Who is Really Behind Dylann Roof’s “Racist Manifesto” Website?

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Dylann Roof

On June 18, Dylann Roof was arrested for killing nine people in a mass shooting at a black church in South Carolina.

Two days later, a “racist manifesto” website called Last Rhodesian was “discovered” by two independent writers.

The discovery of the website began with a political blogger who posted the following Tweet:

Less than an hour later, Twitter user Emma Quangel, a self-described communist, responded to that Tweet:

Why did Quangel pony up the $49 to buy the website domain report?

Jacob Siegel of The Daily Beast asked her that question:

After I congratulated her for her investigative work, Quangel told me that she saw it as her duty. “As a communist,” Quangel said, “it is my duty and obligation to spend at least $49 to help ruin this guy’s insanity plea.”

But who IS Emma Quangel?

Scott Creighton, owner of the website American Everyman, did some digging and uncovered some information on Quangel:

Dylann Storm Roof’s unsigned “Confession Website” has been “found” by an Obama agenda supporter and a writer who wrote these items:

“Caroline Benjie is a naïve Candide come to the big city to find a life and career, like everyone else, through promotion via social media.” Emma Quangel on her book “Spooks”

“Caroline (author’s representation of herself as protagonist?) finds herself rising through the ranks of New York society (where Emma lives), feted and showered with gifts and endless praise of her excellence. Is Empire a wonderful meritocracy after all, and is the insipid and unimaginative Caroline really the superior specimen of the species as she herself is increasingly convinced? Or is she a pawn chosen for her vanity and gullibility, a mere puppet in a spectacle behind which there are larger and by no means random forces at work? Is she delivering revolution to the people or is she selling the people bound hand and foot — and strapped to electrical prods — to her many anonymous sponsors?Emma Quangel on her book “Spooks”

Interesting, no?

Oh, by the way…Quangel owns a site called…wait for it…


Life imitates art.

And it looks like she and Henry go way back. His current Twitter handle is “Henry Krinkle,” but there are comments on Quangel’s blog from as far back as 2011 from a Henry Krunkle. Could it be that she has two buddies with VERY similar pseudonyms? Perhaps…but I doubt it.

Was this some kind of publicity stunt to promote Quangel’s book?

Some think so:

And some are saying that Last Rhodesian didn’t even exist until AFTER Roof was arrested.

I searched the history for the Last Rhodesian website and found this:

who is record

Notice the IP location is in Russia.

To verify that, I checked the IP address on another site:

IP address

Of course, the fact that the site is hosted in Russia doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

You’ll notice that the site was created in February 2015, but internet archives only go as far back as June 20, 2015.

Creighton offers a possible explanation for that:

The New York Times states that the site was created on Feb. 2 of this year and immediately set with a privacy option that would keep people from being able to tell who created it. Considering the fact that the only posting on it is his “confession manifesto” which appears to have been written the same day as the shooting, and considering the nature of all the photos on it, it’s safe to say it was created for the sole purpose of implicating Dylann Storm Roof in this crime.

He also speculates that it is possible that Roof’s manifesto was actually written by Quangel:

I’m not going to go so far as to say Emma Quangel wrote the “confession manifesto” like are. I will say it’s more likely that she wrote it than Dylann did with his 9th grade education. You can go to the links I provided for you and read her work and then read the “manifesto” below to see if you think they were penned by the same person. Seems possible to me.

Creighton explains a bit more about what he found during his research into Roof’s alleged website:

Dylann’s supposed site has been taken down, but a cashed version of his manifesto still exists for you to read. I saw it briefly yesterday the last day it was edited was on Wed. June 17th, the same day as the shooting.

You will notice when you read it, not only is it unsigned and apparently created on the day of the event, but it also seems obvious that it was written by someone with a higher degree of education than 9th grade drop-out Dylann Roof would possess.

Aside from the unsigned “confession” from someone who is supposed to be Dylann Roof, the only other thing on the site are a few photos of Dylann which look extremely staged, with him holding a gun and in a couple of them, a confederate flag. They also seem to have all been taken the same night at the same location (but I confess, I may not have seen all of them)

For Creighton’s analysis of the photos of Roof, please see his article The Ridiculous Propaganda Photos of Sheep Dipped Dylann Storm Roof. In that article, Creighton suggests that Roof is a “sheep-dipped asset”:

“The phrase “sheep dipped”, is commonly used in intelligence circles. It’s a way of saying someone has been given an alternate identity. The best known example being Air America, but also in many other covert ops applications. Not necessarily military. “Those who were accepted got “sheep-dipped” and vanished.”

