Who Really Believes 100 Homeland Security Vehicles at STL Hotel Are Just for ‘Training’?

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The timing on the Department of Homeland Security supposedly “training” in droves in Chesterfield, a suburb of St. Louis less than 25 miles from Ferguson where authorities are expecting riots following the grand jury decision in the Michael Brown case, is nothing short of amazing.

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A Navy vet named Mark Paffrath who worked at the Chesterfield Drury hotel has been deemed a “terrorist” and fired by his boss for posting pictures to social media showing dozens upon dozens of white DHS SUVS parked at the hotel which have, “Federal Protective Service POLICE” and the Homeland Security logo emblazoned on the side.

Via Fox 2 News St. Louis:

“He called me a terrorist and said I dishonorably served my country for posting those pictures and the short video,” he said. Then, “He gave me a threat that if I were to repost the pictures that I would be locked up and have DHS knocking on my door and all that other stuff.”

Shocked to see so many DHS vehicles in the same place at the same time, the vet took to his Facebook page, which also included a snapshot of this sign about Homeland Security’s visit for the hotel staff:


The sign discusses how the names of the DHS guests are “confidential” so “brag to your family about it after they check out” and that “police K-9s are service animals” and do not get charged extra.

A lot of people in story comments across the Internet are saying they’re going to boycott Drury Hotels now for firing Paffrath.

Some mainstream outlets are reporting that the DHS is just there for training, nothing else.

It’s funny DHS thinks they can amass 100 vehicles anywhere and not get their picture taken in this day and age of technology and instant sharing. A hundred of anything is usually a sight to behold, but a hundred federal police cars sitting together right outside the very spot where every official law enforcement agency from local to state to federal is waiting with bated breath for a full-on riot to break out is bound to turn more than a few heads.

Considering that Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has preemptively declared a 30-day state of emergency for the entire state, in addition to activating the National Guard, before the grand jury decision has even been read, it’s a little hard to buy the official line that this massing of DHS agents right outside the potential riot zone is just for the most coincidentally timed “training” ever (complete with police K-9s).

The FBI has also issued a bulletin declaring that the Ferguson decision “will likely” lead to violence by “extremist protesters” exploiting the situation, causing some to quote “threaten and even attack police officers or federal agents.”

On top of that, Ferguson police have stocked up on less-lethal ammunition in the last few months including  “hornets nest” CS sting grenades, which shoot out dozens of rubber bullets and a powdered chemical agent upon detonation, tear gas, riot gear, plastic handcuffs and the like in the lead up to the decision which is expected to come any time now. St Louis County police have spent $172,669 on this stuff just since August.

With the media in lockstep to rile people up, the perfect storm is now brewing in Ferguson. Last night, one of the top Google Plus posts featured at the very top front-and-center on Google News was the headline, “The Nation Braces To Watch Ferguson Missouri Burn To The Ground.”

“I expect about half the city to be in flames by midnight. I think most people do as well,” Google Plus poster K.B. Burnfield wrote. “No matter what the verdict of the grand jury there will be violence and there will be fire. Any good or progress protests might have made will be ruined by the crazies and the idiots who just want to cause trouble and serve their own agenda. I hope I’m wrong but I doubt it.”

People’s buttons have been effectively pushed. The authorities have geared up. The protestors have been riled up. The powers that be are going to sit back and watch the show.

The best comment I’ve seen so far came from a random commenter on a Washington Post story about how people are acting like…well…predictable sheep:

“Fear is a very powerful weapon, it catalyzes, it causes division, it can be used as an excuse to remove even more civil liberties. Make no mistake America, there are reasons the media are portraying this, in this particular light. You are ALL being manipulated.”


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  • Nichole Koonce

    Nothing to see here. We are just “training”, riot control.

  • moovova

    Navy vet or not…what did the ex-employee not understand about “confidential in nature”?

    He deserved to be fired.

    • TruthIsAll

      Deserved to be fired for showing the truth? How about fuck you. You would make a good police officer to toe the line rather than fight for justice. It’s too bad most people are like you.

      • moovova

        I am ex-military…and, the first thing I learned was to obey orders. The ex-employee disobeyed his employer’s demands, and he was fired.

        Imagine that.

        • Rebel Mel


        • Cathy Young

          obeying orders doesn’t always wash in the military. I served as well, but could say no and disobey illegal orders.

          • moovova


            But, was he given an illegal demand or order? No. The ex-employee was given the responsibility of protecting the privacy of paying guests. He chose to ignore that responsibility.

    • Padraigin Eagle

      Loose Lips sink ships, moovova’s propaganda quips

      Ah, the pumpkin head mindless mental midget, original thought a foreign body, has access to Big Brother’s typewriter; and, of course, the 1984 playbook has been fed to him as part of his daily indoctrination, a war is peace acolyte in lockstep with “Homeland doesn’t give a stuff about your Security, it’s there to install The Protocols, piece by devious piece”.

