Why the Feds Won’t Crack Down on the Oregon Standoff (For Now)

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Ever since armed militiamen took over a federal building in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, the one question that has been on everyone’s mind is “how are the Feds going to respond to this?” Regardless of whether or not you support these people, you have to admit that the government’s response hasn’t been typical.

At least for now, there isn’t an army of soldiers, or swat teams, or tanks, bearing down on the militia’s position. As far as we know the FBI is en route, and that’s pretty much it. From the accounts that have been coming out of the area, it doesn’t look like a Waco situation. It doesn’t look like a Bundy Ranch situation either.

Granted, this could still get really ugly at any time, but based on what government officials have said, it doesn’t sound like they want that. While its hard to say what they are thinking behind the scenes, publicly they are calling for a peaceful resolution to the situation. Even the White House chimed in, referring to the standoff as a “local law enforcement matter” and refusing to label the militiamen “terrorists,” before calling for a peaceful resolution.

I don’t know if they really mean that, but it means something. Just as the militiamen have claimed that they won’t shoot unless fired upon first, the government may be trying to play the same card. Perhaps they are trying to makes themselves look peaceful and rational, before sending in a provocateur to escalate the situation in their favor, but who knows? It’s just as likely that they genuinely don’t want a civil war on their hands. If they did, they would have burned the Bundy Ranch to the ground back in 2014.

Honestly, I think they learned their lesson after Waco and Ruby Ridge. As much as our authoritarian government would love to shoot and burn every American that challenges them, they know it only makes things worse. In the long run, those incidents only served to catalyze the growing militia movement at the time, and they still inspire fear in our government to this day. Granted, the government wants you to be afraid, but it has to be the right kind of fear. They want you hiding under your bed. The last thing they want, is for everyone to grab a rifle and start organizing with like-minded people.

And that’s precisely why they backed down from the Bundy Ranch. They knew that in the public’s eyes, they did not have the moral high ground. They knew that if they fired upon those ranchers and militiamen, it would only foment more resistance around the country.

That doesn’t mean they don’t want some kind of revolution or civil war in the near future. If they ever want to really lock this country down and suppress all resistance in the population, that would be the perfect excuse. However, it’s hard to say if they want that war to occur right now. They need to be sure that all of their ducks are in a row before they spark that kind of conflict, and I don’t think they are.

Which brings us back to the standoff in Oregon. In the long run, what is our government going to do about this? Are they going to sit back and try to wait out the militia? Are they going to negotiate with them? Will they use a provocateur to inspire violence in the militiamen, or will they just steam roll through them with APC’s and soldiers?

While it’s likely that the government doesn’t want a revolution (at the moment), they have also reached a moment of truth. They’ve come face to face with a crippling reality that every heavy-handed regime reaches at some point.

During the 90’s they learned that violent suppression only breeds more resistance. Now they’re beginning to learn what happens when they don’t respond with immediate violence. If they let these people get away with this, even for a little while, what message are they sending to the American population? That if you show up with guns to a government building, the government will just roll over and play ball? That too, also breeds more resistance. The population realizes that the government is too chicken to fight them, and they’ll start to take back their country.

So there’s really only two courses of action that the government can take, if they want to maintain their long-term existence. They can find a peaceful resolution that leaves them looking authoritative. Or, they can find a way to oust these men by force in a way that makes them look like the good guys (i.e. with a false flag of some kind). If the militiamen don’t leave on their own accord within the coming days or weeks, we’ll soon see what the government is really capable of, and their long-term intentions will be crystal clear.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .

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  • We pray for the safety, freedom and liberty of these courageous Patriots who are standing up for America during this difficult time in our nation’s history, willing to give their lives if necessary to defend our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Rule of Law.

    We have nothing but disdain for groups like Oath Keepers who are attempting to confuse, minimize, belittle and mock their efforts. God Bless all who act in a Christlike manner.

    • Gil G

      If you care about their safety then them to knock if off and go home.

      • Razedbywolvs

        Gill’s back!
        You don’t normally take on government work, Did your contract with Merck Corporation expire?

      • SP_88

        They are willing to sacrifice their safety to ensure our freedom. And I fully support what they are doing. I wish there were more people who had the balls to stand up with them.

