Why the Democrats Can’t Let Go of Losing

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The Democratic Party has become everything it once was against.

Let’s get one thing straight right at the start: criticizing the Democratic Party and its ruling elites is not the same as “supporting Trump.”

The either-or accusation is a classic propaganda technique to silence dissent. During the Vietnam War, for example, anyone dissenting against the official narratives supporting the war was accused of “supporting the Communists.” In other words, criticizing the Powers That Be or their narrative is treason.

This either-or choice was designed to silence dissent by eliminating the possibility that domestic critics had valid reasons to disagree with the war that had nothing to do with Communism and everything to do with America.

Now we hear the same propaganda technique being wielded by Democrats: any criticism of the Democratic Party is “supporting Trump.”

Hogwash. Any institution that can’t accept achingly obvious critiques is doomed. Resilient, confident people and organizations welcome fair criticism, as honest criticism (i.e. intended to improve performance and understanding) is essential to the process of successful adaptation to changing conditions.

So now that we’ve got that straightened out–criticism isn’t necessarily support for “the other side,” it stands or falls on its own merits–let’s nail down why the Democratic Party didn’t live up to expectations in the election.

And we’re not talking about the presidential race, in which the Democrats scored a substantial advantage in the popular vote–we’re talking to the entire election results: state legislatures, the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The Democrats picked up two senate seats and eight in the House, three of which were vacant. Democrats lost the majority in the Senate in 2014 and in the House in 2010, so the the 2016 election was a continuation of a trend begun six years ago.

United States Congress elections, 2016

Why has the nation turned away from the Democratic Party? Perhaps one reason is that the Democratic Party has become everything it once was against.

George McGovern’s 1972 campaign slogan was Come home, America. The current version of the Democratic Party never met a globalist treaty or agenda that it didn’t approve.

The Democratic Party turned anti-war after Lyndon Johnson’s withdrawal from the 1968 race; the current version of the Democratic Party has embraced endless war via proxies, drones and Special Forces–they support interventions and unlimited violence in other nations, as long as American combat deaths are few and far between.

In years past, the Democratic Party presented itself as the party of “the working people” against the business interests of banks and corporations. The current version of the Democratic Party has embraced big banks, financiers, billionaires and corporations, cozying up to Big Money for hundreds of millions in campaign contributions and Super-PAC funding.

Former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary earned $230 million between 2001 (when they left the White House) and 2015. How The Clintons Have Made $230 Million Since Leaving The White House (Forbes). Their foundation has collected some $2 billion, and the foundation’s track record of large donations from non-U.S. players and its modest charitable effectiveness has opened questions about pay-for-play.

As for supporting “the working people”–Hillary’s comment about “deplorables” summed up the unspoken view of the Democratic Party elites.

The Democratic Party has become everything that it once loathed: elitist, globalist, interventionist, self-serving, warmongering and overflowing with hubris.

To avoid looking at their reflection honestly, humans project their own failures and destructive traits onto others, blaming others for their own faults. They justify their self-serving actions, and deny responsibility for their clearly self-destructive behaviors.

This describes the Democratic Party elites to a T. It’s all Trump’s fault, or the Russian hackers, or the “deplorables”–anyone but themselves.

Not that long ago, the Republican Party was being dragged toward a shallow grave — a party drained of ideas and ideals. Trump’s campaign bypassed the Republican Party’s self-serving, hubris-soaked elites, and whether the party will survive the internecine warfare between the Trump camp and the Old Guard remains an open question.

If the Democratic Party clings to elitism, indignation, denial and self-justification, it will be digging its own shallow grave beside the one awaiting the Republican Party should it fail to embrace practical, affordable solutions to the stagnation of opportunity and rising inequality.

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  • Larry I. Lund

    Not all democrats are stupid. Just those who have zero grip on reality. There is a meddlesome aspect to all of this soros backed nonsense. That is to undermine the will of the people. It will continue to be an annoyance. That is polyticks in amerika where the country is divided by political cults.

    • gabe

      My Ex used to be a democrat, but left the party when it went full tilt special interest. She did not leave the party, the party left her behind & then tried to shame her into submitting to the new agendas while demonizing her core beliefs.

      • TrevorD

        Good for her. I guess solid core beliefs should always come before party politics especially when `they` change the agenda.

        • g.johnon

          pretty much everything should come before party politics.

        • fozia

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    • TrevorD

      “soros backed nonsense” an annoyance?
      My Goodness the man is a NWO Elitist lunatic who cares nothing for politics or peace.

      • AmericaAwakens

        Everything soros does is for his own self gratification & pocket book. The hell with the people & countries he has toppled financially (aka people are stupid & do not understand how the “world” ‘really’ works. He is a horses ass that should be in prison based on his treasonous payments to hiring protestors & thugs to disrupt our election & our peaceful transfer power.

