Why Are So Many Millennials Living With Their Parents Instead Of Getting Married And Starting Their Own Families?

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Did you know that the percentage of 18 to 34-year-old Americans that are married and living with a spouse has dropped by more than half since 1975? Back then, 57 percent of everyone in that age group “lived with a spouse”, but today that number has dropped to just 27 percent. These numbers come from “the Changing Economics and Demographics of Young Adulthood” report that was just released by the U.S. Census Bureau. Some are postulating that the reason for this dramatic cultural shift is a phenomenon known as “extended adolescence”, while others fear that large numbers of young men and/or young women are giving up on the concept of marriage altogether.

Instead of getting married and starting their own households, many young adults are deciding that living with Mom and Dad is the best approach. In fact, this new Census Bureau report found that one out of every three 18 to 34-year-old Americans is currently living with their parents

According to the Changing Economics and Demographics of Young Adulthood report for 2016, one in three Americans ages 18 to 34 are living at home with their parents.

Coming in second place is living with a spouse (27 per cent), followed by other (i.e. living with a roommate or other relatives, 21 per cent), living with a boyfriend or girlfriend (12 per cent) and living alone (8 per cent).

Once the last recession ended, this trend was supposed to start reversing, but instead the number of young adults still living at home has just continued to increase. This is going to have very serious implications for our looming retirement crisis, and that is something that I am going to write about later today on End Of The American Dream.

And a lot of these young adults are not being productive members of society at all. In fact, this new report from the Census Bureau found that one out of every four 25 to 34-year-old Americans that are currently living at home do not have a job and they are not going to school either.

In other words, they need to get a life. I really like how a recent CNBC editorial made this point…

One of the most memorable Saturday Night Live sketches ever was broadcast in 1986 when guest host William Shatner played himself appearing at fictional Star Trek convention. After fielding one childish question after another from costumed fans in their late 20s and 30s, Shatner loses his cool and shouts: “GET A LIFE, will you people? I mean, for crying out loud, it’s just a TV show! … Move out of your parents’ basements! Get your own apartments and GROW THE HELL UP!”

Thirty-one years later, it sure seems like all of America needs to heed that message. Here’s why: The Census Bureau now says that more 18-34 year-olds are living with their parents than with a spouse.

But a lot of young men these days do not even want to go down the traditional route of marriage, family, career, etc.

In fact, a lot of them are forsaking the concept of marriage together. Author Suzanne Venker says that a lot of these men are blaming their lack of desire to get married on modern women

“When I ask them why, the answer is always the same: women aren’t women anymore.” Feminism, which teaches women to think of men as the enemy, has made women “angry” and “defensive, though often unknowingly.”

“Now the men have nowhere to go. It is precisely this dynamic – women good/men bad – that has destroyed the relationship between the sexes. Yet somehow, men are still to blame when love goes awry.”

“Men are tired,” Venker wrote. “Tired of being told there’s something fundamentally wrong with them. Tired of being told that if women aren’t happy, it’s men’s fault.”

On the flip side, a lot of women are extremely distressed that so few men seem to have the willingness to commit these days. So many men just want to run around having sex with an endless series of women without ever putting a wedding ring on any of their fingers.

Of course many men figure that if they can get some of the best benefits of marriage (sex, companionship, etc.) without having to make a commitment then that is a pretty good deal for them.

Personally, I am a huge advocate of marriage, but the rest of society is moving in the exact opposite direction. According to the Pew Research Center, 44 percent of 18 to 29-year-old Americans now believe that “marriage is becoming obsolete”. And for a lot more numbers like this, please see my previous article entitled “43 Facts About Love, Sex, Dating And Marriage That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe”.

But of course not all young adults that are living at home are doing it for the wrong reasons. Thanks to our long-term economic decline, it is much more difficult for young people to find good paying jobs today than it was several decades ago. The following comes from CNS News

“More young men are falling to the bottom of the income ladder,” says the Census Bureau study. “In 1975, only 25 percent of men, aged 25 to 34, had incomes of less than $30,000 per year. By 2016, that share rose to 41 percent of young men (incomes for both years are in 2015 dollars).”

I have absolutely no problem at all with young adults that are living at home temporarily for economic reasons.  These Millennials are simply victims of our failing economy, and thus we should not be so quick to judge them.

