Why I’m Registering to Vote on the Day After Election Day

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As I have discussed many times in the past, since I don’t believe that the system we are forced to live under is even legitimate or moral to begin with, I don’t vote in political elections.

Instead I practice and suggest nonpolitical and nonviolent solutions.

Maybe if there was an option for me vote to legalize something then I would be interested, but that isn’t available in my state this time around so there is no way that I could change the quality of my life at the ballot box.

Without rehashing the many reasons to withdraw consent and support from the political process, I will say that principled nonvoters should still consider registering to vote, for the sole intention of serving on a jury.

Unfortunately, to serve on a jury you actually have to be registered to vote, so nonvoters who are interested in jury nullification are going to have to register if they want their chance to say NOT GUILTY.

Jury nullification is basically the right for any juror to not only judge the facts of the case, but to also actually judge the validity of the law itself.

This means that if a jury feels that a defendant is facing an unjust charge they actually have the right to rule in their favor even if they are technically guilty.

Considering the fact that most of the nonviolent offenses on the books today are extremely unpopular for a variety of reasons, you would think that jury nullification would be household knowledge, or taught in schools even.

However, this is a very well guarded secret, with many judges actually preventing the defense from informing juries of their right to nullify laws that they feel are unjust.

At a recent cannabis trafficking trial a man was actually arrested outside of the courtroom for passing out flyers about jury nullification, and at that same trial the defendant was threatened with another charge when he discussed jury nullification in his closing argument.

Luckily, the defendant, known as NJ Weedman, was found not guilty by the jury in the end.

One of the biggest problems that both major political parties refuse to address is the growing police state, and the violent imprisonment of nonviolent people.

Voting for president wouldn’t have changed this, but registering to vote so you can serve on a jury might actually allow you to save a neighbor from kidnap, extortion and imprisonment.

The power and importance of jury nullification is something that i have recently discovered, so i am a bit late with getting involved.

Well, now that the puppet show is over, and i just got a drivers license renewal in the mail with an attached voter registration form, it seems that there is no time like the present to register to vote, even though i wont be stepping into a voting booth any time soon.


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J.G. Vibes is the author of an 87 chapter counter-culture textbook called Alchemy of the Modern Renaissance, a staff writer and reporter for The Intel Hub and host of a show called Voluntary Hippie Radio. 

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