Woman With 15 Kids: “Somebody needs to be held accountable, and they need to pay.”

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Angel Adams, mother of 15 children (12 who live with her) with three different fathers, is living in a single room motel after having been evicted from her home for failure to pay. Local social services groups have reportedly attempted to provide her with assistance, but Adams tells a different story, claiming that once her fiance (father of 10 of the children) was arrested, everything went downhill, leaving her with no way to pay for food or shelter. Now, she’s taking aim – she’s not sure at who – but someone needs to take responsibility:

Somebody needs to pay for all my children and my – for all my suffering. Somebody needs to be held accountable, and they need to pay.

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  • Alex Arnau

    Yeah, someone needs to pay, because this ignorant piece of shit couldn’t keep her legs closed long enough to get her fucking tubes tied. Typical ghetto garbage; it’s everyone’s fault but their own. Baby daddy in jail? Not their fault. Too many kids to feed? Not their fault. Just do what the rest of your homies do, stupid: get on welfare, get food stamps, apply for Section 8, and live off of sweat of hard working people. Disgusting.

    • Linda

      I couldn’t agree more!!! People like this have that “entitlement mentality” and think it’s up to the taxpayers to give them a free ride.
      I think welfare moms should only get aid for the first child. Once may be a mistake, but after that, they’re on their own!
      Plus, I think they should have to do some type of work to get a check if they’re able bodied. Even if it’s raking leaves or picking up trash on the highway.

      • Pat


      • guest

        WELL said and all of it 100% true. We’ve all seen them in Walmart- with their 4 kids and pregnant with another. Makes you want to PUKE on them.
        I have only two- would of loved two more but I CANNOT afford it. Yeah, imagine that- I take responsibility for what I can or cannot afford. These people are so stupid the gorilla in the zoo is smarter than they are!

    • tia

      I agree the bitch needs 2 close her legs but don’t try 2 Stereotype the rest of the black single moms because of her u make your self look just as ignorant …..

      • Keeping it real

        Linda din’t say anything about black mother. She said,”People like this have that “entitlement mentality” and think it’s up to the taxpayers to give them a free ride.
        I think welfare moms should only get aid for the first child. Once may be a mistake, but after that, they’re on their own!
        I agree with this. If you have one child ok that is hard and you should get some help. If you or any Mother keeps having unprotected sex and essentially become breeders for a welfare check,Kids for dollars you are a poor excuse for a mother and no assistance should be given. I am so tired of people having kids they can’t take care of and then all our tax dollars have to go to help them. If they could only get help with one child it might change the thought process of having more kids then a person or person’s can care for!!!

    • Pat

      The really sad part about this idiot having 15 kids is that they are going to be exactly like her. She is stupid and expects us to pay for it. How about someone give her a job and she pays for her own kids or get one of the father’s (if they are not in jail) to get a job and pay for food!!

  • Meish

    Um, the TANF (which replaced Welfare back in 1997) only covers two children period. In addition, it has a lifetime benefits limit of FOUR years TOTAL. Nothing more…

    And who watches the kids while they pick up the trash or rake the leaves? Someone still has to pay for that and TANF doesn’t begin to cover the average day care fees.

    • Valorius

      Why should TANF cover those fees?

      Don’t make babies if you can’t pay for them. It’s really quite simple.

    • Pat

      That is her problem. Maybe she should have stopped having babies at 2 kids.

  • “Someone needs to pay for this revolving door I call a vagina!” A society who caters to people like here has no chance.

  • anita

    15 kids, and someone has to pay, haven’t the tax payers been paying already. I understand needing help when you loose your job but when your fiance who has fathered 10 of your 15 kids gets arrested is not everyone else’s fault, it is the adults fault. 15 kids what was she thinking in the first place and then to demand help…And she claims suffering ??? Suffering is when you have no home at all due to being laid or even worse having an incurable disease now that is SUFFERING..The title saying someone needs to pay for “all: my children. Honey I have 4 kids which me and my husband ( ex and current) raised them during all the rough patches, and not demanded someone to help us. This self entitlement is really getting to me BIG time..

