Why Are They Hosting a Weird Occultic Dance Opera Inside CERN?

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Shiva statue at CERN

Many have already pointed out how strange (or absolutely fitting but in a chilling way) it is that they decided to put up a statue of Nataraj, the dancing form of the Lord Shiva that some have called the “dance of destruction,” outside of the large hadron collider CERN.

You can listen to Brave New World author Aldous Huxley explain the symbolism of that statue here.

Notice anything about this logo?

Now ask yourself why they are allowing bizarre occultic dance opera performances inside the collider itself.

Guess searching for that God particle is so important they would build a multi-billion-dollar facility but take time out in their scientific pursuits for… performance art?

Even if you are not inclined to believe there is anything conspiratorial going on at CERN, you have to admit… at the very least, this is really, really bizarre.

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  • I trust none of them anyway. Science is now $cience, it has been highjacked and just can’t be trusted anymore.

    • Mike

      you got that right

    • Joe2D2

      My wife and I call it $cientainment, kinda like infotainment. Useless shit to occupy the minds of anyone idiot enough to take it seriously.

      • $cientainment, I love it!

        • Mark

          In view of its tendentious faith-based elements, some call it “scientism.”

        • I think it is far worse than that, ponder this ? We now have nuclear waste and accidents that were the creation of science ? We also have vaccines and many forms of chemical dependence (not just drugs and alcohol) that were also the creation of the wonders of science. So in many ways we have shat in our own nest via the marvels of science ? Mainly because it has all been used for the wrong purposes and not managed properly. As well science has morphed into a combination of academia professional students funded by the state and part of the corporatocracy we all live in now. So it has little validity any longer except for the profit motive and to be used as a control mechanism to control you and your tax dollars like global warming !

          These people at CERN are consumed in their egos. They scare me actually and concern me considerably. They really do NOT know what they are messing with just like we did not know the bad side of nuclear power and XRays we all had too many of ? We all live in many illusions. Science insists they have many answers , but in fact no physicists can actually tell you what gravity is nor can they prove the existence of worm holes. But they have convinced us all that they know exactly what both are ? they don’t ! And they are messing with fire !

          • Yes, I agree. Gravity doesn’t even exist and all top physicists know this also but yet they keep on keepin’ on. They lie to us about almost everything and sometimes when I list things I get attacked because of cognitive dissonance. Saying what I said about gravity causes huge debates yet it is still true and well known in the upper levels of science/physics and that is just one of many examples, I could go on and on. They have 2 sets of science, our science and their science and we are not privy to “their” science, like everything else they do to elevate themselves over the populace.

          • Nothing really exists, we’re really in the Matrix, ya know!

          • Yes, I know how to go in and out of it, unlike most.

          • How can we discern which side you are on at any given time?:-)

          • Well you are on this side when you are awake, then you are on the other side when you are asleep. If I am on here I am awake 😉

          • I’m developing methods of staying on the other side, like I will after my physical body ceases to function.

          • jaguar

            You are just opening yourself up to demons when you partake of DMT…

          • I have never taken DMT, nor have any interest in using chemicals to achieve what I was created capable of without.

          • Better not go to sleep then… dun, dun, DUNNNN!

          • You go there every night when you trip on DMT naturally but you don’t remember it. Vaporizing it only lasts 2-3minutes and allows you to go to the same place but while awake although you still seem to forget most of what happened while on the other side. It is like practicing dying and they say once you do it enough you no longer fear dying anymore. I have yet to go to the other side, even a mild hit caused extreme vibrations in what seems like in the “fabric” of space and time, it’s pretty intimidating so say the least and any more intensity I wouldn’t be here any more I knew that. DMT is very close to serotonin, very close.

          • I slip into lucid dreaming without any warning, and it is something I’d like to learn to control when corporal life stops getting in the way.

          • Yes all of that stuff is related.

          • Once I had read enough about it to prove to myself that I wasn’t imagining it, all of the pressure to investigate it fell away, knowing that I’ll get to see the whole picture from the other side for eternity, if I don’t want to step back into this mess.

