Where Do I Go If Fukushima Blows? (Northern Hemisphere Nuclear Fallout Map)

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With warnings about the Fukushima disaster getting more dire every day, many are wondering how they can avoid the inevitable radioactive fallout should things worsen in Japan.

The bottom line is, unless you’ve got a fully stocked nuclear bunker and radiation suits, there’s not much you can do to prevent exposure – other than to get the heck out of Dodge.

Over the years there have been numerous maps developed to identify nuclear safe zones in the event of war between nuclear powers like the United States, Russia and China. While not exactly perfect, as the Fukushima nuclear release is not the same as multiple, simultaneous nuclear detonations across the Northern Hemisphere resulting from war, the following map may provide some insight as to where nuclear radiation will be limited and significantly lowered based on global weather patterns.

Evacuation tip: If you’ve made the decision to evacuate due to nuclear fallout north of the equator, you’ll want to head to the Southern Hemisphere as depicted by this map made available by Nuclear Darkness:

This may explain why elite members of society, most notably George Soros and the Bush family, have purchased thousands of acres of land in South America, directly above a major aquifer. 

For those who cannot evacuate, the following map from the Federal Emergency Management Agency depicts a potential radioactive fallout pattern for the United States.

*Fallout would be everywhere during a nuclear disaster, but this map provides for some some safe zones that may have lowered radiation levels.

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  • Evie

    Doesnt it matter where it is coming from? The bushs may have bought the water property sto make money selling water. Maybe the moon or mars would be safe.

  • your mom

    Sweet map. Why dont you actually state what the patterns on it mean, genius.

    • Congojack

      @your mom,

      Are you trollin? cause seriously i’ve seen harder maps to understand than this in childrens encyclopedias. If you cant tell whats going on in this map i have absoloutly no hope for you surviving any sort of anything really. But no one reading alternative news can be that devoid of critical thinking.. Stop trolling.

      • your dad

        So what does the map mean?

      • Ronin


        Hey CongoJerk………..see the jokes on you boy since the map has nothing whatsoever to do with the subject at hand , said map being for nuclear strikes/responce against our defensive missile system.

        But hey you had fun being snotty didn’t you , which quite frankly doesn’t seem real useful as a “survival skill”……….

      • Retardedasfuck

        I think he means whats the quantitative exposure levels like rad/hr at the surface.

      • Anonymous

        Whatever…what does the fallout map even mean? Is the red safe or dangerous? What exactly are the yellow areas? Instead of being a prick, help us lower creatures out.

  • Michael

    Try Patagonia, Argentina: http://escapetopatagonia.com/

  • mary

    Soros and Bush can’t buy God. While their luxuries are fleeting eternity is forever. These foul creatures need to repent!

  • David G.

    What does matter is the fact we are dealing with contaminated water, and food sources. The fact that bush and soros have purchased property in South America. Should give you some understanding as to what is there agenda! This is very crucial to understanding the purpose in buying land over the largest aquifer on this side of this hemosphere! Furthermore this should give you advanced warning as to growing your own food in a small green house, or grow your own food inside one room in your home. To also purchase measuring equipment to measure radiation in your food, and water to ensure you are safe, and taking the required precautions to protect you, and your family, from fallout!

  • Frog

    The Bushes paid of the Paraguayan government to kick the Guarani indians off of their lands in the Northern Chaco.
    In 2008 the indians set up camps all over the capitol city of Asuncion in protest of the governments actions.
    Shortly there after Jenna Bush shows up to make the final payments; the PY government opens up other lands in the country for the thousands of Guarani natives. And the rest, as the say, is history.

  • Jake

    That fallout map of the US is for a Russian first-strike nuclear attack on missile centers, SAC bomber bases, etc. The big smear in North Dakota is from all the missile silos there, the one in Nebraska is from the SAC HQ in Omaha, and the Montana one is Malstrom AFB in Great Falls.

    These have little to do with Fukushima. Yes, those are some of the wind patterns, but not all of them, and the radiation levels would be distributed differently.

  • mich

    With Haarp controlling the weather, there are safe zones? Oh really???! If Fukushima blows, we all get blown, end of line.

  • Randa
  • Khannea Suntzu

    It seems that nature has found a silver bullet to deal with human encroachment. If this escalates by 2030 there will be just few hundred million people left. Most of us will have died from starvation as global food production collapses. And ensuing epidemics. Riots. Most people will sit around vacantly waiting to die. Radioactive contamination tends to be a major rigger for severe depression.