      The sting is in, it’s just the tale that remains.

      • moovova

        You are a fruitcake.

        Seek professional help.

        • Padraigin Eagle

          Thank-you for the encouragement Moovova. As a Professional who assists those in need, you’ve reached out at just the right moment; synchronicity some might say. And fruitcake is on the menu; don’t say I didn’t offer.

  • moovova

    Read the employer instruction board again.
    It says “Confidential in nature…”, not “names”.

    There will be no lawsuit as the employee disobeyed the employer instructions, and he was fired for it.

    • Melissa Melton

      Or just poor handwriting of the person with the dry erase markers and the board… I just said the guests are “confidential” same thing. By the way, I love your “obey orders” comment below. I’m sure the government does, too. You know, the Nazis at Nuremberg used the excuse they were just “obeying orders” too…

      • moovova

        From the article (you wrote): “The sign discusses how the names of the DHS guests are “confidential” so “brag to your family about it after they check out”.

        Please refrain from dissembling.

        The whiteboard does not say anything about “names” of DHS guests. It specifically says: “Confidential in nature, which means brag to your family about it after they check out.”

        It is not too late for you to correct your error in the article, and phrase it properly.

        Also, I did not say obey illegal orders…which the whiteboard did not contain from what I could see. There are remedies for illegal orders if one has been given.

        • …all of this”disobeying orders” stuff is crap anyway. The individual was an employee, not a serving line officer. We have plenty of very unconstitutional policies at my job that will result my dismissal should I break them. In the case of Mark P, if his sudden streak of morality caused him to instead take photos of other guests cars and post them online because he thought they may be engaging in prostitution, drug dealing, marital infidelity or other common activities at hotels he might find objectionable would you consider that an act of civil bravery or an invasion of his customers privacy?

    • lordpeckerwoodfive

      the messages were created AFTER his termination

  • moovova

    I am ex-military…and, the first thing I learned was to obey orders. The ex-employee disobeyed his employer’s demands, and he was fired.

    Imagine that.

    (“…you must be a Obummer supporter.” Wrong. I’m VERY conservative…but I follow my employer’s rules. I expect to be fired if I don’t.)

    • Rebel Mel

      You are a liar.

    • Mike

      The Nazi Germany troops were just obeying order also, yet they were tried and executed. Sometimes obeying orders is WRONG. Sometimes you must ignore orders for the greater good, and in this case since we (taxpayers) have all footed the bill for an un-needed DHS, we have a right to know where are taxes are getting spent. Keep up the good work Mark Paffrath!!!

      • moovova

        ” Keep up the good work Mark Paffrath!!!”

        Actually, he’s no longer working. He was fired for his lack of common sense and his failure to protect his employer’s guests’ privacy.

        • Mike

          He is not working for that company any more but he is working for the taxpayers right to know about the waste of DHS and that they are massing in force to take arms against it’s citizens. He sacrificed his job for the taxpayers right to know how it’s money is being spent.

          • to be fair, those citizens have already expressed an intent to pillage, loot, burn, assault, and murder. I think its within the prevue of law enforcement to be at least SOMEWHAT proactive, don’t you think?

          • no he didn’t… he sacrificed his job for fifteen minutes of Facebook fame and nothing more. Don’t make him into the martyr he isn’t. Nowhere does he decry the use of the DHS, overreach of the federal government or anything else, he just took a photo to get a thumbsup or two on social media.

          • Mike

            He sacrificed his job to inform the taxpaying public. His photos were his proof. If he did not post the photos, nobody would believe him, just like all the people that have won lawsuits against police brutality, because someone caught it on film, otherwise it’s their word against the cops, and we all know how that turns out. Our government lies to us everyday, and it’s because of people like him and others that document the evidence for all to see, otherwise it’s his word against the government, and we all no that to NEVER TRUST THE GOVERNMENT, how many times have they lied to us and been caught.

          • Funny, all he said about it on Facebook was “‘What are these vehicles doing here? I wonder if it has anything to do with Ferguson?’”. No big diatribe about anything you said. He posted a photo he took. Don’t make it out to be any more than it was.

          • And he didn’t “sacrifice his job”. That implies he knew he would be fired.

          • Mike

            He is a true American Patriot, exposing government waste and letting taxpayers know what is going on, unlike the MSM.

        • lordpeckerwoodfive

          He took a picture in the garage.

          You make it sound like he published a guest list.

    • Chuck

      If you learned anything in the military, you should remember the difference between lawful and unlawful orders.

      • moovova

        Or…you could’ve read the other comments and seen that I’d already covered that particular point.

