Why Did Twitter Try to Censor #UFOAttackToTurkey After Massive UFO Sighting over Turkey This Weekend?

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Is Turkey testing out a new kind of aircraft/weaponry or running a military exercise they don’t want people to know about?

Dozens of people reportedly witnessed UFOs in the skies above at least 12 major Turkish cities this weekend followed by reports of a loud explosion sound or sonic boom.

The sightings and the sound was caught on camera by numerous people:

Here’s the boom noise. WARNING: this is extremely loud, so you might want to turn your speakers down a little before hitting play, otherwise your eardrums will hate you.

But as soon as the hashtag #UFOAttacktoTurkey started trending first at #1 in Turkey and then #8 globally, Twitter apparently started censoring it, taking down Tweets with videos and pictures.

Some people reported that their videos with the hashtag were pulled from YouTube as well.

It was speculated that the sightings corresponded to a military exercise.

Strangely, a similar looking set of lights was spotted in the skies above Jonesboro, Texas near the Ft. Hood military base.

Whatever is really going on here, we aren’t being told about it.

No matter what, if it was really just some hoax or fake, why would Twitter go to such massive lengths to block uploads, remove posts, and shut down a trending hashtag?

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  • Clementine

    Doesn’t twitter being johnny on the spot like that help people realize they are government funded tracking?

  • That was the sound of a sonic boom, no doubt. My money’s on next gen aircraft.
    Wonder who’s they were?
    Interesting stuff.

  • It is not Paranoia

    Fuck Twitter.

    • ahuxley

      I wouldn’t do that if I were you.
      Word on the street is that Twitter has end-stage syphilis that it contracted from Facebook…
      Best to avoid those two skanky cyber-hos…

      • Rey d’Tutto

        The YouTwitFace disease.

      • doodaa

        Fuck yourself, then.LOL

        • ahuxley

          Adios, @$$hole.
          You’re blocked…

  • Angel Scott

    It might be our friends putting a damper on Erdogan’s plan to start world war 3. They have been known to step in and keep us from hurting ourselves too badly.
    That would be a reason for the warmonger child rapists to censor it. They want to portray our extended family as “evil,” “demons” or “attackers.” Not peace keepers.

    • lee

      hopefully your optimism holds truth

  • TrevorD

    The American assisted, attempted coup in July failed. This could be a new attempt from the CIA to instigate fear and a belief in UFO`s to begin a new tactic. I don`t know but I do know however that this is a huge talking point in Turkey right now so who knows the truth.

  • lee

    didn’t Turkey just ask the US for assistance with a No Fly Zone over Syria which is exactly what Hillary Clinton spoke about during the debates – she’s not a threat to carry that out now to poke the Bear – but with Turkey now asking the US for assistance with a No Fly Zone perhaps someone was sending Turkey a big message