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Where Is the Proof that UN Soldiers are Actively Operating on American Soil? Oh, Right Here…

Frank Drover
The Daily Sheeple
August 17th, 2012
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As talk of the US government’s police state expansion heats up and the threat of martial law becomes the topic of conversation for many who are concerned about recent legislative actions and Executive branch orders, many Americans remain skeptical that foreign troops have even stepped foot on American sovereign soil.

They argue that there’s no way that we’d allow foreigners access to our military, technology, strategies or tactics.

Where’s the proof that there are thousands of United Nations soldiers and units in America?

It turns out the proof is right here.

Not only are foreign troops under the banner of the United Nations stationed within the continental United States, they are and have been actively training, and not just for traditional military engagements.

As depicted in the following video, troops and personnel under the command of the United Nations have been training all over the United States in joint exercises that include policing operations and terrorist suppression:

 The 502nd was in Arkansas practicing house-to-house searches and seizures in a joint U.N. training mission called Agile Provider in the Spring of 1994.

Agile Provider involved 44,000 U.N troops including troops for France and the Netherlands training n the states of Georgia, North and South Carolina, Arkansas, Tennessee.

Yes, UN troops have been trained in this country in the past, but not in brigade strengths and not in domestic support house-to-house searches and seizures.

Many of our Congressman deny that UN troops are being trained in this country at all.

 Numerous videos, like the one that follows below, have been made available on the internet and show satellite photos of United Nations vehicles stationed on military bases within the United States – so yes, not only are UN troops being trained in the United States, they would also have UN desginated vehicles already available for operational use should they be called upon to deploy in US cities:

In a report made available at Before It’s News and originally published by Steve Quayle, a reader with inside ties to the US military and DHS warns that thousands of Spetnatz operatives, Russia’s Special Purpose Forces, have been infiltrating the United States:

All of us have heard over the years rumors of foreign troops in the USA. I’ve always been reluctant to mention on-air because I have no way of verifying the reports. I received a call today from a long-time trusted Christian friend whom I have known for many years. The couple is wealthy and well-connected to movers and shakers in the USA and Europe. Trust me, if they want to “name drop” it’s not an exaggeration for them. I was was informed by the wife that they have a friend in DHS who promised to pass on anything significant that would be a sign for immediate preparation. That agent called yesterday. He is hearing talk inside DHS that thousands of Sp….N…Z boys from that place connected to Alaska have been infiltrating from Canada into USA throughout this summer. He estimated the number so far exceeds 20,000 commandos. He advised my friends to take action immediately for food, water, ammo. I told her forget it! You need a plane ticket. The greatest shock to the American people will not be the invasion, but the merger of DHS with the invaders. Then they will understand the purpose of the 750 million rounds of hollow point ammo. Marxist Communist Valery Jarrett is the real power in DHS – not Napolitano. The nation has been compromised and sold out. Colonel Lunev told me in 1999 that the Sp…N…Z…boys will start arriving in large numbers months before the war.

These are not the only reports of foreign troops within the borders of the United States. Alex Jones documented the training of foreign troops in his documentary Police State 2000. During the development of the movie Jones took the following snapshot, which depicts Dutch troops training during operation Urban Warrior:

 Foreign troops trained alongside US Marines, practicing taking over American cities, rounding up American civilians and imprisoning them in barbed wire “containment” camps. Conditioning of the troops included having the actors posing as US citizens beg them for food and loudly proclaim that their Constitutional Rights were being violated. The troops were trained to ignore these pleas and accept them as part of “urban warfare.” (source: Infowars)

Video excerpt of Police State 2000 (full movie here) showing foreign troops in the US:

(Interviews of soldiers and training exercises begin at 3:00)

Thus, despite arguments to the conrary from Congressman and average Americans alike, foreign troops have and are training on US soil, they are operating under the banner of the United Nations, and they are involved not in conventional war operations, but operations that include the searching of homes, the detainment of non-combatants and the controlling of mass populations in large metropolitan areas.