    • jenjen

      Good for you Anita! These Hos could learn a thing or two from you! If you choose to have children they are YOUR responsibility. Not everyone elses. What about the other fathers? No accountability at all. Take her kids and throw her out on the street.

  • terry

    This is our bigest problem , we allow people to sit on welfare and collect a check . they are allowed to get a bigger check for every kid they have and so thats what they do . its sad for the kids , they have no options they have to live like this. hate to say it but they will be better off if they were split up and the mom learned what it was like to have a full time job. like the tax payers that have been supporting her lazy ass !

  • Trebuchet

    There was a comedy made by the Wyans Brothers called Don’t Mess With Tha Hood” about two characters on a typical weekend in South Central. Everytime something bad happened they would look at each other wide eyed and say in unison, “It was tha white man” and the camera would pan over to a white guy in a suit and horned rimmed glass smiling. It’s a funny take on the mythology that passes for truth in the Hood and it’s a funny movie. Unfortunately, many young black people have been taught that then have been kept down and somone owes them. Those that have pointed out the falseness of this myth have suffered, Bill Cosby and Hermain Cain are two of the best and most recent examples. Men like this are a threat to Al and Jessie and they race pimping shake down machine.

  • Pale Horse

    A 25c bullet would take care of a lot of tax payers problems.

  • Mike Kraski

    So very sad. The children shouldn’t be punished for the mother’s actions. She is a product of the deplorable treatment of people on welfare. She deserves more from each of us. Obviously, she is poor and ignorant. This is why the top one percent should pay additional taxes to prevent this from happening again. Please reach down deep and think of the children.

    • Peggy

      You are the one is sad. You are so stupid you are sad. And keep on and on reaching down while she has a free ride with her 15 kids, which could reach 25 by the time she reaches menopause. She needs to be sterilized and made to work 8 hours a day while others like her are made to babysit her kids. That is an answer. Don’t keep on making it easy for her to perpetuate this kind of behavior. get real

    • Kathy

      Mike Kraski….. give me a break! She deserves more??? You say she is ignorant. I disagree. She is scamming the system quite well and someone who is ignorant cannot get away with that. While I do not agree with Pale Horse and the bullet reference, I do think the children would be better off in foster care. This “caring” mother did not attempt to see her children for 10 months when she lost custody before. Let the children be ADOPTED by caring, respectful people who know how to take care of children. Get them out of the baby-making machines care or each child will repeat the mistakes of his/her mother and father!

  • Tomorrow’s reality

    This country is turning into a disgusting sesspool of lazy, fat, ignorant people who leech of the working mans sweat and blood. Get a job, loose some weight, stop pumping out little half breeds cause we are all out if money and can’t support your fat low life smelly ass anymore

    • You have no clue

      What you call “half breeds”, are the only human beings that will make the racist ignorant ass people like yourself extinct! Not every black person is un-educated and ignorant like this woman is. And not every white person is as educated and intelligent as you think. Turn off your tunnel vision and open your eyes, ignorance does not make the world go around. Her ignorance of having 15 kids is no better than your ignorant name calling and racist thinking!!!!!!! All people of all colors are human beings, some are just dumber than others(that is where you fall) Have a wonderful 2013 and I hope you don’t need a lazy, fat, ignorant half breed to save your ass because they are your public servant, I would not pee on your ass if it was on fire! 🙂

      • kmc

        As much as I agree with what you said and find the other comment beyond rude, they didn’t bring up race. You did.
        A color of a person’s skin doesn’t determine one’s intelligence level, at all. What it does is give you an indicator of one’s background/heritage, just the same as an accent does. And, you aren’t always going to be right, there is always an exception to the rule. Not all stereotypes are negative.
        There’s so much race sensitivity with this woman. I’m not looking at her and seeing the color of her skin. I’m looking at her and thinking, “bitch, hold yourself accountable.” Why is race always brought up when the person is black? If she were Caucasian, the color of her skin wouldn’t have even been mentioned.
        As far as the half breeds comment is concerned, I’m pretty sure it had little to do with them being black and more to them being breed like animals in quantity. Either way, I would agree with its ignorance.