          • Yo! Just came across this and thought of you: 49days.co.uk/index.html – Hope it helps you at least learn something new on the topic!

          • Thank you, I bookmarked it.

          • You are most welcome.

          • TickTock

            Nothing matters and what if it did?

          • If it did, it wouldn’t be nothing.

          • arahn

            Another mind bender besides that is “time”. Is it a dimension? some say yes because it can be measured and observed some say no that it’s an illusion!?! I’m of the opinion that time is a dimension of our universe but I’m not above being disproved.

          • Vape some DMT, time doesn’t exist there, you’ll experience that for yourself. I don’t understand it. I lost over 8 hours when I did cyanescens mushrooms, jet lag without the jet, lol! Indeed it seems it is an illusion and when you vape DMT you are in the real existence for a short time, then, back to your meatsack to play human again!

          • Fallout2man

            Until we actually discover Tachyons we really won’t know that much for sure about time. It’s about as poorly understood as gravity. Hopefully, one day, we’ll get it. Sadly, I doubt any of us will be alive to see it.

          • kregan

            ‘Shat’ is that a word? LOL


        the invisible made the visible. reaperishere.weebly.com

      • Reverend Draco

        Ahh. . . like Religiotainment.

      • jaguar

        It’s all satanic occult crap…they even performed a ritual on the first moon landing and also landed on a day that had certain planet alignments…. It goes back to Egyptian times…

    • molon_labe

      Science is the new religion, meant to control the populace just like it always has been.

      • Nicholas Cage is in deep doo doo here on the Movie titled : “Knowing” since the end of Earth is w/in a day or 2. At least we have til September for the 4th Blood Moon !!

      • I just took a quick look at that logo and the 3 6’s jumped right out at me.

        • There are way more than 3 on the machine inside.

          • I was just pointing out the masonic occult crap intentionally woven into all major corporate logos just like this one.

          • I was hoping for some rational, thoughtful discourse about why that would matter, “masonic occult crap” being nothing more than their religious dogma.

          • Well Rik Clay lost his life over this so it certainly means something.

          • I’ve never heard of Rik Clay and know nothing about his demise. Would you like to enlighten me and anyone else who is similarly ignorant?

          • He was alive and well with no depression was investigating corporate logos, ley lines, the wonders of the world and how all of that connects. He was interviewed in a famous 3 hour red ice creations broadcast and “committed suicide” the next day or day after. He had a blog called a cosmic mind, was much more “in tuned” than most, and is no longer alive to continue his work probably because of what he said in that broadcast. I believe he was on the right track and “they” also knew it so they killed him but nobody knows for sure.

          • Did you know him personally and in person, or just by his online persona? I’m not saying that you are wrong or lying, but I encounter people on a regular basis online who are one person for a while, and then become totally different, as if a different person has taken over the screenname. One of the most frequent characteristics of the mentally ill is denial of their illness. This is one of the reasons why many MDs will just put someone on antidepressants on a trial basis, because they can’t get any cooperation from the patient. Because SSRIs are very dose sensitive, irregular taking of them can quickly turn a stable, seemingly normal person into a screaming maniac, or even bipolar.

          • I am certainly never lying but I could always be wrong. I don’t believe I am though, I am not easily led around by BS and have a very good sense for what is authentic IMO: http://rikclaysblog.blogspot.com/ – You will see that this guy was different, unique, and onto something big. Here is the 4hours of audio that got him unwanted attention: http://www.redicecreations.com/article.php?id=4789 – I have been meaning to listen to it and I did for the first hour a while ago but I need to listen to the whole thing.

          • It is also very difficult to understand what some random homicidal manic (possibly due to SSRIs) might have heard that would push them to kill anyone they might consider a threat, and for TPTB to call it a suicide so they don’t have to be next.

      • Yep

      • At least science requires proof, rather than spouting its dogmas based on faith.

        • sunshine

          No…not really. Look at “global warming”. And “race is a social construct”.

