Why Some People Will Always Bow to Tyrants

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As America continues to descend into a vicious police state, many have wondered how it all came to this. The easiest answer to that question, is that we let it happen. No matter how brutal a regime may be, tyrants never come to power unless they gain the approval, or at least the indifferent consent of their people.

So the real question is, how come so many people seem absolutely complacent in the face of our crumbling cultural values, and the steady march of tyranny? Even worse, how can so many people revel in it? It seems like the number of people who truly value freedom are severely outnumbered by idiots and power tripping busybodies. Granted, the number of people who want to be free has grown in recent years, but they’re still few and far between when compared to the glut of grovelling masses that we share the world with.

Here’s the awful answer to that question, and the dirty truth that most people can’t bring themselves to admit to. Most people love freedom, but only as an idea. They like the idea that they can do whatever they want, they admire the archetype of the rugged individualist, and everyone loves underdogs and rebels. In other words, people love the banners and symbols of freedom, but do they love freedom in practice?

I would argue that no, many of them don’t. As strange as it may sound, most people really struggle with having freedom. Let me provide an example, of which there are many in the field of marketing.

In the year 2000, two psychologists conducted a study on how the number of choices we have effects our behavior. They went to a supermarket and displayed 24 different gourmet jams on a table, and provided $1 coupons to see how much interest it garnered. They did the same thing the next day, but instead of 24 jams, there were only 6. The large display attracted much more interest, but the small display generated 10 times as many sales.

Maybe you think that study is inconsequential, and I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that, but let me share another case that will clarify my point. One of the psychologists who conducted that study, did another study on the differences between end of life care in the United States and France. She interviewed parents in both countries who had children on life support. In France, the doctor makes the decision as to whether or not a child is taken off life support, and in the United States it is the parent’s decision.

She talked to these parents a year after their children had died. The American parents were much more distraught over their decision to pull the plug. They still had nagging doubts about whether it was the right decision to make, and they felt like they had “executed” their children. The French parents on the other hand, didn’t feel nearly as bad about the situation. They were well on their way to coping with the tragedy.

The point I’m trying to make here is that most people don’t like having choices, despite how much they’ll argue to the contrary. The more choices they’re given, the more likely they are to not like the choices they have or make. There’s much more doubt about whether or not that choice was correct, which leads to some pretty counter-intuitive conclusions. You can measure how free you are by the number of choices you have, and most people claim to love freedom, but in many cases those people are happier when they have fewer, or no choices. I think most people are simply happier without freedom, which is unfortunate and sad to say the least.

And that is why so many people accept tyranny, and why it will always be a problem for the human race. Because tyranny is so much easier than freedom. It is acquiescence. It means giving up. Tyranny is for quitters, and it amounts to handing over the reins to someone else.  Most people are happier when they don’t have a choice, and they don’t even realize it.

However, there is another way to look at this odd human behavior.

There was another interesting fact that was gleaned from that study. The American parents who had chosen to take their sick children off life support, still regretted their decision. But when asked if they would have had it any other way, most of them claimed that they would have still made the same decision. Their decision made them unhappy, they knew it made them unhappy, but when they were asked if they would have rather let the doctor make that choice, they all said no.

And that right there is an example of people who truly want freedom, and not just the rosy idea of freedom. Those who truly want freedom are willing to accept the painful struggle of having a choice in life, and prefer it to the ignorant bliss that comes with not having a choice. However, it was only applicable to that particular situation. Would those same parents prefer to have a choice in every other aspect of their lives?

Unfortunately, that kind of person is a rare bird these days. If you could ask everyone in the world about their ethics and political beliefs, you’d probably find a wide variety, but most of them would have one thing in common. There’s always some part of their lives that they are willing to relinquish to a “higher authority,” and that part differs depending on their ideology. Most people don’t really want the full freedom package.

So it’s up to the rare few who really want freedom, without compromise, to make it a reality for themselves. The human race will always teeter on the edge of a tyrannical abyss, because there is an inherent weakness in our species. We’re happier when we don’t have so many choices (or freedom), which means that accepting tyranny is easy for us. It takes all our strength and moral fiber to rise above it, because we default towards tyranny (which is defined by the lack of choice in our lives) when we stop caring. It’s our natural inclination.

Just as human weakness and apathy leads to ignorance, violence, and hatred, it also destroys freedom. And the political and financial elitists of the world want you to give in to your weaknesses, and fall back on those baser instincts. They want you to give up. They want you to yearn for a simple life, where your choices are taken care of by someone else. They want you to be a slave.

But do you really want that? Do you have the strength to make that choice?

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .

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  • But is that desire for control something that’s really inherent in the species or were we conditioned, over time, to be that way? I wonder if the earliest settlers, who truly had to make all the hard decisions on their own, ever found themselves wishing for some vast authoritarian body to ease their burden. I doubt it. Seems to me that once government really bore down, they set out to control bigger chunks of our lives, but also to make us crave that control. With each new generation, there’s a little less freedom and before long, we have a population of people who view the idea of individuality as a quaint relic from another time. If you grow up in a house where mommy cleans your room, wipes your nose and buys you new things when the old ones are broken, how much independence are you going to develop?

