World Health Organization Admits it Fears Ebola Could Go Global

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Freetown, the capital city of Sierra Leone has seen its first case of Ebola. An Egyptian had traveled to Freetown from Kenema when he became ill and sought treatment. It is thought, but not as yet confirmed that he made the 190 mile trip on public transport.

 “The Ebola disease usually spreads to other places when suspected or confirmed cases in one community move to another, they abandon treatment centers to stay with relatives or they seek treatment outside the Ebola centers,” Said Sidie Yahya Tunis, director of Information, Communications and Technology at the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health. (source)

888 people have contracted the disease since February and 539 people have so far died. An emergency meeting in Ghana earlier this month discussed not only how to halt the current outbreak of Ebola, but how the disease could be prevented from escaping West Africa and spreading to other parts of the world. No firm tactics for tackling the issue have so far been made public.

With 44 new cases and 21 deaths in a 48 hour period, and no travel bans in place to and from the affected areas, they need to think and think fast of how to deal with the current outbreak. If nothing is done the odds are that Ebola cases will start occurring in other parts of the world.

With an incubation time of between 2 and 21 days , though most commonly 4-9 days, the disease could be in any community on the planet for a considerable time before anyone realizes it’s there.  Although widely said not to be airborne at this point airborne spread did occur in 1992:

Ebola-Reston appeared in a primate research facility in Virginia, where it may have been transmitted from monkey to monkey through the air.

While all Ebola virus species have displayed the ability to spread through airborne particles under research conditions, this type of spread has not been documented among humans in real-world settings. (source)

The fact that there was no direct contact between the primates seems to support the fact that Ebola-Reston at least is able to spread through the air.

The Ebola virus is between 800nm-100nm (nanometers) in size. In real terms this means between 1000 and 1250 Ebola virus particles can fit on an averaged sized pin head. Only between one and ten of them needs to get inside you to give you Ebola.

Ebola can be passed on via ANY bodily fluids including sweat. With the summer upon us the chances of an epidemic increases exponentially. Ebola can enter the body via the mucous membranes, that is the lining of the mouth and genitals, the inside of the nose, the eyes and the inside of the lips and mouth. It can be passed on by any type of bodily fluids getting into a cut, graze or scratch, however minor.

From PHAC:

It is an elongated filamentous molecule, which can vary between 800 – 1000 nm in length…

1 – 10 aerosolized organisms are sufficient to cause infection in humans.

The virus can survive in liquid or dried material for a number of days (23). Infectivity is found to be stable at room temperature or at 4°C for several days, and indefinitely stable at -70°C (620). Infectivity can be preserved by lyophilisation.

Think how many people you come into contact with in any three week period. Think of what you do, where you go in that 21 days. tracing contacts would be a logistical nightmare, and would in reality, be an almost impossible task. Even taking the mean average of 4-9 days for incubation tracing ALL contacts could prove extremely difficult, particularly if you are trying to trace the contacts of dozens of people at the same time.

If this outbreak is not contained it’s not a matter of if it goes global, it’s a matter of when.

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    There’s almost a 100% guarantee deadly Ebola not counting all the other goody diseases will go global. Eugenics is the idea. Combine deadly Ebola with plague, leprosy, tuberculosis, scabies, swine flu etc. Besides the bedroom where else will people make physical contact spreading these diseases better than one could in football via body contact. If you think jock itch was a big problem in the locker room that was just the warm up when these other diseases come into the picture. Now throw in the 100,000 capacity football stadiums with crows sneezing, coughing, and yelling into each other ears just to hear over the stadium noise and we have a pandemic capable of wiping out most of the U.S. population. Then the 2014 election could be canceled using the excuse to prevent people from being in close quarters and spreading the disease further.

  • Shari Peterson

    The CDC doesn’t fear it goes global, they hope it does. They control disease not prevent it.

  • crazy2medic

    No quarantine or travel restrictions? Seems TPTB wants a body count, this would produce a huge body count without wasting ammuntion, now take into account the incubation period along with the hundreds streaming across the Mexican border, and then the Government shipping the vectors all over the United States and guess what, yup PANDEMIC! You can eliminate the unwashed masses without ever being blamed for the handy work!

    Air Borne Ebola, it’s called the Slate Wiper for a reason!

  • Joseph Lizak

    CDC: So just one Ebola virus getting inside you could cause you to get the disease. And a thousand viruses can fit on a head of a pin. Questions anyone? Yes Mr. President do you have a question?

    O’bama: Yes I have a question. If a gerbil is infected with Ebola and I were to stick it up my ass, like we do on Friday night swinger parties, will I get Ebola?

    CDC: Next question.

    • Daytona Matt

      To quote the late & great Peter Lorre; “oh you, you dirty old man”! Comedy of Terrors. O looks like a gerbil!

  • Elizabeth Brasile

    We are long overdue (every 100 years) but I suspect this is one of those times where they want it to happen and our by know means going to stop anything even though they beg you to get flu shots now which is truly a joke…

  • jadan

    It is certainly a forbidden thrill to think about pandemics. What befuddles me is why we haven’t had one? Not even a serious flu outbreak. Humans have been roaming over the globe for several generations now. Plants, animals, insects, bacteria, and viruses are intermingling from everywhere. Giant boa constrictors swallow alligators in Florida, African honey bees sting humans and animals to death in Texas, kudzu spreads relentlessly over the south, West Nile virus is just about everywhere mosquitoes are, yet, here we are, our numbers swelling and closing in on 8 billions globally. Look at China & India: hot, crowded, stinky places, water not fit to drink, air not suitable for breathing. And yet, no pandemics. You’d think everyone in Beijing would have lung cancer or compromised immune systems. Background radiation has increased from a few parts per billion to over 30 since Fukushima, and yet on we go with some divine dispensation, it seems. Puzzling!

  • sharpstuff

    Sorry to disappoint the cretinati but there is no forensic evidence that viruses exist, so one should look elsewhere for reliable data.

    And before you mark this comment down, perhaps you should get a little data about basic biology and physiology.

    Germ theory was stolen from elsewhere by the chemist Louis Pasteur, who knew little or nothing about biological systems. If Nature did ‘create’ germs, none of us would be here!

    ‘There are no specific diseases, only specific conditions.’ Florence Nightingale.
    ‘The medical profession has done such a good job, there are fewer healthy people.’ Aldous Huxley.

    • Lou

      Yes germ theory is a fraud.

      However that does not mean Ebola does not exist as a pathogen of SOME sort. IMO Ebola ls most likely like AIDS a bio-weapon. We know how to put up a STRONG defense against “viruses” whatever they may be. It is easy to do so. IMO we had best learn how to do this because SOME pandemic is coming and it will likely be viral and hemorrhagic (for shock effect).