Why Did Officers Have to Shoot this Teen Nine Times?

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Aren’t the cops supposed to protect and serve?

Two Clinton, Oklahoma parents called police back in December 2013 because they were worried their 18-year-old son, diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder, might harm himself.

Apparently he did not have to harm himself. Moments after police entered the house, they shot the boy dead.

The autopsy has now revealed that Cheyenne-Arapaho Teen Mah-hi-vist “Red Bird” Goodblanket was shot a total of nine times that night: he not only had seven wounds to his head, torso, and right upper arm, but he was also hit twice with a taser.

His parents, Wilbur and Melissa Goodblanket, are currently waiting to find out whether or not the officers will face charges in the death of their son.

The two Custer County sheriff deputies who responded to the 9-1-1 call with two Oklahoma Highway Patrol Officers in tow that night claim the teen boy threatened them with a knife. The Goodblankets disagree, maintaining that their son was unarmed at the time.

Stories of families calling the police for medical help which end in the death of the person who needed that help instead are sadly becoming a trend in this country — right down to the age of the victim.

Back in January, two North Carolina parents of an 18-year-old who suffered from schizophrenia and depression called the police for help when their son, armed with a small screwdriver, was having a psychotic episode. The kid, who just turned 18 and barely weighed 90 pounds, had no history of violence. Three officers eventually responded to the call and they had decided to use tasers on the teen when one reportedly said, “We don’t have time for this” and just shot and killed him instead.

Even those two stories of cops killing the very people they were called to help are not isolated incidents. We live in a country where approximately 500 innocent Americans are killed by police every single year.

Goodblanket’s autopsy report officially lists his cause of death as a homicide.

Peaceful rallies hosted by Goodblanket’s friends and family will continue. The next is scheduled to take place at the North Plaza of the Oklahoma State Capitol in Oklahoma City from 1–4 p.m. on April 16th.


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  • berrybestfarm

    We’re just starting to work through another police killing in Spokane. This is post Otto Zhem (a disabled man beaten to death by the police) and the “fixes” that are supposed to be in place. Officers shot and killed a man as he exited from his house during negotiations. He was carrying a gun which was stupid but given less than 2 seconds to comply with the order to drop it. He was killed with the ever so common excuse that he was an immediate danger to the police and citizens. This common excuse is wearing thin. In this case citizens were kept at a safe distance due to the negotiation and the police of course were all hiding behind their cars. What immediate danger?
    Dennis Patterson–Deer Park,WA

  • Rick E.

    And it continues! When are folks going to demand that their police department return to the days of common decency and good morals, and STOP murdering our people and pets?!
    Sooner or later cops WILL start to die when the general population starts to fight back in the same manner-with violence!

  • spidermonkey

    Gonna keep happening until THE PEOPLE don’t LET it happen anymore…..

  • 1stworlder

    Well they certainly stopped him from harming himself.

  • patriot156

    whens the next 9/11 to happen?
    that way we can all go back to love and trust the pigs?
    saracasm off!

  • JdL

    Dang, I sure wish more parents realized that calling the cops is something you should NEVER do for someone you love! They are experts at two things only: turning a tense situation into a deadly one. Then lying about what happened.

    • Cracker122049

      Christopher Dorner had it right ,they lie kill cheat and kill and then they cover for each other! Dorner had no crow to pick with the people he swore to protect ,,only the swines he knew were traitors!

  • Yep. The people obviously hadn’t enough of it yet to honestly give a fuck. So… maybe after 100 more teens get shot in the head by police. Or or… maybe.. just maybe a police man killing a 5 year old will do the trick? Or is 5 too old to give a shit about because unborn is too young to give a fuck about. Only several million of them are butchered each year and no fucks given. Honestly. In my most humble opinion. Americans are just lazy selfish greedy sons of bitches and anyone else’s problems is not of their concerns. Oh and cowards too. Biggest cowards on the planet. Each and every other country in the world just about has had violent protests against the gov… america??? When?? 1776? Lmao. Time has long been due. Its not too late for Muricans to wipe their hands clean of their apathy.

    • Cracker122049

      David,sadly what you are saying is true and the killings will continue unabated!

