Will Americans Put Up with Americans Being Trained to Attack Them?

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A military police officer with the Special Reaction Team, 178th Military Police Detachment, 89th Military Police Brigade, raids a house in Wainwright Village during a new training exercise at Fort Hood, Texas, March 5, 2013.

The answer may unfortunately be a resounding “Yes”

As evidence mounts that the U.S. military is being trained to engage citizens domestically, the lack of outcry from the American people has been astounding.

Exactly why the military is undergoing training in this regard is still unclear.

It could be related to a potential welfare state collapse, which could be triggered by cuts to food stamps or social security benefits. According to the Social Security Administration, “9 out of 10 individuals age 65 and older receive Social Security benefits.”

The arms buildup could also be in response to the slow motion financial collapse, which can only be accelerated through the implementation of Obamacare and which banks have already been warned to prepare for.

Another possibility is that the military is gearing up for another type of staged false flag event, which is desperately needed to relieve Obama’s flagging approval rating, and which will in turn help further instill fear in Americans and keep them looking to government for solutions.

gun confiscation offensive targeting “bitter clingers,” tea party conservatives, or “conspiracy theorists” who support the Second Amendment is also not completely out of the picture, as one MP in Arizona recently confirmed to Infowars.

No matter the explanation, a few things are clear. Ammunitionlethal and nonlethal firearms, and riot gear is being stockpiled at an alarming rate, along with checkpointsmilitary vehicles and armed personnel for federal buildings.

Confirmed rumors that the military is weeding out of several generals and enlistees using a “litmus test” to gauge whether or not they will fire upon American citizens, in addition to shooting range targets depicting armed pregnant women, children and elderly citizens in residential settings, and domestic training exercises and army manuals, only exacerbate worries that the government is preparing for imminent civil unrest.

While Infowars and others have diligently documented these unprecedented developments, the sleeping giant that is the American people has thus far failed to offer a reciprocal response through protest, activism or other means.

The question must be asked: Will Americans put up with their own countrymen attacking them? All signs unfortunately point to a resounding “Yes.”

Americans already have complete apathy towards eugenicist practices carried out by the likes of Planned Parenthood in the form of abortionsterilization and other artificially induced procedures.

Americans are already putting up with cops that conduct proctology exams on the side of the road and forced colonoscopies inside hospitals.

Americans already put up with bureaucrats repeatedly and unapologetically lying to them on a near daily basis.

Americans already put up with a government that ships arms and funds to foreign mercenaries, such as the Al Qaeda offshoot Jabhat Al Nusra in Syria and other parts of the world, while they simultaneously promote gun control within their own borders.

Americans already put up with having a federally funded domestic spy network and tech software which ubiquitously monitors and logs conversations, phone calls, texts, web pages visited and emails.

Americans already put up with degrading so-called security procedures, like the TSA sticking their hands down their pants, snapping x-ray photos of them naked and grabbing their genitals, all while gradually moving outside the scope of airports.

Americans already put up with massive wealth redistribution schemes, like Obamacare which, under the guise of wanting to keep everyone healthy, is actually set up to annihilate the middle class through increased taxation.

Indeed, it seems Americans know no limit when it comes to allowing the federal government to further erase liberties in the name of safety, activities which far exceed what America’s forebearers initiated a revolt over.

Something I missed? The conversation continues on Twitter with the hashtag: #Americansalreadyputupwith, where everyone is urged to describe other ways in which the American people have stood down while their rights and liberties were slowly stripped away.

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  • GrandpaSpeaks

    Too late, the police are gynecologists and proctologists now. “Doc, would you mind looking for polyps while you are in there? It will save me a deductible on my Obamacare”. It is a natural progression of “Now shake out that bra”. The real violence is yet to come. This article is right, this trial balloon is flying high. Be afraid, be very afraid. We have been out manouvered.

  • Greg

    When they come at night, shoot the light….

  • Bert

    Yes we will . Those ninja masked,automatic weapon armed, HEREOS are only doing their job to protect us from the evil that we know exists because our benevolent government told us & would never lie or mislead us. We need their protection from the (insert newest threat/ evil HERE). Orwells 1984 in reality here now.

