“Who the Hell Elected You?” Watch These Germans Rip Into Pro-Migrant Mayor

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Over the past year the German town of Bad Schlema has taken in 85 migrants from the Middle East. And just like every other town and city that has accepted these people, there have been countless reports of sexual harassment from the migrants. During a recent town hall meeting, over 100 residents met with the mayor to discuss the situation, and one grandfather voiced his concerns about local girls being harassed on their way to school, including his own granddaughter.

You won’t believe what the mayor said in response. The townspeople flipped out on the mayor, and some suggested that he should resign. It’s clear after watching this video, that the average German citizen is tired of accommodating the migrants, and they are fed up with their PC government.

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  • Tatiana Covington

    Let the migrants leave instead! Once, a man tried pushing me out of my bus seat. Long story short: the driver threw him off, and another man stepped off for the moment, and beat the crap out of that guy.

    That’s how to handle it.

    • It is a shame when corporal punishment has to be inflicted on adults, but then, they just got there. There is no way to bring cultural differences up to speed quickly. The rapes would stop if woman were armed and could inflict ballistic castrations.

  • Who do regular everyday Europeans let these racist, radical terrorists into your backyards? Grow a pair and re take your countries, if isn’t already too late.

  • Chef Sp

    New law: You vote for something…you have to pay for it yourself.You support something…YOU go to jail when it fucks up. I call it the “My own Private 80’s” initiative.

  • #Revolution #Pegida #KillTheEU