    • Virgo

      This country started off of “lazy, ignorant people who leeched of the working [slaves’] sweat and blood” same story different actors. 🙂

      • dknobby40

        Virgo, it’s very obvious that you have no idea what the people were like that started this country. And as far as the slaves are concerned, as bad as that was, they were sold by there own groups and villages in Africa. Please do your homework next time before you say things that are just plain one sided and ignorant. Besides, this useless woman and her ability to churn out babies for money and not pay for a damned thing has nothing to do with slavery or the start of our country.

  • Homey D Clown

    I know an old lady who lived in a shoe ……..

  • Annonymous

    It is coming across from some people that there is some hatred towards the children. How can anyone give bad vibes towards the children, its the mother and father that have done wrong. The children are innocent and have just as much right to be here as any other human being on the planet, they all have worth and with the right upbringing could have the best chance in life, that the parents have not provided!
    I cant abide people saying bad things about children and if any of them read this I hope they know that there are people out there that care about them!! I wish i could help them, they didnt deserve that life style, poor children!! I hope they learn to reach their potential. At least they have each other to get them through what only looks like a loveless up bringing!

    I just feel really sorry for them, very sad situation!

    • guest

      then why don’t you send a check and pay to get them all in a good place???

  • Stan D’Mann

    Children should be taken from her and raised by RESPONSIBLE parents, so they don’t become ghetto trash like their mother!!

    Stupid bitch can’ keep her legs closed-it’s her own problem.

  • mike

    They need to do some work on welfare. If you keep poping kids like candy and asking for people to pay they need to tie them tubes so she cant produce. If she wants money then stop poping. I wish i had a vagina. Seems like an easy way of cash flow. Kinda like a slot machine or wait it is a slot machine. You get money out everytime you hit the jackpot if you on welfare of course. I am self employed so i cant get more money if i was to have one and be pregnant. And if i worked for a company i wouldnt get a raise because i popped out a child. But if your on welfare you pop a child and they hand you more money. Whats wrong here. I understand taking care of the children but theres a point when you stop taking care of one persons children and the number is way less then 10. If you have too many children then you lose some if you cannot afford to take care of them and get charged with child neglect. Period. This fine citizen of the great united states needs to step up shut up and get a job get a life get the dad to own up shut up and pay up. Not me. I dont pay my taxes to pay for lazy fucks like this. There has to be something wrong with people to want someone to pay for there messups. Not me and not any of the other tax payers either.

  • mike

    And its idiots like Mike Kraski that are part of the issue. Along with the occupy movement that want the 99% to pay for them 1% occupy idiots that just want to sit and occupy moms basement till there 40. And think we should pay for the ignorant.

  • mike

    Look the vain billionaires out there- spending cash on yatch’s, charter planes, throwing money off their balconies like Russian Facebook billionaire. Why can’t someone come up with $2,000- a month for her to survive. She is a good catholic and can not practice birth control.Don’t curse this good lady- it is not her fault.

    • Whale fair state

      @mike, face palm….good catholic wouldnt bring more mouths into this world knowing that they would suffer and not be taken care of…there is a special place for people like that I have more symphathy for tick at least they pop when they are full.

      • Clydene

        I disagree!!!! Most 3rd world countries are Catholic. Visit one some time and realized that the Catholic Church encourages them to pop out kids. Most yearn for seven children which is the average family size in these countries and they can’t afford to feed one child, let alone any more. They rummage through garbage dumps for food. And, the Church does not change their stance even after seeing the results of their populate the world scenario. Good or bad Catholics should do something about this, for sure as the Church enslaves them to poverty.

        • Lemmings

          How original, blame the Catholic Church. The church encourages the family planning method, the one where the husband and wife work together to abstain from sex during ovulation. It’s actually quite effective when done properly, just look at the numbers.