  • Wolfmates

    As with Gavin Seim’s (callmegav.com) heroic stance against a corrupt judge, telling her it was not her courtroom but that of we the people, the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge does not belong to the government, Federal or State. It belongs to we the people.

    This very stance and the government’s response demonstrates a fundamental problem in America.

    These brave patriots are willing to lay down their lives for the rest of us. We must support and stand with them if we are going to save our once great nation.

    Shame on Oath Keepers and those denying the righteousness of this heroic effort.

    God bless these Patriots.

    • Gil G

      You mean it belong to cattle-grazers not “the people?” Support them? I presume that means if they did wind up dead you have them always “in your mind and your hearts?”

  • Anothereno
  • The feds learned the lesson about trying to appear to have the moral high ground, and the “optics” of the media (state controlled or not) with Ruby Ridge etc. The fact is, they are now operating in the “Moral/Operational” section square as the “orientation” part of Col. John Boyd’s OODA loop. They will try to keep the perception of moral high ground by running this op from the perspective of a victimized “landowner” who is appearing patient and even benevolent with “ignorant children” who have taken something they don’t own in order to manipulate public opinion. And if public opinion wont work, they will APPEAR to be in the right when they move in with force to eject the militia. Already we have the whining of the leftists to “send in the national guard” to kill everyone as proof the feds moral media tactic is working in part at least. We should be using these same tactics.
    Of course those of us who know better and actually UNDERSTAND Article 1 of the constitution and the limits of federal land ownership know exactly who the real trespassers are…

  • Gil G

    Well-off White people with guns engage in criminal behaviour and the government is supposed to the bad guy? Why? Heck non-Whites and the poor must be seething – they wouldn’t last a week before they either dead or in jail.

    On the other hand, what great difference did Waco make? Some people were angry then got on with their lives save for talking about it now and then.

    • given that both sides are “well off white people with guns”, you can strike race, affluence, or firearms ownership from your point since both sides of the equation (feds/militia) are then equal. Unless of course you’re trying for a straw man argument. As far as “criminal behavior” goes, who owns the land? who’s the trespasser? What laws have been broken?

    • TickTock

      Gil The Shill gets his fill of cawk once again…

    • SP_88

      These people have money. So I guess according to you they should be in jail? Or is it because they are white? They shouldn’t have been put in jail in the first place, but that’s done now. But now they are expected to go to jail again? For the same thing? There was no new crime committed. So there cannot be another trial or conviction for the same crime. That is double jeopardy, and a clear violation of their 5th amendment rights. And when the government refuses to abide by the constitution there needs to be consequences. The government is the servant of the people. We are the boss. And when we say that the government is no longer doing their job the right way, it is our duty to remove them and replace them with people who are willing to work within the limits of the constitution.
      Obviously there will always be people who are too scared of the government to oppose them, but thankfully there are people who are not afraid. And those are the people who will make things right. The whole reason why the government is as corrupt as they are is because they never thought that anyone would stop them. But they were wrong. People are sick and tired of being bullied by the government. And voting, writing letters and complaining to our congressmen is an exercise in futility. It’s time for action. The kind of action that was taken by the people who founded America. It’s the only language the government understands.

    • Yeah! Those God damn hard-working white people that built this country…. who the hell do they think they are?

    • codex

      the government has a vested interest in that land owned by the hammonds; which is why they have ‘removed’ every other rancher in that region exactly as they did with the bundy family. the proof is here, in this pdf file. its a geological survey of harney county. http://pubs.usgs.gov/bul/1740b/report.pdf

  • Enough is enough

    Is there any real prof that these guys are some real patriots? Or is this a false flag to push this bullshit gun control that Obama Is trying to push. All those mass shootings didn’t work they will try this. Why isn’t there a swarm of F.B.I.there. Some things just don’t add up.

  • StevetheHun

    From Article 1 Section 8 of the US constitution
    To exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever, over such
    District (not exceeding ten miles square) as may, by cession of
    particular states, and the acceptance of Congress, become the seat of
    the government of the United States, and to exercise like authority over
    all places purchased by the consent of the legislature of the state in
    which the same shall be, for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals,
    dockyards, and other needful buildings;

    Okay… District of Columbia… Check.
    Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dockyards, and “Needful buildings” … Check.
    Wildlife Refuge? No power for the fed to own that.
    National Forest? No power.
    National Park? No power.

