Woman Who Lives “Off the Grid” Threatened With Eviction – From Her Paid-For Home

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Robin Speronis, a Florida woman who lives off the grid, is being threatened with losing her home due to her “alternative lifestyle”.

Last month, Robin’s story was featured on Fox 4 news in Florida. She does not have a refrigerator, oven, running water, or electricity.

Robin explains her decision to live off the grid:

“It was an interest in empowering myself, like we did when we got off the health care system. I wanted to look at every other part of my lifestyle and say, do I need this? Is this of value to me? If it went away tomorrow, what would I do? The more I got into it, the more exciting, the more of an adventure it became. My message was to create, so I created a happy place… a place where I get up, and I’m like this is beautiful.”

Most of what Robin owns was free, donated, or bought for next to nothing.

She cooks on a propane camping stove, and her electronics run on solar-charged batteries.

Robin gets her water from rain barrels. She uses a colloidal-silver generator to disinfect the rain water:

“I plug this into my inverter and my battery pack. This light will get brighter and brighter as silver micro particles are suspended in the water. It’s natures antibiotic,” she explains.

Unfortunately (but not surprisingly), after Robin was featured on the local news, authorities took notice: the day after the feature, Robin was slapped with a notice to vacate her property.

“A code enforcement officer came, knocked on the door then posts a placard that says uninhabitable property, do not enter.”

The notice cites international property maintenance code and states the property is unsafe to be lived in. Robin said code enforcement has never been inside her home and would have no idea if her property is safe.

The city code compliance manager told Fox 4 that he tagged the home because it doesn’t have running water or electricity – but neither is mentioned as a requirement in the code cited by the city on the notice.

Robin said she owns her home free and clear and her taxes are up to date.

“Putting a woman who lives by herself, who is a widow, out on the street without any due process of law is unfathomable. Where is the justice? Why did they choose me…because I was exercising my First Amendment rights of free speech in discussing living off the grid.”

Fox 4 reports that there has been an overwhelming show of support for Robin from people who have heard her story:

A local attorney has agreed to take Robin’s case for free. The City of Cape Coral says that if she can prove she can sustain herself and her home without electricity or water, both parties may be able to come to a solution. But isn’t the burden of proof on the accuser? It seems that the city should have to prove Robin’s lifestyle isn’t sustainable, not the other way around. Humans lived for thousands of years without modern conveniences like running water and electricity, and Amish families continue to thrive without either.

(H/T to Activist Post)

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  • berrybestfarm

    Remember. This is an agency enforcing their rules–NOT THE LAW Big difference. I guarantee this agency can not show this citizen agreed to these “international” codes through their elected representatives. Nor can any showing be made that this citizens actions have had any impact whatsoever on the public health and safety. Absent some showing that there is an impact to the public I would tell this agency to piss off. Have done so successfully in my home county over a similar issue.
    Dennis Patterson–Deer Park

    • OSW

      Excellent point.

    • Boobie_The_Rocket_Dog

      Deer Park? Illinois? Makes me proud, sir!

    • Terry Ehlert

      Would that be Deer Park, Texas….?

  • Stacey

    No trucks allowed in the driveway, even if they are new vehicles, no boats allowed in view, better park those behind your house. Best hope your riding lawn mower doesn’t run out of gas while your cutting the lawn. My nephew, left the lawn mower in the yard while he ran to the store to get more gas, when he got back he had a ticket. Code Enforcement in Cape Coral is out of control. Want to have a yard sale? best get a permit for that.

    • Boobie_The_Rocket_Dog

      Sounds like a time for citizens’ enforcement of the second amendment to the US CONSTITUTION.

  • Dave

    Maybe someone will donate some “Trespassers will be shot” signs. Oh, and some guns too!
    BTW, I still haven’t met a city inspector NOT worthy of a size 12 steel toe kick in the nuts.

    • moovova

      I believe “stand your ground” laws were proved valid in Florida recently.

  • usurykills

    Video, especially advertising video, should never automatically start. This is very rude. I will not be back.

    • Heywood Jablohmee

      Too stupid to install AdBlock? , Must be an Americunt.

      • josephine

        Please stop attacking one another. “Divide and conquer” is not a new concept. Please love each other. Thank you 🙂

  • SMH

    Why does she have to live the way they say? If she’s not complaining, leave her alone.

  • Douglas Hotchkiss

    – in the land of the fee , and the home of the slave –

    • davisw13

      and the sheeple will worship explosions and beer July fourth and shout we are free!

  • Freespirit

    IF she owned land in the Northern part of Paraguay, South America and built her home there, she would NEVER have to be concerned about anyone bothering her about “codes” or forcing her to VACATE. I know because I and MANY othes own property there: angelfire.com/wv2/wildernessacreage

  • Barn Cat

    Have your electricity hooked up. Use as little as possible if you want to live that way.