And many of these young people graduate from college already saddled with tremendous amounts of debt.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the cost of going to college has increased by an astounding 63 percent since 2006. We assure our youngsters that they will get good paying jobs when they graduate that will enable them to pay off those student loans, but once they do finally graduate many of them are discovering that the good paying jobs that we promised them do not exist.

Today, Americans owe more than a trillion dollars on their student loans. It has become a major national crisis, and it is financially crippling an entire generation.

So the next time you hear of a young adult that is still living at home, don’t be so quick to judge until you know the facts.

Yes, there are many that need a good kick in the pants to get them going in life, but there are also millions that are simply victims of our ongoing long-term economic collapse.

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Contributed by Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse.

Michael Snyder is a writer, speaker and activist who writes and edits his own blogs The American Dream , The Truth and Economic Collapse Blog.

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  • Mike

    because most Millennials are worthless pieces of crap that want everything handed to them on a silver platter.

  • rb s

    Because they are mental, no one in thier right mind wants to be stabbed in thiet sleep !

  • tropicgirl

    There is nothing wrong with children living with their parents forever… This country was founded on that.

    The reason there was no ‘bounce back’ is that there was no end to the recession… it got worse. There are no jobs. There is nothing. The illegals here are doing fine…

    And the females that are looking for men and can’t find them have only themselves to blame… they became way too adept at emasculating men…

    This is a good thing… Parents have someone to take care of them… Younger couples can have the mother of children not work, which is the way it should be… Everyone shares meals and responsibilities and everyone behaves better.

    See? Human nature takes care of itself without the self-appointed ‘experts’.

    • tscull

      Most of these losers aren’t going to “take care” of their parents or anyone else. This isn’t the same dynamic that we had here a couple of hundred years ago when extended families lived within close proximities and aided each other. These young adults are lazy, entitled, irresponsible, and non-motivated for the most part. There are some exceptions of course, but to compare this to the way families were in the past centuries isn’t accurate.

      • bsroon

        Primarily because we are no longer an agrarian society on which true security and wealth is based. Why do you think all the land is being gobbled up by corporations? Why do you think the govt commodities pricing and the commodity exchange jerk the prices around? Shakes the poorer farmers loose from their land for the rich parasites to pick up ….

        • tscull

          I agree, but the social dynamic is breaking down due to the government coddling of the youth in such a way that they are becoming lazy, entitled, socialist losers, that can’t even see what the government is doing to them due to the brainwashing and media propaganda that they slavishly buy into. They will not take care of themselves, or anyone else, because they are “owed something for nothing” all the time!

    • Name a signatory to the Declaration of Independence or Constitution that lived with their parents at the time.

      • tscull

        Excellent point! Now maybe some had their elderly parents living with them, in order that they could be cared for, but not the other way around! They took in their parents and cared for them when necessary, but no one continued to live in their childhood home into perpetuity!

      • Chancho_Bandito


        • Certainly not Thomas, whose father passed away when he was 14, leaving him the family’s land and slaves. He was much older before he built Monticello thereon.

          • Chancho_Bandito


          • Certainly not left, but more likely what we’d call libertarian today, although they called it liberalism back in his day.

    • bsroon

      One of the reasons illegals do fine is because like (read my above) they support each other, pool resources, etc. Heck – 4 acre property next door was almost bought by a group of 16 Mexicans who needed to get over 10 loans together at once – didn’t pan out, thank goodness, so now it belongs to a Viet family – in the boonies….
      And they have extended family supporting their processes like the wife and i do with our kids here.

  • MarkovDeBeeste

    Three reasons: 1) the economy; 2) feminism; 3) the legal system. The economy, that speaks for itself. Feminism has spent decades trying to turn women into self-absorbed man-haters and now they’re surprised that they have succeeded? The legal system is set up now such that any woman who charges a man with anything is automatically believed and the man is guilty until proven guiltier. This is to say nothing of how men are routinely screwed over in the divorce courts. Millennials aren’t stupid; they see all this and think, “Why would I want to mortgage my life to a system like that?”

    • Exactly. MGHOW for life. Fuck women.

      • Nancymbruce

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      • Thankfully you don’t prefer men.