SHEEP-DIPPED – Stripping a soldier of his military uniform and identification so he can pose as a civilian during a covert mission. Lee Harvey Oswald was “sheep dipped” in order to carry on his involvement in the CIA’s clandestine activities. Urban dictionary

Creighton wouldn’t be the first to suggest that Oswald and Timothy McVeigh were sheep-dipped assets who were turned into patsies: The Corbett Report has made compelling cases for both (to read them please see Episode 287 – Meet Lee Harvey Oswald, Sheep-Dipped Patsy and Episode 305 – The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh).

He also points out similarities to “discovered confessions” in other high-profile cases:

Thoughts of Lee Harvey Oswald’s backyard photo come to mind. As does James Holmes’ stick-figure confession journal “lost” in the post office at his school and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s “boatside confession” which they “found” a week after they searched that tiny little boat from top to bottom.

Oh, and it’s funny that Quangel is so proud of herself for supposedly exposing Roof’s racist agenda, because on June 18, Quangel herself said:

Perhaps someone should give Emma a dictionary. The definition of racism is hatred or intolerance of another race or other races. Oh, by the way, Ms. Quangel – here’s the definition of hate speech for you while we are at it: bigoted speech attacking or disparaging a social group or a member of such a group.

Donald Douglas of American Power also made some astute observations about Quangel:

“…it turns out Ms. Quangel’s also a radical feminist and a militant Maoist. She’s a contributor to the “Feminist Current” website and runs the far-left Manyfesto blog (ironically), where we find this robust ideological defense of “red” communism and genocidal regime of Mao Mao Tse-tung, “Red-baiting as the cliff approaches.”

As any “sane and educated” person would know (to borrow from the commenters at my place), Chairman Man was the most murderous totalitarian leader of the 20th century, if not in world history. Tens of millions died in the revolutionary spasms of Mao’s puritanical communist program.

Folks like Emma Quangel, Marxist-Leninists and Maoist totalitarian collectivists, just do not care about human rights or “BlackLivesMatter.” They care about the global revolutionary transformation that eliminates capitalism in the name of the so-called proletarian classes. Leftists exploit race and “racism” as a front for the communist ideological struggle. They don’t care how many people die for the dialectical cause of anti-imperial Utopianism. Their practical program is to align with any and all murderous dictatorships and tyrannies committed to war against the United States and its Western allies.

Is Quangel or her buddy Henry on the Soros payroll? Who knows, but other professional race-baiting paid agitators have already been rallying and protesting in Charleston.

But enough about Quangel – let’s get back to Roof.

On June 18, Kit Daniels of InfoWars investigated Roof’s Facebook account and posted screenshots of his page. Daniels noted that the page appeared to have been created this year, and that Roof only had around 80 friends, many of whom are black.

Roof’s profile picture was added on May 21, 2015, and was his only Facebook image available to the public. It shows him scowling while wearing a jacket with Rhodesia and apartheid-era South Africa flag patches:


Whether or not Roof is a sheep-dipped patsy or is truly a lone-wolf racist with an evil agenda, one thing is for sure: the Obama administration is not going to let this tragedy go to waste. They are already using a template straight out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals playbook:

  1. Use a tragedy as a crisis, or create a crisis where none exists.
  2. Paint the crisis with as much emotion as possible, and throw logical analysis out the window.
  3. Propose the one and only solution to the problem, which just happens to coincide with what you’ve wanted to implement for many years.
  4. Paint anyone who opposes your one and only solution as evil, uncaring, not smart enough to understand the nuanced brilliance of your solution, or in the pockets of …. you pick the evil entity.
  5. Force the solution on the people by any means, whether legislatively, by executive order, or through the legal system.
  6. When the unintended consequences of your solution rear their ugly head, use them as a reason for more brilliant solutions to made up crises. (source)

Calls for stricter gun control and removal and banning of the confederate flag are already happening, as if either will make a difference anyway.

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  • Infidel51

    I doubt that anyone who has been paying attention is surprised by the possibility that this kid is a patsy. No doubt he is a disturbed person with some very flawed beliefs but all of this “evidence” of his racism seems a little too perfect. History should make skeptics of us all.

