Who’s Responsible For The Latest Attack on America’s Power Grid?

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Last Wednesday, a small power station in Nogales, Arizona was the site of a mysterious bomb attack that left no injuries, nor any witnesses. The assailant(s) broke into the facility sometime between 4pm Tuesday and 8 am Wednesday, and planted a small incendiary device on the valve of a 50,000 gallon diesel tank. The device managed to burn the surface of the steel, but failed to ignite the fuel inside the container. If they had succeeded it could have disrupted power for 30,000 people.

The FBI is currently investigating the attack, but have no leads as far as we know. There were no signs of vandalism that are often left behind by environmental terrorists, who would normally be suspected in an electrical grid attack. The FBI is currently looking into several other incidents that were reported earlier this year:

“On Thursday, law-enforcement officials said the FBI was looking at past suspicious incidents in the area, citing one near Sahuarita, north of Nogales. In that incident, someone was reported to be trying to cut power lines, law-enforcement officials said.

On Feb. 9, target shooters near a substation in that area were seen on security cameras, causing alarm. Police and the utility’s security officers traveled to the site to ask the shooters to move along, but they were gone when police arrived, Salkowski said.”

This incendiary attack has officials worried after a similar incident was reported at a power substation in San Jose earlier this year. The attack was initially considered to be a case of vandalism until more details were exposed to the public, nearly 10 months after the fact.

Rather than a bomb, the San Jose attack turned out to be a frighteningly coordinated shooting. It’s estimated that 6 individuals approached the facility late at night armed with AK-47’s, and opened fire, but not before sneaking onto the property and disabling the alarm system. The attackers managed to disrupt a total of 10 transformers, and escaped just before police arrived. Investigators would later find more evidence of just how professional the attack was:

“After walking the site with PG&E officials and FBI agents, Mr. Wellinghoff said, the military experts told him it looked like a professional job. In addition to fingerprint-free shell casings, they pointed out small piles of rocks, which they said could have been left by an advance scout to tell the attackers where to get the best shots.”

On the surface, this recent attack doesn’t appear to have as much in common with the shooting in San Jose. The suspects didn’t use firearms and they failed to disrupt the facility as much as the San Jose incident. The facility they attacked was merely a backup power producer for peak hours, not a major substation. What they do have in common is a little more startling though.

Both attacks reveal the possibility of scouting and probing the property before the attack, in this case armed individuals were seen in the area several months before, and it was reported that someone was trying to cut power lines nearby in a separate case. Both attacks involved assailants infiltrating the facility after hours and despite the coordination of the attacks, neither succeeded in disrupting the power supply in any meaningful way. And of course both incidents involved cheap and relatively low tech weapons to destroy this expensive equipment. Neither incident left the traditional calling signs of a terrorist group.

Let’s play devils advocate for a moment, and assume the possibility that both attacks were perpetrated by the same organization (and given the multiple individuals involved in the San Jose attacks, it is definitely an organization of some kind). The coordination and lack publicity from any terrorist groups seems to imply, at least in my mind, that this is state sponsored. If they were sponsored by some foreign state, they certainly had the means to do way more damage and disrupt the power supply in a big way. So Why didn’t they?

I suspect these attacks are probing missions. While the American power grid is incredibly vulnerable, it is still massively complicated. If someone were attempting to bring it down, they need to know its ins and outs, and they need know where it is most vulnerable. They need to know how difficult it is to bypass the security of these facilities. They need to develop a map of all of our power plants, substations, power lines etc. Heck, they may even pull off minor attacks of little consequence, just so the news may give them more information on the facility.

Since this organization appears to be fairly low budget, they have to figure out how they can destroy the grid with the fewest number of attacks. There certainly exists a handful of locations that if disrupted, could eliminate the power supply for millions of Americans, if not everyone in the country. These perpetrators are not yet ready to pull off such an operation. They need to see what happens, on the small scale at first, when certain parts of the grid are damaged or disabled.

I’ll admit, I could be making a few leaps with these conclusions, and I’m no stranger to paranoia. There isn’t nearly enough evidence to prove these attacks are related. But if I’m wrong, that means there may be several unrelated groups interested in destroying our power supply. If you ask me, that might be even more worrisome.


I’d love to hear from anyone with more expertise than myself, such as power company employees, military, police etc. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

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  • matism

    I would note that civil war is not too distant. I would also note that it will be Red v. Blue. And that the Blue hives cannot exist without continually leeching from flyover country. The government has shown that it can pacify one hive without power after Katrina and Sandy. They may even be able to deal with two. But when the war starts, if four or more major hives lose electrical power, they will be uninhabitable within a week. Do you understand that the hives are the power base of the evil in this country? If those hives start to suffer colony collapse disorder, how much time do you think the government’s enablers will be able to spend on ANYTHING else???

    • disqus_3BrONUAJno

      Are you being metaphorical or entomological?

      • matism

        Realistic. Merely realistic.

    • It’s actually a revolution. When people fight people then it’s a civil war….when people fight government then it’s a revolution. I had to be educated on this myself years ago.

      http://www.booksbyoliver.com is an underground book out about the 2nd American Revolution & what is coming next. I recommend it as a must read because I agree with you….trust of the government has been lost by the people.