  • People’sArmy

    if trump had a strategy comey would be on walstreet auctioning off child sex slaves ? this lack of any legal action 3 months in shows me trump has always been an agenture of the albert pike mazzini Illuminati masonic master plan for global government 101! look for more fake wars as the banking community in London city work to position its players for anything like a global reset do to a fiat petro dollar fake wars like syria north korea china island or russia infringements into commons spaces?
    note out of this manufactured play book we should see 1/3 of mankind killed and the appearance of the Great Deception masonic Savior step off a mother ship loaded with manufactured evidence of Jesus’s resurrection, fake miracles other fire from the sky shows and fake miracles like snakes from poles in the egypy stories! its all scripted theater for the low information population of earth to bedazzled them into causing them to receive the mark name or 666 number in their right hand or four head market system ready to commence soon after they cause the collapse of chaos! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/94ccff826765e18c990a9e5aedc11f39b8c6b20da255261315e32cec6816a5ac.jpg

    then i will add some content to help you understand how you suck

    • MorganThePirate

      Damn. Every conspiracy theory ever dreamed up condensed into one paragraph. Don’t get out of mom’s basement much, do you?

    • gabe

      You are exacly why Drumph is the president. You are to blame for him.

      • ak123

        Actually gabe. U are the underachieving snow flake who thinks if trump reverts the country to what it was a 100 years ago,
        You would come out on top.

    • You are one of the truly awake ones.

  • SleepKnowMore

    What? You mean all of this “self-identification” and “gender-bashing” is backfiring? Men really DO want women to play a submissive role, while women really ARE looking for “real men”?? Amazing! If only these young guys had been told repeatedly, again and again, to STOP BEING PATHETIC WIMPS and grow a pair! Imagine what could have been prevented!

  • Barbara Fisco

    My 30 year old son works hard and makes 36,000 a year. After taxes it’s only 27,000. Quit blaming “this Generation”. …when they do make money the fed and state take it away so WTF?

  • Barbara Fisco

    My 30 year old son works hard and makes 36,000 a year and takes home 27,000 after the fed and state gouge him. Get educated about this subject before you call “millenials ” lazy!

  • WheelerDealer

    Answer: Because the public schools accomplished their agenda.

  • tscull

    I can answer that. There are two reasons. The first is that a very large percentage of them have become indoctrinated into considering themselves juveniles until they are 30 years old. Getting to act like fools and be irresponsible, without many serious consequences enacted upon them for negative behaviors when they are children and adolescents, causes this infantilized condition. The second is that our economy is in the shitter and has stagnated over the last two decades, so opportunities have become lessened, and becoming an adult and getting somewhere in life is more difficult and less attractive to those without the drive to really strive to be a self-sufficient and productive citizen.

  • Let’s get real here, while I admit I’m the exception to the rule (we currently have savings, a home, & full time employment), the Economy his literally been destroyed and if one understands the real numbers (i.e. U3), then you can see how the MSM has been fudging the numbers along with “Government” reports (while they ignore their own U3 numbers and their significance because they know the public will buy their propaganda and not revolt) and that MORE THAN HALF OF AMERICANS HAVE NOT HAD A FULL TIME JOB IN ROUGHLY 6 YEARS. Let that sink in for a minute. Now let this sink in: of the few jobs that are left, a great many are occupied by illegal immigrants, 90% OF WHOM ARE NOT ONLY EMPLOYED BUT EMPLOYED FULL TIME.

  • Milly Vanilly

    This is just more proof that the globalist AGENDA (mostly Soros funded straw anarchist companies Brainwashing IMMATURE minds) is working & that MSM has been a big help in destroying America.

  • TripletMom1993

    Two of my 24 year-old Triplets are Marines, who are the antithesis of the information in this article and these comments. One has gotten out of the Corps and lives with me. He is working full time and is getting ready to go to college. He helps me with many things around the house and property.

    • Did both of them become traitors by violating their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution by fighting in wars not declared by Congress?

  • Tiger

    My youngest is a Millennial, he lives with his father, goes to school and works. He helps his father out in the house, with his health care and all. He is a Blessing to his father. Most of his friends including him don’t care to get married now due to they can’t find a good woman. But they all want to marry someday. The women today are more into themselves, their needs and their wants and really don’t know how to be partners in life. My son dates as do his friends but they date older women.