    • Shooting = false flag to me now. I look for proof that it is real, not for proof that it isn’t anymore because false flags are the default these days.

      • DCBrough

        That’s right! Some simple things come to mind…1. No eye witness accounts interviewed. (Especially since there was a lady who was “allowed” to live to tell what happened”… where is she? 2. No bodies come out on stretchers or in an ambulance. 3. Everyone has a phone nowadays and no one saw anything? 4. That blood was cleaned up awfully quick to resume services. 5. Feds fast tracked 29 million dollars. I probably could’ve stopped at this one alone.

    • David in MA


  • BHill

    Great research.
    Obvious black op staged hoax.
    The DHS Shooting drill that week in Charleston is also a giveaway.

    • DCBrough

      Yep that and the fact that jade helm is conveniently in place to handle “social unrest”. How convenient!! Black panthers now calling for blacks to start killing whites. Again, how convenient. They can’t let the military down with nothing to do for those 3 months now can they?

    • I_P_Frehley

      I like how they took “Dylann” to Burger King after they had him in custody…now I may be a simple, country chicken but this whole thing stinks.

  • Mike

    Imagine that, and shortly after the shootings they call for the confederate flag and now some are calling for the US flag to be removed. More American heritage destruction.

    • They were busy signing fast track authority to ruin our country, the flag story is a distraction.

      • DCBrough

        Distraction yes, but they also HATE America and anything that represents “anti-gov” which the confederate flag began to represent. The planned “shooting” is only ushering in jade helm to be “not just a drill”. Those pictures were staged and obviously the confederate flag was planted in order to relate it to “terrorism”. So that “flag” has a whole lot of meaning behind it for the NWO.

      • Mike

        Yes it was, that is why I like to keep my eye on everything that I can. Makes the head spin.

  • Smarty

    I’m sure this kid was sheep-dipped. And by looking at his picture, I think he was dipping it in a sheep as well….. but that’s just one man’s opinion….

  • Tom

    Here’s one thing we will NEVER see: an actual certified, provable, un-coached example of Roof’s writing to compare with Quangel’s. Ninth-grade dropouts can’t write much more than “Wassup?”

    • sddasasd

      We’ll “NEVER” see it, even though there’s free programs and services for people to compare writing styles all over. Why don’t you try it yourself? You also have pretty high standards for how well 9th grade drop outs can conceivably write, his writing style is actually pretty poor yet well above “wassup.” But yeah, who’s ever heard of a fairly intelligent yet severely mentally unstable person who’s dropped out of 9th grade?

      • Tom

        You appear to be assuming that the manifesto IS a sample of Roof’s writing, even though the entire thrust of the above well-researched article is that it almost certainly is not. What I said was there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that we’ll ever see an honest example of Roof’s writing to compare with the manifesto. Either you didn’t read the article or I’m talking to an automated reply bot that’s assigned to kill the idea that we actually get Roof to write something in jail to compare styles with the manifesto.

        • sddasasd

          I misunderstood what you meant about “an honest sample of his writing”, but still, saying that’s too well written to be by a 9th grade drop out is really a stretch.

      • Abraham Lincoln did pretty well with a 7th grade education.

  • Nick

    I knew this smelled but this is just straight out spy novels. The left has been looking for their white racist “mass murderer” for eight years now. Up until now they would get all excited, throw their white racist mass murderer narrative out and then the facts would prove the person was in fact a leftist. We’ve all seen it. We’ve all seen CNN get all excited immediately after a shooting and trying to implicate the Tea Party, indict the entire white race and throw around their divisive racialist agenda. I’m really beginning to think there is a lot more to this story than we will ever hear.

  • BDBinc

    Charleston: 15 Questions that Demand Answers


  • leevitowt

    The Djoker returns – in the form of Dylann Stormtroop.

  • Ted

    There’s the Right-Wing White Racist, wearing African apartheid flags, right Uncle Bunky? Here’s the original photo where the crisis actor wore the Rainbow Flag:


    Here’s the Error Level Analysis site where you can test for yourself to see which photo was edited and resaved (makes the edited photo darker):
    No one got shot. That’s why we didn’t see blood. $29 million in hush money buys lots of silence and cooperation, especially with a legally binding nondisclosure contract. And there was a federal Live Shooter class the same day in N.C.
    White racists don’t have 20 Black friends published on their Facebook page and wear Rainbow patches.