As recently as April 2012 the Defense Department confirmed that foreigners would be operating within the United States as reported by Alex Thomas:

The drills, which will take place throughout May, mark the first time that Russian and US troops will train along side each other on American soil and correlate with a long line of Foreign military’s training to take on the American people.

Interestingly, Russia is actually conducting a joint naval training exercise with Communist China at this very moment.

(Source: The Intel Hub)

This particular anti-terrorism exercise was designed to simulate a take-over of Denver International airport.

So, to answer the question, where is the proof that UN troops and foreign soldiers are training and stationed in the United States?

The proof is everywhere – you just have to be willing to accept it.

Special thanks to N.O. for sharing his research for this report

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  • Ben

    Well, got to die sometime. At least if I die fighting for my family, myself, and our freedom, the word coward or traitor will never apply to me.

    • Emily


    • Jeff

      If we lose the fight against Tyranny the history books will be written to make us out to be terrorists and traitors one and all.

    • S


    • Anonymous

      Their not taking me to any camp and their not getting my guns till they kill me!

      • ‘Merica

        I will die defending my rights! I was born free and will die free!

  • Tyler

    Looked this airfield up on google maps. All these alleged UN vehicles are now gone. Get ready folks.

    • DD

      the airfield in north Florida is empty or trucks now where it was full a few months ago been there and seen that

  • Frank john Holmquist

    Going to save US from Ourselves even if it means destroying what they intend to save…. That sounds logical

  • MJM

    That first video you link to (“Want Proof Foreign Troops Are Here Now”) is from Linda Thompson. She’s the one behind the famous “Amtrak facility is a gas chamber” video.

    She’s a nut job, here videos have been discredited and debunked long ago, and most in the patriot community have run away from her as fast as they can.

    I have no doubt that foreign troops are already here and, if not, are massing just over both borders. But don’t use anything from Linda Thompson as “proof” – it’ll just damage the word you’re trying to get out.

  • Venom

    The US military trains across the globe. They train with the host nation military or they just go there and train without them. My question is: Why is it blasphemous for foreign troops to train with US military on US soil while the US military can train pretty much anywhere in the world at anytime?

    The Iranians used to train here in the 60s and 70s. The Brits still train here. There are individual troops from all over the world who are training on US military posts. Why is the above article new news?

    • Rich

      The USA is Modern Babylon….that is why the world trains here…Babylon will be distroyed in one day in one hour…Rev.18…read it…time is short…get back to YHWH or parish.
      Truth Seeker

      • Basil

        Babylon is the Empire of false religion. It is not a country.

        • Jeff

          Interestingly enough, Babylon was and is a historical city that is very verifiable and has been known throughout history as having been located in what is now Bagdad and modern day Iraq. Guess who currently controls and rules Babylon/Iraq? Quite amazing how the Bible describes Babylon as the the great whore who sits on many waters who the nations of the world have waxed rich by her adulteries. The waters you saw, where the prostitute sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations and languages.”

          Boy that describes the US pretty well and we now literally control ancient Babylon it is kinda hard to discount the fact that it is a very clear depiction.

          • Anonymous

            the new Babylon is Mars O.o

      • Zeph

        The New Babylon is Dubai. Look it up for yourself if you dont believe me, 7 Kings, 7 Emirites, 7 Heads of the Beast. A Huge Tower shaped just like the old tower of babylon from history but more modern. Even the Ruler of Dubai uses 666 as his license plates for his cars.

    • John

      Training individuals as part of an international treaty is one thing, it is quite another to train them, in brigade strength, to take over American cities and round up civilians. That will start a civil war in this country. There are too many men like me who will NOT be rounded up by ANYONE.

    • Dwayne Stovall

      Because in all the years we have been mixing our military with UN members on a global scale, it has been done without the authority for it in the Constitution. We are indoctrinated into believing it is all in the name of “security”, even though the UN has chosen our enemies for over 70 years. The UN is nothing more than a global killing machine and we are controlled by it whether we like it or not.