  • (((feminism)))
    (((student loans)))
    (((Federal Reserve)))
    (((housing crisis)))

  • As someone who aspires to be a renaissance man, my mom and dad have stated that at 18, I’m to get kicked out of the house. They harp on about how the (((military))) is good for me, but my moral and religious obligations to serving in any branch (maybe aside from the Air Force or Coast Guard) would get me court-marshaled before I completed basic training.

    I’d like to rescind my citizenship and leave America for greener pastures, such as the Caribbean or South America. I already have the ability to acquire a British passport and citizenship; even if I never visit, I at least have something to base my travels around the world on.

    I plan to become a theoretical physicist, mathematician, computer scientist, and electrical and/or mechanical engineer, similar to greats like Tesla, Neuman or Brauen. I made a pledge to never work for anyone else, and become independently wealthy through passive income generated from royalties and licensing fees, as well as real estate and my index fund. My goal is own property in several different countries and become well-known enough to expose the Zionist agenda and red pill future generations. I’d like to write a few books and publish them on Amazon; maybe I might even win a Pulitzer prize.

    I place my health and happiness above anything else, and I won’t let (((them))) take that from me.

    • straight shooter

      Good for you, young man. I wish you all the best. You’re certainly very enlightened for your age.

    • MarkovDeBeeste

      I sincerely hope you can make it work but know that you’re going to be bucking the system the whole way. I’m quite a bit older than you but I wish I had discovered years ago what you have discovered – that he whole middle-class/work ethic/rat race thing is a scam, a trap for the unwary. I wasted a lot of years in a cubicle working for people who had the combined mental acumen of a garden slug. Now that I’m out of that mental prison life is so much better. So go for it. You’ll make mistakes, that’s a given, but you’re still young enough to correct them or work around them…and learn from them. Better yet, learn by observing the mistakes made by others. It’s cheaper and a lot less painful.

      • Thank you, Markov. I’ve always learned from observing others, and I hope to try not make the same mistakes no matter what the cost. 🙂

    • Sounds like maybe you should acquit yourself with Doug Casey.

      • I have, and I agree with a lot of his stances.

        • He and I are neighbors at the top of the Diamond Chart.

          • Really? That’s interesting. Do tell.

          • The Diamond Chart is the scoring mechanism for the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, which you can take at theadvocates.org/quiz/quiz.php

          • Having participated in a couple of Operation Politically Homeless events, I can tell you that your score places you just above the lower edge of people who took during the People’s Fair in Denver in the late 80’s and late 90’s, FWIW.
            Americans are remarkably libertarian when they don’t have to defend their curiosity. Does the scoring make sense to you, vis a vis the left-right spectrum that lies across its middle?

          • It does, although I do tend to lean conservative and Republican on some issues. Where you do usually rank whenever you take the test?

          • I’ve always ranked at the top, somewhere above the chart, because that test has always been a bit conservative. Marshall Fritz adapted it from the Nolan Chart, which was created by David Nolan, the creator of the Libertarian Party. Both are deceased. Fritz was the only person I ever knew who was afraid to talk about freedom on the phone, being afraid of being tapped. The Advocates offer the quiz in a variety of sizes, and I used to pass out a lot of the business card sized. I tried to get him to put it out on toilet paper rolls, since that is always a good place to catch people when they have time to think.

          • I’m sorry about Marshall.

            The problem is that the only way to escape the NSA is to leave the country permanently and monitor your digital footprint.

          • The only way to avoid electronic surveillance is to give up and avoid all electronic systems. Spooks share information among themselves regardless of who they work for. When Trump was complaining about being bugged, it was GCHQ doing it and sharing the proceeds with the Obama administration, which legalized it. I’m like Scott Adams, I don’t worry about anyone spying on me, because my life is so boring it would put them in a coma.

          • Is that to say you have no qualms with having your privacy invaded or your conversations encroached on, or for that matter, mass biometric surveillance which acts as the precursor to thought crime and chipping?

  • straight shooter

    The concept that feminism essentially engenders hate (or at least mistrust) of men is fascinating and sent me right back to pondering the early ’70s and the dawn of the movement to examine its roots.

    Few are probably aware that one of the movement’s chief proponents, Gloria Steinem, was a CIA asset and that her breakout magazine, Ms., was funded entirely by the CIA, the idea of women’s lib directive having been hatched in the hallowed halls of its boss, The Council On Foreign Relations. The purpose? Twofold: increasing the tax base with massive new female hires while simultaneously destabilizing the family unit, creating legions of latchkey kids, etc.