      • matism

        We will have to fight the hive dwellers AS WELL AS the government. Which is why I am a firm believer in hitting their logistics infrastructure and letting them destroy themselves through their “diversity”.

        The hive dwellers have NO problem with anything the government is currently doing. As shown by Boston cowering in their homes while the pigs violated the 4th Amendment.

        • Sharon Springfield

          I’m curious. If you unexpectedly had those guys show up at your door, claiming they would shoot you if you didn’t let them in, what would you do? Throw the 4th at them? Because I am pretty sure they would have taken you out.

          The reality is, unless there are LOTS of people willing to put their lives on the line, most likely you are going to let them in and hope you come out of it with your life.

          • matism

            Whatever you say, darlin’. Whatever you say. Bless your sweet little heart.

          • Sharon Springfield

            So you can’t answer truthfully for fear of being found out?

          • matism

            I’m sure you are projecting YOUR fears onto me. Do so if you want. You’ll find out that not everyone is a coward.

          • Sharon Springfield

            Hardly. It was a legit question, which instead of answering you chose to respond condescendingly. Of course I would be afraid if I opened the door to a bunch of guns in my face. Most people would. At that point I have a split-second decision on how to respond.

            Obviously you are choosing not to answer my original question. Which is your right. I was looking for some guidance. I see I won’t get any here. And since you thought that all those in Boston acted cowardly, I was hoping for some insight as to how to handle opening the door with guns in your face.

            Obviously the question is to much for you. Sorry to have wasted your time and mine.

          • Thomas Parker

            Don’t ask matie too many questions. She’s real sensitive about some things. Her masculinity is easily bruised. In her mind she’s some hardass navy seal plotting the downfall of empires. Good planner, though. Doer, not so much.

          • matism

            Sorry you did as well. You might want to look up the concept of “situational awareness”. And also the concept of “100 heads”.

        • Thomas Parker

          matie: When you say “hive dwellers,” are you using code for urban?

  • Kountry Bumpkin

    I developed a new life philosophy several years ago when anything negative happens, it goes something like this:
    First prove to me that the US government isn’t behind it in some why or another…. It seems to be working out well for me so far.

    • whitefeather

      Great Plan, besides when it keeps coming true, you would have to be an idiot to not continue down that path.

    • Mark

      Every word of government is a lie, even “a” and “the.”

    • Ken, Megapolis

      Roight Country Bumpkin. Oi comes fraam Sunny Somerset, drink up thee Coider, also a Gas Head for my sins LOL.
      But seriously my Dad told me while still still in single figure years how the IRA are impotent for bombing the odd bus. Take out the INFRASTRUCTURE to hurt Society below the belt:- grid, gas, water, sewage, oil refineries, chemical plants, you get the picture.
      However, terrorists are led by their EMOTIONS, never logic so as long as the desire for the dramatic consumes their every thought and dream then most counter terror resource can be poured into aviation.
      A minor SHTF eg smallish local grid down may even be DOWNPLAYED in the media because the electricity board does not want to be seen as INCOMPETENT in the eyes of the public. Do you get me?
      Pray the investigations soon get to the bottom of things.

    • Last weeks Gallup Poll showed 51% of Americans believe Obama “lies” and is “untrustworthy” while the US Congress is down to a 7% approval rating.

      So yes, I agree. Once trust is lost (govt. or individuals) trust has to be proven. And, once a government looses the trust of it’s people then they have to go to the next level which is tyranny.

  • whitefeather

    I’m thinking back to the days of the Earth Liberation Front, ELF. They were on the FBI’s top terroist list for a while. I can attest that these Enviro Minions are Parasitc Drones. That’s where I would look first…..

  • disqus_3BrONUAJno

    Either the utility is completely clueless with respect to security or this was a Gulf of Tonkin attack. A simple multicamera setup with motion sensing alarm would have foiled this.

    • Ken, Megapolis

      Which I blinking well see they have already got Disqus. Just you try urinating in the bushes next to the electrical substations if you don’t believe me. Rabbits also routinely set off the motion sensors.
      Though the technology has yet to capture a ghost LOL

  • FBI

  • “…probing missions…” is a possibility although to do so alters the USG and how they can seal this security issue because “they” are going to only get one chance to inflict their destruction.

    The USG has too many off-sites where they could test this form of destruction so they really don’t need to go out and do it publicly. Just my thought.

  • Phil Suchor

    Viktor Suvorov described this in his book chapter on Spetznaz operations in the US. Called the Overture. Gray warfare as the prelude to a full scale attack by a Russian led consortium. considered all the chemical plant fires, oil train derailings, ” act of God” incidents. All described in his book.

  • same lunch ladies at it again, Sandy Hook wasn’t enough for them, the Union bosses paid triple time for this one, plus exorbitant travel expenses.

  • Sharon Springfield

    If we are so vulnerable, then why hasn’t it been hardened? Its almost like they don’t WANT to fix it…so they can claim it was “domestic terrorists” and install marshall law.

    • Thomas Parker

      “Martial law.”

      • Sharon Springfield

        Oops, thanks!

        • Thomas Parker

          You’re welcome.