Why Is It Raining Dead Birds in New Jersey?

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There’s a good question for you.

It’s being reported that just days before Thanksgiving in Stow Creek Township, New Jersey, 200 dead red-winged blackbirds began “raining” from the sky.

And it isn’t the first time in recent weeks this has happened in that area, either.

Infectious disease has been ruled out, and despite testing nearby wheat fields for chemical compounds that may have contributed, pesticide poisoning has supposedly been ruled out as well.

Scientists are stumped (via Philly.com):

“We did ascertain that the birds suffered trauma and internal bleeding from hitting the ground,” [New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection spokesman Larry] Hajna said. “But what made them fall from the sky in the first place . . . we can’t say for certain.”


What do you think is causing this?

Curious isn’t it? How these “mysteries” are always reported on, but they hardly ever up finding the cause…

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  • Terry Schulze


  • steeda

    They flew through some chem trails. Or as John Brennan (CIA Director) says SAI (Stratospheric Aerosol Injection). Douchebags! Try asking your local weatherman to explain geoengineering and watch the stupid look on his/her face.

    • Weather people now sign NDAs and who knows what is contained in them, I wonder if we can FOIA that info?

  • frankw

    Why is it raining dead birds in New Jersey? Have you ever been to New Jersey??

  • MDS

    It’s those dang Russians.

  • none

    The Rosters are coming home, to rost?

  • BeeTheChange

    Scientists are stumped….no kidding. How many times have we heard this? Other than the occasional oil spill where the damage is obvious, I have never read or heard one example of a mass animal, bird or marine die-off where the cause is known (or admitted.) I share Melissa’s curiosity about why all these so-called experts never seem to be actual experts at anything.

    • dougstir

      “Scientists” are not even allowed to admit chemtrails exist, never mind that the world is being aerosoiled with highly toxic substances.

      • BeeTheChange

        Then they aren’t scientists, or experts. They’re cowards.

  • Patrick 2016

    Harrp is doing this, fish and bird kills with ELFs