      • DanC509

        The UN And NATO, is the Whores Army, of thugs and murderers They our the Globalist Army, Been and Done Been training inside the US for Decades, Why? because like the Federal Reserve they do not have to answer to any one, They are a Sovereign Nation on to there own accord, but it does state any Foreign Standing Army is a direct act of war with the Constitution of the United states, and everyone has been looking the other way for to long and letting them get away with this act.

    • anonymous

      Because you nut job, look at the condition we’re in now. They’re not here just training. The powers that shouldn’t be know that the American military will revolt and not kill their own people on their own soil. These outside bastards will have no qualms about it.

    • Luther Deese

      This is not news — you are absolutely right. This is just another scare tactic. These folks belong in a looney bin.

    • Carl krebs

      Those of us that know better , have seen these so called nato troops training . I personally have in Oklahoma in Arkansas . Say what you want , there is a help a lot wrong with it when they are gearing up for disarming us , spare me the b.s. !

    • Anonymous

      thats right you tratior what did they promise you?

    • Christopher Cordray

      yes ur right there I was in the navy in the early 80′s and trained many nations along side us.

  • Wally

    Do you smell that? Oh yeah, it’s the shit heading towards the fan!!!!!!

  • Benny@the Front

    Foreign Troops have been training here on U.S. soil for years, but y’all didn’t see them. Now that it is in your face, the chest thumpin’ & die for the Mudderland is your cry. The dis-info rats poisoned your credibility and you did nothing. True Patriots took a stand long ago, asking for a small amount of support and you kicked them in the balls while turning them over to the gubberment goons.

    Y’all waited until YOUR house is burning and now want the battle worn wounded to put the fire out. Go back to dry humping your Gucci-flage AR’s, blogging endless trivial words and watching Monday night wrestling; it pays to stick with something you’re good at. Besides, it won’t cause a shortage of “Depends” when the Blue Hats knock on your door & stick a SMG in your face.

    • Danny

      You are so Right, most Braindeads wont even see it Coming

      • Rick

        You mean “didn’t see it coming” don’t you?

  • James

    “These troops are from Germany..” then they begin speaking in French. Come on, we know BS is going on, but let’s make rock solid cases instead of peddling the same inaccurate crap that all major media is reporting.

    • clinman

      My speakers must not be working. Did I hear German? LOL!

  • SKIP

    Read Turner Diaries

    • John

      That is a racist dead end.

  • RGR

    The Army or should I say U.S. Military has always trained for civil unrest. This dates back to the turn of the 20Th century. Will they be used in times of total domestic unrest you bet. Remember that why we have a national defence. The other our military members take is and I quote “To support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic” So don’t be a domestic enemy, prepare now and don’t be one of those in the streets when the s–t hit the fan.

  • possee

    old footage

    old news

    no proof

    you mean to inform us that there’s no whistelblower anywhere right now in the military or otherwise who can video such allegations within the continental U.S.??

    more disinfo and fear mongering

    • Chaplain

      First of all I have seen the bases in Mississippi they are talking about and the one here in Texas along with the Fema camp in the video, If you really believe this is more fear mongering, Well keep your head in the sand.

    • Anonymous

      Posse- I’ve seen these soldiers during the course of duty. They are most definitely here. Now whether they are here to take us over idk. Also a new army updated manual has been released. It’s called FM 3-39.40 google it. It starts out talking about terrorists then in section 2-10 it starts defining dislocated civilians. It’s a 326 page PDF file. Or you can read it here:

  • Karma

    Possee ~

    We can learn much from history. This has happened before – consider German, Russia and Poland.

    Some of the videos may be old, but compiled together they make a startling argument for the thesis of this post.

    Look back at history and compare it to what you see today – the similarities are chilling.

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it…” ~ George Santayana

  • Evie

    It does not matter if they are not here. All they have to do is come here from mexico or canada. People can also come by boat and all our officals will do is deny. They lie about everything anyway.