          • The IPCC has been widely and extensively exposed as a propaganda organ rather than a scientific one. Unfortunately, most of the illiterati aren’t aware of anything very wide or extensive.

        • molon_labe

          Thanks guy lol yet again you have wowed us

          • It is not easy to wow people so deeply ensconced in narcissism, which is similar to those who think because they are the elite, they are automatically doing right.

          • molon_labe

            Then I guess all you can do is stop talking to them

          • That is what they want, it is the ultimate goal of their Delphi technique orgasm.

    • Politicized and monetized ! Nothing much more than another control mechanism. One of the many !

    • Marco A.

      Modern science has become largely like a religious cult to, where if you dare question the accepted truth you are mocked and shamed by the group… *cough* Darwin evolution *cough* big bang…

  • Dear overpaid useless gov’t hacks: Keep worshipping Ba’al and being good little Thugees and when you wake up in lava you will wonder for a few zillion millenia why you didn’t have immunity from judgment since you were so concerned about ‘truth’ justice and the beloved Constitution to which you took your oath of orifice and then crapped on anyone who didn’t pay you whatever fee / tax / cost / adjustment / penalty etc your satan worshipping masters called lawyers puked up on mankind through their vomit called statutes.

    ps. Farley wishes he hadn’t been unfrozen in the corner of the cabin,,,it was much more peaceful not being awake like all the little sheeple flipping each other off on their way to the anthill / work

    • lol

      • not really, i just like rambling about it, hoping DC and all politicians will melt soon, real soon. Like this September.

        Can you imagine your local sellout Senator bursting into flames while filibustering something related to banning GMO’s or murder by abortion?

        • I would PAY significantly to see that!

        • Reverend Draco

          Only if I’ve taken too much LSD.

          But I’ve never taken enough LSD to hallucinate religion.

          • It’s funny you say that, many religions were based off of hallucinogens as I am sure you already know. DMT, not LSD though. Santa Claus was actually a psychedelic mushroom picker after all! A red & white “present” aka. the Amanita muscaria, was hung from a stocking in front of the fireplace to dry it out. The mushroom pickers, who wore red outfits lined in wool(just like Santa), had to enter through the chimney which was standard practice because the snow was too high to use the doors.

          • Reverend Draco

            Psilocybin, Peyote, Mescaline. . .

          • God hates religion, see the first few suggestions,,,,,i mean imperatives written in stone

          • arahn

            I agree. It’s because at it’s core religion is devised by people to control and exploit other people and look at how well they have profited from that. I always tell people to have faith in God but not religion — totally different.

          • Yep! I definitely believe in God, just not any of these human flavors they keep rolling out for us to worship, lol!

          • Faith in God will lead you not to religion but to the Bible, to salvation in Jesus Christ, all truth, freedom from sin, guilt, death and hell.

            Science and government and almost all religious organizations eventually become power structures for whoever scrambles up to the central command HQ. Like the Jesuit coup d’etat in the Vatican.

    • Reverend Draco

      Ba’al, Thugees, the Big Book of Fairy Tales. . . no significant difference. . .

      Using one to make fun of the other is. . . the pot calling the kettle black – they’re all completely ridiculous, self-serving, and retarded.

      • I agree but I still study them from an observers point of view. You can learn a lot that way IMO.

        • Reverend Draco

          This is true.

          • The Dragon is not “Reverend” except to witches and warlocks and especially demons I suppose. But all of them tremble when Jesus of Nazareth comes around.

          • Reverend Draco

            Nobody has ever trembled at the non-arrival of a fairy tale creature – so sorry about your luck.

            Repent! Or I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house down!

          • The demons do and the Dragon knows he hath but a short time.

          • Reverend Draco

            Ok, I get it now. . . other fairy tale creatures are scared of the arrival of a fairy tale creature. . . Now it almost makes sense.

      • tell me that in 666 sextillion seconds

      • sunshine

        I believe in some of it, but not the way the “religions” teach it. What i believe is very different than the mainstream. Whether or not that makes it true, or better, who knows. Probably not.