    So, the issue seems to be that the government wants this family’s land. To that end, they sent them to jail for setting a backfire on “government property” (really state property). Then, after doing time, some idiot judge says “Back to jail” on a terrorism charge… for the same act.

    From the Fifth Amendment
    … nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb;

    The judge violated the fifth.

  • Doom On You

    They have every right to protest the government whether or no the Hammonds want them there.

  • Joe

    The most powerful weapon the people in charge have is not our uniformed brothers ,sisters, fathers, mothers, friends, or neighbors but there abality to controll the distribution and all forms of information and communication and there well seasoned abality to manuiplate it in order to controll the pouplation as they see fit. Sit ,listen, kneel and pray. These guys have no clue why there doing this, for the rights of a few wealthy farmers who own more land then 95% of the people I know. A wealthy white tax evading felon in a cowboy hat is somehow rallyed for by the masses after knowingly repeating the same crime twice. BLM and Forestry lands are utlized by the general public for all kinds of reasons and more often then not are designed to cater to the public. A couple of repeate arsonist who have 10’s of thousands of inherited land stolen from the local native peoples and somehow people are calling this blaten viloation of laws put in place to protect our and I emphisise “OUR” publick lands by using them for there own pourpose are equal to armed pot growers in the national forest’s.Now if they were in a 3 peice suit on wall street we would call for there corprate heads on a platter. As for Bundy and the gentelmen who stand with him there playing a game of cat and mouse with a pack of lions IN THE LIONS DEN. These are not the men people with any common sense who are ready for a change in the structur and overall soical design of modern day America are going to run out and die for. Like most any man we just want to keep our wives kids and elderly family members safe from any and all harm. We’ll see how this plays out but the boys have no traction and are all ready being shapened in the eyes of the public by the guy holding the remote controll.

    • ccambridge

      How much we were drinking tonight? Poorly written, horrible spelling and no coherent argument.

