Why Were Hellfire Missiles Found On a Portland Bound Passenger Flight?

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Last weekend, bomb sniffing dogs in Serbia made a rather disturbing discovery. A civilian passenger plane traveling from Lebanon (which was stopped for reasons that haven’t been explained) was carrying wooden crates that contained two hellfire missiles. The American made missiles are a staple of the US Armed forces, and they are frequently deployed on predator drones and helicopters. So why were they found on a civilian plane, and more importantly, where were they headed?

While the former is still a mystery, the documents on the crates indicated that their final destination was Portland, Oregon. They were also labeled as “model rockets.” The Lebanese army says the missiles were being used for training purposes and didn’t contain any explosives, but Serbian officials are still investigating the munitions to see if that claim is true. The Lebanese army also claims that they were shipping the missiles back to their manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, but the company says that their Portland office doesn’t work with weapons or munitions.

If these really are nothing more than inert training missiles, then this wouldn’t be the first time this kind of mishap has occurred. An inert hellfire missile was mistakenly shipped to Cuba in 2014, and wasn’t returned to the US until last month. At the time, US officials feared that Cuba would share the missile’s technology with Russia or North Korea. So even if it turns out that these missiles are just training rounds, the Lebanese military has a lot of explaining to do, after they tried shipping highly sensitive military technology on a civilian airline.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

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  • Mike

    because the muslim terrorist cell in the area wanted them. Thanks to obama the terrorist muslim the muslim terrorist cells in the USA are extremely well armed and trained.

    • mirageseekr

      Your odds of dying by falling in the bathroom are significantly higher than dying by the boogeyman “terrorists”. What you should be worried about are the zionists in control of this country. You know …all those people in office that pledge their allegiance to Isrehell and carry duel citizenship.

  • bill lopez

    Can you exaggerate the story and hype the fear anymore? How do you think the government ships things – do you think there is a classified shipping network? Would it surprise you that classified documents are shipped everyday with the us mail?

    If they were inert, they had no propellant and no explosives, and most likely no electronics and if you do a little searching, you’ll find that the cargo was properly labeled, properly documented and properly packed for shipping onboard a passenger flight.

    Passenger flights Which – btw – carry dangerous goods everyday, including flamables, oxidizers, corrosives, explosives and radioactive materials. Everyday, all the time.

    This whole story has been nothing by but hype sinc it was released.

    • Frank

      You, sir, are a Dream Crusher, killing the hopes and disrupting the wet dreams of belligerent doomsayers who are dreaming of the day when “all hell breaks lose” so they can say “I told you so.” I don’t deny the fact that the US is a troubled nation, but I encourage everybody to balance their perceptions with the realities around them – even if what they see conflicts with what they are drawn to believe.
      The writer of this article, “Joshua Krause,” (very likely a nom de plume) has made a career of writing such scare-mongering, inflammatory, half-truth, fact-deprived editorials and I, like you, regularly call them out for what they are – inflammatory half-truths.

  • 1PissedAmerican

    These hell fire missiles must’ve been missed by the TSA while checking grandma’s panties.

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  • Frank

    My drink is called Sarcasm.