    • Rick E.

      She DOES have electricity, she makes her own! She chooses to live with a minimal amount,and she does so adequately. (for HER).
      I live off of the grid and make my own too, but I choose to make more than an adequate amount for me. But this is MY CHOICE, not the government’s.
      One of the biggest reasons why many authorities don’t like it is because they cannot CONTROL and monitor one that lives as in my case, 10 miles from the nearest electric grid.

      Hers is a different situation but nevertheless, more POWER to her!!

    • Freespirit

      That is not only her RIGHT but HER BUSINESS, to live her own way, if you believe in Natural Rights.

  • David Sims

    Code Enforcement obvious is applying pressure to force city residents to be customers of the utilities (i.e. Big Business) whether she wants to be their customer or not. This needs to be made clear. The city government does not really care whether or not Robin Speronis is living in an efficient and healthy manner. What concerns them is the possibility that others will copy her lifestyle in order to live less expensively, and the people who drop off the grid will not be contributing the the profits of the local businesses. The local business establishments in most areas have their local public officials in their pocket. This sort of corruption is the NORM. Few if any parts of America are free of it.

    • albeit

      These people look for those they can push around so they can claim they’ve accomplished something.

  • Andy Fife


  • Andy Fife

    used to like this site. but the puke commercials are everywhere, RIDICULOUS. ADIOS

  • Talk Radio58

    If you turn off the Water, that means the Goverment doesn’t get thier service charge, which is a form of a Tax. If you ratically change your Electricity useage, from the same time period the year before, your viewed with suspicion, you had to tamper with the Meter in thier mind. This is not the 19th Century, they rig the system so you have to pay for utilities. If they had thier way, you would be made to have Cable TV so you can get Emergency Updates from Big Brother, claiming you need it for Public Safety. Just like Obamacare, it’s all about control from Cradle to Grave. Her mistake, just like those Preppers, she went on TV, and showed her hand. Your Contolers can’t have that, and made her an example of her. One needs to go Galt, you got to keep things close to the Vest.

  • Flybob

    People…STUDY!!! She has 4th amendment rights to be secure in her person, papers and PROPERTY!!! Then have the officer ARRESTED for violating her 4th amendment rights under USC 18 section 242 “Under color of law”. The perpeTRAITOR can and SHOULD be arrested for violating her Constitutional rights and there is even a federal law that states she can sue the INDIVIDUAL for same!!! READ and study the US Constitution! This woman’s rights have been violated by our government!!! Fight back with knowledge!

  • Josephine

    So not surprising. If this gal were able to enlighten a few others, and they a few more and so on… well… the high hopes of slave control, not to mention, all that money the util co’s spent on “smart” meters… swirling down the toilet 🙂 (gasp!)

    I wonder if the power co’s who turn 1000s of people off daily for non-payment, can now be charged with creating uninhabitable living conditions?

  • gringo loco

    people that do not enjoy being slaves are not wanted in the U.S., I left a year ago and I think she should too

  • albeit

    Why does she have to prove her lifestyle is sustainable?

    She is, in fact, alive, isn’t she?

    Of course, if she lived in housing acceptable to the establishment, but was gorging herself on factory food to the point of morbid obesity, that would be considered sustainable.


    TWO WORDS…. AGENDA 21!! ILLEGAL RULES NOT LAWS!! ALL BROUGHT IN BY THE COUNTY AND CITY OFFICIALS WHO HAVE JOINED AGENDA 21 PROGRAMS FOR SMART CITIES ==ICLEI !! CHECK IT OUT!! http://say-no-to-agenda-21-de-population.blogspot.com/p/agenda-21-mandates_14.html

  • braveheart

    This is only a government agency with no legal authority to take her home whatsoever. The code enforcement employee had no legal grounds to issue any citation without first inspecting the property and making an attempt to verify that the property was any kind of threat to public health and/or safety. If I was her, I would’ve told him come on in and see for yourself before doing anything. with the way they’re handling it, I would’ve told the govt. agency either do this right or go take a hike. It’s a shame the lady had to get an attorney to fight the city. If code enforcement had handled this properly, I don’t think there would be any controversy. this is another example of a govt. employee with a fried egg for a brain and a govt. agency who thinks it’s God. If they had tried this with me, someone would’ve been hurt. I wish this lady the best and hope she wins.

  • OSW

    If Robin can “prove” she can live this way? Most of the world lives this way- is that not proof enough?

  • Carl Stevenson

    Best thing to do would be shoot or hang the pretty tyrants. That way the won’t bother anyone else either.

    • Boobie_The_Rocket_Dog

      Amen, brother. What ever happened to the good, old-fashioned lynch mob. It seems they usually worked everywhere they were tried, except in the movies.

  • Tatiana Covington

    She should just go back in… the hell with the law!

