Why Are 72 Homeland Security Employees on the Terror Watchlist?

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If we pretend to buy into all the b.s. this system is cramming down our throats, this should be a simple enough question to answer, should it not?

Why are 72 employees who work for the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY, put in place after 9/11 to, at least in name, secure the homeland from terrorism, on the terrorism watchlist themselves?

Congressman Stephen Lynch recently told Boston Public Radio:

Back in August, we did an investigation—the inspector General did—of the Department of Homeland Security, and they had 72 individuals that were on the terrorist watch list that were actually working at the Department of Homeland Security. The director had to resign because of that.

Wow. How utterly sad is that. (The question is rhetorical.)

Not that the whole thing isn’t security theater to begin with, but how can even the asleep Americans who actually buy into this system continue to do so when employees of said system are on the very list of people said employees are supposedly there to protect them from in the first place?

So I guess the DHS is there to protect us from… the DHS?

Then again, Rep. Lynch mentioned the fact that TSA has a 95% failure rate anyway:

Then we went further and did and eight-airport investigation. We had staffers go into eight different airports to test the department of homeland security screening process at major airports. They had a 95 percent failure rate. We had folks—this was a testing exercise, so we had folks going in there with guns on their ankles, and other weapons on their persons, and there was a 95 percent failure rate.

And somewhere there are Americans who still think the Department of Homeland Security is going to protect them from terrorists. Has that ever happened anyway? (Short answer? Nope.)

More like they are there to invade our privacy, bully us into taking off our flip flops at airports, confiscate our shampoo if it is over three ounces, and generally make us feel like slaves when we fly.

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  • GomeznSA

    Perhaps a more important question is WHY are they still employees? If they are a potential threat, and the reasons can be fully articulated, they should be in jail. Then they would not be worried about flying at all. If no facts can be articulated, remove them (and anyone else who is not indictable) from the list.

  • euragone

    I could really tell you stories about TSA from the view point of an airline employee.. but I’ll sum it up in two words…. They’re Idiots!

  • hadabellyfull

    and with Obombski in the Oval orifice it makes 73 me thinks….

  • Aug Ust

    That’s because this government became United Islamic states of America

    When the use of Deception to deceive the people become deceptive
    that is why they want your guns, not the illegals/refugees guns.
    Obama is radical islam

  • Maybe it is part of their cover as moles.

  • Mike

    Well, DHS along with the FBI, and CIA, and NSA along with the IRS and just about every other government ABC agency are terrorist groups anyway, so why wouldn’t they have people on the terror watch list working for them.

  • Why isn’t Obongo and ALL ” homeland security” employees on the list? Someone who openly smuggles maniacs into the continental uSA seems rather dangerous to the safety of anyone alive.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    Perhaps the Inspector General should investigate the government at MUCH higher levels and report on the findings. The fox found it’s way into the henhouse a very long time ago.

  • Zorkass

    TSA = Thousands Standing Around!!!


    Guess these persons will be disarmed and shown the way to the unemployment line. If you are on the list, you should not be allowed to be armed, right commissar Obama?

  • Guillotine_ready

    There are 72 on the list because the person who was putting them there was likely doing the correct thing and then was fired or all of them would be on the list.

  • Jon Geissinger

    FEMA, TSA, Homeland Security (also FBI, DIA, CIA, NSA) are all part of the new SS. Might as well just lump them together into one huge organization and call them what they are.

  • CharlesH

    Seriously – the TSA is an agency of the government. What agency has EVER had the interest of the people in the forefront?

  • Mbush8281

    Muslims and terrorist have infiltrated our government at its highest levels….and they want to disarm us so they can shoot us down like dogs without resistance. Reminds me of NAZI Germany and the death camps.

  • AZBlackDog

    The thing is, you gotta fly private.