    • Anonymous

      Reference read; All about radiation by Hubbard

  • Living In Japan

    Some interesting comments from the other people here.
    Most of you seem to be talking and leaving comments about the Bush family etc, but what most of you seem to miss if the humanitarian crisis developing in Japan. We are people, we laugh, we cry, we watch in horror.
    We are a country of over a hundred million people, we have been kept in the dark for a year, we are terrified of what is on our own doorstep and we can’t leave. Where can we go? Who is going to accept highly radioactive people and pay our medical bills when the radiation finally takes it toll?
    How much will it cost for us just to leave and head of to South America?

    A possible better question to ask yourself is…how am I going to help my fellow man/woman and child in their time of need. Because at the end of the day procrastinating about Bush/Soros is helping who?

    • Tsukato

      Hi. I lived in Nagoya, Japan for 8 years. I was constantly amazed by how stupid the japanese are when it comes to authority figures. You have all been played for chumps, and anally raped by your own elites, for the longest time. If you people can’t grow the nuts to finally stand up for yourselves, why should anyone else? In fact, I feel even less sorry for you because your collective cowardice is endangering me and my own children. Bushido is dead with you people, and the only thing left is shamelessness. Sorry.

      • Tsukato

        PS. And don’t think I don’t love Japan and feel for my friends left over there. I spent so much time in the Gifu and Nagano countryside over the years, and its maybe one of my favorite places in the world. I can’t stand the thought that I can never return.
        However, the average Japanese has no nerve to do anything these days. Diet members, the PM, and senior TEPCO management should be hanging from lamp posts by now, but you people would rather pretend everything is all right. You idiots should have revolted by now, and stopped endangering the whole world. I’m sure nothing’s changed though. I’m sure salarymen are going to health clubs everyday, whores are hanging out in Sakae buying worthless, shiny trinkets, and AV videos are being produced daily by housewives and office ladies, in order to buy LV bags. On second thought, you people aren’t worth saving. Shi ne baka.

        • Joe


          Man, I wish you would go someplace else. Doubt Japan wants you back. Not sure where you would fit in, but please leave America, we do not need people like you.


          • Tsukato

            Hey Joe,
            Good advice idiot. I’ve been living in China for the last 5 years, and doing well, thank you. Actually, I wouldn’t go back to America either. I guess the same things would apply to that country. People like you being internet warriors on comment sections, yet doing nothing to change the ass raping you’re getting too. It amazes me how people like the japs, and the weak, passive-aggressive americans, will never stand up for their own lives, and blame those like me, who try to shake them up and implore them to act like men. I know exactly the kind of person you are Joe. You don’t have much money, maybe even unemployed. You tell yourself you have a big heart, and care for all the world’s peoples. You feel angry by what is happening in your own country, but you just don’t have the balls to do anything about it. You consign yourself to a life of diminishing returns, and as your life becomes more and more precarious, you and your buddies bitch up a storm… but do nothing. You never have done anything noteworthy in your sad life, and you never will. I am the polar opposite my friend. I have always been 100% proactive, and it has paid off handsomely. While the likes of you get poorer daily, I am becoming wealthier by the day. I am not afraid to take risks, and those risks have paid out. You Joe, need to learn to live, and leave the bitchy, back handed, snide shit, behind. Peace fool.

    • mimi

      Just so you know…. many prayers are coming your way! Compassion and concern for all the people and animals of our sick and dying planet!

    • Thank you for clearing that up for for us. keeping it real.

  • mike

    I’m not being funny but isn’t the northern hemisphere connected to the southern one??
    There will be no safe haven unless like others have said its deep underground in the antarctic…
    Wait a mo… aren’t the countries of the world drilling deep there now??
    Trade winds and the gulf stream and the jet stream will make it travel world wide.
    It will not be restricted to the northern hemisphere alone.
    We’ll all be irradiated to some extent, Bush wont be safe there with his aquifers.
    Rainfall goes underground, It may take a bit longer for him and his kind but they’ll get it also.
    It’s just something we’ll have to live with, probably no new children for a while because of the birth defects and such and like somebody else said, by the time its all over there wont be that many left, just what the world can cope with.
    Lets just hope when it is all over in tens of thousands of years we dont repeat the process all over again.

    • Anonymous

      The Earth’s rotation causes something called the Coriolis effect (ref: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeY9tY9vKgs).

      Briefly this means that hot air rising at the Equator (actually generally slightly north of the Equator) fans out and drops down while being pulled north by the spin of rotation. So the mess would stay mostly in the northern hemisphere.

