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White House Raises Petition Threshold from 25K to 100K Signatures

Activist Post
Activist Post
January 17th, 2013

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The White House is making it more difficult for groups of citizens to petition the government.

Yesterday, they announced that they’re raising the signature threshold for responding to petitions from 25,000 to over 100,000 signatures within 30 days.

Apparently, too many complaints (petitions) are reaching the previous threshold too quickly for them to respond adequately.

The White House writes:

As we’ve seen overall use skyrocket, more petitions are crossing the threshold — and doing so much more quickly.

In the first 10 months of 2012, it took an average of 18 days for a new petition to cross the 25,000-signature threshold. In the last two months of the year, that average time was cut in half to just 9 days, and most petitions that crossed the threshold collected 25,000 signatures within five days of their creation. More than 60 percent of the petitions to cross threshold in all of 2012 did so in the last two months of the year.

The White House called the increase in participation a “good problem” to have.

Turns out that ‘good problem’ is only getting better, so we’re making another adjustment to ensure we’re able to continue to give the most popular ideas the time they deserve.

The White House included a nifty infographic to illustrate the announcement:

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  • BubbaT

    As if they give a rat’s ass about these petitions.

  • Cymro

    ‘Please, sir, I want some more.’ Petitioning the white house is like Oliver Twist asking for more gruel. It is a useless act and will result in the same ladle upside the head that Oliver got.

  • Zebra

    Petitions do nothing.

    Buy ammo whereever you can find it. They are coming for you. The war drums are getting louder each day.

  • GrandpaSpeaks

    Petitions are diversions and in person protesting is now not allowed if the Secret Service is present. Obama passed laws giving himself Secret Service protection for life. Protests will never be allowed in his presence. We, the People, have been out manouvered on all fronts. Expressing your grievances with the Government is now low level terrorism . Just ask the Pentagon.

  • JohnT

    All presidents (and vice presidents) get Secret Service protection for life.

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