          • guest

            YES AND AMEN! The Catholic church has NOTHING to do with the way this women lives her life, that’s for sure!

    • jean

      Why is the answer always get it from the rich. Why should they take care of her 15 children? She’s an ignorant, entitlement bitch. If she had any sense at all she would have had her tubes tied when she had 2 children. Why should the rich and taxpayers pay to support her children? I certainly don’t want the kids to be without food/clothing/shelter. Adopt them out to someone who will take care of them, she is incapable of doing anything but popping babies out.

      • Diane

        Jean you idiot! The rich take it from the taxpayers
        as well! Or don’t you recall the Bush Bailouts!
        It was out and out theft from our leaders to their friends.
        We in the middle are being robbed by the rich with their phoney wars and bail outs. And lets not forget Corporate welfare.
        You are another dumb ass helping the rich while they could care less for your welfare stupid.
        And no I don’t agree with this baby maker at all.

    • Pat

      Are you serious. First of all rich people work for what they have and don’t need to give it to anyone. Second, she got herself in this situation and it’s not our problem. If she asked for help and was willing to work to support her kids maybe someone would be willing to help her but to EXPECT us to pay for her stupidity is typical of someone who has been getting hand outs her intire life, why should she work, the tax payers will pay for her. Unbelievable!

    • Niecy

      @Mike, Most of the “vain” billionaires out there went to school for a very long time in which they had to pay for, not welfare. They have worked their asses off to have what they have. I am a middle class worker and def do have to work my ass off to get what I have so why would either of us, help out this baby maker who obviously is looking for a ride??? She is ridiculous. This is NOT a racial thing. If it were a white woman, I would drill her ass too..probably harder!!!

  • sue

    The Catholic church does not encourage people to have children. What they do encourage is to utilize sex for procreation and not for recreation and to use it in a loving, married-only dynamic. That is why birth control is considered unacceptable in the church. Whether or not you agree with this way of thinking, the idea is to exercise self-control and be willing to accept and nurture the children you help to create. Most Americans don’t understand or practice this, let alone third-world inhabitants. This woman’s behavior is beyond abominable and in no way is a reflection of the teachings of the church. To say the church is responsible is uninformed and ridiculous.

  • I am tired of hearing about how it is always the children. The bible says the children are responsible for the mistakes of their parents. In plain english who has 15 kids anymore. The only good reason is for a farm or family business. How many of the kids will end up model citizens? No matter how much is wasted on remedial and other services, lots end up in prison. You are already being raised in an immoral, non work ethic environment.

  • royalbug

    send them all back to africa! Oh I’m sorry that is a terrible thing for me to say. After all we have the civil rights act, affrimative action, and now an african pres.. america is africa now. maybe it’s me that needs to leave! good bye. to hell with america (africa).

    • guest

      If only we could!

  • royalbug

    long live Jeff Davis

    • Wasnt it his idea to have slaves fight on the sothern
      The civil war was fought because the south wanted to send their cotton to Europe instead of the north. Follow the money trail in everything.

      • sally

        oh stop bringing up the civil war era- it’s 2013 for Gods sake!!!!!! Stop making excuses with the past.

  • Locus

    Well, the fathers of the children need to pay. And *if* it turns out the father-of-10 was arrested on some simple drug possession charge but was otherwise responsible and able to provide — as have been many people I have known who were screwed by the system thus — then that says more about the injustice of drug laws than anything else.

    Sorry to interrupt the Orwellian Ten Minutes Of Hate that seems to be going on here.