      I imagine there would be some leeching of radiation over time in the south if there was a major nuclear exchange between USA and China for example. Media offers several pundits who suggest this as a response to the financial chaos/depression, some Bilderberg types for example, claiming nuclear conflict is a foregone conclusion.

      But note there will always be cynical, evil people believing in the worst. Indeed there often seems to be more money to be made in the ‘fear trade’ vice thinking positive. Dark times indeed. The age of Kali Yuga. However, this influence only thrives on our attention, and is rendered meaningless by good, positive people acting openly or secretly to oppose the dark forces inherent in human nature. If you’re frightened, trust first that the information you read here is a sign that things are being done to resist the worst these people offer us.

      Tsukato: interesting and useful input, but I see change. I see protest where before there was none. I see the Japanese waking up from the slumber you talk about. I see activism and dissent by those in Japan who have travelled overseas. And we’re going to win, because we know exactly what they’re up to, and their methods are nothing against a vigilant majority. They will be rendered feckless and worthless by their pride and cynicism.


    As THE MAN said- survival of the most suited. The most suited are, in case you havent noticed -also the most evil.
    Anyway, whoever said homo sapien was a suitable species to populate this world. Nature is doing a fine job ridding itself of the GREAT DESTROYER. Its payback time!
    Only those with eyes will see

  • Nexus789

    Pointless map as it shows radiation spreading from multiple points they would with multiple nuclear strikes. Also the scenario assumes massive nuclear fires something that would not happen. So we would not have a ‘nuclear winter’.

    The point of radiation emission in Japan is from a single point. Even if the worst scenario ever happens the spread of radiation globally would take much longer.

    We would, like a frog in a warming pot, be slowly irradiated over a long period of time. I guess the effect would be pernicious as the radiation gets into the food chain, etc.

  • Evie

    Interesting the story was here before the wsj. The usual the japanese gov.says there is no reason for alarm,like our gov. Saying the mortgage crisis was contained and the fundamentals of the economy are strong. Fundamentals to churn out and sell,debt back and forh are strong. The bushs will all have to pay taxes if they leave. I think it is more to get away from gov land seizures in usa. The states are already trying to take protected lands I guess to give to china. How come they do not give away crime infested ghettos? Wow serfdom on your own land just like medievel times.

  • copperhead

    Look we are all in the last days and with this going on it will soon be game over. We can’t leave, so tight’n the belt and live with.I would not believe anything any goverment says about anything,they want to turn us into mushroom’s ( keep us in the dark and feed us sh-t ).
    Live life to it’s fullness and love your family more than ever

    • We’re not in the end of days, far from it. We’re in the beginning.

  • John

    SO WHERE DO I GO THEN!?!?!?!?

  • Evie

    Good thing france is not having problems. 75% of their power comes from nuclear. Where do we go? I thought the central plannrrs had it figured out. But more and more bombs and such are being made even as certain countries pretend to abide by treaties and such. I do not feel very safe.

  • Prepared Soccer Mom

    There’s only so much you can prepare for. My family is all ready to be self sustaining, but a nuclear fallout would take all our efforts and put them to shame. It’s not like I”m going to move. Do you want to survive a little longer til the nuclear fallout finally reaches you?

  • Tom

    You guys need to calm down- take a deep breath, control your breathing, drink water, and realize almost every single one of you, including Tsukato who is also more than likely a fucking Internet warrior and is an elitist prick, is worrying a lot more than you should at this moment. UN reports describe significantly lower levels of radiation and if you Google the WSJ and Fukushima you will find that this isn’t as bad as Chernobyl. The Fukushima incident equals roughly 17% of the damage at Chernobyl (WSJ, 24 May 2012). A friend gave me the link to this blog. I read it and am greatly entertained. Watch out for the spin.

    P.S. You can tell me, “I told you so” if there is a huge fireball at the plant and the Northeren Hemisphere becomes uninhabitable.

    P.S.S. Tsukato- you’re still an elitist dick.

  • This map does not take into account the Jet-Stream and ocean currents. The map of the Jet-Stream is different. The Jet-Stream blows not on the Mexico South or the South of Morocco/Algeria/Tunisia/Libya and Australia. Only ocean currents carry the nuclides to the South.


  • Tom

    You guys need to calm down- take a deep breath, drink water, and realize almost every single one of you, including Tsukato who is also more than likely an Internet warrior and is an elitist prick, is worrying a lot more than you should at this moment. UN reports describe significantly lower levels of radiation and if you Google the WSJ and Fukushima you will find that this isn’t as bad as Chernobyl. The Fukushima incident equals roughly 17% of the damage at Chernobyl (WSJ, 24 May 2012). A friend gave me the link to this blog. I read it and am greatly entertained. Watch out for the spin and poor journalism.

