Why are AR-15’s ‘Personal Defense’ Weapons for the DHS but ‘Assault Rifles’ for Citizens?

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“We are fast approaching the stage of ultimate inversion: the stage where government is free to do as it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission.” – Ayn Rand

Why are fully-automatic AR-15s with 30-round magazines and hollow-point bullets called ‘personal defense weapons when the Department of Homeland Security purchases them, but semi-auto AR-15s are assault rifles in the hands of citizens?

The Department of Homeland Security filed a purchase bid this past June titled “Personal Defense Weapons Solicitation”.  It is combined bid for 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition and “select-fire firearm suitable for personal defense.”

Increasingly the government is giving itself privileges that they are taking away from citizens. This is becoming most obvious in regards to gun rights, but it’s becoming a widespread abuse of power across all aspects of society. The government is supposed to derive its authority from the people not the other way around.
Ron Paul recently addressed this exact topic proposing the simple solution: “Anything the government assumes they have a right to do to us, we should assume we have a right to do that to them.”

If we are to be a nation of, by and for the people where the government has no rights that aren’t afforded to citizens, then this assumption may be the check on government overreach that’s so desperately needed.

By the way, the DHS is only authorized to work within the U.S. borders, so who do they plan to use these weapons on?

Watch the brief video below covering a bit more detail on the DHS purchase order:

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  • x

    the reason is because they do not want citizens to have this platform, because it is designed for war. light, flat, fast, accurate. FACTS: less than 3% of ALL gun related homicides according to the fbi website used a rifle of ANY kind! there is no logic to the ban and is the proverbial smoking gun for the forthcoming military occupation.

    • JW M

      If they are designed only for war Why does DHS need them?
      DHS doesn’t fight wars – or are they going to?

      • SKIP

        A famous person said that first a person (state/government)secures itself from attack and then attacks others (paraphrased) but the quote is in the book “Civil War ii” by Thomas Chittum as are many other notable quotes.

  • Kulafarmer

    Thats an easy one,,, the government is full of arrogant assholes who are going to try and screw us over and they will take every chance they get to rub it in our faces. Dont kid yourself ever, NONE of these government people are to be trusted at any level of government, maybe at in some instances at the local level, but for the most part ALL of these people are jerks.

  • wolf

    They can have their autos. One shot, one kill. I’m not into wasting ammo but have practiced for a long time to attain proficiency. These gov dumasses will try to spray us while we shoot them in the head. Go burn in hell scum

    • Kulafarmer

      Then we go and pick up all the ammo and gear we need to arm our brothers and sisters,,Start looking for body armor,, buy the carriers and improvise if need be for the plates, layering 3/16 plate with Kevlar works pretty good, did 3 layers of 3/16 with 4 layers of kevlar, shaped it to my torso, it doesnt fit the pocket on the carrier, but I seded it to the inside of the carrier, better coverage, it takes 30-06 hits one after the other,,,, outer plate and kevlar sheet gets punctured, the inner layers stop it.

  • Cody

    I prefer one shot. I can pull the trigger faster than they can get out of the way.

  • Cody

    We have bolt action rifles on our team for snipers. Long shots are not my field of expertise, but I sure am good at getting up close and personal in the dead of night.

  • GrandpaSpeaks

    Its so oxymoronic. Its always been that way with the military. Ever heard the term “friendly fire”? How about “military intelligence”? Show them the leash and cut their funding. Who will these be distributed fast and furiously to? Probably bankers, to protect that funding. Seriously, this headline defines rogue, in my mind. In yours, there should be panic. That feeling in your guts is freedom, evaporating.

  • BILL

    they are just getting prepared just in case,i mean like in the military in the late 80s we practiced desert warfare just in case we would go to war in iraq or something like that,so to make it short just because they practice something doesnt mean there going to do it,does it. well maybe thats not a good example,sorry obama i tried to trick them but i messed up

  • Doug

    If these are full-auto, doesn’t that make them an M-16 instead of an AR-15?

    • Mike

      Not always. I carried a full auto AR-15 at Osan AFB in the 70’s.