When We Can No Longer Tell the Truth…

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Lies, half-truths and cover-ups are all manifestations of fatal weakness.

When we can no longer tell the truth because the truth will bring the whole rotten, fragile status quo down in a heap of broken promises and lies, we’ve reached the perfection of dysfunction.

This core dynamic of dysfunction is scale-invariant, meaning that hiding the truth is the core dynamic in dysfunctional relationships, households, communities, enterprises, cities, corporations, states, alliances, nations and empires: when the truth cannot be told because it threatens the power structure of the status quo, that status quo is doomed.

You know the one essential guideline to “leadership” in a doomed dysfunctional system: when it gets serious, you have to lie. In other words, the status quo’s secular goddess is TINA–there is no alternative to lying, because the truth will bring the whole corrupt structure tumbling down.

Lies, half-truths and cover-ups are all manifestations of fatal weakness. What lies, half-truths and cover-ups communicate is: we can no longer fix our real problems, and rather than let this truth out, we must mask it behind lies and phony reassurances.

Truth is power, lies are weakness. All we get now are lies, statistics designed to mislead and phony reassurances that the status quo is stable and permanent. The truth is powerful because it is the core dynamic of solving problems. Lies, gamed statistics and false reassurances are fatal because they doom any sincere efforts to fix what’s broken before the system reaches the point of no return.

We are already past the point of no return. The expediency of lies has already doomed us.

Honest accounts of hugely successful corporations that implode share one key trait: in every case, managers were pressured to hide the truth from top management, which then hid the truth from investors and clients.

This is the key dynamic in failed oligarchies as well: if telling the truth gets you sent to Siberia (or worse), then nobody with any instinct for self-preservation will tell the truth.

If obscuring the truth saves one’s job, then that’s what people do. That this dooms the organization is secondary to immediate self-preservation.

A distorted sense of loyalty to the family, community, company, institution, agency or nation furthers lying as the “solution” to unsavory problems. Daddy a drunk? Hide the bottle. Church a hotbed of adultery and thieving? Maintain the facade of holiness at all costs. Company products are failing? Put some lipstick on the pig. The statistical truth doesn’t support the party’s happy story? Distort the stats until they “do what’s needed.” The agency failed to fulfill its prime directive? Blame the managerial failure on a scapegoat.

Pathological liars and cheats rely on self-preservation and misplaced loyalty to mask their own failure and corruption. A hint here, a comment there, and voila, a culture of lying is created and incentivized.

Obscuring the truth is the ultimate short-term expediency.Now that it’s serious, we have to lie.We’ll start telling the truth later, after everything’s stabilized.

But lying insures nothing can ever be truly stabilized, so there will never be a point at which the system is strong enough and stable enough to survive the truth.

We are now an empire of lies. The status quo–politically, socially and economically- depends on lies, half-truths, scapegoats and cover-ups for its very survival. Any truth that escapes the prison of lies endangers the entire rotten edifice.

In an empire of lies, “leaders” say what people want to hear. This wins the support of the masses, who would rather hear false reassurances that require no sacrifices, no difficult trade-offs, no hard choices, no discipline.

The empire of lies is doomed. Lies are weakness, and they prohibit any real solutions. Truth is power, but we can no longer tolerate the truth because it frightens us. Our weakness is systemic and fatal.

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Contributed by Charles Hugh Smith of Of Two Minds.

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  • Rusty

    My thoughts exactly.

  • John C Carleton

    When the Roman Empire was dying, looked like whats happening in America.
    ‘The Empire is Dying’

    • Freespirit

      Actually it ( The REPUBLIC) is DEAD.

      It died in 1871 with the CREATION of UNITED STATES, a Corporation with its own CONSTITUTION and Amendment 14:

      Your STRAWMAN- A “strawman” is a fictitious legal entity, created from
      your BIRTH CERTIFICATE with the hope that as the child grows up, he will be
      fooled into believing that he is actually the “strawman” Capitalized NAME on
      the Certificate (which he/she most definitely is not) and pay all sorts
      of imaginary costs and liabilities, such as traffic fines, taxes etc. which get
      attached to the “strawman” by con artists, taking advantage of your lack of
      knowing the truth. Especially those in Governments and Corporations. : http://www.yourstrawman.com/

      N.B: Although he entities discussed are BRITISH, the STRAW MAN applies EXACTLY the same for American and Canadian government entities, including the Police. In FACT all American and Canadian LAWYERS are members of the “BAR”, which is a BRITISH Corporation/Institution. UNITED STATES and CANADA still use the British legal system, based on Common Law and Legal ( NOT Lawful) Statutes – CORPORATE “Law”. Further, ALL Government entities are CORPORATIONS designed simply to take your money for artificially created and nefarious reasons, pretending to be LAWFUL contracts and which you agreed to, but WITHOUT FULL DISCLOSURE, thus meaning, in FACT, they are NULL and VOID and cannot be LAWFULLY enforced against you UNLESS you agree to them by SIGNING, their documents. on behalf of the Corporate fictitious entity with a CAPITALIZED name resembling your own, and/or enforced at the POINT of their GUNS.

      Reject the TRUTH in that information, at your PERIL, with continued SLAVERY of you and your children, and future POVERTY

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnCCxsDNKm4 AND https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6jXbNt6LKs AND http://www.yourstrawman.com/

      • Restore the Republic

        Glad to see more people that know what the hell is going on……Thanks

        • Freespirit

          You’re quite welcome.Spread the word

  • Freespirit

    No American wants to HEAR, much less BELIEVE that the “END DOES NOT Justify the MEANS” (Wars for one example)and THAT there is no such thing as a Democrat or Republican, Left or Right, Communist or Capitalist, GOOD President or BAD President

    They are ALL FALSE PARADIGMS to CON us into taking the BLUE PILL and PLAYING their GAME………and WE are the GAME!

    Dumb and Dumber

    • renee ciccioni


      • Freespirit

        Thank you “renee” or should I say “Renee”, if that is your real name

  • TrevorD

    A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. Charles Spurgeon

  • The Hundredth Monkey

    NASA in Hebrew means “TO DECEIVE”.

    • Freespirit

      NASA- Never A Straight Answer- same as To DECEIVE

  • SP_88

    If the government suddenly became honest, everyone would end up in jail, and there would be no government. Their systemic corruption would be exposed, and they would be put in jail for a very long time.
    The government lies to themselves and to us. We lie to the government, and to ourselves. And we have the mainstream media that are a bunch of professional liars. I guess we are all a bunch of lying liars that lie.
    At least we know about it. There are many people who believe the lies. Sad really.

  • Cracker122049

    This will never end peacefully and the governmental bastards at every level will make sure it don’t !