Why Donald Trump Is Merely the Lesser of Two Evils

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When Trump’s presidential campaign first began, everyone was baffled by how quickly he rose in the polls and left every other contender in the dust. In retrospect, his success makes sense. Trump managed to resonate with voters who were tired of the establishment, and wanted anybody but Bush or Clinton. They were tired of Ivy League pontificators, and were ready for a candidate who said whatever he wanted without any kind of filter. It was almost as if Trump stumbled upon a secret cheat code for winning elections. Say what you want in simple terms, no matter how brash or un-PC it may sound, and the people will notice you and respect you.

This has allowed him to wriggle out of every controversial statement he’s ever made while still coming out on top. However, he said something over the weekend that has many of his supporters and detractors wondering if he has gone too far.

Over the weekend, Donald Trump, as he is wont to do, made some news. While extolling the loyalty of his supporters, he mused, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

He then blasted the “soft” support for other Republican contenders. “My people stay,” he said.

Try to imagine how narcissistic you would have to be to say something like that. That’s like something a mob boss would say. This is cartoon supervillian territory. Still, despite the fact that he just insulted his own supporters by saying they’re sheepish enough to vote for him even if he murders a stranger in broad daylight, I imagine he’ll walk away from this statement with more support. It’s happened countless times before, and this will be no exception.

And the reason why he’ll get away with it, is because he stands for something that makes it very easy for every day Americans to overlook the things he says. It doesn’t matter that he supports eminent domain, or that he would deliberately target the families of terrorist with military strikes, or that he has conveniently flip-flopped on many of his political stances. At the end of the day, the entrenched elite of the United States and the world have made it clear that they do not like him, and they’ll do everything in their power to keep him from winning.

He is standing against the establishment at a time when the establishment has never been so unpopular, and rightly so. There isn’t any doubt that the people running our society have run it into the ground, and they hold no real loyalties to America.

But Trump supporters need to realize that they’re making a Faustian bargain if they vote for this man. Sure, the establishment hates him and if elected, he may very well put the elites and the globalists in their place. But the guy is a statist through and through, who has consistently shown that his beliefs will change whenever it is convenient for him. Can you really trust him to execute the policies he has promised on the campaign trail? In that sense, he really isn’t that different from any other politician who has made it to the White House.

To me, Trump is looking more and more like a desperation candidate. He certainly has a solid core of loyal supporters, but it seems like the rest of his supporters are just willing to overlook his countless faults because he appears superior to the status quo. He is an “anything but the other guy” candidate. He has become the lesser of two evils, and the greater evil happens to be the elites that have run this country into the ground for generations.

So if you’re a Trump supporter you should ask yourself, when has voting for the lesser of two evils ever done this country any service in the past? Personally, every election I’ve witnessed in my lifetime has been between the lesser of two evils, and it has yet to produce anything fruitful. If anything, it has been devastating every single time. Are you really prepared to pull that same lever again?

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

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  • nomark

    Maybe the author is too young to recall 1980? How about 1984?

    Those were years I didn’t vote for the less or two evils. And I’m glad I did.

    As for the rest you would be correct. We’ve really only had 4 great presidents in the last 100 years: Coolidge, Eisenhower, JFK and Reagan. The rest sucked, some more than others.

    • Gene

      Reagan’s Deregulation has caused the middle class to disappear, you fool. It’s his policies we’re living today coming to light. Sure it was fun in the beginning, but the U.S. is now an oligarchy and Reagan was the beginning of the take over, please read and educate yourself sheep. Only a few oligarchs own our media, Reagan’s fault, super rich don’t pay taxes putting the burden of things like health care on the middle class, Reagan’s fault. Trickle down economics, 62 MEMBERS OF THE ELITE HAVE AS MUCH MONEY AS THE POOREST 3.6 BILLION PEOPLE ON THE ENTIRE PLANET now, gee thanks Reagan…… Trickle down has been one of the biggest mistakes in the history of this country. National debt anyone? The rich have the money, now the middle class must pay the debt. WTF? You had your head in the sand for the past 20 years? WAKE UP! No president since Grant has fked up this country as much as Reagan.