    • 1in7billion

      I believe that’s the Obama logo he’s wearing in the original. The image of a white racist displaying an Obama logo on his jacket is extremely odd.

      And has anyone questioned why he appears to be standing in the middle of a swamp?

  • Kody Riley

    Great job digging. You’ve found a slimmy commie jew making shit up!

    • Reverend Draco

      Is that opposed to a fatty commie jew?

  • hidden_agenda714

    funny, when a why guy goes in a shooting spree, white people say false flag.

    But, when white people frames an Arab as a patsy such as the Boston Fake Bombing, white people go albino ape shit crazy and start crying about Islam. Even though everything blamed on them was a false flag by Israeli spies in the US. 60 of them were secretly deported after 9/11

    • Yep, that kid they sentenced to death didn’t do the Boston bombing.

      • Reverend Draco

        “They” used the same script for the Boston Marathon as for 9/11.

        No one had ever committed a terrorist attack against the BM. “They” decide to hold a “training exercise” because “what if someone used a bomb in a backpack to cause a ruckus at the marathon?
        Lo! and Behold! Bombs appear – that very day – hidden in the exact same kind of backpack that was used by “them” as part of their training exercise.

        No one had ever used airliners as flying bombs. “They” decided to hold a “training exercise” because “what if someone hijacked airliners and used them as flying bombs?”
        Lo! and Behold! Hijacked airliners are used as flying bombs, during the training exercise.

        Not only was the Marathon a false flag operation. . . they used the same badly-written script used against us on 9/11 – and for the most part we fell for it.

        • If you hear about any type of gov. training exercises in an area these days steering clear would be your best bet! I feel sorry for the JADE HELM folks.

          • And Jade Helm is a drill that could also go live.

          • Dawn

            I read somewhere around here that it is no longer an exercise but a full blown ops as the military build up just continues in that State. So this is how they start. This, added to the fact that Texas is looking to get its gold back, plus, probably the largest cluster of gun owners happens to be in Texas, Only makes sense for them to work to put out of order the region that’s likely to put up any fight whatsoever when shtf.
            And to think of how the main stream media was working really hard to discredit anybody who brought up Jade Helm into the spotlight by accusing them of claiming that the US military was invading Texas, when they were the ones that were working to subtly insert that into peoples minds.
            …Speaking of some real psychopaths being in charge in Washington.

          • Texas may have the largest cluster of gun owners, but Wyoming has more guns per capita than any of the lower 47 others.

        • They both have the appearance of a drill that went live.

      • My money is still on the same source for the first World Trade Center and the Boston bombings.

    • Tom

      You got the part about Israel doing false flags right, but Arab? Are you kidding me? The Tsarnaev brothers are Chechens, part of the old USSR — only a couple of thousand miles from Arab territory and a completely different racial/cultural group.

      • A semite is a semite, regardless of his/her religion or cultural relations. Many of those accused of anti-semitism are semites.

        • Tom

          A Semite is anyone from the “Middle East”. Perhaps an expansive definition of that region would reach all the way up into Chechnya; the same range of east longitudes technically reaches all the way to the North Pole. However, the question was whether or not the Tsarnaev brothers were Arab, which they are not by any stretch of the imagination. But then, Jews call themselves Semites even when they are Kazars and get away with it, so why not Chechens as Semites, or even as Arabs. In a time when whites can get away with calling themselves black and men get away with calling themselves women, labels lose their meaning.

          • The most common definition I could find online was some variation of “a member of a group of people originally of southwestern Asia that includes Jews and Arabs”, and that would include the Kazars, as I understand their history.

    • hidden_agenda714

      Whatever happened to the American asCIAda? You know, the Jew Adam Pearlman who decided to dressup as someone who converted to Islam and started making videos for the media.

  • hvaiallverden

    its so obviously a flase flagg its simply ridicilous, if you wounder why I dont bother to respond to this scam.
    And our PC infested shitholes aka MSM is druling upon this, and its pimped hard even in the land of the mountain monkeys Norway.
    And even wurse in the bottom of the pitt, of sanity, in the land of PCs Sweden.

