Why Won’t Obama Ban Air Travel From Countries Where Ebola Is Out Of Control?

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Why does Barack Obama refuse to take even the most basic steps to protect Americans from Ebola?  Even though it has already been demonstrated that Ebola can be brought over to the United States by a passenger on an airplane, Obama refuses to do anything that would even restrict air travel from nations where Ebola is spiraling out of control.  Back in September, Obama said that it was “unlikely” that any individual with Ebola could get through the “extensive screening” at our airports and pose a threat to the general population.  But he was wrong.  That has already happened.  And yet the official White House position is that there is “no consideration of a travel ban” at this point.  What possible explanation is there for such gross negligence?

All of this talk about “extensive screening” at our airports is just a smokescreen because it does not exist.  As Mike Adams of Natural News has pointed out, Thomas Eric Duncan walked freely through our airports and entered the general population without ever being asked by U.S. security personnel about where he was from or if he had any health conditions…

Ebola “patient zero” Thomas Eric Duncan flew right into the United States and walked through the international airports of both Washington D.C. and Dallas-Fort Worth. He was never asked about his country of origin and was never screened for any health conditions.

Why are people whose flights originate in Liberia and Sierra Leone still allowed to openly travel to large U.S. cities?

And nothing changed even after news broke of a confirmed case of Ebola in Dallas.  Just consider the following excerpt from a CNN news story that I included in a previous article

CNN Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen said when she and two colleagues recently returned from reporting in Liberia, they got a mixed bag of responses from Customs and Border Protection officers.

“We all said we were journalists who had just been in Liberia covering Ebola,” Cohen said. “One of my colleagues was told, ‘Oh, OK, welcome back home, sir’ — and (was) just let in — that was it.”

Cohen herself got a different response.

“I was told, ‘Wait a minute, I think I got an email about this,’ and the border patrol officer went and consulted with his colleagues,” Cohen said.

That officer later told her she should check her system for 21 days.

“I said, ‘What should I be checking?’ And he wasn’t sure,” Cohen said.

Barack Obama is either lying or he is being grossly negligent when he says that we don’t need to be concerned about air travel from Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone because of how good the screening at our airports is.

When it comes to his primary fundamental duty, he is completely dropping the ball.  The following is from a recent Fox News opinion piece

The fundamental duty of the nation’s chief executive is to protect its citizens. Under Article II of the Constitution, he is duty-bound to respond to threats and to conduct the country’s foreign affairs. When a crisis presents itself, the president has nearly unfettered power and discretion to act. This includes protecting the health and safety of Americans. Does stopping the deadly spread of Ebola constitute such a crisis?

At this point, a whole host of lawmakers are calling for Obama to restrict air travel from West Africa.

And a petition on Whitehouse.gov to ban all incoming and outgoing flights has more than 10,000 signatures so far.

But the White House is not moving.

In fact, Press Secretary Josh Earnest says that there is “no consideration of a travel ban”…

There’s no consideration of a travel ban at this point.  But I can tell you that there is — well, let me explain.  There are a couple of good reasons for that.  The first is there is in place a very sophisticated, multilayered screening system in place to ensure that the traveling public is safe.

Those screening protocols begins at the point of departure; that in West Africa and these counties, under the supervision of international personnel, there are screening protocols in place to ensure that those individuals who are already exhibiting symptoms of Ebola don’t board aircraft.  This includes everything from a visual examination of passengers as they’re preparing to board aircraft, to giving them questionnaires that they have to fill out.  In other cases, it even involves taking the temperature of passengers before they board aircraft.  So there is screening protocol in place even before individuals enter the transportation system.

As with so many other things, it is hard to tell whether the Obama administration is lying, is being completely incompetent or is pursuing some sort of insidious agenda that we are now aware of yet.

Sadly, the CDC is actually backing Obama up on this.  Just check out what the head of the CDC said about a potential travel ban last week

Barring all incoming flights from Ebola-hit countries in West Africa might seem like the best way to prevent an outbreak of the virus in the United States, but doing so would actually hurt efforts to curb the outbreak in the long run, Tom Frieden, M.D., MPH, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said today (Oct. 2).

“If we take actions that seem like they may work, they may be the kind of solution to a complex problem that is quick, simple and wrong,” said Frieden in a press conference. “The approach of isolating a country is that it’s going to make it harder to get help into that country.”

Of course medical personnel that are fighting this disease should be allowed to fly in and out of those countries.

But why can’t we ban all non-essential personnel  from flying back and forth?

Meanwhile, the Obama administration also continues to be negligent in guarding our southern border.

We know that people from Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone cross our border with Mexico illegally.  In fact, hundreds of such individuals from those countries were caught by border patrol agents during fiscal year 2013

Government figures indicate that 112 individuals were interdicted illegally crossing into the United States from Guinea, 231 from Liberia, and another 145 from Sierra Leone, the three Ebola hot spots. The period of these apprehensions was one in which we had a larger Border Patrol presence on the actual border than we do now.