  • sally

    PATHETIC!!!! We need to force these UNEDUCATED entitled minded losers, who SUCK off our governments tit and steals money out of hard working peoples pockets- to be sterilized!!! SHE has no business having these so called gifts from God. Those kids are innocent victims and it just plain sucks. When are these black women gonna wake up and stop expecting others to take care of THEIR children???? Nothing but a whore who can’t keep her legs closed NOR take birth control that Planned Parenthood would give her for FREE!! NO she can’t even take the pill everyday-

    • Natalie

      Why make it racial. It is not just black women. If you look at any low income community whether, hispanic, black or the white trailer park, the birth rate of the singel uneducated is very high. It is the lack of education and economics but not race. I have 2 friends who both grew up with single Italian mothers. These girls grew up poor and to moms who were on welfare and had no desire to get off. The mothers were both very codependent on the men in their lives.

  • guest

    GHETTO trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MANY organizations- funded from the government and paid for by ME would gladly FUND your TUBAL!! You lazy piece of crap can’t even go in and get sterilized. PLUS your 3 piece of crap male parteners could not even handle getting a vasectomy!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is it always the poor low lives that can’t get sterilized???????

  • guest


    STERILIZE HER PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • guest


  • guest

    PLEASE all the JUVENILE kids that come in- give them a vasectomy!!!!!!!!!! These black boys go out and pregnate as many women as they can. Since it is against their MANHOOD to use a comdom- snip them so we do not have to continue to read these kinds of stories!!!!!!!!!!!

  • guest

    UN f-believable. What did I just watch?? The white lawyer for her- how can he do it??? What she needs is REALITY- tough love so to say. Stop tip toeing around this game player and tell her like it is. If she wants help she gets clipped- period!!
    She thinks she is SO smart and knows the system. WE should tell her what’s going to happen. Her rights should be taken away for sure. A-1 loser and so is her sister and family. Nothing better to do than screw around. How many years has she NOT been pregnant in the last 15 years??? PATHETIC!!!

  • guest

    are you telling me not one nurse or doctor at the hospital told her after her 5th child, maybe you should have a tubal- then you can have all the sex you want and not have another child????????????? Where does the responsibility lie when it comes to poor uneducated women??

    • Niecy

      I am a nurse and believe me we do tell these woman that. Most either don’t believe in birth control or tubaligations or plain just don’t listen because they are looking for a ride. I have been told by more than three woman and boyfriends of the woman that why get the procedure done when “they” (gov’t) will take care of them. So yeah we do try to educate them.

  • A. Nonny Mouse

    Talk about enforcing “Negative racial stereotypes”!
    She has 15 kids. She expects someone else to pay for them. She has gone as far as to say “Somebody needs to pay for my children…” (Yeah, you!) “..Somebody needs to be held accountable..” (Again, you!) Enforcing the stereotype that they breed like rats, enforcing the stereotype that they expect someone else to just hand them money, and that they have no sense of responsibility. This is just fuckin disgusting. Baby-daddy in jail, hmm, I wonder why… Welfare baby-mama just keeps popping them out. They took them away from her, she will just go get pregnant again and pop another one out, because that’s how she gets her welfare. She had her rent paid by an agency, did they pay the landlord, or pay her directly? Because she got evicted for not paying rent. Hmmm… Anyone else see a pattern here? Welfare was never intended to be a way of life, it is supposed to help get you by until you find a job. It’s temporary, just like labor-ready was never meant to be a career. Welfare ain’t your damn job, dumb cunt. Society does not owe you a living. Being black does not entitle you to be taken care of by other folks’ tax money. The color of your skin does not entitle you to get everything handed to you for free, and whoever taught you that bullshit lied. People like this make me sick.

    Being Native American does not entitle me to be a lazy bum and have stuff handed to me, I work for a living. Everything I have, I worked for. I don’t live off someone else’s sweat, nor would I want to, I think more highly of myself than that. I could write a whole fucking book here, that’s how mad it makes me, but I won’t. I’ll shut the fuck up now.

  • Anonymous

    What in the hell is this country coming too???? She should have kept her legs close!!!! Do not have kids if you can not support them!!!!! Glad to know where my tax money is going too a lazy ass piece of shit who only wants hand outs. Those kids should be removed from her care so that they can possible change the cycle!!!!