      • nomark

        Nice revisionist history there. Alinsky would be proud.

        Just for the record (for those that actually pay attention to the facts) What the poster above is influenced by is the drop in unions. He equates “middle class” with unionized workers. Yes it’s absolutely true unions dropped a lot, but they have been since the end of WWII. In fact the only unions that have grown are government unions. Private sector unions have dropped to less than 20?% of the work force.

        Now lets get to the real issue:


        They bemoan the “loss” of the middle class. They get all upset because the top 5% has grown so much. Guess what, it’s how all growth systems work. Biology, Agriculture, Physics, whatever. What you need to do is look for “the area under the curve.” Look at the graph reference above. When you say “middle class” what are you using to quantify it? The graph above breaks up the “classes” not into three (“upper,” “middle” and “lower” but their percentile. You have the top 5%, the top 20% and the second 20%. That’s 45% of the population. ALL have seen good growth. Next you have the third 20% which has had very modest increases. So at this point you can accurately say “2 out of every 3 Americans has seen at least some increase, and some have seen great increases.” But even if you look at the last two classes (which the graph has an error, that last group is 15%, not 20%.) but again you would see 1 out every 3 Americans has it bad or somewhat worse.

        Think that’s bad? Try looking other countries. They would be BEGGING for results like this. In other countries if 1/3 of the citizens see an increase over 30-40 years they are thrilled. (see http://blogs.worldbank.org/voices/files/meetings/workers-class-chart.jpg if you doubt me)

        This is a “glass half full/half empty situation.” Sure we want 100% of the people to be better off, but the fact of the matter is you have a uniform distribution of people, a bell curve. What has happened in the last 35 years, starting with the Reagan Administration is that 2/3rd of the country has seen an increase. Which is exactly the center of the bell curve within 1 standard deviation. Folks, that’s nothing less than AWESOME. Since Reagan this country has taken the bulk of our people and move them up, not down. Sure some folks did move down but for every one that did, two moved up. No, not everyone moved up the same amount, but that’s again your standard distribution. Some will do better than others, but the bulk still moved up.

        Yes if you were a unionized home, you took it on the chin with Reagan. Sorry, but it was going to happen sooner or later. Unions had a time, but their time is over. Identify. Adapt. Overcome.

        Now peer into the future: Every unionized job will be replaced by a robot or software in 15 years. What the future needs are thinking individuals. Creative, innovative, & energetic individuals. Unions cannot produce those.

    • Reverend Draco

      We’ve had 1 good president since (maybe) JFK.


      Reagan smuggled drugs which were got in return for weapons – just like Shrub and Obama.

      Oh – And his mindless fuckwittery laid the foundations of the economic shitstorm of 2008.

      You’re either a shiil or a brainless shitheel. Or both. I vote both.

  • breakawaymotorsports .

    Trump hits hard..and I like that, a lot.If you take everything he says literally then you really don’t understand his style.The guy knows how to get press time and how important it is when the press is already in the pockets of your opponents. Changing ones mind about a political stance with new input from life is another thing I like about him. You may call it flip flop..but I call it the ability to compromise. There are already enough stubborn pigheaded politicians in power who do what they want,and not the peoples wishes. You cannot compare Donald Trump to the political talking heads as they will say whatever it takes to get elected,period. Trump intends to bring this country back on track with the truth about life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness for it’s citizens,and the rest of the world is secondary. My kind of priority. Trump in 2016,

    • Gary Murray

      You guys are stupid enough to fall for Trump 3rd grade speeches. All he really talks about is his poll numbers. Do you really think Mexico is going to pay for his wall. Come on, don’t be stupid. He couldn’t even manage his own companies, filed bankruptcy several times. If you truly think he care about the middle class you have been brainwashed. Banning all Muslims…racist and bigotry….He only serve pipe dreams to uneducated people and wealthy people, remember he like paying people less than minimum wage, stop smoking marijuana and wake up people, Hitler is reborn.

      • breakawaymotorsports .