    There have been many people trying to wake everyone else up, but it is as if the flouride has already done its damage. People don’t want to be unplugged from the matrix. reaperishere.weebly.com

    • It is hard to wish to be unplugged from that which you are unaware of the existence of.

  • hvaiallverden

    Sometimes, just sometimes I wounder how deep does the pure ignorance sits, huh, Shiva, do you pesants have any idea of what Shiva stands for.
    Shiva is an ancient religious entety.

    God how ignorant you are, ocult, muhahaha, crawl back to your talmiud pesants and stay there and dont insult the intellegence to millions of Indiand and so on, with this display of utter bollocs about religion.
    Acid tripping.
    Jesus f… chist.
    No, crawl back to your duling atheists, whom belive snow is a thing of the past.


    • sunshine

      OK what? Can you try again because I’d like to know what you’re saying but none of that made any sense…

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    Stranger still is the mysterious, cloaked figure, who seems to be hovering about and who seems intent upon keeping the dancing man contained within the boundaries of the circle. Very weird.

  • Koolz

    Cern is all about opening a Star Gate that’s about it.
    And that happens to NASA long term goal.

    • I hope they get sucked through and the other side is like in the movie Event Horizon.

    • Maybe they should talk to Doctors Newman, McGregor, and Phillips.

  • …and around and around we go…

  • Trent Puckett

    Doesn’t anyone remember the Oppenheimer quote regarding Shiva?

    • No, but his one paraphrasing from the Gita is well documented, along with its quixotic grammar: “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

  • Koolz

    To understand Cern and NASA and the CIA you have to go back to WWII in Germany what went on behind Hitler’s Back with the Thule Society, Black Sun, etc.
    then look up about the Nine, MK Ultra.

    NASA is like a Giant Occult with Space Program on top of it.

    The whole thing reminds me of the Movie mist or that movie Star Gate.

    • sunshine

      Oh no, not “The Mist”, that story scared me to death…but Stargate was pretty good (and I don’t generally like or watch movies).

      • Koolz
        • sunshine

          Whoa…holy crap, that is some crazy stuff! I did always wonder about the Egyptian gods, but the thing I want to know most of all is, is there an afterlife? Can we still contact these ET/Gods? Oh so many questions!

          • Vape some DMT, you’ll surely find your answers 😉 Medicineman has it! I learned how to extract my own though… Check out the spirit molecule on youtube: https://youtu.be/LtT6Xkk-kzk – this substance, I believe and so do many others, is a conduit to the other side. I have some and am pretty intimidated to do it, lol, I’ve had it for a few years now. I did take a small hit before and colors started pouring out of my TV on onto the floor, then I saw Aztec-looking patterns… that is when I realized that the Aztecs and others got some of their designs from divine inspiration.

          • arahn

            Here’s where my old and addled brain (plus I’m not always sure what information is good information when searching the net) but are there plants that a person can buy legally that will produce DMT at home?

          • Yes, up until recently(last 2yrs) you could order mimosa hostilis root bark as an organic purple dye, that is how I purchased it(phytoextractum.org). There are many things in nature that contain DMT, well, I’m not entirely sure but it may be that all living things contain DMT. I believe that this very molecule is how life comes from “over there” and takes up physical form over here(13th week of pregnancy the fetus is flooded with DMT, I believe this is the “arrival” of the new about to be born soul, this will happen in my life in the next 2 weeks coincidentally as we are having a child). I was very pleased to find that my cat has DMT and so do my snakes, this tells me that I will “see” them again after passing and that their life force transfers to somewhere after death. Here is some good info on at-home extractions: http://deoxy.org/smokedmt.htm also erowid.org is a treasure trove of info on this topic. At home extractions are easy and pretty safe if you’re not an idiot. All you need is lye, nahptha, distilled water + whatever you are extracting from. I have detailed info about this but we would have to take it to email for that(no prob here, I am happy to assist!). There are other completely legal entheogens out there though like the san pedro cactus which I am thinking of buying… it is a natural source of mescaline, another entheogen. Reed canary grass that grows wild all over the US contains DMT also. These substances provide the answers, I believe, more so than any human written text or beliefs IMO. At the end of the day that is all I want, understanding, and I am wise enough to know that I am not going to get that from any human or book.