    • JJ

      the answer to 1984 …. is 1933
      send those GOLDSTEINS back to the fuckin camps already

  • sync99

    after all, you americans are not so exceptional…well, maybe in some regards like; ignorance, cluelessness, low education, collective narcissism. You’ll go thru the hellfire like other enslaved nation did. 99% will hand over all the guns and bullets to the representatives of your new formed fascistic dictatorship with a smiley and super charming face on the front page. Ciao!

  • sync99, unfortunately you are right about a great many Americans: “americans are not so exceptional…well, maybe in some regards like; ignorance, cluelessness, low education, collective narcissism”
    Obviously you haven’t met the resistance.

    • GrandpaSpeaks

      I was thinking the same thing IDF. I think that 1% may be a little low. That percentage, whatever it may be, is the big unknown that has them spooked so bad.

  • buttcrackofdoom

    i hear the koreans are coming to train at ft. irwin in january

    • Marine101

      They are called ROK Marines, we’ve trained them in Korea before. Are you really that stupid. We also have British soldiers being trained right now by Marines. We are NOT being trained to “engage citizens directly.” Perhaps the moron who wrote this article can tell me his source. We’re being trained to go to Afghanistan. Why do you insist on throwing the troops under the bus when almost all of us feel the same way as you do? Do you seriously think that a Marine from say, Iowa, would really listen to Obama and go after US civilians? I think not and it’s insulting to have people imply that. Your loyalty to the US troops is laughable since you decided to publish this smut without physical evidence. We train in Korea, 29 Palms, Hawaii, and a ton of other places to engage enemy combatants in Afgh, Iraq, and Pakistan. Nowhere in our ROE’s does it say engage US personnel who what, don’t conform with unlawful government rules. Get real stupid!

      • Ollie Octopus

        I think you are being naieve. How do you think Hitler got the Brown Shirts and the SS to attack civilians?

        • JJ

          easy ,he didnt hitler had the support of the people stop listening to alex jonestein the NWO is run by JEWS read the protocols of the learned elders of zion
          jews did 911, jews are behind the police state jews caused the financial collapse jews run wall st, jews run the MSM ,jews run the alternative media too

          the answer to 1984 …. is 1933 send those GOLDSTEINS back to the fuckin camps already

  • Tuckem!

    I like having police around to do their jobs, Most police are good people. But If a dirty military is breaking an entry to my house illegally without a search warrant causing any harm to my family they will find themselves staring down a 12 gauge with eight 1 oz slugs, I don’t care what body armor you’re wearing that shit will put you down.

    • john q publik

      and then they will just light up your whole house, every one inside will die and you will become a fanatic in death. a poster child of a nut job, to help the government destroy more independent americians….. use your brains broman, get out while you still can……….

  • The ameriKan people don’t have any say what is happening to them by the out of control government and law enforcement across this country anymore.Some still live under the illusion that they do but that is only an illusion.We have the best government that money can buy and it don’t have a single thing to do with whats good for us.It has to do with how to control us for the final shearing of whats left!If you still honestly believe that any of this can be stopped at the local level,the state level and at the voting booth or the the corrupt court system in this country you are only fooling yourself,that will NEVER happen!

  • Connie Zimmermann

    My position is that the American people have no idea this is happening. No one I have spoken to is aware of most of the events of SWAT teams and home invasions of various teams. Just because ‘we’ read things from very specific websites, in no way indicates that 98% of the rest of the country has been exposed at all.

    Educating the people is our first and foremost mission to get them engaged in changing the direction we are going.

    Just my humble opinion.

    I am very grateful to reports, bloggers and social media writers, who expose and share this kind of info. Thank you DailySheeple.

  • john q publik

    90% of the people i know are in apathy. 5% don’t wanna prepare or talk about it knowing it is coming. the other 5% are preparing. 95% of them think im nuts. we will be the people tht rebuild from the rubble once known as the land of the free.