  • some guy

    Since the video was made, it looks like google maps updated the images at that location. The watermark on the page says geoeye 2012. The runways are all empty, no trucks there at all.

    I wonder where they’ve gotten off to?

    • John

      Their predetermined co-ordinates!

  • coz

    Americans amuse me. You guys are the most ignorant, uncultured, uneducated fuckers on the planet.

    • DW

      Did that ho of a mother that pushed you out of her rear end have any children that lived???

    • Rick

      I am glad we amuse you Coz. I can tell from your well thought out post that you are extremely well educated, definitely cultured, and obviously a non-fucker. I just wonder if the last part is by choice or if it is just so damn difficult for a troll to get laid.

    • Anonymous

      You can always come here and find out for sure a55hat. We may be uneducated. However, we are the greatest killing machine in the world. I am the Wolf.

  • Patriot

    It might be time to start attacking these sites…just sayin’…

  • Chaplain

    To those who think this is just fear mongering, First of all I have seen the bases in Mississippi they are talking about and the one here in Texas along with the Fema camp in the video, If you really believe this is more fear mongering, Well keep your head in the sand.
    “USMC 1979-1986″

  • gregpasq

    All you guys are idiots…..

  • bmac

    now the un will controll the elections

  • exarmysgt

    Riot before elections to put martial law into effect

  • kimmy

    Let the stupid idiots that think this is fear mongering keep thinking it. One day they will find out, let them keep their heads in the sand! I know some of these sites are radical and psychobabble, but there is a whole lot of truth to the fact that these troops are here and if they weren’t they could be here quickly. Maybe they don’t know their history and the significance of what is happening around them. Maybe they just stupidly trust the government. Oh,and coz is an idiot that probably voted for Obama.

  • Jaissen

    People will nay say all they want. When reality hits them and they are rounded up and standing in a FEMA camp, they will be crying “why didn’t you tell us this would happen” Let the sheeple sleep

  • Chaz

    Have you seen all the body containers in the FEMA camps…1000′s of them.

    • Anonymous

      and they came from walmart….serious

  • Dog

    You guys are all screwed, the takeover happened a long time ago but you were all too busy being “The no1 country in the world” that you failed to notice what was going on… Don’t worry though as there will be plenty of accommodation for you all.

  • Dood

    This is for “Coz” and by his writing, i believe he is from That faggot country Great Britain.

    Looks like the US is more educated than you…fucker
    And uncultured? I wouldn’t say that about all 300+million of us.


  • Wolf

    Some very interesting statements being made here. Read your Constitution, vote at the town and state level. Read some history and defend our future, it’s not too late to do your duty as a citizen under the guidance of the Constitution. Listen to Thomas Jefferson, this situation we are in was inevitable because of human nature, not a profecy but an inevitability if we let our comforts lull us to inaction. We must change. Fact. -Wolf

  • Anonymous

    Paranoid delusional wingnuts. Keep stock pilings the guns, the weapons manufacturers appreciate your money.

    • Tim

      You have no worries “Anonymous”! You are certainly an Obama supporter. He’ll take care of you! RIGHT!!!

    • johnny

      We also manufacture our own….free.

    • mick

      obama has a plan for you and you won’t like it.

    • Txpatriot54

      Hope you get a chance to appreciate our guns

  • Tim

    Prepare people! It is coming… whether you are ready or not. If you don’t have water or food for your family, what will you do? Folks, Food Lion, WalMart, Costco…. they are not an option! The Government? They are not your keeper! They will not be there for you! They are not your protector!

    You must take care of yourself and your family. Along the way, we lost this fact.

  • johnny

    Obama will call in UN troops and suspend the constitution, and declare martial law.

    Learn to make zip guns from .22 .32 .38 .410 shotgun loads.
    Use these zips to arm members of your teams and instruct them to harvest better weapons from occupation troops and fed thugs.
    Shoot them and strip them of guns and gear.

