Either way this strain and many others WERE CREATED BY WHO AND CDC and other psychotic affiliates! Just like the bird flu, this did not come from the birds like they said, they were the one’s to spread it around the world and WE KNOW IT!!! They are working on many ways to introduce these dealy strains to the world, and that is what we are seeing!

  • C

    The last “global flu pandemic” 2 yrs ago was manmade and “broke out” in several places in the world simultaneously. It was determined to be labratory made and deliberately spread. And a company just happened to have a global supply of the correct vaccine for it! It takes 12-18 months for them to identify and isolate the correct virus and then make a globla supply, according to the CDC. So this was just a money making opportunity that was staged! That vaccine company applied and recieved their FDA permit prior to the ” virgin outbreak” in Mexico.

  • C

    Use extreme caution with the over the counter anti-virals. They have been shown to induce sudden ( less than 8 hours after taking it)suicidal urges in some individuals who have never had those problems. Those who live alone should not use it.

  • Locus

    Whoa, we’re not talking about a vaccine here but the language makes it seem so…

    There might be a ruse in progress. This alert is neither a declaration of a raging pandemic, nor is it applicable to the entire H1N1 family. At issue is a particular strain’s resistance to neuraminidase inhibitors (eg Tamiflu, Zanamivir).

    Does this cause doctors to lose sleep? Not that I can see.

    There have been concerns raised whether these drugs are “powerless” against flu in general in that their effectiveness never exceeds 62%, gives only a short reduction in duration of illness, and does not really reduce lower respiratory tract complications. Or unless taken immediately after exposure, not much of anything.

    So besides just alerting, what purpose might this alert serve? To introduce the idea of restrictions to the use of these drugs, which would naturally lead to decreased production — to trigger a short term stockpile demand? And distract from the growing debate of their effectiveness?


  • ozspeaksup

    Locus has it neatly summed up, the drugs were duds. and the stated death toll is UNsupported in fact, just like the Guess of 38k per yr? usa normal cold/flu deaths are.
    best guess fron actuaries, is NOT fact.
    global travel is THE single biggest pandemic risk.

  • bo jangles

    Up until lately I kind of thought the people claiming that the chemtrail spraying was being used to introduce virus’s into the population were kind of ‘out there’. But the more I look at this I can think of no better way to spread a virus and cause it to be a ‘global epidemic’ than by releasing it high in the sky and letting it find it’s way to the ground. They could be adding anything to the mixture being sprayed over our heads. I wish it were not true but the world is absolutely under assault from the spray going on world wide. I didn’t want to believe it could be real but when you look at the evidence it can not be denied. Just look up! Do those big fat lines in the sky look normal to you? Notice how they hang there and merge into fake crappy clouds after awhile and then do you notice how your weather takes a turn for the wet in a day or two? It is an all out assault on life on the planet and it is a war that we are losing at the moment.