        He does pretty well in his business endeavors..enough to be a multi-billionaire and paying his way through life,even in his bid for presidency. A temporary ban on immigration is not a bad thing..it has been done before,with much success. As far as who pays for the wall..it’s not really the point,is it? Preventing illegal immigration is the point.
        I don’t support minimum wage laws at all. People should be paid what they are worth,not what they think they are worth. Period. Smart economics once again. If you are an asset to your employer,you will be worth more,and a smart employer will want to keep you on staff. If you are dead wood, you get less pay, or the boot. Capitalism! Trump 2016! (I don’t smoke pot,but I also don’t care if others do,even if the govt says it’s “illegal”.)

        • Gary Murray

          If my parents gave me a million dollars I would be a multimillionaire as well. The point is that Trump has does not know anything about foreign affairs, he is just plain stupid, silly, and childish. Who wants a president whom act like a baby if he does not get his way. Walking away from the table is not always the best solution. What has he really talked about that has substance, nothing. I follow the candidates and the only thing he talks about at his rallies is his poll numbers. I think people attend his rallies for the comic show, as one of his attendees blurted out that “this is boring” when Trump made one of few attempts to discuss an issue. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN is just campaign retheroric, is has no meaning if he does not elaborate on how he will do that. I am neither Republican or Democrat, but I vote for the candidate that speaks intelligently, explains their plans in more detail, not just soundbites. He is a reality TV character, do we really want a president that don’t respect people based on race, religion, or ethnicity. America suppose to be the greatest country on earth, but Trump has caused Great Britain parliament to debate banning him, is this just a coincidence, or does people in Great Britain see something that Americans are to close-minded and frustrated to recognize the negative impact he would have on America if he was elected. I just can’t see what is so appealing about him. He is plainly put, a clown. Hopefully after he lose a few states he will drop out, like he did for his previous attempt at presidency. We don’t need a bigot in office, Sarah Palin, dumb of dumb is an good example of who he would have in his cabinet. He is not qualified to run this country.

          • breakawaymotorsports .

            I know many people who inherited money and are now broke. It takes a smart person to retain their money and smarter to make it grow. Walking away from a no win situation is always the right thing to do..Donald has learned this very well over the many years of his important decision making,and I respect him for his ability to recognize the difference between fruitful and futile battles. As fas as what the UK feels about Trump..who cares? Once again, it is a business decision he made..and a smart one. I think you will be eating your words after a few primaries,as from where I stand, the common every day person is fed up with the usual career political talking heads, and they are ready to put an outsider at the helm…whose goal is not more money for himself..but a better country for all US citizens. Trump 2016!

          • Gary Murray

            Donald is a narcissist, similar to Hitler, yes many of us may be fed up with career politicians, but is that a good reason to vote for anow idiot, that makes comments about shooting peoplet in the street, we are talking about the highest office in the land. We should care about what our allies think about our potential president, we should want our allies to respect our president. Don’t we all want respect? Donald skipped the debate because in his words he wasn’t treated fairly, how childish is that. Many candidates are asked tough questions, they don’t hide or run away. If he can’t handle a Fox media debate, how can you expect him to manage a country if things don’t go his way? He missed an important opportunity to discuss his policies and issues that concern many Americans. Donald, has had some success in business, but I can think of hundreds, if not thousands of successful business persons. He simply lacks integrity, calls women derogatory names, insults entire races, and constantly avoids answering the tough questions. He has no true plan, it is easy to say “Make America Great Again” but those words have no meaning of you can’t provide clearn and precise information as to how you plan on doing it. He was a draft dodger, that willaptop Rush to send our kids to war. He couldn’t even manage his own companies, and just closed his casino in Atlantic City, filing bankruptcy as usual, costing the taxpayers more money. He has abused the system himself, he wouldn’t be a millionaire if we didn’t have bankruptcy laws, Bill Gates would be better than him, at least he managed his companies well. Kasich and Randy are the only two honest candidates in the entire party running for office. Trump is feeding off the fears of some Americans. The economy has improved from the recession, Isis, although a threat it is not a threat to most Americans, we have a better chance of dying from cancer or in a car accident. People with existing illnesses can finally get health insurance, and much more could have been accomplished if the Republicans didn’t take a vow to block everything Obama and the Democrats proposed
            Even if Trump become president, which is almost impossible, even his own party don’t like him, he still have to work with those career politicians, he won’t be able to walk away from the table every time. He should have done the debate, he is running for president, but instead he used the disabled vets reality show game, and even disabled vets didn’t like him using them as a political pawn. They said if he wants to donate money, just donate it, don’t use us as a pawn. If Trump wasn’t so silly, talked about real issues, gave some details on his policies, I might consider voting for him. But instead, he is preying on people’s dissatisfaction with career politicians to appeal to the public, yes he has fooled some, but not me, because I have no fears, I determine my future, not the president. After the first few election results, you will be seeking a new candidate, and I bet you when Trump don’t make the cut, he will break his promise and run as an independent. Don’t waste your vote.