    P.S. You can tell me, “I told you so” if there is a huge fireball at the plant and the Northeren Hemisphere becomes uninhabitable.

    P.S.S. Tsukato- you’re still an elitist prick.

    • Tom

      @Tom, I apologize for the double comments but I didn’t see my first comment when I reviewed the page this morning. I thought it was deleted due to foul language so I replaced a few words.

      Please understand that a lot of these sites are in the business of fear mongering and try to instill their own fears or agenda on their readers (as with mosts sites). Also, before getting worried about what is to come, conduct your own independent research on the topic. Usually, if you just scratch the surface and go to the sources these ass clowns use, you will find facts and/or comments were exagerated.

  • weltregierer

    Before advising to hang japanese officials (like “Tsukato” above), switch off your CNN and read this:


    Throughout history the people have again and again killed the wrong fellows. Like recently in Iraq, Libya etc., and – given the state of our “democracy” – I include the French revolution. The people fell in most every trap the men behind the curtain set for them and fought wars for their enemies instead of against their enemies. And please, it´s time to go beyond George Bush. Find out for what kind of age old hidden hand he is just a bagman.

    Another issue that popped up in comments. Years ago (long before the Gulf oil spill, Fukushima etc.) I read somewhere (or was it Lindsey Williams, not sure) the “elite” want to make the northern hemisphere uninhabitable. Their logic about how to save the southern hemisphere was that airstreams between northern and southern hemispheres were kind of separated along the equator. That is not my “logic”. I´m just saying it seems these psychos might actually have that kind of a plan.

  • Dano

    All you Bush/Soros conspiracy theorists are just loons. I have physically been past some of he property Soros owns in SA. He grows soy and wheat, just like everyone else. The stuff the Bush’s own was CHEAP to boy, and I wouldn’t mind buying many thousands of acres of land cheap as well. Who wouldn’t like a nice large ranch? Isn’t Bush a “cowboy” according to the media?

    Seriously. I am a small farmer in SA. I can buy quality land down there for less than I can buy quality land in the US. It only makes sense to buy where yo get a better ROI.


    • You don’t need to know

      @Dano, You keep telling yourslef that bub. They want a whole country full of people like you…sheeple

      • Tom

        @You don’t need to know,

        You’re an idiot. What color is the sky in your world? Do you play in the fields with unicorns?

        I live in reality with @Dano. It’s much easier to see the world for what it is than to spend all your time worrying about conspiracy theories and other made-up bull shit.

        • David

          Don’t waste your time with anyone so devoid of imagination as to use ridiculous little made up names to refer to people who don’t buy their fantasy as reality.Conspiracy theorist are in love with negativity they romance it like a normal person would a mate. and usually for the same reason. nothing wrong with that until they stoop to name calling. Then they just become offensive and pitiful

  • KnockKnock

    Where are the underground maps?

  • JessicaThomas

    May the Holy Spirit inspire all to know what to do and be humble, kind and courageous to follow.

    May all be blessed and may we all someday merrily meet in heaven.

  • free!

    fn warn everyone in the world why is the main stream horror not reporting this!

  • I’m pretty sure you can’t go anywhere else if fukushima blows. It’s might not be fun and funny when it happens.

  • Nobody

    Fukushima has already blown,as for heading to South America to escape,it is already too late for that.

  • jewel

    These maps are stupid. The article notes that the first map showing the black cloud is for a full scale nuclear war, so why show it at all?

    The other map is just as ridiculous. The location of those red smears would change depending on jet stream and other air currents.

  • Vision

    Dear friends ,
    This is very disheartening. Can anyone please pull yourselves together and be kind to one another. No one wants a horrible disaster to hot is like this but it has okay. Now what are some good brainstorming ideas we can come up with? What can we do? How can we protect ourselves? How can we come together no mater age ethnicity creed or financial status… We are one. Lets start acting like it please! Be kind. Be humble. Be grateful for the moment. We must realize no one is the enemy, we are all a part of the whole. Please these comments have left me feeling sad. I know u all are smarter kinder and capable of working together to brainstorm not insult one another right? I don’t have any answers myself but I am creative and can think about some good ideas…

  • Anonie

    Come to Chile. A modern, developed and open society with a growing expat community and open immigration laws.