    • SP_88

      You have the facts a bit twisted around. These people are being punished twice for the same offense. That is double jeopardy. And the fact that they are being charged as terrorists is just ridiculous. These people already served their time, which I also disagree with, but it’s already done. They were charged with setting a brush fire. It is good for the land and improves the health of it. And the BLM does it all the time. Ranchers have done this for generations. It is not arson. And it damb sure isn’t terrorism. And where do you get tax evasion? I don’t recall reading anything about them not paying their taxes.
      You said that many people are happy to pretend that this is freedom and as long as we all do what the government says we should be fine (I’m paraphrasing). But many people are not happy to pretend anything. We are sick and tired of being pushed around by the government. It must be great to go through life blissfully ignorant of what’s going on as long as you aren’t one of the people who are being bullied by the government. But that’s no way to live. What kind of future do our children have, and our children’s children? If we don’t stop this government’s tyranny now, our children and grandchildren will have a miserable life under an oppressive regime. It isn’t hard to look back and see how much more freedom we had than what we have now, and to imagine how much less freedom we will have in the future than what we have now. And when your children look you in the eye and ask you what you did to try and stop this tyranny, what will you say? Nothing? That it wasn’t affecting me so I didn’t care? That it’s someone else’s problem? Or will you say that you agreed with this tyranny? You are entitled to your opinion, but the facts are unforgiving and they won’t change to support the beliefs of anyone. So if you think that the judge made the right decision, people will have no choice, based upon the facts, to believe that you either support government tyranny and you are a statist, or that you were ignorant of the facts.
      The people who founded this country and fought for our freedom may not have been perfect, they are only human. But they sacrificed everything to make sure that there would be freedom for people that they didn’t know and would never meet. Many of the people who signed the Declaration of Independence lost everything, their property, their families and everything else. And they knew that they would lose everything long before they signed it, but they did it anyway, because it was right. And these militia members are fighting for what they believe is right. The Hammond’s are being unfairly treated by the government. Their constitutional rights are being violated. That should be obvious to everyone. So even if you don’t like the militia groups or the Bundy’s or the Hammond’s, you should still support them because they are doing the right thing. It couldn’t be more clear that the government is wrong.
      I hope that you will consider looking into the facts again. I would suggest trying to find an unbiased source, but that is rarely possible. It is sometimes better to read several articles, some by those who seem to support them and some by those who may not and put it all together. Take note of which ones omit certain details and which ones seem to try and give you as many facts as possible. Usually it’s the MSM who like to leave out many facts and they will write the story in such a way as to make the militia groups look like terrorists. But the facts are all there if you take the time to read through all of it. I personally don’t agree with everything that they (the militia) say or do, but overall they are on the right side, they have the moral high ground, and they are on the side of the rule of law and the constitution. It is the government who has broken the law and violated the constitution.
      But regardless of all the other details, the one unavoidable fact is that the Hammond’s are being twice sentenced for one crime. (I realize that there were two fires on two occasions, but the Hammond’s have already served their time for both fires) They have already done their time in prison. And now a judge is saying that they didn’t serve enough time in prison and they have to go back to prison. Since when is this allowed to happen?!? Never! It is very clearly written in the constitution that this will never happen to anyone under any circumstances. This is why prosecutors are so careful to make sure that they have a solid case when they bring certain people to trial, like murderers and rapists, etc. Because once the trial is over, if the bad guy is acquitted, it’s over. And if they suddenly find new evidence of their guilt, no matter how strong the evidence is, even if it is a video of the crime with a full confession afterwards, they absolutely cannot bring them to trial a second time for the same crime. And it doesn’t have to be an acquittal, if they are sentenced to a lesser charge and serve a short prison term, they can’t go back and say that they should have tried them under a different law or with new evidence so they can serve a longer prison sentence, it’s done. People cannot be twice put in jeopardy for the same crime – 5th amendment. Not under a different law, not with new evidence, not at all. And that is exactly what the government is trying to do to the Hammond’s. Double jeopardy. They want to punish them for breaking a different law than the law that they punished them for breaking in the first place. And they can’t do that. It’s illegal, unconstitutional and a violation of their rights. And this is the main reason why the militia groups are protesting against the federal government. There are other reasons as well, but that is the main reason. Perhaps you can put aside your prejudices against people who “own 10’s of thousands of acres” of otherwise desert wasteland and support the people who are sick and tired of government overreach and tyranny. You don’t have to like the Hammond’s, you just have to not like how they are being treated by the government. If it is allowed to happen to them without consequences, they will do it to someone else next. It could be you. Obviously not for setting a fire, it could be anything. Suppose they decided that something you or a close family member did years ago needed to be punished more severely than it was, and now you or they have to go to prison? Would you want the people to turn their backs on you, or support you and try to help you? Because that’s exactly what’s happening here. And if it is allowed to happen here, it could happen to anyone for any reason. Imagine if every crime ever committed, no matter how minor, could be reexamined by the court and the people sentenced to more punishment at the judges discretion. The people would have no choice but to revolt. Otherwise anyone could be put in jail for any reason. Nobody would be safe. This is a movement to prevent that from happening. If they don’t stop them now, then when? After they do this to two more people? Five? Ten? When is it enough? I say zero. This should not be tolerated one single time. And it doesn’t matter if the Hammond’s want their help or not. They have been intimidated by the government, so obviously they are afraid of them. But that doesn’t mean that everyone else should tolerate what the government has done. The government is wrong whether the Hammond’s agree to it or not. And this is a threat to the freedom of all Americans whether the Hammond’s agree to it or not. So all other details aside, this comes down to a simple concept. Freedom vs tyranny.
      So who’s side are you on? The people? Or the government?