          • Gary Murray

            You also don’t think our allies opinions about POTUS is not important, markets all over the world watch the U.S.. Our POTUS is important to the global economy. Good business decisions, make good investments with minimal risk. His 4 bankruptcies cost us, not him . Those were poor business decisions, when one has 4 bankruptcies . How does anyone bankrupt casinos, please. I will tell you how, poor management snd poor business decisions. Spending more than taking in.

        • Gary Murray

          Actually the temporary ban was terrible, people died. Also it goes against everything that represents America. If terrorism never ends then the ban would never end. It is another form of discrimination. More people get killed by Americans than by terrorist in the USA. Trump has had his failures and has used tax laws to save his own wealth, not caring about the many people that lost their jobs from his numerous bankruptcies. Defrauded students at a worthless so called university. Do you think it is a coincidence that three states are suing him. He has also cheated local governments on property taxes by claiming different values of his golf courses with tax assessors and campaign regulators. Remember, he stiffed all the vendors when he fooled all 4 bankruptcies. Worst of all he is just ignorant and makes racist, immature statements. Not good for a potential POTUS.

        • Gary Murray

          Also, do you think you could have become a billionaire if your dad gave you a million dollars, paid for the best schools for you, etc? I surely could have.

        • Gary Murray

          Who pays for the wall is important, because it is another promise that he had no idea how to fulfill. Banning western union transfers, come on, has he ever heard of mail. Even if he could ban WU transfers, which he can’t, Guess many ppl would lose jobs at WU. Did he learn anything from the Berlin wall. Which eventually came down, but didn’t stop ppl from crossing over it, and many were shot and killed trying to cross over it. Trump has played on people’s fears, and has sold them worthless ideas. We don’t need a racist, sexist, bigot, whining little kid as POTUS.

  • Ernie Engle

    The author, who sounds like a normal Lib-ra-tard, does not realize the effect that Trump has on the people. Trump’s delivery system surely lacks finesse , but he speaks the truth, the truth will set us all free. He does not own anyone anything, he can not be bought, what scares all the Washington elite is he tells the truth. trumps time has come, will he continue to the white house? History will tell and if he does , this maybe America’s shining hour. he is just giving the Lib-ra-tards the middle finger and they do not like it.

    • sunshine

      It’s nice to have some small glimmer of possibility for considering maybe eventually having some hope! I like Trump too and he’s got my vote. Why not?

    • Reverend Draco

      You poor, poor child – you got suckered.

      • Darkthirty

        OK rev, Who should all these “suckered idiots” be voting for? Please educate all the fools with your wisdom! I’m thinking Hillary so we can get this game rolling….

        • Reverend Draco

          The only winning move is not to play.

          How about a nice game of chess?

          You see. . . voting – aside from being little more than the suggestion box of slaves – is also an act of violence against your neighbors. . .
          If they decide to blow up your house with you inside – it’s no more than you deserve for the violence you’ve visited upon them.

          I did figure out your problem, though. . . You’re not very good at this “thinking” stuff. Practice, practice, practice. . .

          • RCHELISPOT.COM

            silly boy,not playing is exactly how they want you to respond.Checkmate

          • Reverend Draco

            Ahh. . . so going to a casino and playing a blatantly and openly rigged roulette wheel is somehow going to magically make the house unrig the wheel. . .