          • arahn

            Thanks and congratulations on the baby! Give a shout when the baby is delivered. I appreciate the links. I’ve searched many sites that tell how to do it at home but having no practice I don’t want to find out I got some BS from Uncle that is bad information or buying the base ingredients and getting something else and not knowing the difference. Gov doesn’t keep these things from us because Gov loves us as you know.

          • Thanks man! If you have Ace hardware where you live the Lye is sold as a drain cleaner because it is an excellent drain cleaner: http://bit.ly/1CZirLV and they also sell nahptha: http://amzn.to/1VFk9bq – those are the ones you need. I just got a new method w/pics that looks solid, I may incorporate my technique along with it, it looks promising.

          • arahn

            Thanks Я0llyJ0g3r
            I really appreciate it. I swear you are the best source of information. You could be a living replacement for google ;-}

          • lol, thanks!

          • Koolz

            There is more going on there then a group of people that just happened to get together in that Barn.

            Mk Ultra came out of Germany from WWII. All the technology of NASA came out of Germany from WWII.

            and it was another event that brought about that Technology in Germany,
            Just like the event of the Nine, only this event involved a group of beautiful women who called themselves the Vril Sisters.

            Vril which later created the Thule Society and the order of The Black Sun.

            Thule Society Atlantis.

  • Thebes de Hippie

    They’re just trying immanentize the eschaton, that’s all.
    Now go back to your daily slave duties and continue producing wealth for your masters.

  • Greg Straw

    Wait till they real get going…

  • d21clt

    i feel like cern is the same device as the power source on the island in LOST that causes the island to jump through time and space. given these recent reports of asteroids heading toward earth, makes me wonder if cern is supposed to create some sort of space/time tear that the planet can pass through. but given the shiva representations and the dances, one may also consider that cern’s purpose is to pull such asteroids here. im no physicist so just spitballin but i definitely feel some ‘symmetry’ in the LOST island power source and cern.

  • Don’t worry. It won’t work the way they have planned. Boo hoo.

  • Gearmoe

    People who do this sort of work are nearly crazy, however are functional. The ability to focus and think on such a high level makes for some very odd folks. We are aware of what a life of philosophy can do to a person, thinking about thinking, etc.

  • kregan

    There is much more going on at CERN than what they are telling us. Quite frankly I believe that if we were told the truth the majority of us would not, and could not believe. A major paradigm shift is needed to accept the reality of our world today. What passes for reality today is actually an illusion and reality has far surpassed our wildest dreams.

  • Guillotine_ready

    I think they are playing games and showing an ironic sense of humor.

  • lol – I was talking about DMT though…

  • Matthew

    So many Sheeple on this thread. Makes me cry inside. You will all see one day but sadly, it will be too late.

  • Wallace Brown

    Unfortunately for the people that have not been aware of the potential and guaranteed destruction of this planet by this ultimate EVIL DEATH MACHINE THAT SHOULD BE DESTROYED IMMEDIATELY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE ! along with all of the other evil creations. not pseudoscience but fact. research. http://www.cerntruth.com


    # 1 Threat to Humanity # 2 Liberal Rat Baturds # 3 Oblowago

  • Faded Hope

    Why can they put up a statue of that freakshow, but we have to take down the 10 Commandments?!

  • Andrew


  • icetrout

    search for the truth hijacked by the Left… pseudo-science… BELIEVE…OBAY…

  • TeaTephi

    And if you don’t go along with all their pagan mumbo jumbo hogwash then…….you are called “anti-science.”

  • kenneth walsh

    Really smart people are not going to be entertained by the usual pedestrian crap.