      • Joe

        Thank you for the feed back SP-88 I do appericate it. I always try to keep an open mind when listening to someone who may have a conflicting point of view. This I believe, is not one of those conversations. Were on the same page more then you know. I am not sure where you live or how close you are to this situation, but if you live as close as I do you might have a difference opinion. I sit surrounded everyday by BLM land 20 miles south of the Oregon border at the foot of Mt. Shasta or The State of Jefferson. So this situation is unfolding in my back yard. If your intrested in real “facts” heres a few facts that you might be intrested in. My family has owned land in this area for over 70 years. My wife’s bloodline and that of my 2 children trace back to these lands long before Spanish pirates and mass murders like Christopher Columbus ever thought to cross the Atlantic. I’m not regurgitating mindless media propaganda on a random topic I didn’t happened across this story on youtube thousands of miles away in some N.Y. City high rise. I’m right here where it’s happening. So when you ask me “Where do I stand?” Well, I’m standing right in the middle of tens of thousands of square miles of federal managed land with my Native American wife and children. I don’t know if you have ever been married to someone who is owned by the federal government and forced to carry mandatory federal issued identification but I am. I stand here in the Golden State of “we just passed a state wide mandatory vacciation law to poision and mentaly cripple your infant sons and daughters while wiping our asses with all of the exemption rules so we can line big pharm’s 1.4 trillion dollar a year pockets with American’s tax dollars. Injecting there toxic levels of mercury laced formaldehyde dipped virus peppered coctails of 70 different vaccines per visit, to each and every one of our little “thousand points of light” 16 times before there 18th birthday. Then spoon feed you lies of bullshit statistics that say these shots don’t kill thousands of kids a year and induce autisim in 1 in 70 that survive” sunny California. This is where I stand. I will gladly addmit that my overly opinionated post was not some of my best work. But I was going off of what loosly based info I could find from
        the few sites that had information about the parties involved in the early stages of this glorified hunting trip there having. For not fact checking before hitting enter I do appoligize. Do I still think there a group of fools who should
        have at the very least read The Art of War before attempting this protest of theres. Yeah I do. Do I think they are squandering an oppurtunity on a global platform to address countless more important issues to demand impossiable actions. Yeah 4 days latter I still do. They want 8 diffrient states, some the most scarcly pouplated in the country to use state funds to manage millions of acers of public lands that are already manged by the public who the lives around them but refuse to pay 1 million dollars in grazing fee and fines for nonpayment of those grazing fees. Why? So that Bundy sr. Bundy jr. and his 11 siblings can sell open range organicly feed beef to the public for top dollar and not pay anything to the state. Sounds like the 1800’s we read about when the local government’s of the wild west were directly infulenced and controled by ..humm who were the greedy corprate like wealthy 1%”s back then? You know the one’s who owned millions of acers of stolen tribal lands and lived with legal inpunity from the theft rape murder of countless men women and childern?
        (not countless btw with WWII coming in at a distant for combined total of loss of life on all sides at 87 million the
        number of Native Americans killed by settlers of the new world was figured to be no less the 140 million)
        Oh wait I do believe in the east they were called plantation owners and here in the west they called themselves “ranchers”. Now let me be clear I am in no way saying that all of these ranchere of settlers are or that 95% percent of the ranchers back then were like that. The majority of them were small time farmers and ranchers who shaped the west and built this country with
        honest hard work blood, sweat, and tears. What happend to the Hammonds was harsh and I will immeadetly correct my opinionated comments about those men when I am done with this responce. They hadn’t been incarcerated yet at the time my original post was written and I was under the impression they were trying to bs the American public by using the Bundy
        crew to pull some, and I hate to use the quote but it seem to fit, “Shock and Ahh” tactic. They wanted nothing to do with Bundy and his agenda and willingly turned themselves over on the day and time they were ordered to do there bullshit time. Well if I were protesting an injustice and got the attention of the national and international media I would’t run and hide unless I had something to hide. That didn’t strike you as weird that the Hammonds didn’t want to tell there story when they had the country’s ear?
        So I apoligize for my overly harsh description of them. You have know idea just how deep into this I am rooted my friend. And honestly I could have cared less if this “poorly written and grammer lacking” rant had recived a single comment. But as it is, you have happend across my puddle of more or less opinionated word vomit, and took it to heart and rightfuly so.
        I want to add that even though I might think there not the brightest cluster of stars in the sky I recently saw on mindFox news that a member of there group who apparently has “conflicting opinionated belief’s” he likes to post on the internet about other religious groups, which I could care less about his personal innerhatred of other people, thats his buissness, and last I checked his right.Ain’t my belief but were all entitled to our own opinions. anyhow what bothers me is that this man, a U.S. servicemen,
        veteran and former Marine who risked his life in a country, who he was ordered to go to, and likely lost a few of his brothers or saw them killed by what we as a country were told were “religious radicals in an axis of evil who are praying for the death of all Americans”.( I am quoting the former president of the United States so before any readers try and take this historical quote out of context and say this is my belief or personal opinion I would like to reiderate that I am merely useing that quote to make a point. And that point is, if we send our sons and daughters into a place and instill in them that those people are evil and that there job is to kill them to protect our way of life, and then bring them home only to put there picture on national television and call them race hateing domestic terrorist for not being to fondof there battlefield foe, then I guess that would mean that all of our troops fighting radicalist and terrorist in the middle east have a big suprise instore for them when or if they make it home.
        When did we go from”support our troops” to calling them race hating biggots on national television. Sometimes it makes me want to Billy Jack some of these loud mouth media puppets with my left foot on the right side of there powder puffed faces. I might not like the way the D.. dumbasses are running the show but I will always show respect to thousands of men and women who do there duty for this country. And so should the media. If they want to hear a few things the same media groups they work for today were brainwashing the Aerican with back in October 2001 about the people’s of that religious faith I will be more then happy to mash up a youtube video of highlights from not to long ago for them.But as it pertains to this group of boy’s in Oregon and there reasons for there actions thats where I stand on boss. I have read a few of your post and will keep on reading. There a good read and have alot of really good points. See you around bud and thanks again man.