And those are just the ones that we were able to apprehend.

The truth is that most of the people that cross our borders illegally we do not catch.

If Obama and his minions continue to refuse to take even the most basic steps to protect us, it is inevitable that more people with extremely deadly diseases such as Ebola will enter this country and circulate among the general population.

If our health system was ready to handle such diseases, that would be one thing.

Unfortunately, that is not the case.  In fact, one recent survey found that most nurses in the United States do not believe that their hospitals are ready to handle patients with Ebola…

A survey by National Nurses United of some 400 nurses in more than 200 hospitals in 25 states found that more than half (60 percent) said their hospital is not prepared to handle patients with Ebola, and more than 80 percent said their hospital has not communicated to them any policy regarding potential admission of patients infected by Ebola.

Another 30 percent said their hospital has insufficient supplies of eye protection and fluid-resistant gowns.

This Ebola outbreak has the potential to become the greatest health crisis that any of us have ever seen.

But Obama absolutely refuses to take even the most basic steps to keep us safe from this disease.

Why won’t Obama do something?

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Contributed by Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse.

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  • Joe Woolf

    Anything that has the potential of a major crisis, we will run to…. not away from…. any crisis only has the potential to further HIS agenda and expand HIS power…. Even if it has the potential to kill the whole United States.

    Never let a crisis go to waste… remember?

  • Mike

    Because they want ebola to hit the USA hard. Read the Georgia Guide Stones and you will see the ultimate plan.

  • M Fr Nch

    Obama, is not in office to serve the needs of the people. Think about it how could a nobody get into office unless he was put there on purpose and in the process given a teleprompter. Obama is no one and he really has nothing to say of his own free will.
    The flights from other countries will continue. This may be Ebola we are dealing with and it may not, remember the other respiratory disease so thoughtfully carried over our border? Well it has been spreading all over the country thanks to the tendency to spread illegal immigrants around. And if the info is correct some have died from it.
    There is really no way to get the truth from the media. The CDC cannot be trusted. The gov is the least trustworthy entity on the planet. So it is difficult to say what we are actually dealing with. We will need some honest researchers with the skills to leak this out to us. That is the only way we get news any more is from leaks, how pathetic is that?

    • SBIAM


  • Joe Woolf

    You know… I don’t think the dallas case will cause any outbreak here in the U.S.

    What should scare you is that the number of cases is doubling every 20 days…… and What will happen when it gets in to Mexico??? Can you imagine what Mexico City would look like?

    That will be when it will just walk across the border in droves and it will overwhelm our system….

    Hopefully a vaccine will be available soon…. that may be the only thing that could contain this thing.


    Obama’s draft card and his
    birth certificate were poor amateur forgeries. Also his Social Security # does
    not pass E Verify.

    1. That although there may or may not be a legitimate birth certificate for
    Obama somewhere, the one he supplied after years of hiding it at great legal
    cost (millions), is officially determined to be a poor amateur forgery.

    2. That the Draft Card Obama has released is also a poor amateur forgery, and
    how it was forged from a 2008 postal stamp to fake a 1980 stamp.

    3. That according to the
    Federal Government, Obama’s Social Security number is a fake.

    4. That Obama used that same Fake Social Security number on his taxes and for
    the Selective Service database.

    5. As Sheriff Arpaio has said, anyone else would be arrested for using forged
    documents in this case, but Obama has not.

    6. Almost all news companies in America are censoring this evidence from the American people.

    Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch, on Oct. 2, filed a “Petition to Commence
    Deportation Hearings against Barack Hussein Obama for his Removal from the
    United States” with the Dept. of Homeland Security, Immigration and
    Customs Enforcement, and U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services. The Petition
    can be seen @: http://www.freedomwatchusa.org/pdf/141002-ObamaDeportationPetition.pdf
    It is 22 pages of evidence and applicable law, plus the legal request. The
    Petition presents evidence and alleges Obama may NOT have been born in the US,
    Departed the US, was adopted by an Indonesian and became an Indonesian,
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    using an Indonesian passport after age 18. Using a fraudulent document (birth
    certificate) even if a real one exists is still a crime.

    The petition requests, “the Department must convene a hearing and conduct
    an investigation.”, and states 21 items that include specifics to be
    investigated, documents subpoenaed, and persons to testify. If this
    investigation is conducted, I believe it will prove that Barry Soetoro (Obama)
    has committed many crimes against US law and probably is not eligible for US
    citizenship, much less to be President. He may not be deported, but certainly
    must face trials and imprisonment. I hope that this will force Congress and/or
    the Supreme Court to clarify the meaning of “natural born Citizen”
    and stop the chatter. Hopefully, they might even rule that 14th Amendment
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    law for political and ideological ends. Impeachment should be used much more
    often to enforce Constitutional Law.

  • B000000000000000

    Evil and more evil.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Because he is a complete asshole who wants to ruin the USA.

  • satan’s meat puppets love ebola