            Yeah – how’s that “Lesser of 2 evils” horseshit been working so far?

          • RCHELISPOT.COM

            Your way would be like having no casino at all which would end up with no organization or resemblance of a game whatsoever regardless if it could be won or not.The Casino is already built and you can stay outside if you want but either way its not going to get shut down,its too big.

          • Reverend Draco

            Yes. . . now you almost understand.

          • RCHELISPOT.COM

            No I fully understand,its you that doesnt understand that your way will not work.Its too big to fail but if it does there will be no going back,it would be chaos.If that is what you want then go somewhere that they have already tried your way and see how you like it.

          • Reverend Draco

            “My way,” as you so succinctly put it, worked for the first 90%+ years of the entire history of Man.
            Government and it’s toxic twin Religion, are both only around 10,000 years old.

            Chaos is essential to growth. You have 2 choices – Chaos or Stagnation.

            You can only assume that my way “won’t work.”

            I can prove that your way does not work.

            We’ve tried it “your way” long enough – time to try something that has a possibility of success!

          • RCHELISPOT.COM

            It wont happen in your lifetime,or mine, so sleep tight Reverend any resistance at this point is futile and will be squashed quicly.You had your chance with Obama in office because that is what he wants as well, but he will be out soon.

          • Reverend Draco

            Obama wants his job to be cut?

            Funny. . . I never heard a word about it.

            Must be that NWO magic.

          • RCHELISPOT.COM

            Thats it! your catching on Rev.

          • Reverend Draco

            Incoherent much?

          • RCHELISPOT.COM

            Always every other time mostly.


        At this point there is no other choice.

  • tomw

    This article should have been in the comment section. A bunch of whining, and no substance.

  • Mike

    If at the very least he does something good about the broken immigration system and the systematic invasion of the US as well as the muslims in this country I will be happy.

  • Harry Merkin

    Lesser of two evils perhaps, but the evil Hillary would bring, would be as much as 10 people, so Trump shall be my vote.

    • sunshine

      She looks like she’s literally about to blow her lid. She is so unhealthy looking it’s amazing that anyone would consider voting for her. She’d better have a good VP pick lol. But I saw a woman with a Hillary bumper sticker yesterday. She looked exactly as you’d imagine a Hillary voter. Fat, middle aged, unattractive, crammed into a small foreign car, with a sour look on her face. I don’t think there are enough of those women in this country to get Hillary elected….but who knows.

    • Gene

      They all are the same, they point to each other and blame , yet they all do the same thing, Democrat or Republican, the U.S. is an Oligarchy..”Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organised groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on US government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence.” They all are on the same team, you picking out Hillary just tells me how much they’ve fooled you. You don’t even know who’s in charge…..
      Link to Princeton study above… http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-echochambers-27074746

  • sunshine

    Who really cares at this point? America is a joke, it’s headed down the toilet and NOBODY can save it. Why would anyone want to? Trump is no worse than any of the scumbags that the establishment keeps trotting out, but at least he’ll say things that haven’t been focus-grouped and sanitized as not to “offend” anyone, and I appreciate that. It’s nice, and I’ll take the small victories because it’s all we’ve got any more. I like Trump, I went to a rally and it was fantastic, I had a great time. Why not? But I will say that he reminds me of Greg Stillson from “The Dead Zone”. So…whatever. Lol.

    • Gene

      A lot of words, yet you say nothing. ” he’ll say things that haven’t been focus-grouped and sanitized” Is there a point? You had a good time in a rally? What does that have to do with the price of rice in China? Politics and our country are serious business, if you’re having a good time, sounds like he was pandering to you sheep and not talking about anything.
      Is your point, you like Trump because he said offending things.Great post…….not….. IQ check on isle 10, please.

      These are the types he’s attracting , clueless.

