Why Is JFK Allowing International Passengers in Without Making Them Go Through Customs?

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You know the airport, right America? It’s that place where special “Homeland Security agents” who have had two weeks of training on how to view their fellow citizens as suspects who are guilty until proven innocent and how to properly grope someone’s boobs and crotch get to harass and molest everyone who wants to board an airplane all day, every day, day in, day out.

It’s a place where we have no rights or freedom to travel. Where a three-year-old in a wheelchair on his way to Disneyworld can get stopped so a grown man can feel inside his waistband and swab his leg cast for bombs. A place where grandma’s colostomy bag can get ripped out because it makes ‘Murica’ safe from terrorists. A place where you have to take your flip flops off and walk on a floor covered in hundreds of other people’s sweaty foot junk because hey, they don’t know, you might have found an ingenious way to smuggle a loaded gun or a bomb capable of taking a plane out of the sky in 1/2 an inch of cheap rubber you’ve been walking on all day.

A place where reality clearly does not apply anymore.

Perhaps that’s why, in the same breath that all that is going on, at the same time at JFK airport, international passengers arriving from Mexico are apparently allowed to just come right in without even going through customs at all!

A traveler on the flight who had been to Cancun to go to three Phish concerts told NYDN all about it:

“It’s absolutely absurd,” the business adviser said. “To think that anyone could be walking off of that plane and just get right into the city. It could be terrorists, El Chapo’s henchmen, anyone.”

The guy even tried to tell TSA what happened and they didn’t care:

The jam band fan said he even approached a Transportation Security Administration agent near the exit, but was told he was free to go.

“I told them what happened and asked them what should I do,” the passenger said. “They said to me ‘That’s fine, you’re OK. Go ahead.’ ”

And the exact same thing happened back in November, too. And if someone isn’t there to report when it does happen, who really knows how often this happens and from where else in the world people are coming in without even having to go through basic customs. Answer? No one.

Security theater, ladies and gentlemen. It’s all security theater. Just remember this the next time one of these TSA agents is “patting down” your wife or kid… Are Americans ever going to walk away from this tyranny and refuse to participate?

If enough of us did, it would have to stop.


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  • TSA and Customs are totally separate agencies.

    • Reverend Draco

      My Quarter Pounder already looks like a pickle =P

      • Why else would I want extra pickles?
        I thought I had solved my problem with downloading the content from my Amazon cloudplayer to a thumbdrive, necessitated by Amazon not allowing downloads to Chromebooks. Unfortunately, the geek I retained to do the job says that the USB3 thumbdrive I gave him wouldn’t work on his Chromebook. I probably don’t need to explain anymore for you to see what the problem is.

        • Reverend Draco

          So much for backwards compatibility. . .

          • Why would he try to download my content onto a Chromebook when I couldn’t do it on my Chromebook? I don’t think he really had a problem with backwards compatibility, since Chromebooks have USB3. All of this took place after he’d told me that he’d do it on his PC.

          • Reverend Draco

            Ahh. . . my friend must have an older Chromebook then.

          • I have the first and cheapest one Samsung made, and I’ve been told that USB3s are stock on all of them, they wanting to be able to do high speed transfers to and from flash, since they can’t do anything else, lacking optical and hard drives.
            The problem is with Amazon’s failure to make themselves compatible with everything they sell.

          • Reverend Draco

            Ok. . . my friend might be pleased to hear of USB 3.0 compatibility. . .
            He sort of inherited it when his mom passed last month. . . not impressed with it so far.

            Says it’s basically an android tablet without the pros of an actual tablet. . .

          • It doesn’t run Android apps is a reason to not like it?
            Which tablet has a physical keyboard?

          • Smarty

            What does any of this have to do with the Reverend’s quarter pounder that looks like a pickle ??

          • Who said it did?

          • Reverend Draco

            All it runs is Android apps. . .

            No tablets have physical keyboards (that I’m aware of – discounting the Rube Goldberg “Surface”). . .

          • My Chromebook will not run Android apps.
            Android devices will not run Chrome apps.
            Their configurations are different, as you have noted.
            Chromebooks are laptops, not tablets.

          • Reverend Draco

            Weird. . . we spent about an hour going over this a few days ago. . .

            Maybe his problem is he thinks google means android?

            He has been having a hell of a time finding software that’ll run on it. . .

          • A lot of people have difficulty separating GNU-based OSs that have become commercially successful. Apple uses a variant of Unix. Android, Chrome, and Chromium are, as I understand it, various Linux distros, Linux being another GNU-based OS, all of which are open-sourced versions of Unix, which is very pricey and extremely stable, having been created by Bell Labs in 1969, to be used in the electronic switching systems developed and manufactured by Western Electric, the manufacturing arm of the Bell System, and my first employer out of high school.
            Chrome has a proprietary kernel, which really pissed off developers when it was released, which is why Chromium came along shortly after.

      • AtomicMetroid

        alright. That was pretty good for a DLR-worshipper. I’ll give ya that.

        • Reverend Draco

          You find one, you let me know, mkay?

    • Right to the Point

      They are both under the DHS umbrella. If we harken back, that’s why the DHS was formed. So that they would share info more freely.


      • So when will the sharing begin? After we are all dead from a legitimate civil war?

        • Right to the Point


          • America has at least 16 governmental intelligence agencies that seldom, if ever, talk to or cooperate with each other, being more territorial than any animal could be, for fewer and poorer reasons. The only way to get them to work together would be to combine them into one, and that would be of dubious success, as well.

  • Reverend Draco

    “Walking away” isn’t good enough – walking away leaves the problem in place for the next guy.

    Breaking any part of them that touches you. . . there’s a solution – enough of them end up at room temp, they’ll get the message.

  • Anothereno

    Complaining about not being hassled?…….

    • doodaa

      Sounds like apples and oranges. But, who ever said all were equal?

  • doodaa

    Rent a car and drive. It’s a lot more fun if you stay off the interstate. Explore your country. You might be surprised how many good ol’ ‘mericans you meet on the journey.

    • varlog

      True, if you don’t get mugged, raped, or killed before you run into a “good” one.

      • sunshine

        Well don’t do it unarmed! Whenever we go anywhere we drive. And we are always prepared. If we can’t carry, we don’t go.

  • Rick E.

    WHY? Because it’s politically correct and expedient to wave certain people through the customs protocol, and it’s a bunch of bullshit! We wouldn’t want to subject some to closer inspections now would we?

  • sleat

    The better to justify the next wave of war abroad and repression at home. The beast must grow; welcome to the loop.

  • Angel Dunne

    Because we are in the prison and they are not…….it’s just an open air prison like Palestine. You are the threat according to them.

  • ChrisD

    Miami is the same, came on a flight from the Dominican Republic in-transit to London, was inside the departure terminal after passport check. Just used the “Exit to Terminal” door, voila, outside for a few smokes and lunch at Chile’s for a few hours without having any entry visa or clearing customs. Went back in, no problems there at all either…

  • StarFireWarriorPrincess

    SO JUST STOP FLYING until “they” get the message………………

  • StarFireWarriorPrincess

    time for the kenyan queen to go back home to the jungle.

  • Makes perfect sense with today’s non-stop 4th amendment violations.

  • richard franco

    america is full of morons who will endure any abuses because they are pumped full fear of “terrorists” which time and again have been documented to be trained, funded, armed and supplied by the very same government imposing these freedom stripping nazi tactics. good luck