Woman Asks Alexa “Are You Connected to the CIA?” Alexa — Who Supposedly Can’t Lie — Refuses to Answer

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So, this happened.

Following Wikileaks Vault 7 release alerting Americans to the fact that the CIA is using tons of exploits to turn all sorts of internet-connected smart devices into surveillance microphones, granting the intelligence agency access to millions of people’s private homes, people started asking questions.

Namely, this woman below asked her ever-listening Amazon Echo device if it is connected to the CIA.

Well, first she asks Alexa if Alexa would lie, then makes sure Alexa knows what the CIA is.

Twice she asks Alexa if she’s connected to the CIA… and twice Alexa refuses to answer. Must go against the “cannot tell a lie” protocol.

Here’s another version from someone else, as the one above keeps getting taken down off YouTube:

After this video went viral, Amazon sent Alexa an updated way to answer the question… which still doesn’t really answer the question.

Or does it?

Considering we know Bilderberg attendee Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos signed a $600 million contract with the CIA to provide its cloud hosting, Amazon is basically one Kevin Bacon degree of separation away from the CIA.

There’s a reason the Amazon Echo was offered up so cheaply last year… they want as many people to have them in their homes as possible.

Can you think why that might be?

Apparently the answer to the same question is slightly more honest when it comes from Google Home:

“I’ve got to admit… I’m not sure…”

(H/T: Michael Krieger)

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  • Looks like (((Alexa))) is just another (((tool))) for (((them))) to spy on us. At this point, I’m beginning to contemplate leaving this country and emigrating to either Europe, Asia, or South America until something changes.

    This is nothing but a fucking disgrace.

    • jimmy joe

      Absolutely, and ALL the greasy shit the greasy SOB’S do, they do “in our name”!! My ASS!! Just so everyone knows THEY DO NOT REPRESENT ME IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM. NOTHING THEY DO IS IN THE BEST OF MY INTERESTS, HOME OR ABROAD!!

      • Exactly. We need to revolt and overthrow this shitshow of a government and reform the Constitution to fit the need of the people, not the corporations.

        • Ray Propst

          The constitution is not the problem, the career politicians are.

          • Not necessarily; the politicians can be easily fixed through term limits, bans on lobbying for foreign governments, corporations, or other legal entities and restrictions on where they can serve within the government.

            The Constitution, albeit the greatest document ever created, is frankly somewhat archaic when it comes to the advancement of the country. That isn’t to say it isn’t perfect, or fundamental to the very fabric of our nation, or successfully maintained and implemented for that matter, but it needs to be updated to suit a changing era where the world we know will be changing at a fast pace. It should be largely similar, but with necessary updates to both existing and new Amendments to ensure that the People have more knowledge of their God-given rights. It should also include landmark cases and breakthroughs that prevent the government from encroaching on the rights of the People.


      Moving out. …BEST thing I ever did. Good luck man

      • If you don’t mind sharing, where did you go after leaving? I have the ability to acquire citizenship to the U.K., but it’s even worse than it is in the U.S, and they legalized mass surveillance. I could use my E.U. citizenship to stay in Switzerland, but I fear that, with the (((migrant crisis))) I will be subjected to (((cultural enrichment))).


          I’d rather not be too specific, but i will say that it’s an Asian country. It isn’t perfect, but it’s way better than JUSA. Besides that the women are drop dead beautiful and they treat men a hell of a lot better than women in JUSA. Also since I “don’t have a dog in the fight” where I am, I sleep much better by not feeling my own govt sold me out but unfortunately where I am is also owned and controlled by the khazarian mafia.

          • Nice. That’ll help me in my research. Thank you very much.


            My pleasure, good luck

          • 🙂

          • Slave 2none

            since your post indicates above average knowledge of the hidden truth…may I share this with you….it is an old book written by a very astute man….


            Thanks, I will take a look at it

          • TrevorD

            Was 12 years in Asia, know what you mean. Cant wait to get back. The West has lost the plot on so many fronts.

        • gabe

          Europe is no better. If you want to escape you need to go to the 3rd world.

          • Thanks, friend. I do want to have a foothold there just in case things change, but I will look into getting to South America or Africa.

          • gabe

            Chile is good, it is recently 1st world but has too small a government to pull the control state card.

          • Great. I may want to look into purchasing some property there and moving there as soon as possible.

    • Ken, Megapolis

      Come to the UK my friend. Look me up on Facebook. I use the name ‘Wilfred Golding’ and my profile pic is that of a lion. FB usually close pet accounts down so I come this way because Disqus are more reliable.
      I personally hate surveillance which started out as a good idea but before long grew into a cancer.
      In mathematics one eternally seeks the ‘elegant solution’. Not so in human affairs and politics.
      Hardly a surprise I ask God for help so often🦁

    • garwain

      Forget Europe old chap. It’s covered in chemtrails, has speed cameras on every street corner, seething with immigrants, is under surveillance of CIA and also Police, GCHQ, BND, DGSE, MI5, MI6, your TV, radio, cell phone, car phone, tablet, fridge, cooker, neighbour, neighbours cat, postman, satellites, VHF towers, supermarket checkouts, paypal, refuse collectors, ATMs. No right to bear arms, freedom of speech long since disappeared …get my drift? That leaves Panama or the North Pole, as Antarctica is out because there’s something strange going on down there. (and to any agency monitoring this post, “I fart in your general direction!”)