  • anibal

    All this nonsense will end when the USA goes oficially bankrupt in the near future, exactly the same way the Soviet union went bankrupt and many other countries.
    Interesting article about the coming fiscal crisis in the USA:

  • Ed

    That’s got to be a heck of a toilet paper bill.

  • spencer

    i dont care what color she is,exterminate her and the kids and the father…start cleaning up the mental defectives…im tired of this constantly perpetual need for everyone to save stupid irresponceable people nature weeds out the weak,sick,and dying for a reason…its a far better system

    • Anonymous

      “weed out the dying”? Don’t WE ALL DIE?

  • wow 15 kids thats alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kelly

    Nobody is held accountable but you n the daddies. You show you ignorance n stupidity Further more the people who videoed this n the media are chicken shit for not calling you out. Shows the lack of intelligence to utter those words. Get fixed

  • MommaK

    Anyone with more than a certain number of children who has been on welfare for more than an “emergency” amount of time should be required to be sterilized. Anyone who has been on welfare more than once and has two children should be sterilized. I am not talking forced sterilization, but they should have to agree to it and have it done before they get another cent. There are other places they can go for help, if they are willing to humble themselves and at least do the work of seeking assistance, rather than expecting it to be handed to them.

    Not everyone who has a large family is irresponsible nor on welfare. Not everyone who ends up on welfare is irresponsible nor a drain on society. The bible even says that, while assistance should be given, particularly to “widows”, stretching that to single mothers for the sake of argument, it should be very limited to those under 40 years old, lest they become lazy.

    How do we change this? It is unproductive to call people names or degrade their children. If she refuses to cooperate and be grateful, just take the kids away, give her the choice between sterilization and jail for criminal neglect, and be done with it. The kids need a chance at something better, if this cycle is to ever be broken in our country. The children and their mother could actually have a better life.
    I have children, and I am a mother, so I know it seems harsh, but that’s just my take on this.

  • Put the children in a foster care facility. She can work in the facility.

  • Kristin

    I agree with Mike Kraski on this one. First off, they didn’t tell the whole story….if she was on assistance before her fiancé went to jail, why he went to jail, etc… so the story is completely bias to begin with….how do you know they couldn’t afford them before he went to jail? And besides for any of that, there are innocent, now homeless children that are being denied help and that is disgusting. I hope none of you consider yourselves to be Christians…..

  • Anonymous

    I think her statement that “Somebody should pay” is crazy as hell. Yea she should pay. Nobody owes this women anything, she is the one who brought these children into the world knowing that she couldn’t afford them.

  • Janice Craig Thaxton

    Screw that entitled bitch! No one stepped in and told her not to spread her legs 15 times to make those kids! No one is responsible for her life, but herself.If she wants help,she needs to learn how to help herself…. get an education and learn how to provide for her,and her children.That is the cold,hard truth.

    • eyeoftheleopard

      That is not cold and hard…but it IS true.

  • Girl Interrupted

    Maybe she should have learned what birth control is and just maybe the government should have stopped paying for everytime her legs were spread she got knocked up. NO is a word this bitch and the welfare system hasn’t learned yet.

  • Tadaaaaaaaaa

    Close your damned legs, there’s all the help you need..obviously she gets money from people but she isn’t spending it right…”Someone needs to pay and someone needs to be held accountable” YOU dumbass!!! The people that helped this dummy are morons..the only help she needs is a wakeup call.

    • Clinton Weir

      I think it’s safe to assume that she CAN NOT pay – that she does not have the money, and she probably doesn’t have the skills to make enough money to take care of a dozen humans. Sure, it’s her own fault for birthing the children she can’t afford, but it’s not (just) her who will suffer – it’s the children. And they’ve done nothing wrong.

      Probably, someone needs to pay for police officers to escort the children out of that home and family and into a better one.

  • provguard

    Take the kids and put her ***** ass to work even if it is picking up garbage by the freeways. At least it would keep her knees together?

  • John R

    She cannot keep her legs together. That is HER fault, not anybody else’s.