Why Donald Trump Is Merely the Lesser of Two Evils

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When Trump’s presidential campaign first began, everyone was baffled by how quickly he rose in the polls and left every other contender in the dust. In retrospect, his success makes sense. Trump managed to resonate with voters who were tired of the establishment, and wanted anybody but Bush or Clinton. They were tired of Ivy League pontificators, and were ready for a candidate who said whatever he wanted without any kind of filter. It was almost as if Trump stumbled upon a secret cheat code for winning elections. Say what you want in simple terms, no matter how brash or un-PC it may sound, and the people will notice you and respect you.

This has allowed him to wriggle out of every controversial statement he’s ever made while still coming out on top. However, he said something over the weekend that has many of his supporters and detractors wondering if he has gone too far.

Over the weekend, Donald Trump, as he is wont to do, made some news. While extolling the loyalty of his supporters, he mused, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

He then blasted the “soft” support for other Republican contenders. “My people stay,” he said.

Try to imagine how narcissistic you would have to be to say something like that. That’s like something a mob boss would say. This is cartoon supervillian territory. Still, despite the fact that he just insulted his own supporters by saying they’re sheepish enough to vote for him even if he murders a stranger in broad daylight, I imagine he’ll walk away from this statement with more support. It’s happened countless times before, and this will be no exception.

And the reason why he’ll get away with it, is because he stands for something that makes it very easy for every day Americans to overlook the things he says. It doesn’t matter that he supports eminent domain, or that he would deliberately target the families of terrorist with military strikes, or that he has conveniently flip-flopped on many of his political stances. At the end of the day, the entrenched elite of the United States and the world have made it clear that they do not like him, and they’ll do everything in their power to keep him from winning.

He is standing against the establishment at a time when the establishment has never been so unpopular, and rightly so. There isn’t any doubt that the people running our society have run it into the ground, and they hold no real loyalties to America.

But Trump supporters need to realize that they’re making a Faustian bargain if they vote for this man. Sure, the establishment hates him and if elected, he may very well put the elites and the globalists in their place. But the guy is a statist through and through, who has consistently shown that his beliefs will change whenever it is convenient for him. Can you really trust him to execute the policies he has promised on the campaign trail? In that sense, he really isn’t that different from any other politician who has made it to the White House.

To me, Trump is looking more and more like a desperation candidate. He certainly has a solid core of loyal supporters, but it seems like the rest of his supporters are just willing to overlook his countless faults because he appears superior to the status quo. He is an “anything but the other guy” candidate. He has become the lesser of two evils, and the greater evil happens to be the elites that have run this country into the ground for generations.

So if you’re a Trump supporter you should ask yourself, when has voting for the lesser of two evils ever done this country any service in the past? Personally, every election I’ve witnessed in my lifetime has been between the lesser of two evils, and it has yet to produce anything fruitful. If anything, it has been devastating every single time. Are you really prepared to pull that same lever again?

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