Why, of All People, Is Henry Kissinger the Voice of Reason on Syria?

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You know things are pretty far gone when one of the most notorious warmongerers is the voice of restraint in Syria.

War criminal Henry Kissinger, who has been involved in escalating numerous crises in other countries for decades now, is actually managing to sound like the voice of rational thought and compromise over Syria.

“The destruction of ISIS is more urgent than the overthrow of Bashar Assad,” he wrote in the Wall Street Journal on Friday. “The current inconclusive U.S. military effort risks serving as a recruitment vehicle for ISIS as having stood up to American might.”

No one, other than the insane warhawks running the show at NATO, want to see a full-on war with Russia… not even Henry Kissinger apparently.

“The U.S. is now opposed to, or at odds in some way or another with, all parties in the region,” Kissinger warns.

Meanwhile, Senator John McCain and his ilk who seek a wider war just keep beating this “we’ve got to train more moderate rebels” drum. At a recent NATO press conference in Brussels, General Keane warned that it is Russia who is starting a proxy war with the U.S., and called again for us to train more “moderate rebels,” even though we are being told the half-a-billion-dollar program only netted what, four or five guys?

Even Obama is backtracking now, claiming he never thought it was a good idea from the beginning (even though he continued to play his part asking Congress for more and more funding on the program he was supposedly always skeptical of).

The real truth is, as Putin so eloquently points out, there are no moderate rebels.

On an aside, take a look at the difference between where the Russian strikes are and the U.S. strikes are in Syria.


The U.S. has been “striking” Syria for over a year now and, other than a sustained money maker for U.S. defense contractors and another defense budget black hole, what exactly does our government have to show for it?

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  • Rick E.

    My guess would be that he worries for Israel, as he knows they’ll piss Russia off significantly sooner or later.
    He worries that his Zionist paradise will be turned into a field of burnt sand and bodies.

    But he IS correct on his assertion.

    • gato felix

      That’s actually a very good point! I was thinking more along the line of trying to save what’s left of the U.S. respect in world affairs, now that Russia is is doing what the U.S. supposedly should have been doing against ISIS!!

      • Rick E.

        Thanks Gato! Kissinger is a “dual citizen” of the USA and of Israel. His main concern is for Israel and he will always remain loyal to Israel first.
        That being said, while he IS a warmonger, he is also smart and fairly prudent.

      • Someguy

        Which is probably their way of sinking more US trust so they can further trash the world economy and then get filthy richer from buying up property from dead people on the cheap.
        There are no good sides anymore. Thanks jews.

    • freewheelinfranklin543

      Henry has worked for Russian intel for close to 70 years.

  • Alberto

    I have always wondered why not even one US citizen ever asked who the fook is HK? Never received even one vote in an election but was allowed to negotiate the Vietnam Peace Agreement in Paris? Every dog has their day. Looks like HK is about to pay the piper and he is attempting to distance himself from his fellow criminal element. All the evidence of HKs treachery and duplicity are captured on video for all to see and hear. Nice try Heinz. Have the most pleasant of trials and executions.


    • Truman Golden

      He is part of the hidden or behind the scene government which is Jewish and Zionist. they don’t care about votes because they are the true government of the USA.

  • Alberto

    After over 60 years of writing the narrative I see that the representatives of JooSA still believe that they are writing the narrative. Note that the map supplied by Institute for the Study of War does not contain either Israel or Saudi Arabia. Wistful thinking.

    Syria is the Russian/Syrian/Iranian/Iraqi/Hezbollah/Hamas Axis base of operations. Make no mistake, the main target is Saudi Arabia and the secondary target is Israel. Israel may well destroy its own self prior to being attacked by the Axis. Both SA and Israel will have to be nuked in order to get their undivided attention.

  • David Cameron Jr.

    It’s not that Kissinger worried about ISIL. Zionist zillionaires have backed down from their bluff due to Putin’s persistent resolve over Iran and Syria. These zilionaires have everything to lose considering all the stolen zillions they have accumulated. They have no gut for any real war(s) against Russia and/or China.

    It’s these zillionaires who have called off the attacks after learning that Putin means real business and Russia has the tools to enforce Putin’s policies.

    Kissinger is changing his color trying to please Putin into a saving-face solution.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    Even Henry K. recognizes that a war with Russia is a bad, Bad, BAD idea. Unfortunately, Obama is in charge and taking instructions from someone else.

  • Richard Wahd

    Living proof some cockroaches take a long time to die.

  • mirageseekr

    Obama is playing checkers while Putin has been playing master level chess. It is very telling that most Americans have started to listen to Mr Putin and respect him as a leader who cares for his citizens. What is frightening is wondering how insane those at the top really are. They see the pitchforks coming for them soon, would they start WWlll in hopes of avoiding being held accountable for their own crimes?

  • Ken5745

    Kissinger’s motto is “By deception we shall wage war too.” Sound familiar?

  • Ben

    Kissinger helped cause the mess in Syria by pissing off Assad’s dad, according to Adam Curtis. Watch Hypernormalisation on youtube.