  • johnny

    Obama is a traitor and not our president. He’s a homosexual sock puppet for the NWO.

    We don’t want his gun control, gay marriage, communist agenda.

    Keep buying weapons and ammo. form 2 man hunter killer teams to terminate roving UN occupation troops. Cause disruptions to the power grids and transportation lines in areas of UN occupation.

    A power grid can be taken down easily by shooting an arrow with a 30 ft. copper wire attached to it.
    Shoot the arrow over a high tension line and let the copper wire arch over the top and settle on the highest wires. The resulting flash and bang of blue light will be severe. You can knock out an entire city or town by this simple method.
    Attach a fishing weight to the end of the copper wire to provide some drag ensuring it will settle on target.

    Death to Tyrants and the NWO.

  • johnny

    The american militia of the first revolution were small bands of patriots constantly on the move. The british could never find them until the militia found them.
    We will have to fight indian style. Shoot and scoot.

    Attack occupation forces at their weak points and be sure sure of total victory when choosing a target.
    Never fight them head on. Take them by surprise while they lounge around in their comfort zones.

    Never wash your battle fatigues in laundry detergent. There are chemicals in modern detergent that will light you up like a christmas tree under infrared scopes. Use plain water or keep them dirty.

  • johnny

    Every american home, garage, shed, workshop is a potential arms factory.
    Make zip guns. We can flood the resistance with millions of zips. Buy ammo and get to work.

    A 12 gauge ZIP shotgun fits easily into a backpack and can be used by your teams for nightwork and arms harvesting.

    Guns are easy to make, ammo difficult. Buy as much ammo as you can in all calibers. It will also be worth it’s weight in gold after martial law and gun ban.
    It’s coming boys. Prepare for it.

  • johnny

    NEVER register your guns. Do not buy a hunting license ever again. Both will be used to find you.

    The time for obeying the tyrants in Washington is over. They have overstepped their bounds, trampled the constitution. They are not legitimate leaders and are merely pawns of globalists and the NWO.

    They are coming for you, and you had better be ready to shed their blood. UN troops of several nations will arrive under the guise of peacekeepers.
    They are NOT peacekeepers. They are occupation soldiers that want you disarmed. Once they have your guns you will be seperated from your families according to age and gender.

    You can join the constitutional patriots or go Fema Camping with the feds. You decide.

    • Joan

      I and my family will join the conditutional patriots and fight this. This is so wrong we do not need UN troops in our nation ever.

  • mick

    they took our guns in england. then they took our knives. don’t let them do it to you too.

  • toomuch butthurt squirts

    Fuck I knew fhis shit when I was 10… Thanks Uncle Hank :’)

  • Jim

    Ya know, ppl been screaming about “the commies are coming” for SIXTY FUKING YEARS.. at what point are you willing to admit that JUST MAYBE ur wrong and they AREN’T coming.. or is this one of those ‘nothing will ever convince me’ kinda things?

    • Anon

      Got news for you.. the commies have been here and are still here. These are the people the gov’t use to round up in the 30′s. Back then they were called communist sympathisers and anarchists. We now know them as Liberals and Labor Unions.

    • Txpatriot54

      You Jim, are an idiot. The commie s are already here, working along side the Muslims in our government.. Towards our destruction, but you are are too ignorant to know this.fools , fools ,fools, fools everywhere.

  • jackofall

    Do not fall victim to this fear mongering. Those supposed UN vehicles are merely new production autos, most with protective film to protect the paint. And some are fleet vehicles painted white. when there is no room to store them they are always stored elsewhere, as in disused airfields. Do your research, look it up. as for those youtube videos, do you really believe what you see on youtube? and those videos made by Linda Thompson? Come on. As for foreign troops training here, they have always trained here, it’s common. We send troops to train overseas, they sometimes train here.

    In any case, any foreign troop coming into an American neighborhood kicking in doors, is going to be in for a big surprise. It just ain’t done. It would be suicide.