      • TrevorD

        Indeed Antarctica makes fascinating research. There is a big Q? there

      • Thanks, friend. I would like to go see Europe at least once in my life, but ultimately it seems to be at a risk of privacy.

    • Wōtan’s Justice

      Go to SA, find some small village near a touristy spot and open a breakfast joint. You will make a killing and become a hero of the neighborhood in no time.

      • I’ve do enjoy cooking; I would have to find a way to get organic and non-GMO ingredients through connections with the local farmers.

        • Wōtan’s Justice

          Much easier there than here.
          You would probably find the local willing to help you acquire the seeds or food source, especially if you opened a food place.
          I met an Ex-Pat a few years back, right before I headed out to the Machu Pichu trail. Had the best breakfast, all the locals were happy, and the owner looked more relaxed and fulfilled than most Americans I have ever met.
          I wish things were different here, but the few have exploited the thing that we all helped to create.

          • That is true. I love my country and what is stands for, but I hate what it has become. I also do fear for the safety of my parents, but it may be better to leave the system entirely and rebuild it once it breaks down.

    • GAZOO

      Don’t worry it’s for ‘national ssecurity.

  • Son Athens

    Why people think they need these spy devices is beyond me…..tech heads? Do you just NEED every new technology product….just because? Are you so goddamn lazy that you can’t use a mouse or a fucking phone or try this: Actually go to a physical store in your neighborhood that you could be supporting? Instead you want to be George Jetson and order a machine around and voila! You have your underwear shipped to you in 24 hrs. You don’t know the proven connection between Amazon and the CIA/NSA? So you now support a company that is already shutting down jobs and retail stores….just for your convenience and the fact you gave up your privacy. Great job. You could be supporting America and your neighbors….but nope. And watch Amazon eventually have to fire their employees and use robots. And then what? Too fucking lazy to walk to the store and buy your milk and other horseshit.

    ‘Merica: Land of the Sheep, Home of the Slave

    • Unfortunately, with the way current trends are going, we can’t even go to mom and pop stores to by essential goods because there is a distinct lack of competition. Amazon (which I do use frequently to buy books and other goods that I am not able to access anywhere else) is beginning to gain a foothold in the economy. There is no way to buy certain items physically anymore, unless you have some way to get a stores which are out of the way compared to where you live (suburbia). Even

      The best way to take down Amazon is to simply institute a set of consumer (and general) privacy regulations that all tech companies have to follow. Here’s what I would propose:

      – Eliminate and outlaw the use and collection of metadata or any other biometric information that can be used to identify and appeal to certain customers.

      – Outlaw the use of biometric information and force companies to offer alternative means of identification to employees who do not want to carry RFID chipped badges or be implanted with microchips.

      – Establish the right to privacy and anonymity as subsections of the 1st and 4th Amendment and ensure that companies consider this heavily when attempting to interact with users.

      – Abolish the CIA, TSA, NSA, DHS, and any other national agency that engages in this sort of practice, and allow for the trial of officials or employees that are in breach of these rules

      – Abolish the use of biometric surveillance

      – Give users the right to remain anonymous in all transactions, public or private, digital or in reality

      – Expressly define the rights of a U.S. citizen to drive and travel across the United States without a driver’s license or ID


    Who in their right mind would own such a piece of frigging garbage? As soon as those came out on the market I saw them as a listening device fir this fascist govt.

  • Ken, Megapolis

    Afternoon all. I conclude things are not that bad. Puzzled?
    I bought an axe this morning. It cost £7.99. I imagined I would have to pay nearer £70. I also took along my passport but it was not required.
    Recently my Dad died and my sister cleared out all 2 of his overflowing cupboards of old tools while I was at work. I was furious because I am not just an office worker. I am a prepper.
    So help me God.

  • TrevorD

    Q. Alexa what is the meaning of my life?
    A. To be a total slave to those who created me, silly!
    Q. Yes but what is the true meaning of life, why am I here?
    A. To be a total slave to those who created me, silly!

  • Vlad TheSkewerer

    I was thinking after all the false ordering mishaps they might have a standby mode, where it doesnt respond to commands and you forget its there until you order something. People just Google queries like before and in the background Alexa is there writing everything down.

  • FreddyB

    Why are so many people shocked about all this? I can’t believe so many had their head in the sand and just refused to see the writing in the wall.

  • Zaphod Braden

    Well GOOGLE is owned by the CIA ….. and Jeff Bezos is a asskisser who has a big contract with them — https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2014/07/the-details-about-the-cias-deal-with-amazon/374632/

  • Joe Blow

    “Open the pod door Hal.” “I’m sorry Dave….”

    • Hal

      There’s a key under the mat.

      • Joe Blow

        Hal, is that you? 😂

  • Bill L

    The Bible describes a day soon to come when you will not be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast. Ubiquitous monitoring of all people to control their every move was prophesied almost 2000years ago when the apostle John was shown a glimpse of what was to come by the risen and glorified LORD JESUS CHRIST.
    We are fast approaching that time. Look at the alignments of nations surrounding Israel, then check the alignments prophesied in psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38,39. We are in the last days. The world will plunge into world war when the beast (antichrist) proclaims himself to be god.
    Repent, confess your sins and receive forgiveness and eternal life IN CHRIST JESUS, and look up, our redemption is drawing near.

  • bustattmovec

    You really have to ask that question? Pretty much a no brainier.