Why Is This Bank Hoarding 550 Million Ounces of Silver? What Are They Preparing For?

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It’s no secret that the precious metals market has been manipulated by a small conglomeration of shadow players for over a decade. In fact, just in the last few months Deutsche Bank, well known for their trading prowess, settled lawsuits amounting to over $100 million dollars after having scammed investors by rigging prices on so-called open exchanges for silver and gold.

But if you think that was bad, consider that JP Morgan, one of the world’s most influential financial institutions, has been helping to rig prices while also hoarding upwards of 550 million ounces of silver.

Now why would an institution be suppressing prices to give the indication that an asset is under performing, while at the same time stockpiling it en masse?

As Wealth Research Group rightly asks in the following report, “what are they preparing for?”

Watch this critical report:

They are using their status as the SLV custodian to enrich themselves by buying up cheap silver.

Why is JP Morgan buying up silver? What are they preparing for?

What is happening behind closed doors at the meeting of the Federal Reserve Banks, the government think tanks and councils of the elite that has JP Morgan, the biggest silver bull on the planet, to the point where they are desperate enough to commit fraud on a global scale?

With silver prices having been suppressed in recent years, falling from nearly $50 to around $16.50 today, one can’t help but think that JP Morgan’s massive holdings are an effort to prepare for a significant upswing in coming months and years.

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