  • tiredofthissh*t

    OMG this pisses me off to no end! Why do the control freaks always have to stick their heads into the business of anyone doing things for themselves? This woman is hurting no-one. Let her live her life as she chooses!!!! PFTTTT, land of the free my ASS!

  • StephenWV

    Call it what it is: Tyranny.

  • patriot156

    they can’t or should not be able to take someones home from them when it’s owned free and clear. Sounds like the city got wind of it wants to punish someone for not being on thier grid.
    Me I’d be locked and loaded hopefully with friends help as well. Remins of me of not on my land a movie back in the 80-90 where some guy faught against eminant domain. they shot some cops think in the end it worked out but not sure but point is using force agianst force can work!

  • patriot156

    yea preciselly this is more likely agenda 21 I noticed that too international codes my a** f em

  • whiteaglesoaring

    We need the names and addresses of the city bureaucrats who have inserted themselves into her private home and property. We need to shower the bastards with our own objections to their evil power-grubbing and interference in our lives.

  • Don’t show your off-grid, or prepper stuff on TV.

  • Matthew Hurt

    International code? Last time I checked This is the US and we have our own laws and codes. We are a sovereign nation so I would tell them to F**K OFF.

  • Zoltanne

    “International property maintenance code”? WTF? Code-word for Agenda 21 compliance?

    The burden is on the city officials to (1) prove the home is unsafe, (2) provide valid copy of said “International propeprty maintenance code” that probably came out of their veiled attempt to force the UN Agenda 21 on residents without their knowledge or voting-approval.

  • Freespirit

    This is the consequence of having a CONSTITUTION which is NOT absolute .
    It recognizes and protects the “Right” to HAPPINESS, a subjective value, which of course is impossible to protect. It should recognize and PROTECT the ABSOLUTE and INHERENT Right to PROPERTY ownership which is OBJECTIVE and thus can be protected.
    I also believe that was a DELIBERATE omission, by founding Fathers who were Freemason SUPREMICISTS, and did not truly believe in the Majority having the same rights, as themselves

  • Freespirit

    To “The Daily Sheeple” PLEASE,PLEASE stop having Videos which start automatically

  • Boobie_The_Rocket_Dog

    Let’s hope the media keep following this up.

  • Boobie_The_Rocket_Dog

    …and I hope the lawyer who took the case pro bono reaps a huge fee from the city for his trouble.

  • bariola

    It is an unfortunate fact of life that, for the most part, the most sociopathic, sadistic, amoral control freaks rise to the top of the food chain. This is because having a conscience is an impediment to moving up the rungs of power. If one isn’t born into massive wealth, or if a person is not an evil genius who is able to move up to the loftier heights of the political food chain by his/her bootstraps, then one winds up in an occupation in which one has a modicum of power. Hence, the little Nazis who run Cape Coral.

  • rusherman

    You must let the powers fleece you properly or you are not a good citizen. They have shot people in the States for, not much more than this.

  • J.W. Browning

    Signs every 40 yards along the fence line on our 30 acres reads: This sign within rifle range.

  • ex-texen

    unless they have kids. Then the “protection” NAZIs come.

  • silvermaran

    Israeli’s trying to set a precedence so they can steal thousands of Amish and Mennonite farms across USA
    ..Just like they have stolen the Palestinian’s lands and their lives for decades. And anyone else that got in their way.
    The pathetic racist Zionists don’t think anyone else deserves to live on this earth but them.

  • Mick

    I can imagine there are conditions that you would all object to living next to or near. Just a basic standard should be required.

  • Ken, Megapolis

    Some unexpected discovery:- since taking a keen interest in prepping I guess I was alert for opportunity like never before. This morning I stumbled across a lone apple tree across from a church. Hundreds of untouched cooking apples fallen to the ground. I also have an inbuilt mental map of which pubs provide free food at events like discos. Then in most workplaces especially Friday, pizza, doughnuts, huge tubs of roses chocolates provided.
    I honestly believe I can fully eat off grid. Weekend trips to places like the New Forest are enjoyable, again find apples, chestnuts, blackberries etc.
    And midsummer 4am sunrise, Scotland, one was rudely awakened by a loud flock of pheasants. Methinks “Ah-ha! Xmas dinner has arrived LOL.”

  • Gordon Preston Brown

    Simply time to send the elected officials in the City of Cape Coral on a one way trip to meet Lucifer. If you exist under the tyranny of communism, you will die. If you revolt and assert your constitutional rights to these bastard communists, you will live.

  • marvin nubwaxer

    no running water? i doubt that is legal in any jurisdiction anywhere in the country.

  • IpseCogita

    And yet homeless people living on the street is fine.

  • Scooter

    Look into anarchy. It’s not what you think it is.

  • Mike Dornfest

    Did I miss something, rain is not an approved water source?
    Yet we can drink Fluoride impregnated water from the city.

    Water that if untreated a fish couldn’t even live in.