  • sid rimmington

    All we can do is prepare for the future as best we can. Uncle Sam has wasted all our wealth and now we owe trillions to the Orientals. FEMA camps have been built and stand ready to be signed over to Homeland Security. Uncle Sam is importing millions of unwanted third world riff raft in order to dilute our gene pool and lower our average IQ, thus making us easier to manipulate. There is no real news on TV and the number of commercials is increasing. There are no jobs for the lower classes of loyal Americans and too many have no benefits and no future. Once their parents have spent all their money supporting their jobless adult children, then what?

  • brice

    I remember G. Gordian Liddy stating if they kick in your door aim for the head cause they are wearing bullet-proof vests. Well now its not as hard to hit the target cause they will be wearing those pretty blue helmuts! :)

  • Keith

    I tried to view the video links you have on this page but when i click them I get ” this video does not exist” message , what gives ?

  • Mr. Peabody

    For the benefit of the idiots with their heads up their asses on here. Read and weep. Americans are the enemy. Why do you think that they are bringing in all these asswipes from the Pac Rim, India, China, Russia? To bring in cultures that will be good, unquestioning worker-bees that do not believe in God! They will be the slaves after the exterminations. America is the last to fall before the illuminati and those orgs below to implement the Georgia Guide Stones (a real deal!).

  • http://na Randall

    I recently spoke with 3 soldiers from Holland at a local Pawn Shop. They are training in Brownwood, Texas at the “Old” Camp Bowie National Guard Training base. Camp Bowie is one of the largest bases in Texas. They did not tell me if they were UN trainees or soldiers from Holland. FYI

  • Al

    One thing I heard on main-stream media is really scary: they are using targets like a pregnant woman,kids,etc.

  • dave

    Hmm. Forget gold. Go long on tinfoil.

  • Anonymous


  • S

    got to get organized…

  • Chris

    This is absolutely retarded… you know why UN forces are training here? Think about it, who composes of the UN forces? Oh yeah, military from EACH MEMBER NATION WITHIN THE UN. You want to guess which country has a ton of UN security force members? THAT’S THE USA, US, BABY. So guess what, naturally you’ll have a done of UN soldiers training on our soil because THEY ARE OUR SOLDIERS TOO.

    Every able member nation “volunteers” security force units, and we being such a big power within the UN, are no different. We have to train our UN contributions too, and we train them alongside fellow member nation forces as well. Why you may ask, so that the UN security forces actually know how to train, react, and mobilize as a unit.

    Shouldn’t be a mind numbing experience: you want your soldiers to be able to train alongside their fellow soldiers who would be joining them in conflicts. Since the UN is a multi-national force, and we as a nation are members of the UN, our contributions will need to train alongside other members.

    Isn’t hard, stop seeing monsters in your shadows. Jeeze.

  • noel jackson

    well this is proof Linda Thompson video made in 1994 and Police State 2000 made in 2000 so as proof videos between 19 and 13 years old – no new proof at all just a repeat of ancient videos – not good for the Cause.

  • Kevin Atchison

    What does SP…N…Z stand for?

  • Bug Stomper

    You’re all a bunch of paranoid fucks.

  • Kevin Niicole Horton

    Who’s hooked on prescription drugs?
    Who’s hooked on welfare?
    The second highest high school drop out rate in the world?
    80,000,000 Baby Boomers retiring in the next 20 years?
    Who has been UNEMPLOYED FOR 3.5 YRS?
    Who has an aging population 1 foot in the grave the other on a banana peel?
    Has reverse mortgages?
    Living in subsidized housing & a multitude of other Gov. Subsidies?

    More soldiers killing themselves then dieing in action?