      • sunshine

        You have zero idea about me. I grew up in DC, all of this, I know what it’s about and it’s all political theater and smokescreens for fools like YOU. Here’s a newsflash: NONE OF IT MATTERS. It’s big money/big corporations all tangled up with special interests and the elites. NONE of what you say, think, do or vote makes a damn bit of difference. You vote for one thing, you are still given what the elites want you to have. The “political enemies” are best buddies behind the scenes, they laugh at fooling the rubes like you and they have nothing but contempt for you. So to act like you’re some kind of genius when you’re not even aware of how they’re screwing you, is really amusing. Thanks for the laugh!

        And yes, I DO like Trump because he’s not afraid to say what needs to be said. So what if it offends some crybabies? If you can’t handle mean words then you need to get out of this country.

        • Gene

          I don’t know wtf your even talking about? “You have zero idea about me.” Never said I did. You make a lot of ASSumptions about me though and you think that’s OK? Your bitching at me and do the same exact thing… Clueless, you keep proving my point.
          I now the government is an oligarchy, your not telling me anything new. You’ve a very low IQ.

          I was criticizing your post for saying nothing but “I’m voting trump cause he said some offensive stuff and I had a good time at his rally” That’s exactly what you said, and that’s what I went by….Dumb as fk , you are.

          • sunshine

            What the hell is your problem? What do you think the shitty and hostile name calling is achieving, exactly?

            So what if that’s why I’m voting Trump? If you are aware that it’s all a sham, what does it matter? Most people vote because they think the candidate is handsome, or likable or whatever. It’s rarely about policies. Even when you do know what a person is about and vote for them based on that, you’re still never going to get what you voted for, they always flip flop on you and do their master’s bidding regardless. Obviously there’s no way to fix the mess of this country by voting. That’s a given. But, I’ll still go vote just because I want to. I am not naive to think that it actually matters.

            Nice crack about “medication”. Obviously anyone that you don’t like, agree with, or don’t understand, needs to be drugged to oblivion. It’s working so well with the majority of the country cracked out on pills, right? You think another person should run right on down to the doctor and beg for dangerous drugs? Maybe you need medication for your unnecessarily hostile attitude. Could it turn into violence? Who knows! Better drug you up just to be on the safe side, right? Psychiatry as a punishment went so well in the USSR, we definitely need that mentality here. So, good job on contributing to it and helping to “normalize” it with your little throwaway comments.

          • Darkthirty

            Don’t feed the trolls…

          • sunshine

            Yeah…you’re right! I just couldn’t help it.

          • Gene

            Again…sigh. I not calling you names, can you point out one? Only pointing out your ignorance and that’s not name calling. AGAIN, I don’t know you and I’m calling out your retarded POST. Can you at least get on the same plane I’m on. Try reading, then comprehending.
            Why is it you can criticize my mannerisms, then you go on to do the same exact thing. You’re calling yourself stupid…..wtf?

  • sunshine

    Hey, do what you want. I totally understand, I stopped voting for either party a long time ago, but I’ll vote Donald, just because he real talks. Why not? It’s all a joke anyway!

    • Reverend Draco

      The only winning move is not to play.

      How about a nice game of chess?

      • sunshine

        Lol…yep! Can’t say I disagree (and that was a good movie) 😀

        • Reverend Draco

          Indeed – I think the best of Mr. Broderick’s career.

  • varlog

    At least Trump says what he thinks and stands behind it. As opposed to spineless politicians who change their mind whenever it’s convenient. i.e. everyone else. I don’t agree with everything he says, but at least he will stand behind it tomorrow.

    • Reverend Draco

      He says what you want to hear him say, and stands behind it til the cameras leave.

  • Verbal Bomb Chucker

    Ummm, you total forgot that the best person in the race is Ted Cruz. Cruz is a real Conservative, while voting for either Donny Napoleon or Cankles Hitlery is just voting for evil. Cruz pisses off the establishment Rynos and drive DumpoCraps nuts – the perfect person for President. Cruz will drag the GOP-led Congress into doing the tough and right things like Ronald Reagan did in the 1980’s. Vote Cruz – Save America!

    • sunshine

      Haha seriously? Come on man….I see you trollin!

    • Reverend Draco

      You’re such an idiot, your name should be Troll Trollowitz.