    • OpenMinded

      Its easy to bow to authoritarian (tyrannical) powers when you have no spine.

    • If you grow up in a house where mommy does nothing for you, will you die in full control of starvation?

    • Reverend Draco

      I think that it’s conditioned. . .

      Considering that 90% of the history of mankind passed before the twin evils of government and religion were created – both scams go back only 10,000 years or so – it’s a learned response.

  • berrybestfarm

    I’m seeing the problem more as those lacking self-confidence trying to curry favor with those in power. Whether it is a jury going along with a broken system or acquiescing to checkpoints, be it DUI or illegal immigrants. They are under the false hope that if they cooperate they won’t be hurt.
    Dennis Patterson–Deer Park, Washington

  • jim_robert

    Hey Joshua! Where did you get that picture of one of those “Yes we can” chant-ins at top?

    • Reverend Draco

      Oh. I thought it was Bellamy’s Pledge of Allegience. . .

  • molon_labe

    An excellent article. However, I think most people could understand it better if you used something like police, or various government services. While I believe there is a need for a small, professional force. I think we’d all be better served by exercising our right to bear arms, and aiding one another. This would keep taxes low, communities close knit and government in check. But, people have become so accustomed to someone else doing it, they’d rather see an innocent man shot in the back by someone who should have never worn a bange. It requires nothing but servitude.

    • It is time to return to the well-regulated militia that the founders gave us to solve all of these problems.

  • MrApple

    Lots of people simply like to be told what to do, what to think, and what is allowed. People, a huge chunk of them anyway, are simply two legged sheep.

  • gato felix

    ” If all that Americans want is security, they can go to prison. They’ll have enough to eat, a bed and a roof over their heads. But if an American wants to preserve his dignity and his equality as a human being, he must not bow his neck to any dictatorial government” Dwight D. Eisenhower.

  • Acquiescence is the same as consent, and most Americans have never learned the difference between acquiescence and giving consent.
    Peasants live a very simple life. They spend their entire lives doing the field work on the lord’s farm in return for the opportunity to eat as much as they can before the vassal takes it all, to split with the lord.

  • BigGaySteve

    Most people are idiots and cowards

  • SovereignPatriot88

    This is why all the bureaucracy and red tape and all the hoops they make you jump through is the interface between us and our government. Want a driver’s license or car registration, wait in line, they reject your request for some stupid reason, repeat as necessary. Same thing with the IRS or any other government agency. It’s to break down your spirit. It’s very stressful to follow all the many rules and regulations for every thing you do. This is also why the economy is so bad. We have less resources to work with, and all our time is spent working and taking care off our family, there isn’t any time to worry about what’s going on behind the curtain. Most people think “as long as it doesn’t effect me, what do I care” or “I don’t have anything to hide”. And they have no clue how it could effect them or what they have that they should hide or how they should hide it. This is why they call them sheep.

  • molon_labe

    Of course there’s always going to be pillowbiters. Lucky for us there’s always going to be people to take a stand against tyranny. Few as we may be.

  • Jackson Heuer

    Not a bad article, but not ideologically sound, either. Solve for people’s material problems, and they will be free on their own. See also: Buckminster Fuller

    • Whose money will you use to solve their material problems, and how will you get that money? That is what determines the ideological bent. Buckminster Fuller learned the hard way that the best solution isn’t necessarily the one that free people will choose.

      • Jackson Heuer

        Pure crap. Robotics removes money, if not mandatory work. The future is volunteer work.

        • What does robotics have to do with it? Do you have any electric appliances? Do you not recognize them as small scale robotics? Volunteer work is good for those who are independently wealthy, but it doesn’t pay as well as McDonald’s.

          • Jackson Heuer

            If robotics make and transport everything, you will have nothing to buy.

          • I’ll have plenty to buy, but no income to buy it with, since some robot made what I used to, if I was employed in the manufacturing sector. Fortunately, it is unlikely that fully automated heavy trucks will see deployment during the remainder of my life, because they are utterly incapable of being programmed to anticipate the stupidity of the average driver. I currently work as an assembler in a Walmart, and I am very popular, being the first competent they’ve had, by their own claims, since the last competent one moved to TLE. Because I am (and will remain) a temp, I am immune to the uniform requirements, goofy scheduling and hour cutting, and retasking that reduce the efficiency and the morale in the store.

  • KaptainAmericana

    …………… The smiling smooth talking Flim-Flam Artist will “always” achieve some type of power over others, whether at work or in politics. People actually have a latent attraction to smiling, charismatic showmen, irrespective of their “Plan”.

  • KaptainAmericana

    The Ignorant Masses will do as they are told, each and every time.


  • KaptainAmericana

    The Ignorant Masses are afraid of dissenters. They don’t want to have to think for themselves. Reality is too much for the Ignorant Masses to cope with. That’s why simple propaganda always works. There’s no critical thinking involved when you just accept government propaganda.

  • KaptainAmericana

    The Ignorant Masses will always outnumber the thinkers by 100X. That’s why the American style Revolution will never happen again.


  • oldman67

    Alex de Tocqueville during his time in America observed: Americans tend to follow their leaders and have trouble thinking for themselves. Has it really changed all that much since his observations?