        • SP_88

          Thank you. And good point on the soldiers who were sent to the middle east to fight Islamic extremists only to come home and be labeled as bigots and Islamaphobes.
          I only know what I’ve read. I’m on the opposite side of the country.
          I don’t know these ranchers personally and I can’t say if they are nice or not. I only know about the court decision and the violation of their rights. And according to another article I read the fire the Hammond’s were arrested for starting was a backburn to stop another fire from burning down their house. And this other fire was started by the BLM.
          So basically I sided with the people who thought that the government was violating the rights of the people. But then I learned that the local people didn’t support the Bundy’s takeover of the wildlife refuge because they didn’t tell anyone ahead of time that they were going to do that and also the Hammond’s didn’t want their help. After that, the Oath Keepers and the III%er’s put out videos explaining why they didn’t support the Bundy’s takeover of the refuge. And so did other people who are involved with the militia movement or are friends and acquaintances of them. One of them is from Oregon and he said that they didn’t appreciate outsiders coming into their state and fighting against the government supposedly on their behalf without planning it with them ahead of time. They just took it upon themselves to do it.
          So while I sympathize with the Hammond’s and their double jeopardy situation, I think that the people who are at the wildlife refuge should just call it a day and go home. It’s just not the right place to make a stand.

  • Aug Ust

    Goes to show some people have

  • stand4ever1
    • Aug Ust

      yeah the News media are going to lie to the people
      “Whoever controls the media, controls the mind”
      Jim Morrison

  • Aug Ust


  • You sure he is a person and not a script/bot? I’m not.

    • davee

      Would a script bot be able to make as many Grammar errors as Gil does?

      • To appear real, sure. I’m not saying it with certainty, I just have a suspicion.

  • paulgilpin

    Honestly, I think they learned their lesson after Waco and Ruby Ridge.

    statements like that open yourself to the discussion of, “was the murrah building a false flag to paint militias as murderous zealots or a legitimate opening salvo in a pushback against progressive liberalism that currently occupies the drivers seat in american politics?

  • SP_88

    You have obviously taken the side of tyranny. Are they using flavored shoe shine on their boots nowadays? I hope the boot licking works for you.
    I don’t think for a moment that you honestly believe that the government has the right to ‘re-sentence anyone to another prison term for the same crime in violation of their 5th amendment rights and double jeopardy. So if you aren’t that stupid than you must be a supporter of tyranny and statism.

    • Observe the consistency of that one and you will see that you are right in your assumptions.

  • SP_88

    It doesn’t matter what the Hammond’s want. The government is wrong. And the justice system has failed to protect the people from unjust punishment. And the only reason the Hammond’s have said that they didn’t want help is because the government intimidated them and bullied them and they are afraid now. It’s not that they don’t want help, they are just afraid of what the government will do to them if they lose.
    So exactly what do you think is a better way to stop the government from this reign of tyranny?
    I don’t agree with everything they (the militia) have said or done, but unfortunately the only language the government understands is force and civil disobedience. If the government didn’t violate the constitution on so many occasions with impunity, this wouldn’t be an issue. But it’s been a long time coming. The government has gone too far and they need to be told no. There needs to be a line in the sand. People are sick and tired of being bullied by the government.

  • Helix Powers

    There is definitely something fishy about this when in America unarmed people get gundowned in the street, and protesting college students get peppered sprayed in the face, etc., This story is so annoying to me I really dont care about it anymore.