      There is no such thing as a “best person in the race.” There are only varying degrees of immorality and evil.

      The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?

  • Gene

    The U.S. is an oligarchy….Princeton study…. “Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organised groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on US government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence.”
    Now you want to go “All in” and put an oligarch in charge? Game over man…game over. You’ve been conquered.

  • Reverend Draco

    Don’t forget the Reagan policies and the Johnson policies and the Hoover policies and the Truman policies and the Nixon policies. . .

    They’re as big a part of the problem as any you mentioned.

  • Herman Nelson

    He is the lesser of two evils. Ted and Heidi are using the “Christian card” pretty hard. But like all “Christians”, I have serious reservations to how pure their altruism really is. J.P Morgan was a good Christian to. Monday through Friday, J.P. back stabbed and lawyered his way into a huge financial empire. On Sundays, he went to church to absolve himself of all sins that he and his company performed over the work week.

    After digging through the internet, looking for “CFR” and “Bildenburg” and Trump, I find nothing. Trump is not attached to either of these organizations. The Cruz’s on the other hand, Their baggage is extensive. Heidi is a member of the CFR and is on the steering committee for the North American Union (the merging of Canada, U.S., Mexico into one government), an investment banker with J.P. Morgan (one of the banks that was bailed out with taxpayer money), worked for Goldman Sachs (another bank that was bailed out with tax payer money).

    Trump has been bankrupted 4 times. yet he was able to spring back and rebuild his fortune. He doesn’t really care about money, Trump already made his fortune. The U.S has been good to Trump, he just wants to return the favor.

    So, Trump would be the lesser of two evils.

  • casimcea

    The title of the article says it all. It is unreasonable expectation to see change from inside the system. Regardless of what Trump may do if elected, the establishment would quickly remember the checks and balances (they forgot recently) and block any meaningful change. As for his character and qualifications, there is NO comparison withe either democrat or republican contenders to the throne.

  • Guillotine_ready

    Stop the vote and start the arrests.

  • Carolyn Johansen

    I have hope that Ted Cruz will peak as Trump crests and begins to drop in Popularity. At the end of the day I will vote for the lesser of 2 evils because that is the only scenario that I am presented with.

  • Carolyn Johansen

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. I am reading Gibbons right now and the parallels are frighteningly similar.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Trump for Leader!

  • A. J. Cameron


    I agree with you. Trump is an embarrassment, but another perspective is to look at every other candidate. Several are ineligible. Others just suck. Others will never gain any traction in a national race. At least one should be in prison and others should be recalled.

    The invisible elites know exactly what they are doing. They own the political casino, and it won’t make any difference who is elected, the purposeful destruction of the U. S. will continue. Even if DT were as clean as the wind driven snow, and he isn’t, he’ll face 535 enemies in Congress. His ‘own party’ will work against him. As horrendous as Boehner was, Ryan will be worse, and we’d need to dig up Webster to coin an appropriate adjective for Zipper-Lip McConnell.

  • Richard Daugherty

    Trump will take it to the house. So elitists prepare yourself.

  • Isiah M Probulos

    Upon analysis Trump’s methodology have more in common with a televangelist than a politician. He is a master at manipulation and persuasion, and his uneducated, racist, unskeptical, loyal audience–believe his every word, without a shred of evidence. Compare Trumpism to any religion:

    1. A figurehead, prophet, or deity (Trump) [take your pick]
    2. An easily-offended, thin-skinned, and neurotic deity
    3. Motivation by fear (Muslims, Mexicans, terrorists)
    4. Numerous contradictions (virtually everything he says)
    5. Creating an Us versus Them mentality (slay all non-believers!)
    6. Sell to fantasies and wishful thinking (a wall, anyone?)
    7. Simple language and parables (repeat it until you believe it)
    8. Demands loyalty (or be banished forever)
    9. Faith-based (facts and reason not necessary)
    10. Women are second-class citizens
    11. Persuade the poorly-educated, disenfranchised, and gullible.

    Low on facts, big on fear, he is a mad prophet telling his flock exactly whatever they want to hear.
    Trumpism: A Religion for Sheeple