    Cut to the next generation or two and appears that a high percentage of young males are struggling even to get a grip. much less the girl.

  • Wally D

    When did the last recession get over, I must have missed that memo.

    • MarkovDeBeeste

      The memo came from the government. So evaluate accordingly.

      • Which government? Every franchise is individually owned, like McDonald’s.

        • MarkovDeBeeste

          Does it matter? Federal, state, local governments only differ in size and scope. The basic intents and purposes are the same. Distinctions without real differences.

    • It ended when the current depression began.

  • MarkovDeBeeste

    A bit cynical, perhaps, but accurate. The way things stand now the majority of the benefits of being married (not that there are that many) accrue to the woman. The man, in exchange for occasional carnal activity, gets the privilege of mortgaging his future happiness to the legal system which is stacked against him from the get-go. He really learns this when the marriage falls apart which, these days, is statistically likely to happen. Think debtors prison doesn’t exist in this country? Ask any divorced man who gets laid off, can’t find another job for months and gets behind in his alimony and child support payments. This is the price of having the government administer marriage and, like everything else the government touches, it turns to dogshit.

  • When marriage ceased to be between a man, a woman, and God, it became just another legal control device, best known as an adhesion contract.

  • Chancho_Bandito

    Its a great way of shutting down the state-run economy.

  • Tatiana Covington

    Hey, saves tons of money, no kids to bother with. I did the same thing.

  • Paul Mitchell

    Technology and various “liberation” organizations in North America have been turning pur young people into who cannot develop and mature past the stage of safe spaces, feelings and egos – corporate and governmentally induced dependence and political correctness are producing apron string’s of fiber optics; this being reinforced by the increasing poverty within the middle and lower economic classes. We aint seen nothing yet.


    I commend your commitment to your mother, but you are very much in the minority. I don’t think you’ve seen much of the real world of late.

    • Steve Rusk

      Or you haven’t seen much of the real world of late. For most of us the jobs are leaving this country and they aren’t coming back. Our government doesn’t believe in social programs to help those who’s jobs have been exported.

      • XRGRSF

        I’ve worked in my craft for over 40 years, and I’ve watched so many jobs go overseas to never return. We’re reaching the stage where we no longer have meaningful jobs for our young people, and they can no longer look forward to a successful future. A nation of young people who have no future is a prescription for disaster.

        I don’t know what the government could offer in the line of valid social programs. It’s difficult to train people to do meaningless jobs, and expect them to be satisfied. I’m afraid that we’re reaching the stage of having to develop a society based on a guaranteed national income, but that would be a society for zombie people. In short: We’re screwed.

        • Steve Rusk

          Our infrastructure has been allowed to degrade for decades to boost the level of financial concentration via tax breaks. 50% of our bridges are near or at the end of their design life, not to mention the state of the rest of our highway systems. Our power grid was designed nearly a century ago and has a significant accumulation of band aids to prove it. Our internet is third world quality and the hi tech jobs with a future are leaving this country. Oh yes, there is plenty that people here could be doing if we had a government that worked for us too.

          • XRGRSF

            I completely agree with you. The problem we have is that the worker will receive very little benefit from the work that you propose while the bankers, and “capitalists” will walk away with almost everything.

            I don’t agree with a lot of things that FDR did, but such organizations as the WPA, and CCC were genius. While Bush, and Obama gave money to the banks to loan at usury to the constructions companies to do the work for a profit FDR paid the workers directly, and the entire nation profited. Also, the workers learned skills, and developed a positive work ethic. America has the work to do, but we can’t get past Bankster greed to do it. Or government works for the Banksters not the American people.

          • Steve Rusk

            The curse of having a capitalist government, the few “Must” be compensated disproportionately from any worthwhile endeavor this society embarks upon.


    Women were given the vote because they can be controlled by their emotions. Women were turned against men by twisting their emotions. Women advocate the invasion of Western countries by “refugees” because of their emotions. After all, they’re so cute when they’re little. The emotions of Western women have brought our civilization to the edge of collapse, and men have allowed it to happen.