    Yup, they have gotten what they dreamed about, blacks whom the f… cares its about hate, and hate, against Chrsitians and Muslims and stil the idiotic rightwinged morons beliving in the scam about Islam served fom the minions of the Tribe their storm troops, aka the ZioNazis.
    Bith dont even want to, denies it so hard they can, blindly screaming ignorance and spoon feed downright lies about Islam, witch is precisly the same teaching as Christianity, and remeber when NothingButYahooho, waved the Talmud, and eclared it the state religion of the coming “jewish” state, do anyone of you have any idea of what the Talmud is, and contains do you, reed necks.

    Whom is right now, burning down Curches in Palestina.
    And the rightwinged freaks, soaked woth warporn and porn isnt able to differenciate between shit ans shinnola, even if it was tattoed upon their dicks.
    Played as domb f…., by the Tribe.

    its a class war, never have been about race, collor nor creed.
    Its about controll.
    Rule by dividing and conquest.
    To them, its a game, to us, its our lifes.

    Its a class war, and right now, we are loosing, because good people are silent, and evil rules.

    wake up


  • And still, not a single mention of the SSRI drugs that all of the shooters have been taking. Maybe it is time to increase Emma’s dose.

  • David in MA

    Those who do these shoot-up’s must be tested for this: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2143584/Scopolamine-Powerful-drug-growing-forests-Colombia-ELIMINATES-free-will.html
    To see if there is more to it than a “troubled person”.

    • Common sense dictates that a violent offender should have samples taken of everything as soon after commission as possible, so that it can be known what is troubling them.

  • sddasasd

    The point about google archiving a site (especially on Orange Thug Cat’s end) doesn’t prove anything. Sites with little material can be documented heavily, others with major material not.

  • BigGaySteve

    Well he got the black on white attacks right.

  • Dawn

    Don’t trust the medical establishment. This kid was on medication. One of those evil ones. B4 him, James Holmes was, the Santa Barbara shooter was, as well as supposed other killers. Don’t go under the knife for any reason. We all die once in each lifetime. With or without surgery. Who knows what these criminals do to the people they decide to use as guinea pigs to further their experiments on how to “master the human domain”? Many people are locked up in jail for crimes they affirm they did not commit. They deliberately put fluoride in the water to make us stupid, dumb and cattle like. Nazi Germany did the same to dumb down the Jews before sending them to the gas chambers. Last time I was in Europe, every day if not at least every week, they had protests on the streets, distributing tracks, sharing flyers with others about issues that are vital to the citizen. Here?!?!? to the exception of a small pockets here and there, everybody is ASLEEP. North America is apparently the only place they put Fluoride in the water. It looks like this guy is just another patsy. Like George Carlin said “don’t ever trust the government.”
    To the writers of this article: Thank you so much. Great Work.

  • It is just so obvious in the same old choreographed for the “agenda” staged event, manipulated, dipped in whatever, it’s sick, twisted, and reminiscent of the Jared Loughner shooting in Arizona. That was NOT random, he was dipped in crazy, recruited and trained then set loose to hit his targets. Gaby Giffords was supposed to die. Thank God she lived, sadly others were senselessly murdered, but not a single member of the media has heard a word from that guy, his parents, or anyone who knew the guy. He’s in a tight lock down, if he’s still alive, in a mental institution with higher levels of security than the Clinton, NY prison. It surely had nothing to do with the fact that Giffords, a pro-2A Democrat was someone the ATF went to about the atrocious terms they were supposed to go along with regarding the Corrupt and despicable program hatched by Holder and his Boss, Fast and Furious, which ended up killing Border Agent Brian A. Terry. That was the first horrific scandal Obama stumbled over his words sloppily with shifty eyes which he claimed he first learned about on The News… Really? Must have been Fox News… Or CBS, as Sharyl Atkisson broke the story and is coincidentally no longer employed with the Obama Suck Ups, aka CBS. It’s a dangerous time for journalists trying to report THE TRUTH – This administration’s nemesis. If you like your Country, too bad, you lost it by voting for this psychopath in the first place – once he got in, the Corruption was going to keep him in, despite the fact the voter fraud was so rampant, he really LOST the second time around.. The first and only time the man cried.. When he realized the massive election fraud worked.

    • Dawn

      How about you cut/paste a part or all of what you want to share? they demand that one be member if they want to read what you want to show.