“This Has Some Very Interesting Tin-Foil Hat Consequences Associated With It” – WikiLeaks To Reveal Earth Shattering Info on Mysterious Vault 7 In Artic Circle

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Joe Joseph reports via The Daily Sheeple Youtube Channel:

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  • It is not Paranoia

    Truth is not a click bait. All this “OMG JUST WAIT THEN WE REVEAL ANOTHER SECRET!!11!!!” makes me feel that wikileaks is bullshit.

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    • It’s just another hopium outlet for your mind.

      • It is not Paranoia

        Hopium…I learned a cool new word today, thanks 🙂

        • You’re welcome. Barack was selling that shit for eight years!

    • The fact that you came to that conclusion without vetting anything is what makes you look foolish.

      • It is not Paranoia

        I’m relying on my gut feeling.
        Not very popular in internet debates, I know.

        I look foolish? Well…that’s new…wanna talk about how the Earth is flat?

        • LOL!

        • Since I have never doubted the spherical nature of the planet, you’ll have to argue with someone who does.

          • It is not Paranoia

            Lucky you…I doubted it once and it took me on a fucking ride. Give it a try one day!

          • You found benefit in being deceived by easily disproven pseudoscience? It sounds like you need to spend some time with a competent psychotherapist more than I need to join you in your deceived and deceivable state.

          • It is not Paranoia

            I know I know, it sounds fucking stupid from your side. Been there. But now I just can’t see any curvature of our supposed ball earth, no matter how hard I try. Can you see it?

            My fucking eyes must be pseudo scientists.

            But it’s cool man, I see you’re not interested, I’m not here to argue or persuade you. But I don’t hate you either 😉

          • If you only believe in what you can see, you must not believe in things that no living thing can, like atoms.

  • digitalpennmedia

    who is the dip***t that titled the article? …first Vault 7 wasnt “in the arctic”. That pic is in Svalbard, Norway and supposedly is a seed vault (wand while it may not be), but definitely NOT vault 7. Vault 7 is the file name given to the release of the CIA docs from Wikileaks. The pure fact that you would click bait your “article” as such, either shows your ignorance, incompetence or desperation for viewers and takes away ALL credibility to this site and your “reporting”. I generally like stopping by this site because it gives different takes on occurrences in politics and foreign/domestic policies, but if this is the crap that is going to go on…maybe you should just join the rest of the “fear-porn youtubers”

    • Given that one of the seeds for every edible plant on the planet would fit in a cigar box, why would anyone need a gigantic concrete vault?

      • Rey d’Tutto


        • I was including every food plant in that cigar box, without packaging. Most seeds are very small and the variety is not very extensive.

          • Rey d’Tutto

            Coconuts too?
            Just my contrary nature, but I also can’t believe all of that is necessary unless they are keeping thousands of each variety (Monsanto Apples to Heirloom Zucchini).
            Of course, I’m unaware of any methods of preserving non-seeding plants. Vacuum freezing, perhaps? Potatoes and other Bulb types are my main question.x