  • Lala Land

    My children – boys ages 37 and 24, and a daughter, age 24 – all have jobs and work their asses off. Only one is married, however, and she recently moved back home (temporarily) due to a divorce. My boys have no desire to ever get married or move back home (one has been on his own since he was 17). My youngest son says he’ll never marry because women don’t want decent men. I believe today’s “feminism” (not TRUE feminism) has destroyed boys and made them to grow up confused — wusses no REAL woman would want, or it has made them think women deserve to be treated like dogs. Men don’t know what the heck to do — if they’re polite and considerate, as they are to any other human being, they’re considered misogynists and chauvinistic; if they treat these “women” like dogs, an awful lot of them will stay with them because they “love” the guy, but my sons were raised better, and they can’t stand treating women this way. I told them both that these are not women, but girls who have been brainwashed into not knowing what a real man is.

  • Richard Olsen

    Among other things here, what the role of government, which most of the nearly illiterate, uneducated, and near totally dependent population of this country have no real understanding of at all, namely the de facto government, has been touched upon by a number of those entering comments. The most coherent of those comments understand that the situation we now find ourselves in did not come about by coincidence. Further, we have reached a point at which the vast majority of people here have no understanding, and either lack the ability to understand, the motive to want to understand, or both. This is not by accident. It is the contrived result of compulsory schooling in combination with a carefully planned acquisition and subsequent control of all mass media and the now complete usurpation of constitutional government by the oligarchy. As a result, the decline of this country, as well as the rest of Western Civilization is inevitable. The reason for this is that what most believe to be reality is a delusion. To most, lies are truth and conversely. Those who speak truth as a result of having real knowledge and understanding are ridiculed and marginalized or imprisoned, even murdered. There is not space or time here to say more in detail, other that our choices now for the future are a great Dark Ages that will make that which followed the fall of the Roman Empire look like an Age of Enlightenment, or Armageddon.

  • Jakob


  • Steve Rusk

    How about a job that pays enough to move out of their parent’s home, Around where I live minimum wage might pay the rent for a dump, but not utilities and food, even for one. What does it cost to keep a wife and kids as well these days?

  • bsroon

    Well, my kids live with my wife and i. The job situation in Lake county Ca is ridiculous, and i’m sure elsewhere too. One son is low-level mgmt at his company and is barely making minimum wage. Were he to leave, he COULD get/share an apartment, but for relative peanuts – $400/month – he gets room, board, food, utilities, etc.
    First son was screwed over by nutjob wife who basically stole the son, went to N Minnesota and “had a family crisis in Wisconsin” on the few occasions that he was able to take his big rig up there to see him. He TOOK that training and job to make that happen, _____ never let it happen, trains the boy to hate him/blame him for her psycho stuff…So the state of Mn automatically assumes women good, men bad – and has made it virtually impossible for him to survive economically – on his own.

    Since this piece of crap society cannot continue as is for very long i feel much better having them on this ranch so that if/when the shyt hits the fan – we are together and mutually supportive. In the meantime, the low rent paid by both of them greatly frees up the $$$ we need to rebuild the infrastructure on the ranch from when my wife’s dad passed and the place went wild for over 13 years…

    It works for us.

  • tscull

    Nothing at all false about what I stated, it is a fact. And I did put in this caveat- “There are some exceptions of course”- Can’t you read and understand English??? I guess you’re one of those that glosses over something just enough to find a personal insult in it then respond?

  • frankenbiker

    Why, because their worthless and weak. When I turned 18 I was out of the house and on my way to boot camp. Today, these douchebags would rather have the parents pay for their livelihood. Too lazy to find a job, unmotivated. Look after you turn 18, your suppose to leave, find a life of your own. Your parents are there if you fail and need a safety net. After that you go out and either fail or succeed, but you DON’T STOP TRYING.

  • Mark Owen

    Let them do anything they want, no consequences! If my kids were going to Berkeley and I found they were any part of the trouble going on there, they would be cut off from any financial help. Any one of them stirring up trouble while getting Government aid should be cut off immediately! Wear a mask and dark hoodie can only mean one thing, up to no good, Little piss ant cowards. As soon as they show up with their little disguises and back packs full of weapons meant to harm anyone who does not agree with them should be searched and arrested. We must have law and order, it’s beginning to look like it may be too late. Rabble rousing communist professors should be run out of the system once and for all. That means you Ayers and your skank wife!!!