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Where the Hell is your Tax Money going?

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January 13th, 2013

via From the Trenches World Report

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  • wormdirt

    Wrong, wrong, wrong. The military gets around 20%.
    I don’t agree with the conflicts we get involved in, but you have to at least report the facts. No truth, no credibility.

    • Jimmy R Cogsdil

      20% if you only count the cost today, the total cost includes military retirement, military retirement health care, the department of energy, the department of veterans affairs, most of the department of BLM et al. Most of the cost of the military is hidden from us the public.

  • ackf

    I can tell you where a lot of it is going. We gave 12 billion to President Karzi in 2012. We also gave him and his garbage army a lot of guns. I am here and saw 2 M16 A2’s come through the lab for processing. Stamped on the side was PROP of US GOVT. The guns were used to kill 12 soldiers. They were being processed for evidence as the afghan shit army guys dropped them after shooting the US soldiers.

    • SKIP

      Right you are, the Afghan “soldiers” have also murdered a lot of our troops that were at the towers with the fuckin muslims, shot in the back of the head then throw their weapon down and instant innocent civilian…The military does not have all the money, the damn parasites in chiCONGO, Detoilet, District of Coloreds, BLACKlanta and all the damn EBT corruption going on is where a lot of the money is and another huge part is going to the damn muslim brotherhood by that bitch Hillary and the black muslim Obama.

  • http://T Evie

    When you watch old documentaries from the 50s 60s it is obvious why we were better off. More working people. Now it is more and more elite, sitting around figuring how to save a nickel on labor. Dah, for parasites to eat they need more working.
    The only innovation created is debt, fines and enslavemebt.

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