Widespread Corruption: 71 Cities, Counties, and States Were Just Charged with Fraud

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How widespread is the corruption in this country?

Well just this week, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that 71 cities, counties, schools, departments of transportation, and the entire states of Hawaii and Minnesota, have all been charged with fraud for violations in municipal bond offerings — misleading investors.

Between 2011 and 2014, the SEC found that these municipal issuers sold municipal bonds that contained “materially false statements or omissions about their compliance with continuing disclosure obligations”:

“The diversity among the 71 entities in these actions demonstrates that continuing disclosure failures were a widespread and pervasive problem in the municipal bond market,” said Andrew Ceresney, Director of the SEC Enforcement Division.

Foregoing trials, all 71 entities agreed to settle and update their policies and procedures, etc.

The entities are listed below so you can play the fun game of seeing if there’s fraud near you. (Then again, this is probably just a token gesture. If we were really honest with ourselves, we’d probably find stuff a lot worse than this going on everywhere all across the nation. It’d probably just be easier to make a list of places where fraud isn’t being committed these days. It’d be a short list, most likely because there would be nothing on it.)


City of Vestavia Hills

Board of Education of Madison County


Borough of North Slope


Board of Trustees of Arkansas Tech University


City of Alameda


Boulder County

Thompson School District No. R2-J

Colorado Department of Transportation


Lawrence & Memorial Corp. and Lawrence & Memorial Hospital

Town of Fairfield


Delaware Transportation Authority


Fulton County


State of Hawaii


Idaho Housing and Finance Association


Palatine Park District

Community Unit School District Number 18 (Blue Ridge)

Metropolitan Airport Authority of Peoria


City of Gary

Sanitary District of the City of Gary

City of South Bend


City of Cedar Rapids

City of West Des Moines


Unified School District No. 418 (McPherson County)

City of Andover


Kentucky Housing Corporation

Electric and Water Plant Board of the City of Frankfort


East Ouachita Parish School District


Town of York


Montgomery College

Montgomery College Foundation


City of Chelsea


Berrien County


State of Minnesota


Lauderdale County


Ascension Health Alliance

Black Jack Fire Protection District of St. Louis County

Blair Oaks R-II School District


Montana Department of Transportation


City of Alliance

New Hampshire:

Southern New Hampshire University

New Jersey:

Borough of Roselle Park

Township of East Brunswick

New Mexico:

El Castillo Retirement Residences

New York:

Franklin County

City of Ithaca

Syracuse University

Westchester County Health Care Corporation

North Carolina:

North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency

North Dakota:

City of Devils Lake


The Ohio State University


City of Nichols Hills

Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency

Yukon Municipal Authority


Adams County

Collegium Charter School

Hazleton Area School District

Municipal Authority of the City of McKeesport

South Carolina:

City of Columbia

Town of Hilton Head Island

South Dakota:

Tea Area School District 41-5


City of Memphis


Pecos County


Heber Light & Power Company


Casella Waste Systems


Carilion Clinic


City of Bainbridge Island

Public Utility District No. 1 of Whatcom County

West Virginia:

County Commission of Ohio County


City of Oconomowoc


Wyoming Community Development Authority

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  • GomeznSA

    Wait, what, ‘only’ 3 from Illinois and 2 from Jersey? They must not have been looking very hard………………

    • Herman Nelson

      Shitcago is a black hole and was missed entirely.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    Conspicuously absent are Chicago and Detroit.

    • doucyet

      I don’t think that “bonds” are on the list of approved merchandise that their EBT cards will purchase Randy. That and the conversion table for bonds to 8balls hasn’t been completed yet.

  • landy fincannon

    If lawyers , judges , and district attorneys, were not all officers of the court. There’d be a lot more corruption expose

  • ExecutorOffice

    Michigan has all 83 counties that are chock full of fraud, corruption, pukes and dna stains on mankind.

  • SP_88

    If this is the only corruption they found in America, they must not have been looking hard enough. Even a cursory examination would easily show that most, if not all of the country is totally corrupt.

  • Heather

    Ran by Democrats I betcha!

  • GrumpyGrandpa

    The entire state of Illinois and every taxing district in Illinois (over 4,000) should be on the list. Any state that has jailed 4 of their previous governors, produced Barack Obama, Rahm Emanual and Hillary “rotten” Clinton is obviously the shitty rectum of America.

    The Clinton Cult must be stopped or all of America falls.

  • Don’tTrust’em

    I would like someone to look into what happened in Taft, Texas. Taft basically sold itself to China and the TEPCO corporation. TEPCO is also the company in charge of the failed Fukashima nuclear power plant. Taft could have leased the land but choice instead to sell it outright. I’m curious to where the money went. Any help would be great, thanks.

    • Rivenburg

      Selling land to foreigners is a scam, think about it, will they take it back to China? Take a lesson from Mexico, they suck in foreign companies every fifteen or so years, usually for mining. Then after all the development is invested they “nationalize” and kick the suckers out.

      • Don’tTrust’em

        I agree, it’s a huge scam.

  • thomas jefferson

    THE LORD TOLD YOU,your government IS rotten to the core,inside and out,top to bottom….their ALL guilty of treason,I know none of you care about the life of your family right now,but by the time you wakeup it’ll already be to late to save them……..