Why the U.S. Should Be Worried About the Russian Navy

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I don’t think anyone doubts that the US Navy is the most formidable naval force in the world. It is the one asset that allows Washington to project its conventional military power to almost any location on the planet, and often at a moments notice. Without it, our nation would have never achieved its status as global superpower.

As time goes on however, the Navy is slowly losing its edge. As I’ve written about before, our vast fleets are in no position to dominate the future of naval warfare. If anything, they may be sitting ducks (and expensive ones at that). While most people would assume that the Chinese Navy will be our biggest contender, the truth of the matter is that the Russian Navy may also pose a serious existential threat to our ships in the near future, if it doesn’t already.

In a recent report, the US Navy outlined their concerns about the reemergence of Russia’s Naval prowess. Here’s what’s keeping them up at night:

“In the next 10–15 years, the Russian Navy will continue its historic transition to a new 21st-century navy. A modest number of new class ships and submarines will enter the Navy by the turn of the decade,” reads the ONI report. “Continuing series construction and the start of several more sophisticated and complex new classes are projected for the next decade. The new construction will be accompanied by the maintenance and extension in service of the most capable Soviet legacy units,” the analysis adds.

But while the Russian navy will continue to field ever more capable ships, submarines, aircraft and weapons, it needs to increase its build rate. It is “imperative” for the Russian navy to address this problem, the report notes, “in order to avoid disappearing in the 2020 timeframe.” Moscow’s plans to avoid this fate, again, call for quality over quantity: “The future 21st-century Russian Navy is projected to be more capable on a unit-by-unit basis than at present but not significantly larger in overall order of battle numbers,” the ONI report assesses.

In other words, the Russians are building a first class navy that will be fully capable of going toe to toe with our own. Their only obstacle, is money. Between the cataclysmic fall in global oil prices, and Western sanctions, their economy is hurting in a big way. That will no doubt delay the construction of their advanced warships. On the other hand, they’ve been pretty smart with their money since the fall of the Soviet Union. Russia still has one of the lowest debt to GDP ratios in the world, so they still have a little room to spend.

And in any case, their military-industrial complex is also very self-sufficient. The vast majority of their weapons and parts can be made within their country, so even though the Ruble has fallen significantly, it hasn’t really hurt their ability to keep building. It would suffice to say that Russia’s Navy is still on a steady path to modernization. And if they do pull it off, here are a few of the new weapons systems they’ll be creating. According to the US Navy report:

  • Six new destroyers armed with the latest technology, for countering air, surface, submarine, and missile threats.
  • Several new nuclear powered submarines, as well as a new class of diesel-powered submarines (which are notoriously difficult for our Navy to detect).
  • The construction of at least three nuclear powered carriers has been discussed. These are desperately needed to replace their one and only carrier, the Admira Kuznetsov, which is malfunction prone and rarely leaves port. A new generation of fighter jets and UAVs are also planned to accompany the carriers.
  • The development of laser weapons that can disrupt sensors and destroy structures. Their long-term goal is the creation of high energy lasers that can target satellites.

Also in the report, is Russia’s plan to scrap their conscript military. The Russian military currently has a core of highly trained professionals, but they’re also burdened by plenty of unmotivated draftees. In the near future, they plan to move towards an all volunteer force, which will staff these new ships.

Again, the only thing stopping them is money. Russia is one of only a handful of nations that is technologically advanced enough to match our military. They’re also one of the few that has plenty of industrial, demographic, and raw material resources at their disposal. They’ll need substantial financial resources to pull it all together though. If they manage to diversify their economy within the next 10 years, or if oil prices make a comeback, then there’s a good chance that the US Navy will not only have China to contend with in the future, but Russia as well.

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  • AmericanCitizen

    China has invested heavily in building “carrier-busting” missiles. They cost a tiny fraction of a carrier and don’t need 5000 highly trained people to man a missile silo either. Push comes to shove and the Chinese launch dozens of these at our fleet – it’s Pearl Harbor all over again, but this time the carriers are knocked out – probably permanently.

    • Nexusfast123

      The Russians and Chinese has spent a lot of time and effort in building a whole range of missile types many of which are high speed and can be fired well outside the defensive perimeter of US ship defences. All their platforms are missile platforms. The Russians are testing a Mach 8 missile with India.

  • 0hiojoe

    If we had a real president we would not be worried about what other nations are doing.

    • Our president is busy setting up a communist revolution so we can be more like the Cubans he is having kissing contests with.

      • none

        So they are kissing cusiu ns(!)
        I wonder if Castros the man, and Obama is the?????

        • Glenn Turner

          Barack “bend me over” Obama would love that!!!