      • Larry I. Lund

        I could go truthfully harsh. What is the good in that? The bottom line gets to the question of how one person is able to bribe so many people? We all know why. It is the Elephant and the Donkey in the living room. Laws have been made to allow bribery.This could be stopped just as easy as it was started. I feel that over all “the people” want the elected to be honest. But, an honest politician seems to be an oxymoron. This goes for states, cities and towns. All the way to school boards. Busy ness as usual. It is a very ugly thing which has been done. Changing a politician or 2 each election cycle seems to have zero effect. All 3 branches of Governance are in on this. How ugly does it have to get before the elected and selected regain values? Rhetoric does not equal action. Our nation has a dark cloud over it as a result of these warlike ways. A slice of moral pie may be served by the admission of the broken system. It is not beyond repair. There is no time to loose. Term limits would fix many issues. Life time appointments of the SCOTUS included. The jurists in my opinion must not be selected but, elected. When the law breaks the law there is little hope. Prime example is giving Corporations personhood. That alone is grounds to impeach each black robe. Too big to fail my ass. There is no such thing.

  • James Bennett

    “To avoid looking at their reflection honestly, humans project their own failures and destructive traits onto others”.
    “This describes the Democratic Party elites to a T”.

    I think this describes Saul Alinsky to a T.

  • John C Carleton

    Because they are Demophiles?

  • Innocuous

    The DNC needs serious therapy. They’re slowly committing suicide and trying to take their followers along for the ride. 🙁

  • Smarty

    Give it a year and I bet we’ll be seeing pictures of O-Bowel-Movement that say ” Miss me yet ?”. I can’t get past the fact that Trump was all buddy-buddy with the Clint-bums, and that he’s not exactly “draining the swamp” like he promised. He also brought on J/Sessions who’s a huge anti 420 advocate, which is a constitutional violation in all respects. It’s a damn PLANT, and I’m tired of being told what I can and can’t ingest. There really aren’t two parties. There’s ONE party, and we’re not invited….

    • robert

      I really agree its a charade of one party system

      • If you want to control a large group of people, split it into two opposing groups.

    • Gil G

      But Trump promised change.

      • Bethjhodge

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      • g.johnon

        easiest thing in the world to promise change since it is the only true constant (the great dichotomy of sentient life) change will come in every nano-second of existence. change is the most consistent thing in existence. what is way harder to promise is what you will change and how you will change it.
        why is everyone overlooking the elephant in the room? that trump IS the once percent.

    • Dr. Detroit

      Only time will tell if Trump is a Manchurian candidate or not. They manner he spoke during the primary cycle seem to indicate it was heart felt and not a rehearsed line. Regan, who most Repub’s seem to worship, was a Democrat until “his party left him behind. While Trump is an unknown, we knew all we needed to about Hillary.

      • I think he’s going to show his true colors and the people are not going to like it but at least he wasn’t selling seats in his administration to the highest bidder.

  • Jimmy Yost

    Not being able to let go of losing is about the same as not being able to admit a fault or being wrong, which is the most poignant characteristic of a narcissistic personality disorder. A full-blown narcissist is unable to admit a fault, or to admit having been wrong, and will never apologize. The words “I’m sorry,” and “I was wrong,” aren’t in their vocabulary. Narcissism is epidemic in America now. It’s a media-induced lunacy, disseminated mostly through TV and movie watching. Weak minded people tend to imitate those who they trust and/or idolize. In other words, these narcissistic whining Democrats are merely reflecting the personalities of Hillary and the mainstream media talking heads.

  • billyjackeng

    To the leftist sheep, this election loss was not a just repudiation of their ideology, it was a denunciation of their government created religion of Secular Socialism. Their reaction is not just sadness over the political loss, but complete emotional devastation caused by the rejection of their faith in the Supreme Central Collective that promises a socialist utopia on Earth.

  • John Mackerel

    That’s because they (elites) already had the war planned against Russia…

  • Bas

    The Democratic Party has become everything that it once loathed:
    elitist, globalist, interventionist, self-serving, warmongering and
    overflowing with hubris.

    Turning to Europe, thy, the E.U Parliament, members, deserve, with honor, the same classification. Europa media channels are awaiting U.S orders how to go farther on the road of self destruction.

  • Meltonmark

    It is 12:41 here in the UK on Monday 19.12.2016.. RIght now, as I type this, there is a debate on BBC on a daily programme called ‘Politics Today’. This debate centres around the ‘fallacy’ of there being a liberal elitist ruling cabal that somehow manipulates the world in their favour. Now, get this – the persons in the studio debating the issue comprise 1 x Black male MP in Westminster, 1 x Asian female MP in Westminster, 1 x white female (Chair), and the guest speaker who is a member of the elite. NOWHERE is there a white working class male, or even a white working class female. Instead I am hearing all the usual propaganda tripe being spewed out yet again – they represent the average person in Britain, they speak for the people, the voters [meaning the peasants] have got it all wrong, etc, etc. NOT ONCE have I seen a BBC debate chaired by ordinary working people, hosting a debate by ordinary working people. As always, it is the same liberal elite sitting in the studios, setting the agenda, and pontificating about how the peasants are all wrong. And they wonder why the people are turning against them.

    • TrevorD

      They do great TV in alot of areas but agree anything related to news, history or current events is totally controlled.