    • Padraigin Eagle

      Just following orders: So that’s how the dinosaurs met their demise

      Move Out, I have a cliff that’s just your type, 100 feet freefall into a minefield; follow-me and remember, an order is an order is an order, no matter how disordered you might be thereafter. Lead the way, expect to be fired if you don’t and damned if you do. Hobson is your choice, genius.

  • freedom of speech? sure. you can say whatever you like. nowhere in the first ammendment does it say anyone (including your employer) has to like it (or keep you employed).
    I can insult your mom with my freedom of speech, but the first ammendment wont protect me from a punch in the eye by her angry son, right?
    the first ammendment was corrupted during the berkley riots of the 1960’s by the leftists who claimed disrupting education on a private campus by shouting obscenteties was “protected speech”. ever since then, they have been able to chip away at it, and you’re falling into their trap.

  • “Who Really Believes 100 Homeland Security Vehicles at STL Hotel Are Just for ‘Training’?”
    Seriously folks, not everythings a conspiricy. You have thousands of “protestors” (rioters) claiming they will be looting buring “targeting” certain buildings, agencies, and businesses and one wonders why law enforcement might want to keep their staging area quiet..?
    This reminds me of the people who take pictures of military “convoys” on the freeway and say its russian troops/martial law/etc when its usually reservists or normal logistics.
    wha ould have been smarter, had this guy actually thought there was a nefarious purpose here? share the intell with he “protestors” quietly rather than yell for attention on his facebook page.

  • ok, whats our solution for a police response to organized looting and pillaging?

  • read the article, NOW I get it:

    “Paffrath says he was also told by his superiors that he put a $150 thousand contract with the Department of Homeland Security in jeopardy for the hotel.”

    • Rebel Mel


    • Padraigin Eagle

      Every slave has their price.

  • Musashi5000

    I’m thinking these clowns are not there to deal with the rioters, but to deal with those that defend themselves from the rioters.

  • moovova

    “Obey orders, do not use your brain.
    You must be one of those new robots …”

    So, by extension according to your logic, if all ex/current military, or even civilian employees, obey orders…they’re not using their brains? Or, they’re a DARPA robot?

    Your statement makes you sound pretty silly.

  • you could be right. On the other hand, I read it like this- the GSA acquires goods and services. To say “delivering
    integrated law enforcement and security services owned or
    leased by …” , they are saying “these are the official vehicles we let our hired guns use when we subcontract for security services”. non-government employee causes a problem like shooting a civilian? no problem, just terminate the contract! DHS looks like its proactive in punishing the NGO, and the NGO simply reorganizes and changes its name and applies for the next GSA posting on fedbizopps.gov. Blackwater/Xe/Academi is a reasonably good example..

  • SlapYaSilly

    Moovova: You are either and idiot or born mentally challenged. The Vet obviously stands for the people he was sworn to guarantee freedom rather than blindly going to slaughter like you, out of control, government twits. I, as a combat Vet, would do what I feel the need to do to protect the citizens of the US of this power hungry government as I would hope many Americans would do. As has Mr. Mark Paffrath . . Thank you for your service.

  • Mike


  • Cathy Young

    yes it’s so much better to support a cops right to use military force against protestors. Or to beat, taze and kill the mentally ill, the elderly and others. Or perhaps we should support a cop’s desire to throw grenades into the bedrooms of children and terrorize families for no knock raids at the wrong address. Or perhaps we should be supporting their desire to rape women and rob citizens and kill their pets. They have no respect for our rights, so tell me why we should have ANY respect for them at all. Cops whine about how difficult their job is when they are the ones making sure it is.

  • Cathy Young

    Maybe if cops were actually held accountable for their actions, and held to the same level of punishment as you and I, people would not hate, despise and fear cops like they do. Cops kill, rape and rob every day in this country and suffer no consequences for it. You do realize no amount of bootlicking, fawning, ass kissing or dick sucking will get you nowhere when it is your turn. As far as cops are concerned, you and I are the enemy. It will not always be “those people” the cops assault. I guess until it comes home to roost you are just a-ok with whatever happens to “those people”

  • moovova

    That’s a childish comment.

  • Bad Santa

    Reading all this comments where moovova writes his ‘thoughts’, if it talks like a gov’t troll, if it walks like a gov’t troll, then it is a gov’t troll. Don’t give a single chance to brainless retards who need someone from the government to tell them to breathe in and breathe out. Absolutely pathetic piece of human scum.

  • Raven2740

    This guy was a navy vet, he should have known better, especially in light of the violence happening in Ferguson. I’ll bet this hotel has strict policy about posting patron’s info online!

    I mean, would you want him working for you?

  • Raven2740

    The guy took advantage of his employer and ignored their confidentiality instructions. Now future patron’s associate the hotels name with picture taking and internet posting… And no longer want to stay there.