    Where does it cost 1 MILLION DOLLARS a year per troop & theirs100,000 troops there? AFGHANISTAN

    5% of the world population 25%
    of the worlds PRISON POPULATION

    Who does all the manual labor? MEXICO
    Cup of coffee? INDIA
    Bus ride? INDIA
    Hotel room? INDIA
    Who delivers the USA’s babies? INDIA
    Who keeps their hearts beating? INDIA
    Ever seen gang of Indian kids?
    Hostile Citizen

    • Dave b in AZ

      There is a lot to be said about India. I frequent their classes in quantum physics on where learning has become a religion. I have to disagree on the idea that no army exists here to fight the BlueCoats. Many of ours are deployed now, but many more remain right here along with many many armories – state armories. If the UN hits US street, we will see nothing but Blood Spattered Blue. They have no idea what they’re up against. There’s a lot of ‘when it comes down to it’ in this country. Just have to get down to it. Bring it.

  • Lmo

    KSPS or Sheppard AFB, Wichita Falls, TX trains noting but foreign (pilots) troops last I heard. They do train USAF ground troops.

    • ADBigler

      The Saudi pilots were very common sights at Sheppard during my many TDY’s.

  • Carl krebs

    If you want concrete proof they Rae here to stay . Fort chaffe Arkansas is loaded with German bundeswehr troops conducting manoevers within a 150 mile radius . I know because I went to a friends place on heaven ear , ok . And I saw these soldiers myself . I am part German and I can understand them , broke ly . They have support of drones and older national guard air cobras using them for the moment recon work , but are armed .this I saw with my own eyes . I don’t have to be convinced , I’ve seen them operate myself .

  • http://UNsoldiersonAmericanSoil Signe Bollman

    Thank you very much for posting this information. Americans need to know what the government is doing behind their backs. Personally, I think we have another Hitler on our hands. Please keep the info coming.

    • Anonymous

      Says the video doesn’t exist. Funny i’ve seen the google earth video of thousands of UN vehicles sitting on military runways in Florida.

  • Meri Equality Justus

    why Is it that 2 of your videos do not exist? why have they been removed from youtube like that? usually if youtube takes down a video they say this video has been removed. bigger forces at work? probably.

  • Cat

    Japanese Troops will be at Ft. Lewis…if they are not here already….

    • Anonymous

      I think org is key with info to civilians because we are the backbone of the states while our soldiers are away thing is among control is immense bee thinking of alternative methods more quiet like bows n arrows too , around their camps snares no sound is the element of surprise over taking one camp facility to arm more citizens when this goes down will at least build our chances the whole world hates us always has so men they are everywhere in our country’s they have every Muslim a gas station n now they monitor every thing we say by mobile device that everyone has n know your every move think smart prepare shut up stay low work without phones but word of mouth n prepare your families to get ready to take care of your most secure place preferably by water n forest to hunt from n hide for me ?

  • rob

    When they come for me, they will be met with a hail of bullets and when they finally get to me, they will find me swinging an empty gun like a baseball bat.

  • http://none james jessie

    GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH. if its a fight they want it’s a fight there gonna get

  • Harold Roberts

    hose pretty blue helmets make good targets

  • http://Facebook Randy

    They should know, we will shoot cops first, foriegn troops immediately there after. I strongly believe US troops won’t fire on American civilians! Let them practice in Oregon and see what happens!

  • LBL

    this is why i dont judge the insurgents in the middle east cause theyll blow themselves up before they let there kids get raped or killed.

  • lee



  • Clayton

    People start now forming units of freedom fighters , while you can trust who you are working with. Call people in other states and urge them to contact their government representatives in Washington and tell them to stop training for civil unrest or face Recall election drives. If you have a person in Washington with more than 4-6 years in office, VOTE them out! They are too deep in debt with their party lines to listen to you!.Something is going on ,and we are near colapse our country.
    Remember this ,if we don’t act now , we won’t be able to later!!