      • JdL

        David,sadly what you are saying is true and the killings will continue unabated!

        But anger is building. The mainstream media have barely condescended to notice, but it’s happening. When the anger reaches a flash point, watch out cops! We can always hope they’ll change their ways before that, but I’m afraid that hope is a pipe-dream.

        • peck2

          After a couple of hundred of them are shot to death…we will still have to shoot more.

          • JdL

            After a couple of hundred of them are shot to death…we will still have to shoot more.

            That seems likely. But I believe there will be a “Solzhenitsyn effect” ( http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/34738-and-how-we-burned-in-the-camps-later-thinking-what ) that will tend to suppress recruitment and might even lead to some actual thinking within the thug class).

          • peck2

            Thanks for that quote. I read that 40 years ago but didn’t remember. I put it this way. “If you think it is worth the risk of you widowing your spouse or orphaning your children in an attempt to enforce an immoral, illegal, unconstitutional law, then by all means. give it a try. But be advised, you WILL be met with armed resistance..

    • Lisa Futvoye-Shepherd

      Similar situations are happening with intensifying, terrifying and increasing frequency.

      If it’s not a mentally ill teenager; it’s a 70 year old man shot to death at a traffic stop because the LEO “thought” his cane was a gun; it’s a mother strip searched in front of her children; it’s pets
      being shot for no other reason than the cop claimed he was “frightened”; it’s another stupid taxpayer, arrested for DUI, getting beaten to a bloody pulp in the confines of a jail cell; it’s a teenage boy “accidentally” shooting himself in the head while he was unarmed, in handcuffs and sitting in the back of a locked patrol car.

      It’s that damn few of these law enforcement officers (I refuse to call them “police”) EVER suffer repercussions for their abhorrent actions, if they are reprimanded at all.

      And the sheeple stand there, weeping, wondering “How could this happen? This is the USA!”

      Wake the hell up people. How do you think the German people were swindled?

      With promises and lies…control and violence. See any coincidences here?

  • Cracker122049

    Gee yea think?

  • Lisa Futvoye-Shepherd

    public servants, especially law enforcement, should be mandated to be
    bonded and insured, the policy paid for out of their OWN pockets. If
    no insurance company is willing to take on that gamble, than these
    “high risk” people will be unable to gain employment in these

    the bureaucracy chooses to hire them without such insurance, then at
    such time that these government employees abrogate the parameters of
    their position and are sued by their victims, the already
    overburdened taxpayer should NEVER be liable for their unlawful
    conduct and actions.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    it time
    for a ground up system, Community by Community, where issues are
    decided by and FINALLY for “We the People”?

    This is a
    viable, inventive and affordable

  • Lou

    “Stories of families calling the police for medical help which end in the death of the person who needed that help instead are sadly becoming a trend in this country — right down to the age of the victim.”.

    The lesion is clear. DO NOT CALL the cops on anyone you care for. Better to duke it out with him than risk both of your deaths.

  • sixhonestservingmen


    Public Servants, whether in the police or military, seem to be more and more emboldened to use innocent citizens as live target practice without consideration or care for serious repercussions for doing so, with or without photographic evidence of their wrong-doings.

    What are we to think of this worrying turn of events, where it would appear that acting public servants face no serious reprimands or serious criminal action to discourage similar behaviour amongst their ranks, for what most right thinking people would consider unacceptable behaviour.

    Is there a way of understanding why this is happening ?

    Indeed there is, when we correct our perceptions to help us ‘see’ how it is public servants are able to justify their actions against what appear to be innocent people, or for that matter, why they don’t have to even justify those very same actions.

    At the same time, when we explore how relationships are formed, we will come to an understanding of why it can be seen or at the very least considered, that public servants represent occupying forces who fail to identify themselves as being from a foreign jurisdictional territory, and therefore are, acting unlawfully outside of that territory when they act against those elsewhere, when we read –



    DIAL 911 AND DIE


  • jimlouvier

    It’s actually not just being an asshole. It’s an actually a real psychological disorder.

  • AZRanger

    True That!

  • AZRanger

    At least this guy told the truth