  • WeeSee

    you should have doubts that the US Navy
    here is why Apr 7, 2014 – The US Navy’s top officer warned Monday that deep budget cuts have hampered the Navy’s ability to surge in a crisis, saying that the service could only surge deploy one carrier strike group and one amphibious ready group under current levels.

    “you can thank that turd in the white house” your country military is smaller then it was in ww2 now

  • sunshine

    Russia has been prophesied to be the light and hope of the world, both by Edgar Cayce and blind Bulgarian psychic Vanga. So we shall see…but it looks like it’s headed in that direction. I have always been a huge Russophile so I may be biased but God bless Russia. We have dug our grave in the West and someone will need to carry on the Western, white civilization.

    • God is gonna’ put a hook in da Ruskies mouth and pull ’em to Israel , to get melted – the Ruskies and China will get melted that is….. great day in the morning

      • You must have missed the demise of the USSR and the rise of the Russian phoenix from the ashes.

      • sunshine

        Hahaha you’re too funny!

  • even though USA INC is just a corporation and not a gov’t,,,, the Ruskies don’t want the uSA land mass cuz it is too full of IDIOTS who complain non-stop about their lack of taxpayer funded entitlements….it would take da’ ruskies a long time to weed out the parasites, unless they did it with a bit less discrimination. They would of course melt DC as that is where many of Satan’s meat puppets congregate to worship Bail ( Ba’al) as part of their Thugee religion

    • Why are you so ignorant about the fact that ALL government have ALWAYS been corporations? Have you ever driven through Ohio?

      • Dearest cumstain trucker, how do you type with your eyes rolled into the back of your brainless spinning head and vomiting up pea green soup?

        • My head doesn’t spin. Are you related to Linda Blair?
          Where do you get non-words like “cumstain” besides in the porno books you get your concepts of normality from? Do back to your TV and watch some more of your reality concepts on classic horror movies. At least we won’t have to wonder why you act brain dead.

        • AllodialTitle

          EXCELLENT !! That freakshow is constantly vomiting all over the net. Dang welfare government nipple-hog

        • Mordecai Irony

          What about Title 12 U.S.C § 411 ..

      • go cash your gov’t check to continue your dna stain of a subsistence

        • I haven’t ever received a government check.

        • AllodialTitle

          You should know that that dna stain is the most aggravating POS on this site. I always flag and delete his vomit

    • djklek

      There is more truth in your statements than you think. Russia and China have both omitted the USA from there territorial aggression policy. They have no need for this resource depleted, politically unstable land, or it’s inhabitants. The entire world ( minus the USA ) is looking east.

    • SP_88

      The Russians could offer a free all you can eat buffet on a cruise ship to the Bahamas for anyone who has a food stamp card. Only the “cruise ship” never makes it all the way to the Bahamas. Upon unloading their “cargo” into the ocean, they can return to the dock to pick up another load of passengers and repeat this as necessary until they are all gone or until they catch on. (They won’t catch on)

      • NIce !

        • SP_88

          I thought it was amusing. 😉

          • Kind of sounds like a typical day in AmeriKan ‘Courts’ : IMF agent called an Attorney drops you off at the dock, you get hauled out to sea in Admiralty / Maritime JurisFiction and held as surety behind bars in some gulag with fungus infected potatoes until the Bond matures. If you make it passed the ‘healthcare’ professionals …

  • Why would a noisy diesel-powered submarine be hard to find as it sits on the surface charging its batteries, the only source of power it has when submerged?

  • Putin would never, under any circumstances, be interested in joining his nationality with any other, sovereignty being far more important to Russians than to anyone involved in the New World Order.

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  • bill lopez

    Yes, Russia and her single aircraft carrier is a formidable foe for the US Navy….who writes this shit?

    • Mordecai Irony

      With the technological weapons the Russians have and the US Corporation does not, one token aircraft carrier is enough.

  • Mr Reynard

    I don’t think anyone doubts that the US Navy is the most formidable naval force in the world.??
    I don’t think anyone doubted in 1588 that the Spanish Armada was the most formidable naval force in the world.??

  • Nexusfast123

    The winners of wars tend to fight the next war using the strategies of the previous war. My take is that the plane ended the dominance of the battleship, the carrier could only be killed by another carrier during WW2. The carriers dominance has (will) be ended by high speed missiles and subs. Can’t see how they can be defended from super silent subs firing 200mph+ torpedoes or multiple salvoes of high speed missiles many of which can carry tactile nuke war heads and can be launched by from the land, subs, surface ships and aircraft. It is a strategy of asymmetry as you don’t need to build a $2Billion destroyer to kill another destroyer or a $100m jet to kill another jet.