Why Are Chemtrails Being Digitally Added to Old Movies?

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Chemtrails have been popping up all over TV shows, movies and commercials for a while now. Even video games and cartoons are adding these trails to what would otherwise be clear blue skies — why do that if not for propaganda purposes to normalize everyone to what’s going on in the skies above our heads?

One episode of CSI NY even featured a conspiracy theorist professor as a victim, someone who actor Gary Sinise’s investigator character on the show called “totally anti-American” because the professor believed in chemtrails and water fluoridation. (They don’t elucidate either that he believed water fluoridation is poison purposefully added to the water to, say, dumb people down or anything, they just say the professor believed in water fluoridation — I guess believing in water fluoridation at all period is anti-American? Way to go writers.)

Well now it appears chemtrails are actually being added to digitally remastered film footage decades after the fact.

Why do you think that is?

I’m asking because I just watched this video:

Apparently this movie “The Railway Children” was released in 1970. When footage of it was reused in the commercial above in 2005, whoever used it decided to go ahead and add a trail in a small corner of the sky over the children.

Sure, it’s very subtle…but again, name one justifiable reason why they would do that — go to the extra effort to add a trail to mar an otherwise pretty, clear blue sky in a film where no trails were in the sky to begin with — if not for propaganda/normalization purposes?


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  • TruthIsAll

    It’s the normalization phase of propaganda. Just check out the old USSR manuals published on how they used to do it.

    Take a step, then take a breath. It may take a few generations, but they’ll find a way to take the whole mile without resistance.

  • American

    They tried to modernize the film but went a little overboard with the poisoning of the sky. It’s all part of mind control and the dumbing down.

    or maybe they are the ones that are dumbed down.

  • naw, the old movies removed the chemtrails, but they are so old now the process to cover them delaminated.

    Walt and Skylar are having problems in Albuquerque today, JUST CALL SAUL !!

  • Justin OB

    its actually some real serious news. i file it under P for propaganda and M for Militaryindustrialcomplex

  • concernedRN
  • Hal

    Who in the hell is Melissa Melton? And what nut farm did she escape from? This article is ridiculous, but at least someone got paid.

  • Fleendar the magnificent

    Desensitization of the population.

    To despirit and promote the insanity of conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories cover criminal government actions and they PROMOTE and encourage conspiracy theories.

    Never underestimate today’s editing technology.

  • Defiant

    LOL! Editing a piece of footage for use in a commercial is a LOT different than the headline’s implication that the movies themselves are being changed.

    It’s obvious that the contrail wasn’t “added” to the footage. The kids and the fence were added to the footage of the modern train, being used for the commercial, and the contrail was already IN that footage. Once the kids were overlaid, they were added to that footage.

    An OUNCE of common sense and you could reach the truth yourselves.

    • aconcernedperson

      The real conspiracy is how did they bring Carey Grant back to life? The illuminati are hard at work here.

  • ter ber

    just ignore the paid troll -thtruthhurts-

  • deception, slightly alter the true law, obfuscate, misdirection, misstatements, lies, pride/arrogance….basic attributes of most gov’t pukes directly emanates from some fallen angel with a smashed head

  • Carey

    Good grief. Are you really that thick? Can you not see the tree, and the stuff behind the girl? They obviously took the kids and the fence OUT of the scene and put it into the commercial just the same way they put all the other movie stars from the old movies into the new scene. Sometimes a cigar is JUST A CIGAR!!!

  • Sindi Nalley

    OVER THE HEDGE , CARS, GET REAL. I can see all the other ones because how could we even get away from it but these mother fuckers are putting it in cartoons. INSAIN this is world programing .

  • ShaneF SR

    I agree with the “edit” being to make the movie appear true to the timeframe, thus removing the trails being the actual edit. But that doesn’t actually explain the trails. True contrails disappear within seconds, while the aircraft is still visible. These trails that being questioned, linger long after the aircraft has disappeared. Often multiple planes are present when these sprayings are happening. Though I agree with your version of the editing, that doesn’t explain what is being questioned in terms of the spraying.

  • Per Klaveer

    Any chance Donald Trump can end this weather mod going on ? Almost never blue skies anymore ;(