  • Goodchild

    Having spent some time occupying a foreign country, I can tell you that whomever comes for us will not likely be afraid of our guns. We were not afraid of the guns in Iraq. I saw a post earlier that said attacking us would be suicide. That may have been true many years ago but things have changed. The technology available to the US and other military forces should not be taken lightly. Also while there may be umpteen million people with guns in this country, you have to consider the “Puss Factor”. How many people will actually fight? My guess is that there will be many but probably not enough.
    I am not saying that we should not fight. We should defiantly fight until we are all dead. What I am saying is; It is one thing to prepare yourself for battle, but it is another thing altogether to prepare yourself to die. I for one (if this all goes down like you have been discussing) will be fighting for our freedom from inside the system. Good luck to you all.
    Goodchild — Out

  • jack Smith

    I am a combat veteran, disabled in combat but still able to fight either foot-mobile or other modes of combat. I am well versed in infantry tactics and operational art. For the past 3 years I have moved around the southeast, talking to all sorts of male groups and individuals (eg. survivalists, gun clubs, veterans, fundamentalists, etc.). Very few of the men in any of the groups I communicated with, had guts, brains or combat knowledge. US “infantry vets” (2001-2013) were particularly ignorant of tactics and many important survival skills. They are terrified of three groups: the communist government, moslems and blacks. Having worked with a lot of men in the past two decades, I can tell you these fat, cowardly, ignorant white Americans (aged 17-51) are the worse that I have ever seen. I am still looking for a few hard men to be part of a mountain unit of resistance that we are forming in the southeast. We will train you and protect your families, but we are not interested in any personnel who are not white or native Americans and can already shoot. In addition, you must be dedicated to survival, an enemy of the obama communist regime, adaptable to group living, amenable to discipline and itching for revenge. If so contact me and we will talk with you.

  • prax26

    Really? Easily identifiable vehicles? Baby blue helmets you say?!

    Seriously? Could you ask for easier targets?


  • Vance Decker

    Where are UN troops supposed to train you dummy? Last time I checked, the UN headquarters was in NYC.

    Would it make you feel better if they trained in China?!

    God you’re dumb!

    • Francis D Orbin Jr.

      the only thing they should be training for is protecting that building period you dip shit.not roaming our streets..when the shtf…they are one of our targets.

    • Monkeywrench542 .

      then why don’t they go train in france?

    • Dorothy Kulik

      How about they train in their own countries? You are clearly a government stooge planting misinformation on the internet.

  • John Joseph Hall

    still not convinced.

    • Gerald Bradley


  • phredster

    Yea ok , war looming with russia now and you still think russian spetnaz troops are on american soil waiting to get you ? Reallly? Fucking retards

    • jody garrett

      We’ve had Russian bombers zipping into our air space and being escorted OUT by our jets. I don’t get the combo….

  • Steve Harper

    So if any of this is true, what would be the reason and is all our politicians involved and if any of that is true how do they who ever they are keeping this all quite so 300,000,000 million Americans don’t here about it

    • Down to Earth Thinking

      Cognitive dissonance and the normalcy bias combined with PRAVDA/MSM creating many illusions for the sheep . See below and many videos on You
      tube about cog-dis and normalcy bias as well. we live in massive illuisona and all are simply control mechanisims

    • jody garrett

      A VERY GOOD POINT. AND where are all these people who have been violated in their homes/searches….?

  • scarlet pimpernel

    Aren’t these the same UN troops that run away from danger and spend time with underage girls in Africa? Obama is a danger to our society for his destruction of Constitutional Law; these troops are just here for the party. NYC or Mogadishu? Not many parties in Mogadishu.

  • Forthright

    ammosexual gets hot for weapons

  • Neils Clausen

    I may join, just to get a paycheck. Then when its time, America RULES!

  • jody garrett

    The PROOF is NOT EVERYWHERE; if it WERE I would see it. Hear about it. How can all this training be going on–people being supposedly searched and mistreated and they’re not talking about their experiences? I need more than this article.

  • jody garrett

    Where? I heard it’s hard to find…

  • jody garrett

    And why are narcissists like Ovomit and VJ handing us over to anyone, especially enemies?

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